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S2:E6 // The Neuroscience of Purpose with Michael Thompson

Ever wondered why changing your thought patterns makes a difference? Or why people are so obsessed with "positive" thinking? Maybe you've even dared to imagine you have the power to rewire your brain, just by believing you do. Turns out, you can! In this episode, I talk to the Neuro Handyman (and my uncle), Michael Thompson all about self-awareness and our brains. In his thesis, the Neuroscience of Purpose, Michael explores how the voices in your head reveal the neural pathways you've...


S2:E8 // Celebrate Everything

If you’re super goal-oriented, it can be hard to see the trees when the forest is so immense. You're always so focused on the big picture, the little things get tossed to the wayside. When you discount the victories along the way, you make it almost impossible to celebrate the big wins! And let me guess, you can’t take a compliment either. People express their awe and amazement at the mountains you’ve moved, and instead of kindly accepting it, you “humbly” shrug it off and make one lame...


S2:E7 // Battling Self-Judgment with Riley Blanks

We all struggle with self-judgment. That inner voice that tells us all sorts of self-defeating and self-sabotaging things. When you want to make more money, it says you don't deserve it, that you haven't earned it. When you want to buy that cool new outfit, it reminds you that your body doesn't look like Kendall Jenners. That time you almost asked that person out on a date, but then that little voice convinced you how they were way too good for the likes of you. That voice is a liar. You...


S2:E6 // Break Up With Perfectionism

You know you're a performative perfectionist when: Perfectionism is so damaging, not only because it creates an impossible standard to live up to but because it traps you in behaviors and thought patterns that convince you that you'll never be good enough. The most damaging elements of living to perform and please and perfect are the need to get validation from others and the negative self-talk that comes with inevitable failures. By choosing to live in a perfectionist construct instead of...


S2: Quick Tip // Connect With Your Gut

There is a lot of noise around you. Whether it's people in your life, at work, social media, the news, or your pets, all the demands on your time and attention can leave you feeling disconnected and confused. To the point you aren't even sure which way is up anymore. The easiest way to gain clarity in a noisy world is to connect with your gut. By gut, I mean that place inside yourself that knows the answer. The place that sometimes feels hard to find but is always there, waiting for you to...


S2:E4 // Respect Your Pain

I’ll say one thing for humankind: we aren’t scared of pain. In fact, a lot of us don’t know how to live without it. We’re so into pain, we’ll spend hours binge-watching other people’s pain. Some of us even take pride in causing pain for others. You’ve heard of the starving artist, the long-suffering rockstar, the emotionally stunted genius who pushes people away and treats them like shit so they won’t see how beautifully screwed up he is about his own pain (I’m looking at you, Dr....


S2:E3 // My Truth

I'm in Bali this week on a very intense leadership retreat, so I've basically been a giant blob of tears. This is some intense shit. That's the truth. I'm working through a lot of old pain, stories, and behavior patterns I need to shed. Because I'm focusing so hard on helping myself, I'm not in a space to help you. So, to honor where I am and be in my authenticity, this week I'm not providing you and helpful tips or insight on self-awareness. Instead, I've gathered a few clips from other...


S2:E2 // Debunking Your Stories

You are telling yourself stories, constantly. From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you fall asleep at night, you're attaching meaning to everything around you. Humans are, by design, meaning-making machines. We can't deal with ambiguity, so we fill in the blanks. With stories. Though these stories are "supposed" to help you find clarity and live to see another day, often times they sneakily sabotage your efforts to walk the path of joy. When you confuse the stories you...


S2:E1 // Power vs Force

You deserve to experience joy...but it doesn't always feel possible. This season, you're going to take what we learned in Season 1 about taking responsibility for your power and harness that to get closer to the joy-filled authentic life you're here to live. In other words, this season, you're going to... GET YOUR JOY ON! In this episode, I introduce the work of David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.; specifically, his Power vs Force scale. This scale is designed to expose the hidden determinants...


Season One: Episode 13 // Outrageously Happy

Since this is the last episode of this season, I want to talk about the theme of taking responsibility for your power, but first, I want to tell you about a cartoon that’s smarter than half the world’s leaders. One year, my mom gave me a framed Peanuts drawing by the creator, Charles Schulz. It’s a simple four-panel piece of art featuring good ol’ Charlie Brown and his blanket-toting friend, Linus. The pair are behind a red brick wall, heads resting on their hands, looking...


Season One: Episode 12 // Millennials at Work

This week, as an exciting complement to episode 2: Millennials versus Gen X, I’m speaking to Millennial Jeremy Boudinet about Millennials in the workplace. The most beneficial thing Jeremy said was to get a mentor. I enthusiastically back this up because mentors have a vested, personal interest in you reaching your goals. No one finds success and happiness alone, despite what a lot of arrogant musicians tend to preach in their songs. Who you surround yourself with matters almost as much as...


Season One: Episode 11 // The Lie of Not Enough

Let’s talk about the lie of not enough. One way or other, we’ve all bought into our own version of this story. You aren’t smart enough. You’re not thin enough. You’re not rich enough. You’re not witty enough. You’re not enough, not enough, not enough. It’s Satan’s soundtrack on a never-ending loop, deep in the recesses of your mind. It’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and the more self-awareness I build, the more I realize just how pervasive this thought pattern is. Here’s...


Season One: Quick Tip // The Anatomy of an Apology

The most important part of an apology is owning up to your part in the situation. Even if someone else did the bad thing, there’s probably space to apologize to yourself for whatever your contribution to the situation was. For example, I had a “friend” take total advantage of me. I worked my ass off to make her look good, sent her flowers out of guilt for thinking negative thoughts about her, and let her be as messy as she needed to be with me. She returned absolutely none of those favors,...


Season One: Episode 10 // How to Forgive Well

Forgiveness is something we all know we should do, and I think we do it wrong a lot of the time. Besides thinking it’s about the other person, we also put all kinds of pressure on it, like deadlines or the expectation things go back to the way they were before. There are a ton of benefits to truly forgiving, but the biggest one is your sanity. Holding onto things for too long is like chewing on rat poison. It will kill you. Where do you think ulcers come from? (Seriously, read the book Why...


Season One: Episode 9 // EEK! Boundaries

I have always and continue to struggle with setting healthy boundaries. Boundaries are so important to healthy relationships of all kinds, yet no one teaches us how to do this stuff. In fact, societal norms typically set us up for failure. I get vulnerable with you guys to talk about this topic not only because it's so important, but also because it's a personal challenge that requires a lot of work to overcome. Just because I'm here sharing what I know which doesn't mean I know everything....


Season One: Quick Tip // Check-In With Yourself

I’m in Berlin right now going through the Climate Reality Leadership Corp Training, so I didn’t have time to do a full episode. Instead, I decided to try a new segment I think will be cool and helpful: SAM Quick Tips These are quick and easy ways to incorporate self-awareness into your daily life to improve the overall quality of your wellbeing. This week, I want to talk about check-ins. Check-ins are just like they sound: you checking in with yourself to see how you’re doing. They’re a...


Season One: Episode 8 // Positive Body Image

Liv talks all about body image and how to stop hating on the skin you're in. Today, I want to talk about body image. It’s something we as a society are beginning to discuss more and more thanks to the rise of influencers on social media and women empowerment. However, as with all good things, too much can easily tip into the danger zone. So, let’s talk about body image in the context of self-awareness and overall well-being. First, and most important, YOU are not your body. Your body is a...


Season One: Episode 7 // Living With Anxiety

Liv speaks with The Candid Millennial, Mary Robb, about her anxiety and some ways self-awareness helps her manage it. If anxiety is a sensitive topic for you, please proceed with caution. While SAM always seeks to be respectful, everyone has their own opinions and experiences which may differ from your own. Remember, you are the authority on you—please only take advice to heart what resonates and works for you. Mary made a lot of really great suggestions I hope some of you connect to....


Season One: Episode 6 // Graceful Exits

Liv speaks with executive, mother, and author Geri Suster about handling relationship endings with grace. The topic of graceful exits is one I think is important because in my experience, many of us are ill-prepared for and bad at handling endings. Despite fundamentally knowing all things end, we live as if they don’t, so when a pet dies, a relationship ends, or we lose our jobs, we don’t always handles things well. More often than not, we make a big fat mess as we exit, creating all sorts...


Season One: Episode 5 // Incorporating Self-Care

Today, I want to talk about self-care. With all the heavy-lifting you do at work, with friends, family, and in the community, taking care of yourself is essential for your health in every aspect of the word. More to the point of this show, it’s paramount to your success in building self-awareness. Why’s that? Building self-awareness is like lifting weights. Anyone who exercises regularly will tell you the importance of rest days, proper, nutrition, and stretching. The same applies to...