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Hi! I am Erline, aka E. Leese, and I am the host/creator of Shall We Proceed Podcast! This show is based on three main pillars: Relationships, Society & Culture, and Health & Wellness. These pillars are held up with the bases of creating a safe comfortable space with ZERO JUDGEMENT and encourages free flowing topics that we actually care about. Bringing back REAL CONVERSATIONS with REAL people!

Hi! I am Erline, aka E. Leese, and I am the host/creator of Shall We Proceed Podcast! This show is based on three main pillars: Relationships, Society & Culture, and Health & Wellness. These pillars are held up with the bases of creating a safe comfortable space with ZERO JUDGEMENT and encourages free flowing topics that we actually care about. Bringing back REAL CONVERSATIONS with REAL people!


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Hi! I am Erline, aka E. Leese, and I am the host/creator of Shall We Proceed Podcast! This show is based on three main pillars: Relationships, Society & Culture, and Health & Wellness. These pillars are held up with the bases of creating a safe comfortable space with ZERO JUDGEMENT and encourages free flowing topics that we actually care about. Bringing back REAL CONVERSATIONS with REAL people!








Sensitive Savage w/ Alexis Finley (New Single Talk That)

BONUS Episode! Enjoy this amazing sit down the Houston's own Alexis Finley. Alexis is a R&B singer and songwriter. Her new album is out now called "Sensitive Savage". Checkout her new single " Talk That" streaming on all music platforms! Alexis is killing it in the game with over 100k downloads on Spotify! Enjoy as we discuss her process, her journey to "Talk That", and staying positive in 2020! Special Musical Guest: Alexis Finley New Album out NOW: Sensitive Savage New Single OUT:...


The Healing Collective w/Caleb Boswell, LLPC

During this episode I sit with my good friend, wellness advocate, Caleb Boswell. We discuss healing during 2020, code of ethics as a therapist, issues with the "entanglement" & non professional advice, the ease of getting the help you need, and his current Facebook "The Healing Collective". Special Guest: Caleb Boswell, LLCP FB Group: The Healing Collective Send inquires, questions, and advertising opportunities, to: PureJayde~ We care about your...


AmerICan'tBreathe w/ Dr. Eddie Connor

I had the absolute pleasure to sit with 11 time best selling author Dr. Eddie Connor Jr. Besides being a best-selling author he is also an international speaker, college professor, and radio/TV correspondent. Dr. Connor is the founder of the mentoring program, Boys 2 Books, which empowers young males via literacy, leadership, and life skills enrichment. The program became the impetus for President Barack Obama's, My Brother's Keeper initiative. Dr. Connor is a recipient of The President...


Men's Wellness, Codependency, & Inclusion in Mental Wellness w/ Nick Bognar, MFT

I had the absolute pleasure to sit with Mr. Nick Bognar, MFT. Nick is an all around wonderful spirit that truly works towards the wellness of others. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist focusing on CODEPENDENCY and MEN'S WELLNESS out of Pasadena, California. He also has a great PODCAST called More Exemplary, were he sits with his guests trying to find ways to live better lives! We had a great conversation about his work and how he is trying to find the balance with his own...


Ready To Love w/ Kristopher "KG Smooth" Green

Listen!!! I had to invite Mr. Smooth & Sexy himself, Kris "KG Smooth" Green, back on the show to discuss all the new and exciting life changes he is experiencing right before our very eyes! Besides being the nightly voice over the radio waves for his show , "The Quiet Storm on Majic 102.1 FM , he is now blessings our eyes with his "chocolate" goodness... his comatose inducing sexiness...on the HIT reality television show "Ready to Love" on the OWN network! Please enjoy as we discuss COVID,...


Surviving Grief & Trauma w/Sabrina Martin

#Grief #Trauma #Healing I had the pleasure to sit with a truly amazing woman, Sabrina Martin, about grief and trauma and how we survived it in life. We cry, laugh, and cry some more! Enjoy as we share our grief and the lessons learned from those we loved the most and have lost. Thank you Sabrina for your heart during this discussion. Disclaimer: Sabrina was rescued by the Port of Houston Fire Department Show correct: Sabrina was rescued Special Guest: Sabrina Martin Community...


Women Who Boss Up w/ DelucsLife Media CEO Tam Luc

I had the pleasure to sit with Tam Luc. Tam is the CEO of DelucsLife Media, is a #1 International bestselling author, and founder of Women with Vision International who shares the triumphs, stress, and struggles of balancing her life to help women grow their business. After 20 years as a business entrepreneur, she helps women leverage their message and create the lifestyle they want through her own unique book messaging strategies. We discussed her journey to being a BOSS, how she found her...


What Is Next For The Black Community? w/ Nikki Brooks, Damon Parrish II, & Brennen Dunn

My guests, and I, discuss the early voting processes, debates, the non voters, and the what is next for our community! Guests: Nikki Brooks Damon Parrish III Brennen Dunn Tune in while my special guests discuss the current election. We will dig deep into: PureJayde~ We care about your WELLNESS PureJayde provides CBD health and wellness products made from high-quality American grown hemp. Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREE DNH Hair Care For Multiple Hair...


S3 Ep. 39~ Black In American w/Ron Walker

I had the pleasure to sit with Mr. Ron Walker. Mr. Walker is a published author with over a dozen titles under his belt. He is a licensed and ordained minister that holds degrees in Biblical Studies, Theology, Psychology and a Master's in Leadership. He has been ministering a powerful message of faith, focus and determination for over 15 years. He is a husband, father and entrepreneur. During this episode we discussed his new book "Black In America" that is out NOW! We also discussed being...


S3 Ep.38~The Journey Is Yours To Embrace w/ Lydia Bowie

During this episode I sit with Lydia Bowie. Lydia is an educator with over ten years of experience. Driven by her love for learning and building relationships, she takes pride in providing the best experience possible. Lydia has embarked on a new journey of health and wellness crafted to fit what is best for her. She discusses her thoughts on almost going under the knife to loose weight and what changed her mind. During this journey she has become the Executive Administrative Assistant,...


S3 Ep. 37 ~ Choose To DO, INC. w/ Founder & CEO Dozie Oheri

Dozie Oheri is the Founder/CEO of Choose to DO, Inc. Choose to DO, Inc. Ms. Oheri created Choose to DO, Inc., where she has made it her job to empower our youth. We discussed her journey and how our experiences shape us personally. Please enjoy and support the mission! Website: #selfesteem #leadership #cause #change #youth #organization #wellness #development #breakthecycle #nonprofit Listen, Share, and Subscribe at: DNH Hair Care For...


S3 Episode 36 ~ What's Good Detroit w/Marquis Taylor

Welcome Marquis Taylor of the Detroit World Wide Podcast. We discussed how COVID-19, and the current racial unrest, has impacted his life. We took a look at his journey from education, mentor-ship, podcasting, journalism, and why it is hard for him to #SayHerName. Marquis is a driving positive voice in the podcasting field. His entire life work focuses on highlighting his home of Detroit and all the unheard voices of the strong black community! Enjoy! Listen to Detroit World Wide...


S3 Episode 35 ~ Women's Empowerment & Confidence Building w/Tandee Salter

#TandeeSalter #BlackBusinessWomen #WomensEmpowerment Tandee Salter is an empowerment speaker, coach, podcaster, and author that empowers, educates, and equips women with the tools to lead with confidence. She helps women connect to their true identity, build confidence, and be the leaders they were created to be. FB, IG, and Twitter: Tandee Salter Linkedin: #TandeeSalter #BlackBusinessWomen #WomensEmpowerment #Mentorship...


S3 Ep. 34 w/Fararh M. Green~ Fit, Fabulous, and CONFIDENT

I had the pleasure to sit with Farah M. Green CEO of Thick, Bold, and Healthy LLC. We discussed putting forth positive body images for women, and men, of all shapes and sizes. Healthy living comes in all shapes and sizes, and we must love the skin we are in to find balance. Farah M. Green CEO | Author | Podcast Host Body Activist + Certified Exercise Nutritionist Thick, Bold, and Healthy LLC 12 Steps to Your Body of Gold The Body of Gold...


Uncomfortable Conversation: Part 3~ Black Fatherhood & Protecting Black Women

Uncomfortable Conversations: Part 3~ Black Fatherhood & Protecting Black Women Presented by Shall We Proceed Podcast Today I sit with two black men and ask them about Black Fatherhood and how we can improve the misconceptions. We dig into where men have forgotten Black Women and protecting them. We will also dig into the new rise in Black Entrepreneurship support and how to keep the energy going. Frank Styles Curator/Host of The 336 Pull-up Podcast Voice Over Actor IG:...


S3 Ep 33 w/Tiffany Heard ~ Finding Your Voice to Live a Fully Confident Life

During this episode I had the pleasure to sit with Ms. Tiffany Heard. Tiffany is a travel expert and a mental wellness/ increasing your confidence advocate. Tiffany shared her journey to living he most confident life against so-called societal norms. Her entire platform is about World Travel, Confidence, and Living your best life! She has created course surrounded around gaining your confidence called "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Chin up, Chest Out, and Crown. She recognized that those...


Uncomfortable Conversations: Part 2 ~ Women of Color Speak

#RaceRelations During this session I gathered women I love and respect, I am proud to call many of them my sister-friends. We Women of Color are suffering and hurting as well during this time. We are losing our sons, brothers, husbands, and our daughters. We are not immune to this, we are on the front lines. Listen as we discuss our place in this fight. Please welcome: Janae Strickland-Nunn ~ Teacher, Mother, Wife, and Host/creator of Confessions From A Red Couch Podcast &...


Uncomfortable Conversations: Part 1 ~ Men of Color Speak

#RaceRelations is not a new conversation, but with recent events, the entire world is watching closely and listening with intent to understand. I take time to sit with men of color to get their feelings on the recent police killings of citizens, police brutality, and seeking justice and equality. We discuss what change needs to look like and our numbness to it all. Please welcome: Kareem Shon Carlos Prudhomme Jason Phillips Kylon Roosta Ratcliff Petey Williams IV (Tim) Anthony...


S3 Ep32 w/ Actor Erik McKay ~ Living In The Hot Zone Of COVID-19

During this episode I had a great casual conversation with SAG Actor, my friend, Mr. Erik McKay. Erik is a professional actor working and living in New York-a COVID hot zone. We discussed what life is like with the shut downs and social distancing. His career deals with interaction with others, and now that is not possible. Finding new ways to channel his craft in the mist of COVID. Also we touched on a few recent events happening in the world. Special Guest Erik McKay ~ SAG & AFTRA...


S3 Ep31 w/Kamesha Jordan of the The Melanated Veteran podcast ~ Our Veterans & COVID-19

For this episode I sit with a very special young woman near and dear to my heart, Kamesha Jordan. She is the creator, and host, of the much needed podcast called "The Melanated Veteran". She is a Navy vet that has taken her experiences and created a platform for the voices not heard in the veteran community. We sat down and discussed what life has been like for the veteran during this pandemic, and how we an ensure this community of people gets the resources they need during this time and...