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Ep33 - The One Before GP Kyoto

In this Ep, Cris is away this week, So Jay and Johnny sit down and discuss their GP Kyoto prep and Johnny wants Jay to change decks. Then the guys talk about knowing the format well enough to play with foreign languages. They also talk about cards theyll pickup in Japan. Later, Jay and Johnny talk about the long plane ride and having to sit next to Cris.


Critiques De Cinema - The Oscars 2018 Predictions

'Critiques De Cinema' is a film review podcast, in which our three hosts Jay, Cris, and Johnny usually discuss a film they've recently seen. In this episode, the guys make their Oscars 2018 Predictions. *This episode is about Oscars 2018(No Magic Content)*


Ep31 - The One Where Modern Maketh Man

In this episode, Jay(ce), Cris and Johnny share their Modern experiences, what they played, where the format is heading. Then, some FTV Dryad Arbor discussion. After, the guys go over wizards latest product, Challenger Decks. Later, some Great Designer Search banter.


Ep30 - The One After Jace Gets Unbanned

In this weeks episode, Jay, Cris, and Johnny discuss the Hot topic, Jace and Bloodbraid Elf being Unbanned in Modern. After, Cris puts forward an Idea for modern to have a rotaion. Then, the guys play the classic game of guess the card. Lastly, finish on some punishing movie chat.


Ep29 - The One Before Jace Gets Unbanned

In this weeks episode, Jay, Johnny, Dion, and Cris discuss the recent Modern Protour and the decks that did well. Also, Masters 25 Box art, Who's the mystery card. Then, Cris drones on about elves and Pauper again. Also, an Mtg Arena economy breakdown. Later, the guys discuss A Jace Unbanning.


Ep28 - The One Where We Come In Hot

Dions shares his Dino Brew Progress, and talks about his first Pauper tournament. Johnny, created a modern brew and he wants to share. Cris, brings up Magic 25, and he's not a fan, the guys discuss what might be reprinted. Then, the guys discuss how Standard is shaping up. Later, No Banlist modern might become a thing, and the guys share their opinions. *Warning - Strong Language*


Ep27 - The One With Lizards Of The Coast

In this weeks episode, Johnny, Cris, and Dion discuss the recent standard bannings and where standard is heading, short term/long term. Dion shares his Dino Brew, which Johnny and Cris pick apart. After recent events we have some more Blood Sun banter. Then Johnny has a conspiracy theory about WotC. #LizardsOfTheCoast


Ep27 - The One When Its Time To Ascend

On this weeks episode, the guys talk about the last days of cube. Then go over the Rivals Of Ixalan pre release. Johnny and Dion play Guess the Price with the new Rivals cards. After, A bit of banter about the Ascend mechanic. Then Johnny and Dion argue whether Pauper is Gas or Jank.


Ep25 - The One With Blood Suns and Judges

In this weeks episode, Cris, Jay, and Johnny talk modern, and the new decks that are rising up. Then, shift to some Pauper chat, is it gonna be a real format or go the frontier route? Lastly, the guys talk Blood Sun, and pick some of the top cards comming out of Rivals.


Ep24 - The One With A New Years Wish

Its been a long year and alot has happened, ups and downs, and we sit down and chat about it. Standard, Modern, & Legacy all get covered as we review the bans, unbans, and format defining cards. We also chat about notable results, and punts that were made last year. Also, chat about our favorite judge calls of the year. And we also talk about what to look forward to this year. #FreeJace And, as per usual some punishing movie chat at the end.


Critiques De Cinema - The Last Jedi

'Critiques De Cinema' is a film review podcast, in which our three hosts Jay, Cris, and Johnny discuss a film they've recently seen. The guys wen't to see Star Wars last night, and wanted to talk about it so badly, they made a seperate podcast. This is A Review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (No Magic Content)


Ep23 - The One A Night Before Christmas

In this Episode, The have a chat about Pauper and the other GP Changes. Then talk about Anceint Stirings and whether it should be banned in modern. Also, a bit of Teamwork banter, staying positive and not going on tilt. And lastly, the guys each pitch their MTG movie idea.


The One With Teamwork

In this weeks Slightly Played, we talk about the Unstable pre - release, Rivals spoilers. Then we go into the recent Facebook controvercy. The guys plan their Japan GP trip, and talk about team events. We then chat about lack of Merch from wizards. And lastly, some punishing movie chat, Star Wars does come up, and how exceited the guys are to watch it.


The One Where Johnny Has A Dream

Shorter episode this week, the guys talk about the state of modern, what decks are doing well, how to attack the format. Then they go over some disqualifications that have happened in recent tournaments. Finally, Johnny has a dream, which leads into star wars chat.


Ep20 - The One With A Lotus Petal In Modern

On this weeks episode, The guys talk legacy. Then, Johnny gives his Top 5 of why Standard sucks. Also, Rivals spoilers and PreRelease Chat. With Iconic Masters being release and prices changing, the guys play guess the price. Later, Cris witnessed a Lotus Petal being played in modern, so that begged the question, what legacy cards could you sneak into a modern event. Then, Johnny and Jay talk about how they played each other and talk about the mind games involved.


Ep19 - The One With Top Tournament Tips

In This Weeks Episode: Jay talks about his recent modern PPTQ, Johnny claims he has solved standard, Cris talks Legacy. Then, a Quick chat about Unhinged and what mechanics could be used in real sets. We have a Insider source, and tell you the future of MTGO. Then, we share some top tips that you wont hear anywhere else. Also, we share out Iconic Masters Flip n Rip stories. And lastly, punishing movie chat, we watched Justice League.


Ep18 - The One With The Disqualifications

In this Episode, the guys wrap the pro tour and the DQs that came from it. Then, Cris and Johnny settle thier bet on the Pro Tour. Johnny and Jay plan what to play for a modern PPTQ. The guys plan what to do with the Iconic Masters box they are buying, Cris wants to Flip n Rip. Then they go over FTV Transformations. Finishing the cast with punishing movie chat, the film dujour is Murder on the Orient Express.


Ep17 - The One From The Vault

In this Episode, Jay, Johnny, and Cris talk about FTV Transformations for about a minute. Jay talks about his MTGO adventures. Cris and Johnny put some cards on the line and make a bet on Pro Tour. We find out who's the Spike, the Timmy and the Johnny of the cast. Then as per usual, as per always, a bit of Movie and Tv banter to wrap the cast.


Ep16 - The One With Travel Plans

Cris, Johnny, and Jay are back this week to discuss next years GP schedule that was released, and what GPs they can make it to. Then, A bit of Standard and Modern banter before Vintage restricted list chat. Cris brings some interesting judge calls he had through the week, and Johnny wants some infinite life vs infinite damage clarification. And lastly some punishing movie banter, this week the film du jour is Thor.


Ep15 - The One With No Games

We're Back, Cris and Johnny are joined by new host Jay, in a streamlined cast. We talk about the week in magic, discuss the lack of bannings and Deathrite Shaman. Then have a little chat recent Modern results, How big our collections are getting and putting your cards through the wash. Instead of games, we wrap the show with some punishing movie chat, Cris and Johnny give some recommendations.


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