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Narrowcasting since 2004 : unscripted, uncensored & unhinged. Join Maf & Lee for around 60 minutes of mayhem as they chat about anything and everything. No topic is taboo and no joke is too bad.

Narrowcasting since 2004 : unscripted, uncensored & unhinged. Join Maf & Lee for around 60 minutes of mayhem as they chat about anything and everything. No topic is taboo and no joke is too bad.


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Narrowcasting since 2004 : unscripted, uncensored & unhinged. Join Maf & Lee for around 60 minutes of mayhem as they chat about anything and everything. No topic is taboo and no joke is too bad.






The One With Argos Catalogues

November 6th - Show 779 The Chat Mischief Night The Argos Book Of Dreams Upcoming London Visit More Argos Book Of Dreams TV & Movies The Perfection Framing John DeLorean Geralds Game Watchmen TV Show Doctor Sleep Terminator Dark Fate Dolemite Is [...]


The One With Easy Halloween

October 30th - Show 778 In This Show Its the Halloween Special as we bring you 19 tracks that you've probably never heard before. Although most of this Hodgepodge can be dated to somewhere between 1955 and 1965 there are some newer bits and pieces in it too. [...]


The One With A Laser-etched Biscuit

October 23rd - Show 777 The Chat Lees Halloween excitement is lacking Thorpe Park is the place to go for Halloween 'Pig Eye' Jackson & 'American' karaoke Retro Snacks from the 70's & 80's The Laser-etched Biscuit TV & Movies Joker Snackmasters [...]


The One With A Treasure Hunt

October 16th - Show 776 The Chat Last shows promised 'Peaky Blinders Experience' was cancelled...Instead Lee did a Liverpool Treasure Hunt I give you an awkward Disneyland Paris tale. Then we discuss Website issues & Whiskey Tabs Japanese stalker finds subjects house by reflection in eyeball Audio and [...]


The One With Soul Originals

October 9th - Show 775 In This Show: We've got 17 songs for you that are all the original versions for songs you know better by Soul artists, like Gladys Knight & The Pips, Ray Charles, Percy Sledge and Wilson Pickett amongst others...we even go as far back [...]


The One With Needles

October 2nd - Show 774 The Chat Instant Pod Coffee Machines A Friends Speed Quiz Doctors & Needles Misprinting posters A Peaky Blinders Tour (of Liverpool) TV & Movies Halloween Cake Off / Baking shows Room 104 Stupid Man, Smart Phone Creepshow [...]


The One With A Racist iPad

September 25th - Show 773 The Chat Vaping - Bad, Good, Meh? Amy The Retro Arcade Fair The Racist Ipad TV & Movies Rambo: Last Blood Yesterday NOS4A2 Temple Snug Stats Music This Show [...]


The One With 1666

September 18th - Show 772 The Chat Driving Lessons Nowadays Sleep Deprivation New Gym Timetables Trader Vics, The Postal Museum, London Underground The Great Fire of London TV & Movies IT Chapter 2 Childs Play Dark Crystal Pennyworth [...]


The One With Tech Issues

September 4th - Show 770 The Chat We should've known this was going to happen....Zencastr was playing silly buggers before I even pressed record so...we have a show of 2 parts...10-15 minutes of 'normal' show (specifically the 'Dave Vs the tick' story) then it goes tits up and [...]


The One With Friction Burns

August 28th - Show 769 The Chat Lees Bank Holiday Friction Burning Shennanigans Crabs in Conway My Disneyland Paris (in August) How I rate the Eurostar / The Return The Official Mugzy Facebook Page TV & Movies Brassic Seconds From Disaster [...]


The One With Some Bad Guys

August 21st - Show 768 In This Show Inspired by Billie Eilishs Bad Guy (and the fact I'm away this weekend and don't have time to edit a real show) we're having a 'Bad Guy' Hodgepodge. That's 17 songs with 'Bad Guy' in the title, starting and ending [...]


The One With Lumafusion

August 14th - Show 767 The Chat Lee spends his imaginary lottery win I'm excited about Lumafusion My Record Player & Lees tin opener TV & Movies The Boys Fighting With My Family Heroes GLOW season 3 Orange Is The New Black [...]


The One With Korean Cheese

August 7th - Show 766 The Chat The Harry Potter SpeedQuiz Debacle The High Street Of Holywell The Crazy Jen Karaoke Conundrum The Pizza Express Sloppy Giuseppe Fiasco The Korean Cheese Surprise TV & Movies 24 Hours in Police Custody [...]


The One With Vape Juice

July 31st - Show 765 The Chat Barry Lewis Youtube Barry Lewis Homepage Vape Juice ingredients File Organisation TV & Movies Jonathan Creek Fleabag - a less cheery Miranda Carnivorous - With Courtney Rada Slasher - season 2 [...]


The One With FaceApp

July 24th - Show 764 The Chat FaceApp Shenanigans Superman IV Redux Behind The Scenes Lees Birthday week TV & Movies Years And Years Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency 3 Snug Stats Music This [...]


The One With Illustrator

July 17th - Show 763 The Chat Lee Learns Illustrator My Prime Day Lee's VR Experience A Teenagers Phone Bill TV & Movies Jessica Jones Whisky Cavalier Camp Daze Barry Snug Stats Music This [...]


The One With An Oculus

July 10th - Show 762 The Chat Oculus Quest has arrived: Angry Birds keep talking and nobody explodes 360 jigsaw Beat Saber Going to Secondary School On This Day In History TV & Movies Spider-Mans European Vacation Savage Builds [...]


The One With Laser Rust

July 3rd - Show 761 The Chat Lees New Embroidery Site Hottest day and Sail shades shenanigans Lees Weed Burner The Ipad Pro has arrived Ali Spagnola - Bohemian Rhapsody by Billie Eilish Journeys End: Time Warp Trailers My Mechanics (restorations) Laser Rust Removal [...]


The One With Embroidery

June 26th - Show 760 The Chat Rat Update Speed Quizzing I did kickstarter the Lumi Peaky Blinders the VR game Lees pub crawl Embroidery Website Boris? Buffoon? yes or no? TV & Movies Handmaids Tale - S3 New Movies on Plex [...]


The One With Boogie Woogie

June 19th - Show 759 The Chat Rat Update New Kickstarters: Spryng Lumi Youtubes: Brendan Kavanagh (see video below) Ali Spagnola (see video below) TV & Movies New Amsterdam Slasher Snug Stats [...]