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Shall We Proceed is based on three main pillars: Relationships, Society & Culture, and Health & Wellness. These pillars are held up with the bases of creating a safe comfortable space with ZERO JUDGEMENT and encourages free flowing topics that we actually care about. Bringing back REAL CONVERSATIONS with REAL people! Bringing you amazing topics and even more amazing guests. All are welcome!

Shall We Proceed is based on three main pillars: Relationships, Society & Culture, and Health & Wellness. These pillars are held up with the bases of creating a safe comfortable space with ZERO JUDGEMENT and encourages free flowing topics that we actually care about. Bringing back REAL CONVERSATIONS with REAL people! Bringing you amazing topics and even more amazing guests. All are welcome!


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Shall We Proceed is based on three main pillars: Relationships, Society & Culture, and Health & Wellness. These pillars are held up with the bases of creating a safe comfortable space with ZERO JUDGEMENT and encourages free flowing topics that we actually care about. Bringing back REAL CONVERSATIONS with REAL people! Bringing you amazing topics and even more amazing guests. All are welcome!








A Sit Down w/ Everyone's "Aunt Viv" Mrs. Daphne Maxwell Reid

Enjoy as I sit with my new fav AUNT, Mrs. Daphne Maxwell Reid, best known as "Aunt Vivian for three season on the hit comedy "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". She helps me close out Season 5 with love, laughter, wisdom, and light as we discussed her vast life and 40 plus year career in Hollywood . When I think of Mrs. Reid, and her career, I think of a trailblazer, revolutionary, ground breaker, love, longevity, and wisdom. Her career has not stopped once! We discuss her views of the world we are...


Saving Lives During the Pandemic w/ Dr. Tamara Beckford, MD of UR Caring Docs

Sit back and enjoy this informative conversation with Dr. Tamara Beckford. Dr. Tamara Beckford is a board-certified emergency physician. . Dr. Beckford has treated heart attacks, strokes, gunshot wounds, mended broken bones, and even delivered babies. Most recently, Dr. Beckford has been on the frontlines battling the surge of COVID-19 in our community. Dr. Beckford is the founder and CEO of UR Caring Docs, which is a telemedicine urgent care. We discuss her her Jamaican roots, journey to...


Finding Your Purpose Amongst the Chaos of Life w/ Ashley Patterson

Enjoy as I sit with Ashley Patterson. Ashley a business operations analyst, motivational speaker, author, and CEO/Founder of Elite Acuity. She has taken her natural skills of business processes and turned it into her own business. After 15 years at Costco, and after facing true life changes. Ashley stepped out on faith to walk in her true career purpose. Helping big businesses, even the military get organized, Ashley found her place , voice, and her purpose in a world that already saw in her...


Double Standards & the Dating Woman w/ Jason Phillips, Marlon Randolph, and Dr. Faraji Toure

Please sit with us as we discuss the true in your face discussion about the DOUBLE STANDARDS woman face. We explored why there is so much HATE surrounded around women who have made changes in their lives and NOW seeking the best in relationships. Enjoy as we discuss pop culture, new terms being placed on men & women, and how we can shift the culture of dating. What is high value? Why is it wrong to want better than what you have chosen before? Are preferences wrong? Special...


The Music Feeds My Soul w/ EvoDidIt

Enjoy this musical BONUS episode with Dallas artist EvoDidIt! He is a singer, songwriter, and dancer. EvoDidIt is making his way in the music industry and truly making a big mark! Listen as he takes us on a journey of his life in music, navigating dating and his art, connecting with his fans during 2020, and what is coming next! Enjoy! Guest: EvoDidIt Singer | Songwriter | Dancer Hit singles out NOW: Come Over Bang My Line streaming everywhere! Support the show...


Earth, When, & Fiya! ~ When Writing Heals Your Soul w/ Nichole Jay

Family! Love! Queendom! This episode is filled with so much wisdom. So much healing! So much feminine energy that you must feel renewed when done. I sit with my good good sister-friend, Nichole Jay, author of the new book: Earth, When, & Fiya~ The Elements of My Life, Love, and a Litany of Other Stuff. This is her first publication that is filled with her life, love, and soul. Nichole is walking artistry! We journey down the path of her WHY, her process, what she hopes others get from her...


Living the Opulent Life & Bossing Up! w/ Amy Lin

Living the OPULENT LIFE! For many that maybe a new term, but by the end of this episode you will be fully aware and READY TO LIVE IT! Meet Amy Lin. She is the CEO/Founder of the Opulent Academy. Amy is a coach, speaker, and #1 best selling author. Amy coaches others, through her life's journey, on how to gain your focus and live your dreams abundantly. Check out her new book: Asian Women Who Boss Up ~ Secrets From Women Who Are Forging Their Own Paths and Thriving available NOW on her...


Prostate Cancer, Ironman, & the Black Man w/ Dr. Chris Tubbs

I had the pleasure to sit with my good friend, my brother, my Mr. Ironman himself, Dr. Chris Tubbs. We discussed his Journey to Ironman, 2020, and his new status as a Prostate Cancer Survivor. Chris went deep in what to look for as a Black man and what not to avoid. We also talked about the real life fears we as black people face with out health and how we care about ourselves. Enjoy! Guest: Dr. Chris Tubbs Biochemist | Entrepreneur | Triathlete IG:...


Surviving & Bossing UP! w/Mary Dee

During this episode I sit with Mary Dee. Mary is an International Speaker, Published Author, Philanthropists, Business Advisor, and Breast Cancer survivor! She sits as the Chair of the Board for, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to creating community and support for young women on their own cancer journey. Mary has dedicated her journey to serving others gain confidence, spark joy and design their business and personal life around what matters most. We discuss her journey, her cancer...


Winning Fearlessly & Fabulously w/ Teri N. Harrison

Get your pen and paper ready as you listen to this amazing episode! Major life gems were dropped! I had the absolute pleasure to sit with Teri N. Harrison. Who is she? Teri is a wife, mother, attorney, life coach, business consultant, motivational speaker, and published author. Teri is the CEO/Founder of Fearless & Fabulous Worldwide and Founder of Business Girls Rock. Teri discussed your journey from attorney to business consulting and provided 5 Steps we need to succeed and the 3 P's we...


The Journey Back To Loving Yourself w/ Janae Strickland-Nunn

We welcome back Janae Strickland-Nunn to the show! Janae is a wife, mom, educator, blogger, podcast content creator/host, and a published author. During this segment we discussed the most important part of self-care, LOVING YOURSELF! She is truly the SELF-CARE THUG! Enjoy as we discuss how her blog, Confessions From A Red Couch, saved her life and turned into a successful podcast. She also discussed how 2020 made her journey back, and revisit, her book The Journey Back to Loving Yourself....


Unmasking the Unspoken Emotions of Black Men & Women

Welcome to the big 50! During this milestone show my guests, and I, discuss being black and having to mask our emotions. Enjoy as we share our personal struggles and how we have done the work to move past it. Special Guests: Geya D. Prudhomme Attorney, Mentor, Wife, & Mentor Jason Phillips, MSW Licensed Therapist, Life Coach, Professor, & Motivational Speaker Social Media: @jphillipsmsw Miles Williams, MSW Licensed Therapist Send inquires, questions, and...


Me Too Movement, Cancel Culture, and My Thoughts w/ Nick Bognar --UNCUT

This was fun and interesting. I interviewed Nick earlier and the interview ran super long, yet super interesting. The tables turned on me again and I was the one being questioned. Nick is super easy to speak with so this interaction was easy. Enjoy this uncut "after the show " look at Nick and I chatting about current events and my personal thoughts on many of them. Remember this is a non judgment space. All views are respected and please offer me the same grace. Enjoy! Special...


Best Life Organic Living w/Erin Saunders (Women Who Boss Up~ Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Author)

I had the pleasure to sit with Erin Saunders. Erin is a Health and Business Coach. Besides that she is a three time liver transplant survivor! Erin is committed to health, happiness, prosperity, and helping women of all ages to discover and use the tools that can help them achieve the dreams and goals they’ve put aside in their lives and are ready to commit to now. She has a vision of building an amazing coaching business and community for women who want to make a difference in the world,...


Live Beautifully & Lead Powerfully w/ Life Coach Susan Elizabeth (Women Who Boss Up ~ Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Author)

I had the pleasure to sit with Life Coach Susan Elizabeth. Susan has reclaimed her life and mastered her feminine power. With this knowledge she has made it her mission to help high achieving women step into their own beauty and power to embrace a life of more fulfillment, pleasure, and meaning. She has taken the next step and partnered with Women Who Boss Up International to collaborate on a new book, coming January 2021, "Women Who Boss Up - Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle". Enjoy as Susan...


"A Girl and Her Grandpa" w/ Vanity M. Hill

Join me as I sit with published author, Vanity M. Hill, as we discuss her new children's book about her impactful and influential relationship with her grandfather, Mr. James Lee Hill. Her new book is just a glimpse into the amazing woman Vanity has grown to be, her new business venture, and her relaunching of her scholarship. We also dig deep into the major impact her family, and mentors, have place in her life. Special Guest: Vanity Hill New Book: "A Girl and Her Grandpa" available on...


Sensitive Savage w/ Alexis Finley (New Single Talk That)

BONUS Episode! Enjoy this amazing sit down the Houston's own Alexis Finley. Alexis is a R&B singer and songwriter. Her new album is out now called "Sensitive Savage". Checkout her new single " Talk That" streaming on all music platforms! Alexis is killing it in the game with over 100k downloads on Spotify! Enjoy as we discuss her process, her journey to "Talk That", and staying positive in 2020! Special Musical Guest: Alexis Finley New Album out NOW: Sensitive Savage New Single OUT:...


The Healing Collective w/Caleb Boswell, LLPC

During this episode I sit with my good friend, wellness advocate, Caleb Boswell. We discuss healing during 2020, code of ethics as a therapist, issues with the "entanglement" & non professional advice, the ease of getting the help you need, and his current Facebook "The Healing Collective". Special Guest: Caleb Boswell, LLCP FB Group: The Healing Collective Send inquires, questions, and advertising opportunities, to: Support the show...


AmerICan'tBreathe w/ Dr. Eddie Connor

I had the absolute pleasure to sit with 11 time best selling author Dr. Eddie Connor Jr. Besides being a best-selling author he is also an international speaker, college professor, and radio/TV correspondent. Dr. Connor is the founder of the mentoring program, Boys 2 Books, which empowers young males via literacy, leadership, and life skills enrichment. The program became the impetus for President Barack Obama's, My Brother's Keeper initiative. Dr. Connor is a recipient of The President...


Men's Wellness, Codependency, & Inclusion in Mental Wellness w/ Nick Bognar, MFT

I had the absolute pleasure to sit with Mr. Nick Bognar, MFT. Nick is an all around wonderful spirit that truly works towards the wellness of others. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist focusing on CODEPENDENCY and MEN'S WELLNESS out of Pasadena, California. He also has a great PODCAST called More Exemplary, were he sits with his guests trying to find ways to live better lives! We had a great conversation about his work and how he is trying to find the balance with his own...