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Toxic Femininity: When adult women act like mean girls (featuring Kim and Angie)

According to statistics, 2/3 of women have reported being bullied by a female boss at work. Toxic masculinity is a hot topic and in an era where women are supposed to be supporting other women, it doesn't always go that way. Lena and Bob interview "Kim" and "Angie" on their personal experiences of toxic female bosses and the group also discusses female relational aggression in the workplace, mom wars, female bullying and more.


Let's Talk About Sex! Featuring Shervon Laurice & Mike Giordano

Lena and Bob interview psychotherapists Shervon Laurice & Michael Giordano (who specialize in sex therapy) on everything you always wanted to know about sexual issues. Topics include: mismatched desire, low libido, erectile dysfunction, sexual communication, eroticism, open relationships, polyamory and more. Find out about how sex therapists work with these issues.


The Secrets of Therapy

Learn the secrets of therapy as Lena and Bob discuss what goes on in the therapist's office and the therapist's mind.


Season 2, Episode 13: Do we Choose Unhappiness?

Bob and Lena have discussed the biological aspects of depression in previous episodes but this one focuses on whether or not human beings choose to be unhappy. Bob and Lena explore why this happens frequently, the purpose for it and why we often choose unhappiness over happiness. They also discuss the latest scientific research linking stress and inflammation to depression.


False Expectations: Have unrealistic ideals ruined romantic relationships? (Season 2, Episode 12)

Rom-coms, Disney, fables and media subconsciously influence how we view our relationships and often to our detriment. Bob and Lena discuss how unrealistic expectations potentially ruin perfectly good relationships and hurt single people who are looking for the right person. What are realistic expectations for a relationship and what should someone be looking for when it comes to the "right" person? Bob and Lena also look at the research and how rom-coms can encourage stalker behavior, and...


Episode 11: Post traumatic growth-finding new meaning after hard times

Lena and Bob interview Jim Rendon, author of the book, "Upside: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth." This episode is a follow up to the previous episode on trauma. Find out why so many people can go on with their lives after experiencing horrible and life changing events. Learn the difference between resilience and growth and find out why there is a lot of hope after bad things happen to good people.


Episode 10: The prevalence of trauma- did it happen to you?

You don't have to have a clinical diagnosis of PTSD to experience trauma and the influence it can have on your feelings and behaviors. Traumatic experiences, even one, can have a profound impact on the way we live our lives and on our relationships. Many people have experienced a trauma in their lifetime and it can come from many things- bullying, neglect, any kind of abuse, witnessing a horrifying event, violence or threat of violence, accidents, threat to safety and so much more. In...


Part 3- Communications Breakdown! When couples fight (Episode 9).

Part 3 of communications breakdown explains the way Bob and Lena use Imago relationship therapy to help couples communicate effectively and restore their connection. Get a crash course in this highly effective way to work with couples.


Part 2: Communications Breakdown! When couples fight (Episode 8)

Part 2 of Communications Breakdown continues the discussion on why couples fight, the things that couples do that predict break up or divorce and continued tips to break the cycle of conflict and increase healthy communication and connection.


Part 1: Communications Breakdown! When Couples Fight (Episode 7)

Bob and Lena discuss the communication breakdown that happens when couples fight. Find out what leads to communication breakdown in relationships, why it happens and strategies to help you strengthen the communication in your relationship (part 1 of 2)


Episode 6: My own worst critic- why are we so hard on ourselves?

It's universal- most people are their own worst critic. So many people have an inner critic that prevents them from living a full and authentic life. Bob and Lena are joined by Dr. Lauren Mays (a psychologist with expertise on the inner critic) and discuss all things related to the inner critic, including strategies to help tame it. Music by Lena and Bob's Technical Producer Midlo (album Queen Street).


Episode 5- The Terror of a Turbulent World: How do we manage?

What are the consequences of constantly being bombarded with bad news that seems to be overly prevalent in the news and everywhere we turn? Lena and Bob examine collective and subconscious anxiety in the aftermath of events such as the recent Parkland Florida school shootings. Tune in for insight and practical tips to managing life when things feel like they're too much. Bonus: listener question at the end- how to talk to kids about tragedy.


Episode 4: The Big Depression - Part 1

Are you depressed? Do you know someone who is depressed? What's the difference between being clinically depressed vs. situationally depressed? How do grief, trauma, spiritual crisis and culture contribute to depression? What do we do about it and how do we get better?


Episode 3: Behind Closed Doors: The truth about marriage and long term relationships

Do you ever wonder about what goes on behind the facade of those happy social media couples? Experienced couples therapists, Bob and Lena have seen it all and tell the truth about the reality of long term relationships.


Episode 2: Why do I feel so alone? An epidemic of social isolation.

Did you know that social isolation and loneliness are a public health crisis? The research now says that being socially isolated is the equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. People are reporting fewer close relationships and communities are not what they once were. So what's going on here? Why is that even though we seem more connected than ever, we are becoming increasingly socially isolated and disconnected? Lena and Bob explore why this is happening and what we can do about it in...


Episode 1: Rape culture and sexual assault in 2017: How did we get here?

In episode 1, Bob and Lena explore the many complexities of rape culture in 2017. How do history, culture and gender roles contribute? What is toxic masculinity vs. healthy masculinity? What about socialization and messages children receive? Do men and women experience sexuality differently? How does pop culture contribute to this? What is our collective responsibility in creating and preventing rape culture? WARNING: sensitive and disturbing content is discussed.