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Sex Weed & Reggae with Nikki Z is the open and honest podcast that you never knew you needed. Find out more in Podcast Zero, Subscribe & Enjoy. Follow @NikkizOfficial

Sex Weed & Reggae with Nikki Z is the open and honest podcast that you never knew you needed. Find out more in Podcast Zero, Subscribe & Enjoy. Follow @NikkizOfficial


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Sex Weed & Reggae with Nikki Z is the open and honest podcast that you never knew you needed. Find out more in Podcast Zero, Subscribe & Enjoy. Follow @NikkizOfficial






Sex Weed & Reggae Featuring TIFA

It's the last episode of Season #1 SEX WEED AND REGGAE and we close with the princess of dancehall TIFA @TIFAOFFICIALVEVO ... We talk celibacy, life, love & music. Subscribe to Sex Weed & Reggae on all podcast streaming outlets. Season 2 Dropping NOVEMBER 2020 Catch Nikki Z Live Weekdays 7-11am (est)


Nikki Z Presents SWR Featuring Skip Marley

He is for sure carving his own path in the music business, and we checked in with the highly sought after Skip Marley to find out what motivates him, his recent project and what he puts first. Check out Nikki Z Live Weekdays 7-11am Subscribe To 'Nikki Z Presents Sex Weed And Reggae' on all podcasting forums


Nikki Z Presents SWR Featuring Tarrus Riley & Special Guest

Tarrus Riley isn't your everyday reggae artist, he is a man on a mission of 'Healing' find out more about his journey. Plus a tale of 4 wives... Hope you enjoy. Catch 'Nikki Z Live' Weekdays 7-11am


Nikki Z Presents Sex Weed & Reggae - Reggae, Rasta & The Black Power Movement

Olimatta Taal grew up in a home rich with culture, with a father from Gambia and a mother who was a political prisoner... Warrior is in her D.N.A. Carving out her own path Oli not only still fights for equal rights but she took her skills and knowledge to the business of reggae working with every one from Cocoa Tea to Sizzla! Check out the fun and enlightening interview. Check out Nikki Z Live Weekdays 7-11am


Nikki Z Presents Sex Weed & Reggae - Women In Ganja

Today we talks with Ganja Activist and business owner Chrystal Ortiz and find out more about what it takes to get in 'the business' and how the laws are preventing minorities from accessing the resources needed to be a part of the growing legal Ganja industry. Oh and by the way did you know there is a 'Ganja Lube' take a listen. Catch Nikki Z on 'Nikki Z Live' Weekdays 7-11am (est) Watch the live stream


Nikki Z Presents Sex Weed & Reggae Featuring Kranium

From 'Nobody Has To know' to a song like 'Gal Policy' Kranium has some very strong views on dating. We talk all about it and more.


Nikki Z Presents Sex Weed & Reggae: My Life In Black & White

The world in still in unrest over race and hatred and I wanted to share part of my story growing up young black and in a very white world. How this experience helped shaped me into the person I am today. I hope you listen and leave a comment... Let's have a conversation.... Catch Nikki Z Live Weekdays 7-11am (est) Worldwide on


SWR - My 1st Time Was With The Babysitter!

It still amazes me the differences in how men and women tell the tale of their first time. Was it a special moment, traumatizing or an awakening for you? Well for our guest, Comedian, Actor and Music Artist Trabass his 1st time was an amazing experience with someone who may have been committing something twisted & criminal. Perception is a bitch isn't it? Leave a comment & rating For more interview, shows & podcasts log on


SWR - An Afropop Star & His Love For Reggae, The Stonebwoy Story.

On this episode of Sex Weed & Reggae we focus more on the musical side with Ghana Afropop Star Stonebwoy. With his latest release 'Anloga Junction' his taking his career and reggae to the next level! Don't forget to hit subscribe and also follow and subscribe to 'Nikki Z Live - The Interviews' on all podcast forums. Listen to Nikki Z Live Weekdays 7-11am(est)


SWR - BONUS EPISODE - Throwback With 'Snoop Lion'

FLASHBACK INTERVIEW - Who remembers that one time Multi Platinum Rapper Snoop Dogg converted to Rastafari? Well here is a flashback to 2013 when he became Snoop Lion and stopped by to talk Reincarnation with Nikki Z and of course a little Sex Weed & Reggae. Show Interview Credit: Nikki Z Hot 20 Countdown (2011-2015) Catch Nikki Z Live Mon-Friday 7-11am Also Subscribe To 'Nikki Z Live - The Interviews' Find out more @NikkizLive


SWR - Let's Talk Vagina's & Cock n' Balls

Ramona aka the 'Cosmic Wombman' is a Doula, Womb Wellness Specialist and an all around 'Vagina Whisperer'. Today we talk to Ramona about some of the myths about the Vagina... We even got in a little sexy fun talk about those ever neglected balls! Enjoy, We sure did! Check me out LIVE Mon-Friday 7-11am(EST) 'Nikki Z Live' The Syndicated Caribbean Morning Show You Never Knew You Needed! Listen worldwide


SWR - Women Verses The Industry with Missy Soprano (Former DJ For Lady Saw)

Missy Soprano is one of the first ever 'white' females to enter and dominate the dancehall arena. From being a lover of the music and culture, Missy soon became the personal DJ of the 'Forever Queen Of Dancehall' Lady Saw. Today we talk about what it's like for women in the industry or for that matter 'strong minded women in general. Welcome to Episode #1 of Sex Weed & Reggae. Catch Nikki Z LIVE Mondays thru Fridays 7-11am (EST) on @NikkizLive Syndicated Morning Radio For...


Sex Weed & Reggae Podcast Zero

You got to start somewhere, right? You may be wondering why I decided to name my podcast Sex Weed & Reggae? Podcast Zero gives you some insight into just that, however, expect the unexpected. * insert your favorite emoji * Here's to sparking up with real life conversations. Welcome to Sex Weed & Reggae Follow @NikkizLive