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9. Jandamarra Cadd, Aboriginal Artist – “Beyond the Dots”

Renown Aboriginal artist, Jandamarra Cadd, shares the ancestral inspiration behind his incredible paintings, and invites us to look beyond the dots into the depth of the space between and the essence of reality. Jandamarra’s unique style of combining traditional Aboriginal dot painting with more contemporary portraiture creates a much-needed link between ancient knowledge and mainstream modern society. See SHOW NOTES PAGE for links to Jandamarra's website. SUBSCRIBE to Songlines of...


8. Aunty Lauraine Barlow – “It’s all about Country”

Two little boys dancing for the first time on country at Buddabadoo in Far North Queensland are joined by the spirits of their ancestral 'Popeyes' (grandfathers). Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Lauraine Barlow shares this beautiful mystical experience with us. Aunty explains that ’Country’ is "the land, the animals, the place, the water, the sea, the people – it’s all that in one; and it’s knowing that you fit in there". Aunty Lauraine also shares how she was called to go on a healing journey...


7. Aunty Lauraine Barlow - "Hearing Country"

Ever felt a strong urge to ‘go bush’, hit the surf, climb a mountain, or just sit by a river? Respected Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Lauraine Barlow, explains how she can hear Country call and welcome her, and that Country can also tell one when it’s time to go away again to carry on life’s purpose. Aunty Lauraine also tells us how ‘half-blood’ children were taken from their families and forced to live in the segregated dormitory system at Yarrabah Anglican mission, and how copious files were...


6. Dr John Bradley - "Singing Saltwater Country"

Over 35 years ago, Dr John Bradley took up a teaching position at Borroloola in the Northern Territory, at a time when Yanyuwa children were flogged for speaking their own language at school. Defying policy, John encouraged his pupils to speak in their native tongue and he, in turn, gradually learned the Yanyuwa language from the Elders. Don’t keep history a mystery - come with us and explore some of the real history of Australia as John talks about the commentary around songs and...


5. Garminungeena, Jenny Thompson - Part 4 - "Weaving in a New Dreaming"

How is it that oral cultures, that didn't rely on writing, could memorise and accurately hand down vast amounts of information and knowledge for millennia? Garminungeena, Jenny Thompson, talks about the importance and sacredness of song in Aboriginal culture; and demonstrates how deep emotions expressed through mournful wailing and singing, and the practice of deep listening to others and to Nature, can help in healing personal and planetary pain. Garmi concludes the final part of her...


4. Garminungeena, Jenny Thompson – Part 3 – “Get on to your Dreaming Track”

In this part 3 (of 4) of Garminungeena, Jenny Thompson’s chat with me, Garmi recounts the traditional Dreaming story of Nungeena, and discusses how healing groundwaters underlie some song- and ley lines. We also discuss the connection to land, and how the individual energy or spirit of a place can be felt even if you’ve never been there before.


3. Garminungeena, Jenny Thompson – Part 2 – Women’s Business, Family and Seven Sisters

In this part 2 (of 4), Garminungeena, Jenny Thompson, tells us about the land acquisition for the Nungeena Aboriginal Corporation, and talks about the importance of women’s business and family. Garmi also recounts the Dreaming story of three of the sacred mountains now known as the Glass House Mountains, and talks about the Seven Sisters songline.


2. Garminungeena, Jenny Thompson – Part 1 – “It’s Time”

Respected Aboriginal Elder, Garminuneenga, Jenny Thompson, descends from the Wakka Wakka people belonging to the Kabi Kabi language group in Queensland. Garminungeena, an ordained Anglican Deacon and accomplished academic, is a spiritual healer and medical intuitive, using these methods in her counselling practice working with grief and loss, anger management, mental health, emotional release and play therapy. For over 20 years, Garminungeena has conducted workshops and seminars in...


1. Inspiring conversation about Aboriginal songlines with author of The Memory Code, Dr Lynne Kelly

In this incredible first episode, Dr Lynne Kelly discusses how oral (non-literate) societies used songs, stories and other memory aids to pass down vast amounts of knowledge and information necessary for the survival of their culture over many millennia. Topics include: Follow Lynne's work at: