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6 - Whoa Dude: Gross Body Parts, Cleaning, Shrink Rays, and Ideas

Dagny and Luke talk about whether some body parts are grosser than others (7:53), cleaning and roommates (26:26), shrink rays (40:11), where ideas come from and what we would look up if we could discover one mystery about the brain (50:49). Discuss this episode on the reddit Similar Differences on Twitter Support the podcast on Patreon Music by Antti Loude


5 - The Aziz Ansari Situation (#MeToo Revisited)

Dagny and Luke follow up on their previous conversation about the #MeToo movement. Then we talk about the Aziz Ansari situation including: A quick summary of the account, the internet’s take on it, Dagny’s response, and potential improvements and course corrections in the #MeToo movement (9:03). The importance of verbal and non-verbal cues and the expectations of men and women (28:34). Methods of influencing future behavior and how to participate in the #MeToo movement in a productive...


4 - Sports vs. Art

Dagny and Luke debate Sports vs. Art. We talk about our backgrounds and why we love sports and dancing (1:53). We discuss the merits of competition and whether it’s the driving force behind the motivations and success of great artists (24:59). We compare two fundamental parts of human nature—competition and curiosity— and debate their value to our culture. (44:56). Dagny makes the case for an Eastern mindset towards competition (1:02:34) and tries to educate Luke on types of art that...


3 - Social Media

We talk about Dagny’s sabbatical from social media and why we’re moving away from it (1:48). Then we try to come up with responsible ways of using social media considering the goals of social media companies (32:01). We discuss the algorithms that social media run on, the addictive power they have over us, their impact on children, and how it’s different than our childhood (50:13). We try to set rules for ourselves on how we’re going to use social media going forward (1:02:33). Then in...


2 - Year in Review (Part 2): #MeToo and Assault on Truth

In Part 2 of our Year in Review, Dagny and Luke look at some of the big stories of the year. We talk about the #MeToo movement: Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Monica Lewinsky, and Al Franken, and the court of public opinion (7:02). Then we talk about Trump, the Left, and the Assault on Truth, "objective" truths, SJW's, Bret Weinstein, and Nicholas Kristakis (50:37). Then we come up with the official Similar Differences Safe Word (1:18:50). Discuss this episode on the reddit Similar...


1 - Year in Review (Part 1)

Luke and Dagny do a Year in Review. Dagny sets the record straight on her opinion of the Midwest (1:59). Dagny and Luke reveal their Themes of 2017 (4:01). We talk about our Themes of 2018 (29:32). Then we have our first Working On It segment in which we talk about starting a podcast with your roommate and best friend (38:46). Dagny talks about her current personal project (55:26). Then, in our first InterNet It For Me segment, we talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)...


0 - Self Love

In our pilot episode, we discuss what this podcast is going to be, including the goals of the pod, the reasons we want to do a podcast, what we like about some of our favorite podcasts, and stand-up comedy. Then, we cover the main topic of the day, self-love (48:40). And finally, we talk about why you should listen to this podcast! (1:35:19). Links: Discuss this episode on the reddit The Tim Ferriss Show Jocko Podcast The Joe Rogan Experience Lore Podcast Angela Duckworth’s TED...


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