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Mississippi Burnin'

In this episode, I am joined by friend and fellow Mississippian Tim McCormick to discuss the state of our home state of Mississippi as well as some of the things going on in our hometown. The focus of this episode is on the ongoing saga of the MDOC prison system, more specifically Parchman Prison. We also discuss the recent turn of events at local establishments who adopt rules to discourage Black patronage and why Black folks need to stay away anyway....


War on Multiple Fronts

We are back with a new name but same focus and attitude....In this episode I discuss the deplorable living situation as well as the violence happening in multiple prisons in the state of MS. This situation is due to the failure and neglect of the MDOC and the huge failures of the administration as well as the state's administration. Prisoners are human beings and should not be robbed of their dignity and humanity. Black With No Chaser was the first and for days the only news source...


Amber Guyger Was Guilty From the Start

This episode focused on the trial and guilty verdict of Amber Guyger for the murder of Botham Jean. I have been following this since the beginning and have been waiting with baited breath for this exact verdict. Hopefully, they don't let her off easy with the sentencing phase. In my talk, I give a timeline of events from the murder up until the verdict with the hope of giving some clarity to those who may not be fully aware of what is going one. In the end, I pray for peace for Mr. Jean's...


A Tale of Two Justice Systems

This episode I start off discussing how flawed our justice system is and how the privileged get a leg up and an automatic benefit of the doubt while non privileged people of color do not. I illustrate this by detailing three cases and the stark differences between them and how those differences predetermined the outcomes. We do indeed live under two different justice systems. My second segment is politricks as usual where I once again talk about another gaffe made by our very underwhelming...


Juneteenth...A Day of Remembrance

Juneteenth, also known as Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day, is an American holiday that commemorates the June 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. state of Texas, and more generally the emancipation of enslaved African Americans throughout the former Confederate States of America. In this episode, I talk about my experiences with Juneteenth as well as the ramifications of slavery and ill effects of it that we still see today. #juneteenth #emancipation...


A Call to Action--The National Black Mama's Bailout Initiative

In this episode I am joined by attorneys and activists who played an influential role in obtaining the release of Black mothers from jail for before, during and after Mother's Day. In this conversation we discussed the importance of this initiative as well as the flawed and unjust cash bail system. This is a nationwide movement that needs our support with both boots on the ground and financial assistance. Together we can achieve justice....Help Us #FreeBlackMamas and End Pretrial...


Giants.....An Interview With James Bland

This episode I interview the Emmy nominated director, producer, actor, and content creator Mr. James Bland about his phenomenal web series Giants. This show is about the lives of three friends and how they handle the different Giants within their lives. This is a must see series that is well directed, well written, well acted, and has great cinematography. The best part about it is that it faces the taboo topics of the Black community head on and doesn't blink. THIS IS A MUCH WATCH SERIES....



Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. Thank you for your love, patience, courage, encouragement, wisdom, guidance and everything that you have done and continue to do for us....This episode is dedicated to you. In this episode I discuss the disparity in the rate at which Black women are being incarcerated and the way they are being treated by the system as a whole. This is something that is being done starting in the juvenile system and it must be addressed. I also talk about the problem...


The Direct Relationship Between Mental Illness and Poverty

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month we are making a concentrated effort to spread the word about Mental Health in the Black Community. I also discuss the issue of how expensive it is to be poor in America and the direct relationship between poverty and mental health. I touch on the stigma associated with mental health, the problems with overdraft fees, as well as predatory lending and cash bail reform. This is an overview and the beginning of a series of pieces that we are producing...


Let's Talk it Over

This episode I discuss a variety of things going on in the news as well as our culture. The first thing I addressed was the killer of Mr. James Byrd finally being executed in Texas. This has finally brought this horrific case to a close and has given his family the justice and closure that they deserve. I also delved into the highly controversial discussion that has been raging o about the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral in France and the reactions of our nation's leaders towards it...


The Avengers Endgame Preview

This entire episode is all about the upcoming and highly anticipated conclusion to the Avengers series. I am joined by fellow Black With No Chaser members CJ, Leslie, and E-Man of E-Mans Movie Reviews. Join us as we give out thoughts on what we expect to see, what we want to see as well as what we don't want to see. Guaranteed that you will enjoy it. This movie is must see and this episode is must hear.... Find us at, on Instagram @...


One Down....A Lifetime To Go.

This episode is my 1st year anniversary of this podcast. I am very excited and humbled by the love and support you guys have given me. Joining me this week to celebrate is my boy and fellow Black With No Chaser member, Jarreous Thomas the Unapologetic Geek. We recall a few of the biggest stories I covered this first year as well as talk about the current cheating scandal with Aunt Becky, the death and subsequent aftermath of NIpsey Hussle, as well the role social media is playing in today's...


Nipsey Hussle is Bigger Than Music

This episode is dedicated to the life, times, words, works, and accomplishments of Nipsey Hussle. His death was one of the biggest and most influential losses of my generation and one that I will not soon get over. The rap industry took a loss, but the culture, OUR culture took an even bigger loss. Nip was the blueprint that we all should aspire to follow. He was a huge inspiration to not only his neighborhood but to the nation and his loss will reverberate through the entire Black...


Antwon Rose...Justice Denied

This episode I followed up o my original episode talking about the murder of Antwon Rose. This episode was all about the trial and subsequent acquittal of his killer, Michael Rosfeld. This led me into a talk about the justice system and the disparity within when it comes to poor and people of color. I also touched on other unjust and unfair systems such as the education system in this country and the diiferences between non white versus white districts. Also in this episode I came back with...


The Hot Takes Episode

This episode I am joined by a former guest and co-host of The Sipp Culture TV show, James Betts. Joins us as we talk about a wide range of topics from the deadly mosque shooting, Aunt Becky going from the Full House to the Big House, as well as a current events and the hottest sports stories. This is one entertaining and funny conversation that is sure to leave you happy you tuned in. Find us on as well as Also find us...


Women's History Month...You Are Appreciated

This episode is a dedication and a salute to the women of the world who have meant so much and continue to mean so much to not only myself, but to the entire world. This is my love letter of sorts to express my thanks, my love, my support, and my sheer appreciation to the women who have made a real difference in my life and the lives of countless others. From Harriet Tubman to Rosa Parks, from Mary McCleod Bethune to Michelle Obama and Oprah, women have been at the cornerstone and forefront...


They Didn't Steal Slaves...A Convo With Jovan Bradshaw

LET'S TALK Y'ALL..... I, along with Black With No Chaser,am beyond excited and honored to have the opportunity to interview this wonderful lady Ms. Jovan Bradshaw on my podcast. We as a community need to rally around her and make what she is doing a success. And here is why...... This right here is real love for your people who came before you. This right here is real love for the people who are here with you now. This is real love for those who will come after you. This extraordinary lady...


The Rise in Suicide Among Black Children

In this bonus episode, I am joined by Dr.Colibri Jenkins to discuss the rise in suicide among Black Children. Research is showing that there is a racial disparity in suicide among kids,and there is no known specific reason why. Between 1993 and 2012 suicide rates doubled among black youngsters ages 5-11, while rates declined among white children in same age group, according to a 2015 article published in the academic journal JAMA Pediatrics. The suicide rate cited in that study is roughly...


Part 4: The MisEducation of America

This episode is the conclusion to my Black History Month celebration series. Even though this is the end, I will continue to recognize, rejoice in, recommit to, and reeducating myself and others about Black History all year round. I hope you all do as well. Together, we can use our history to break the chains of ignorance, hate, and discrimination perpetrated against us and sadly at times by us. This is probably the shortest episode to date but it is one of the best. I hope you enjoy the...


Part 3: Recommitting to Black Excellence

This episode is part 3 of our four part Black History Month series. I talk about recommitting ourselves to ourselves. I challenge you the listener as well as myself, family and friends to commit to making a difference in the lives of those we come in contact with. By challenging ourselves to do and be better, we can and will improve each and every one of our communities. Are you up for the challenge? I know I am. In this episode I also talk about committing ourselves to challenge the way our...