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Breaking down the episodes of our favorite shows that were cancelled before their time.

Breaking down the episodes of our favorite shows that were cancelled before their time.


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Breaking down the episodes of our favorite shows that were cancelled before their time.






82 – Firefly – Series Breakdown

Who would Bryn and Sarah cast in the Firefly reboot? What are their favorite episodes? Find out the answers to these questions and more as we do a breakdown of the entire series of the tv show Firefly


81 – Firefly – Movie – Serenity

It’s like those supersized episodes NBC used to do for their popular shows like Friends… Today we have a supersized episode of Firefly, which has to work as a stand-alone movie, a continuation of a series, AND a series finale. That’s a lot of pressure for a movie to live up to. Can Serenity do […]


80 – Firefly – s01e14 – Objects in Space

When Super Sneaky Spaceman sneaks on board serenity, alliteration ensues. Join Bryn and Sarah as they discuss what might have happened in Season 2, if we were to get a season 2, and what this episode is even about. I mean how many times in an episode can Sarah say WTF is even happening??


79 – Firefly – s01e13 – Heart of Gold

It’s an old-timey shoot-out, and Mal and the gang are trying to save a brothel. Will Kailee understand that she is pretty? Will Bryn and Sarah have questions about the episode? Yes and yes.


78 – Firefly – s01e12 – The Message

Why are there always bodies in crates in Firefly, and why is it weird that there are aliens in a space cowboy show? These are the important questions Bryn and Sarah get to the bottom of during this week’s episode of Series Scrapped


77 – Firefly – s01e11 – Trash

Is it the super special expensive gun that is being referenced as trash in the title, or is it Safron? Also how many husbands does that make for Safron now? Bryn and Sarah break down this episode of Firefly in today’s podcast.


76 – Firefly – s01e10 – War Stories

Wash gets jealous, and gets kidnapped with Mal. Zoey has to make a hard decision on who she wants to save, and Bryn and Sarah break down the whole episode. Find out what they think about this episode of Firefly.


75 – Firefly – s01e09 – Ariel

The crew is going to break into a hospital and steal a bunch of medicine. Also, they have to kill Simon and River… only temporarily. Bryn and Sarah will let you know what happens in this episode of Firefly, that unfortunately does not feature any mermaids.


74 – Firefly – s01e08 – Out of Gas

Serenity is broken and we get multiple timelines in one episode. How will they fix the ship and keep flying?? Find out when Bryn and Sarah break down Out of Gas.


73 – Firefly – s01e07 – Jaynestown

Jayne is local hero on this planet, and we are here for it. Bryn and Sarah recap this episode of Firefly where Jayne is a bit of a Robin Hood, but is he though?


72 – Firefly – s01e06 – Our Mrs Reynolds

When Mal gets accidentally married, his wife decides to cause all kinds of problems on the ship. This episode also gives us one of the most famous Firefly quotes “I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you” Bryn and Sarah recap this episode of Firefly… eventually.


71 – Firefly – s01e05 – Safe

We get a little bit of back story on the Tam family, and BABY ZAC EFRON!! Kidnapper town needs a doctor, and they just decide to steal Simon. What happens when they find out that River weighs the same as a duck?!? Find out what Bryn and Sarah thought of this Firefly episode recap.


70 – Firefly – s01e04 – Shindig

When Inara is invited to a Shindig, Mal gets a little jelly, and happens to score himself an invite. Kaylee wears a fancy dress, and Bryn and Sarah have a discussion about fashion in the future. Check out this Firefly recap of the episode Shindig!


69 – Firefly – s01e03 – Bushwacked

When Serenity happens upon an abandoned ship, adventures ensue. From booby traps to Alliance Feds, what will happen next in this episode?? Bryn and Sarah recap this Firefly episode and explain why it may have left you wanting a little bit more.


68 – Firefly – s01e02 – The Train Job

Mal and the Serenity gang are hired to steal some cargo from a train full of Alliance soldiers. Will they complete the job or will their morals get in the way? Find out as Bryn and Sarah in this Firefly recap episode of Series Scrapped


67 – Firefly – s01e01 – Serenity Part 1 & 2

Bryn and Sarah are back and recapping the most popular scrapped series ever… Firefly. It’s been years since they have watched the show, so it’s almost like a brand new fresh take on the series. Join them as they recap the pilot episode of Firefly, Serenity Part 1 and 2.


66 – The Grinder – Series Breakdown

We’ve finished another series, and Bryn and Sarah have THOUGHTS! Find out who we would cast in the roles, what our favorite episodes are and more!


65 – The Grinder – s01e22 – Full Circle

It all comes full circle! But what does that mean??? Who is behind the case against the dad? Find out when Bryn and Sarah break it all down!


64 – The Grinder – s01e21 – Divergence

In a turn of events, we do nothing with the main story arch, and totally go off in another direction. Surprise! Mom is in town and she’s looking to reconnect with Dad Sanderson. What did Bryn and Sarah think about this totally randomly placed episode? Find out!


63 – The Grinder – s01e20 – For The People

Everyone is looking for a side story to help them figure out what is happening with the Dad’s case. Will the side story actually work this time too? Bryn and Sarah will let you know!