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They Kill You Twice

This episode, I delve into the sad and unfortunate murder of Mr. Botham Jean, in his own home, at the hands of the Dallas Police Department. I also discuss how they and the some members of the media attempt to kill him twice through character assassination. This is a constant reminder and oft used trope by those in power. Also in this episode I introduce a new segment call For the Culture that highlights incidents both good and bad, past and present, that has had or will have an impact on...


Black Capital

This episode I was joined by my fellow Black With No Chaser member, Tyson Jackson, where we discussed our upcoming docu-series Black Capital. Also on this episode, I discussed This Week in Sports and the start of the Sam Darnold Era for the NY Jets. And I definitely didn’t forget about Colonizer Nonsense. Continue to R.I.P to Tupac and Biggie and happy birthday Nas. Condolences and prayers to the family of Botham Jean as well as the entire Carolinas who are dealing with Hurricane...


Colin and Nike Just Did It

In this episode I discuss Colin’s Nike Ad campaign, the big fallout over it, as well as discuss how it ties in with the buying power of the Black community. This topic also serves as a lead in to next week’s topic with my special guest and fellow Black With No Chaser member, Tyson Jackson, as we introduce our upcoming docu series Black Capital. Also this week I brought back the new segment “The Good, the Bad, and the WTF Moment of the Week” , This Week in Sports, and of course we got more...


The Tragedy of Emmitt Till

This episode is dedicated to the brief life and tragic death of Emmitt Till. I talk in depth about his story as well as show how it parallels to today. Rest on Brother Till. I also talk about as well as celebrate the birthday of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. This week we also celebrated the life of the Queen of Soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin, and touched on her fabulously long yet well deserved funeral. We close out the episode with the usual and funny segments of Politricks as Usual...


Long Live The Queen

This episode is dedicated to the life and career of the Queen of Soul, Ms Aretha Franklin. Condolences to her family and all of her many fans around the world. Also on this episode, we will talk about the fallout and total hilarity of the Omarosa tapes, introduce our new segment-The Good, The Bad, and the WTF moments of the week. Follow us on Anchor, Podbean, Google Play, iTunes, and the various other podcasting platforms. Find us at as well.


40 is the New 30

In this episode I will be breaking down the wonderful changes that come with turning 40 and how it directly affected me. We’re celebrating 30 years of YO!Mtv Raps as well as the history making milestones of Black Panther and Kendrick Lamar. We will wrap it up talking about Killer Cam Newton and his beef with a former teammate and of course, we will have more Colonizer Nonsense….. Like, Share and follow us not only on Anchor but on Google Play, iTunes, Google Podcast, Spreaker, Spotify,...


The Importance and Impact of Black Male Teachers

Joining me this week is my friend and elementary school teacher Jason Goins to discuss the importance as well as the rarity of Black male Teachers. I will also be discussing more colonizer nonsense and Fighting the Power with Chuck D. I will also talk about Name is Winston’s rough start and EA Sports Kap casualty…. Follow, like, and Share. Find me on Podbean, Google Play, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, and various other platforms. Visit my website for...


Her Name Is Nia

Joining me this episode will be CJ Lawrence the creator and founder of Black With No Chaser and the #iftheygunnedmedown hashtag. We will discuss the brief life, brutal murder and reprehensible media portrayal of Ms. Wilson and so many other dehumanized Black victims. Also joining me will be James Betts, the creator of the new Facebook Live interview series SIPP CULTURE, to talk about the reasons behind its creation and the future of this well needed vehicle. Find them on IG @sippculture601....


Each One, Teach One

Listen, Like, Share, Follow and ENJOY This episode is centered around the idea and the importance of mentoring our youth. It is incumbent upon us to reach our youth and guide them on the right paths thereby ensuring our future. I also talk about Benedict Orange, Happy Birthday DJ Screw, The Equalizer 2, as well as the suspension of the NFL’s Kneeling Policy. Tune in next week where I will be joined by the creator of Sip Culture, James Betts, as we discuss the newest venture to promote all...


An Ode to Black Women

This episode is dedicated to and inspired by my undying love and respect for the Black Woman. I am talking about the recent history making achievements and accomplishments as well as the trials and tribulations they faced and also about how we, as men, need to combat this and be a more positive force in their lives. There is also some colonizer nonsense, All hail Queen Serena, Happy Birthday Lil’ Kim, and we all want to get Paid in Full. Follow me on the various podcast platforms as well as...


The Follow Up

This Week I follow up with the latest information on the murder of Antwon Rose as well as other news. I touch on the retirement of Anthony Kennedy and how it affects the diaspora. And as always we point out Colonizer Nonsense as well as the latest in sports and entertainment. There is a tribute to the King of Pop as well as a public service announcement about HIV/AIDS testing and awareness. LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE, and ENJOY Make sure to follow Black With No Chaser on FaceBook. Also catch us on...


National HIV Testing Day

This is a very special episode from the Black With No Chaser podcast dedicated to inform our listeners about HIV/AIDS. Join us as our very own Dr. Colibri Jenkins blesses us with valuable and informative information about the mental and physical ramifications of HIV/AIDS. She goes into detail about the types of treatment, preventative care, as well as the stigmas associated with the disease. Follow us on Twitter @BlackNoChaser Follow us on Instagram @BlackWithNoChaser


Nizer Nonsense

This episode is dedicated to Antwon Rose. I will touch on the craziness at the border, Space Force, Nizer Nonsense, A violent priest, Happy Birthday Tupac, The NBA Draft and more. Stop by for the best gourmet popcorn around. Eat popcorn, be Happy. Follow Black With No Chaser or Instagram(@Blackwithnochaser) FaceBook(Black With No Chaser) and Twitter(@BlackNoChaser) Also make sure to check out the websitewww.shadeandshittalking.podbean.comfor all the episodes and...


The Juneteenth Episode

This week I’m discussing Juneteenth, Father’s Day, Happy Birthday Ice Cube, the NBA Finals wrap up and More. Catch me on Google Play, iTunes, Pocketcast, and Overcast. Make sure to follow Black With No Chaser on FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram @BlackWithNoChaser. Make sure to share, like, and follow.


The Black Wallstreet Episode

This episode I discuss the anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre of 1921, IQ45 can’t remember the words to the anthem, Philadelphia not getting invited to WH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PRINCE, The NBA Finals, plus other music,entertainment, and sports news. check out my website Also check out Black With No Chaser on FB, Twitter, and Instagram @ www.blackwithnochaser/ Also get your gourmet popcorn fix @ Eat popcorn, be happy.


Summer Is Here

This week’s topics covers Memorial Day, Racist Roseanne, Big Beef, The NFL big mess up, LeBron’s 8th straight Finals trip, and a few other topics


The Mother’s Day Ep



Be Careful

A recap on stories illustrating the need to be very careful in everything we do….


Mental Health Awareness and Care(from Black With No Chaser Podcast)

This is a very special episode from my Black With No Chaser podcast I host and moderate. I felt that it needed to be shared on this platform as well. This episode was created to help bring light to the stigma of Mental Health within the Black community. The purpose here was for us to inform and assist those who may be suffering or knows of someone who is suffering from any type of mental issues.


The Recap

This week I will be joine by Black With No Chaser members CJ, Leslie, Tyson and E-Man to recap the biggest stories of last week, with a group breakdown of Infinty War.