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Frank Jag and Sean talk about random subjects while giving their opinions and skeptical advice.

Frank Jag and Sean talk about random subjects while giving their opinions and skeptical advice.


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Frank Jag and Sean talk about random subjects while giving their opinions and skeptical advice.




The ORKU-Cast

Sean is joined by Noob-Noob, Z, and Scott from the highly acclaimed show, "Our Reviews Will Kill You"! We talk about the impact on-demand programming is having on television, horror movies, the origin of ORKU, and much more!! This is a wild episode and a CAN'T MISS !!


Patreon Announcement

Sensibly Cynical is now on PATREON!!! Check out this Announcement for all the details in how you can become a Sensible or Cynical Patron Today!! You can sign up now!


Sensibly Cynical - The Lore of Grand Theft Auto

Sean is joined by Stoy from the EXPCast to talk about the legendary action-adventure video game series, Grand Theft Auto!! This Iconic Franchise took over the video game world in the Late 90's and Early 2000's and has developed a cult following--even to present time. They also talk the Pokémon Go phenomenon, Resident Evil, and more! Turn back the clock with this amazing Podcast!


Sensibly Cynical - All Basketball

In this episode of Sensibly Cynical, Sean talks everything basketball...from High School all the way to the Pro Level! You do NOT want to miss this.


Sensibly Cynical - Sean's Dramatic Rant II

In a dramatic rant, Sean discusses ways that society has become soft! Do NOT miss this Episode of Sensibly Cynical!!


MMA Fighter Muhammed "MoMuscle" DeReese

Sean is joined by Muhammed "MoMuscle" DeReese, a Top Heavyweight Fighter for the Professional Fighters League! He talks about his career beginnings, what it is like fighting in the PFL, and much more! DeReese is one of the biggest rising stars in all of MMA and his story is inspirational. Do NOT Miss this EPIC episode of Sensibly Cynical!


Sensibly Cynical - Down For The Count

For its 75th Episode, Sensibly Cynical dives into the worlds of Boxing, MMA, and Professional Wrestling. Sean dishes on how new TV deals have impacted various promotional organizations in each of the three sports. Sean states some historical facts as well! Don't miss this special episode of Sensibly Cynical!


Brent Hand from Hysteria 51 Takes Over Sensibly Cynical

Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast joins Sensibly Cynical!! Brent talks about the history of Hysteria 51, AlienCon, The Gulf Breeze Incident, Storm 51, documentaries, and more! We also find out what his favorite car is, and discuss a bit of sports history. Do NOT miss this Episode!!


Sensibly Cynical - Hot Takes

Sean gives his Hot Takes on a variety of Sports and Entertainment topics! Caution: Extreme Heat!


Inspire Enrich and Prosper

Sean is joined by Dawn DiMare and Susan Ameri for a very memorable episode of Sensibly Cynical! They talk about their venture into Event Planning and Booking, Music, and even delve into Sports! We get an update from Dawn on her Podcast--A Teaspoon of Healing, and Susan talks about her history with Para Todos Magazine. Plus, Sean gets serious?!? Do NOT miss it!


Sensibly Cynical - What The Fuss?

Sean makes a HUGE Announcement regarding the future of Sensibly Cynical. Then, Chris from What The Fuss joins the show to talk about the beginnings of their website, NFL, English Premier League, and more! Don't Miss It!


Austin Mann Discusses Life in Comedy

Comedian Austin Mann joins Sensibly Cynical to talk about his career, show promotion tips, and much more in an EPIC interview that you do not want to miss!


Sensibly Cynical - 2 Sagas

Sensibly Cynical takes a look into the on-going sagas of Antonio Brown and Jalen Ramsey!


Sensibly Cynical - Famous Comedians Plus One

Sean lists his Favorite Comedians of All-Time and shares a funny story about his one night as a stand-up comedian.


Sensibly Cynical - NFL Thoughts

Sean rants on Andrew Luck retiring at the age of 29 and gives his thoughts on the upcoming NFL Season.


Sensibly Cynical - Always Cozy

Beth and Rachel from Cozy Love Company join Sensibly Cynical to talk about their Leisurewear Products! These products are amazing and a must-get for any social occasion!


Jessica "Sugar" Kiper

Frank Jag and Sean are joined by incomparable Jessica "Sugar" Kiper! Sugar is known for being on Survivor-- where she placed third, Gilmore Girls, Weeds, and a host over other shows and movies! She discusses her Survivor experience, what she is doing for the Hearts of Reality charity event, her recent endeavors with being a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, and much more! You do not want to miss this as Jessica shines through in an amazing interview.



Frank Jag and Sean discuss the amount of time people spend escaping their reality instead of enjoying what life has to offer. Frank attempts to explain the birds and the bees to Sean. Sean talks about his love for cricket. Frank finds similarities between India's premier cricket league and the slave trade.


Guess Who's Back...Back Again... Frank Jag and Sean are BACK... Tell a Friend!

Frank Jag and Sean are BACK!! Sean gets a lesson from Frank on Top Shelf and Gives A Riveting Review of the Mom Season Finale! Meanwhile, Frank talks about his new bike, Trump, and dishes on one of his favorite books! Also.. The Guys discuss the wild NBA Playoffs!


Sydney (Like Australia) Talks About Sex and Music

Sydney joins Frank Jag and Sean to talk about an array of topics. The group talks about Sydney's SEX blog and show. Sydney's writing and internet game. They talk about the Richmond music scene. Also talk about dying horse orgasms.