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Ever wonder whether your favorite character would be a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Do you already have some very intense opinions on that topic? So do we! Tune in biweekly to join two best friends on a journey into every fandom imaginable to find out where we think (read: know) your favs belong, and learn a little more about them along the way.

Ever wonder whether your favorite character would be a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Do you already have some very intense opinions on that topic? So do we! Tune in biweekly to join two best friends on a journey into every fandom imaginable to find out where we think (read: know) your favs belong, and learn a little more about them along the way.


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Ever wonder whether your favorite character would be a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Do you already have some very intense opinions on that topic? So do we! Tune in biweekly to join two best friends on a journey into every fandom imaginable to find out where we think (read: know) your favs belong, and learn a little more about them along the way.






53. Sort of Marvel: T'Challa, Shuri, Okoye, Nakia and M'Baku

Wakanda forever. In honor of Wakanda Forever releasing last week, we've recorded a very special episode of our Sort of Marvel series. This movie was a memorial to Chadwick Boseman, and both Lauren and Rachel were moved by the stark depictions of grief and loss. Every character in the Black Panther franchise is so rich and deep in personality that we had a hard time sticking with only three to sort, so we sorted five (with some extras kind of thrown in there). This week, we talk about...


52. Sort of Nancy Drew: Nancy, Ace, George and Nick

It may be Election Day here in the U.S., but it's also Nancy Drew day! Lauren and Rachel have loved Nancy Drew since Secrets Could Kill (that's an inside joke folks, look it up) so they were over the moon when the CW decided to take this plucky sleuth and put her on screen. And they were even more overjoyed when they managed to do her RIGHT. This week we sort Nancy, Ace, George and Nick (Ned) and get them all into the right houses. Now this may not be the Nancy Drew you remember (there's...


51. Sort of American Horror Story: Dandy, Tristan and Harry

Happy Halloween! It's Finn Wittrock season here on Sort of Brilliant. As the self-declare expert on all things Finn, Erin from It's a Fandom Thing Pod has joined us this week to sort three of his character from American Horror Story. We look at Dandy Mott (Freak Show), Tristan Duffy (Hotel) and Harry Gardner (Double Feature). Fair warning that this is a shit sorting episode and that Lauren watched exactly 50 minutes total of this entire show. Erin is a new guest, and it is her first time...


50. Sort of The Addams Family: Morticia, Gomez and Wednesday

They’re creepy and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky. The Addams Family. DUH DUH DUH DUH. This episode we sort Morticia, Gomez and Wednesday, the only people in this show (movie?) with any personality worth analyzing. Lauren broke Rachel’s entire worldview this week by revealing The Addams Family was not a normal and accepted part of her childhood, and polling shoes this is not abnormal! Extremely sorry to all you Halloween children, but excited for you that you...


49. Sort of Episode 50

Y'all. Can you believe it. We've been sorting characters into Hogwarts houses for FIFTY EPISODES. You've been listening to us for 50 whole episodes! More than 50 hours! Have you listened to every single one? If you have, let us know, you win a cookie. This episode we do not sort any new characters, instead we look back on our last 49 episodes and talk about the characters we've already sorted and the friends who helped us sort them along the way. At least we tried to. We went of on many many...


48. Sort of New Girl: Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Cece and Coach

Hey sorters, whatcha doing? Hey sorters, which house ya going to? We're glad you're here so we can tell you. Finally, the long awaited New Girl episode is here, where we sort the most amount of people we've ever sorted in one episode. And we actually succeed in under 2 hours, can you believe it. Tune in to this wonderfully compact and reasonably lengthed episode where we sort Jessica Day, Nick Miller (from the streets of Chicago), (Winston) Schmidt, Winston Bishop (aka Winnie the Bish), Cece...


47. Sort of Doctor Who: Amy, Rory and River

It's our first threepeat! We're back in the world of Doctor Who to talk about 11's companions (and River, who was never a companion). Just like 10 has a favorite house, so it seems does 11. This era of Doctor Who is chock full of wibbly wobbly timey wimey, with River being a Pond kid and moving backwards while the Doctor and her parents more sure does make for some unique sorting. Are we here mostly for the women? Absolutely. Do we have thoughts about Rory? He's ok we guess....


46. Sort of The Boys: Butcher, Homelander and Soldier Boy

Vought tried to keep this information hidden, but we here at Sort of Brilliant knew no one would be able to rest until you knew what house all of these crazy Supes (and the man trying to kill them all) are in. Sure, now we're on Homelander's hit list for reading him for filth, and sure, maybe Butcher calls us a couple of cunts (non-affectionate) but at least Soldier Boy still loves us! What? Oh...he's back in the cryo-tank? Well, this is awkward. Ah. Anyway. We're back at it for Rachel's...


45. Sort of Star Wars: Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padmè

We go straight up uncivilized in this week's episode of Sort of Brilliant. Originally reluctant to dive back into the Star Wars universe, Rachel was convinced when she was repossessed with the soul of a shitlord memer. That's right - we're talking about the prequels. We sort Anakin (Darth Vader), Padme, and Obi-Wan Kenobi (or Ben for short. Because that makes sense). We had a lot of fun with this episode, please ignore the anti-Jedi propaganda and the Anakin and Kenobi apologist energy - we...


44. Sort of Marvel: Jane, Valkyrie and Hela

It's 2AM on the day this podcast releases and I'm only now remembering to upload it. I think this slapstick type comedy matches the ~vibe~ of the episode, you know. Because I am too stunned by how beautiful these women are to remember my own name. This week, in honor of the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, we are sorting the women of Thor. That's right, this week is all about Jane, Valkyrie and Hela and they are better than ALL OF US. That's not an argument. They're also all different...


43. Sort of Amazing Spider-Man: Peter, Gwen and Harry

We did it. We reached the end. It's the last live action Spider-Man we'll ever sort. At least until they replace Tom Holland. For Hannah's birthday this year we sort the BEST Spider-Man (Rachel doesn't write these descriptions so her opinion means nothing) - The Amazing Spider-Man! For those of you not in the know, that's Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man. He is the best example of his house, they in fact do live among you like regular human beings. Gwen is also a fabulous example. Harry not so...


42. Sort of Mythic Quest: Brad, Jo and David

We're back at Mythic Quest Headquarters with some more of the gang! Bless this show for giving us so many interesting people to sort. Even David, who by his very nature is not interesting, somehow manages to be interesting because of it. Unfortunately his light dims in the face of Brad and Jo in this episode, but we were surprised he held up as well as he did. All of the houses this week were VERY INTERESTING to talk and think about. Like wait until you heat about Jo and David. How. And you...


41. Sort of Gossip Girl: Blair, Serena, Chuck and Dan

You know you love us. Trolls and cyberbullies of the 2020s decade have nothing on Gossip Girl, who was really just around to terrorize a niche group of privileged white rich kids and the Brooklyn poors who plagued them. YOU CANNOT BEAT AN EARLY 2000S CW SHOW, SO DON'T EVEN TRY. Kristen Bell truly brings life to Dan Humphrey's psychotic tendencies, and we're all just along for the ride. You may think you know where all these kids along, but my sources tell me you probably don't. You may also...


40. Sort of Spider-Man: Peter, MJ and Harry

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can...including shoot webs from some unknown place in his body! They really gave Tobey's Spider-Man everything, where did those webs even come from? And as George asks, very reasonably, why don't they shoot out of his ass? Anyway, we're back, George (Rachel's husband and resident Ravenclaw) is our guest, and we're sorting Peter, MJ and Harry! Yes we have already sorted Peter Parker, that was Tom's Peter, this is a different Peter! Does that make...


39. Sort of Marvel: Dr. Strange, Christine and Wong

We've traveled the whole goddamn multiverse and Stephen Strange is the same Hogwarts House in every. Single. One. So is Christine, and, if our theory holds (it will hold, we're always right) Wong. Strange was right, there really is only one way! We get right to the heart of the mystic arts and the Sanctum to sort Dr. Strange, Christine and Wong and start connecting them to the larger Marvel verse. For real, once you know Strange's house, the way he's acted around the other Avengers is...


38. Sort of Our Flag Means Death: Stede, Blackbeard and Oluwande

MAN FOR SALE. GET YOUR HOT, FRESH MAN FOR SALE. COME AND BUY MY BOOTY. Ahoy mateys! It's Our Flag Means Death week! Like everyone else, we were taken totally off gaurd by this gay little pirate show and had to quick add it to our schedule because it's SO GOOD. Meg and Carla from Bed, Wed or Behead pod join us for the third damn time in a row to discuss the houses of Stede, Blackbeard and Oluwande. They're some weird ones! That whole ship is a really fun and interesting dynamic, actually....


37. Sort of Bridgerton: Anthony, Kate and Edwina

You are the object of all my desires and the bane of my existence. This episode is all about DUTIES. Secrete duties. Duties only one house could ever understand, a house that both Anthony and Kate belong to, because they are insane. Even more insane that they're dating. Just craziness the entire way around. And only Edwina could put up with them. Everyone else can't. Not even Daphne, at her very most Slytherin. The level of idiot she thinks Anthony is was the height of comedy. ANYWAY. Carla...


36. Sort of Eurovision: Lars, Sigrit and Alexander

THEY'RE BAAAAACK. Not the Eurovision folks, we've never done Eurovision before. We can only do it once, it's a Netflix movie. But we ARE with Meg and Carla again! The BeWBs are back and we're sorting Carla's favorite movie in the whole world ever! Rachel had never seen it before and doesn't even know what Eurovision is, and Lauren only saw it once when it first came out, so Carla was the leader of this episode. I didn't mention Meg. Meg hates Lars. And also Meg and Carla are the ones...


35. Sort of The Good Place: Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason

THIS is the Bad Place! Right here at SOB pod, we are the Bad Place. The worst place. It's all fire squids and non-stop conversation about Supernatural here. Except this week, where we talk about The Good Place instead. We are talking about The Good Place, our second ever Kristen Bell franchise, because it's Lauren's BIRTHDAY, and she has an infatuation with that tiny little blonde and this HOUSE THAT HER CHARACTERS ARE ALWAYS IN. So we sort Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason, all the Brainy...


34. Sort of 9-1-1: Lonestar: TK, Carlos and Owen

SOB is back to shitsort 9-1-1, but this time it's the Lonestar edition. We still don't know anything about this franchise! So Hailee and Illy have graciously returned to help us sort TK, Carlos and Owen. And guess what y'all, TK and Carlos are BOYFRIENDS. Sent our little Destiel shipping asses into a tizzy. This episode is very off the rails and half the time we're not sure what we're talking about, until we start fighting about Owen, and then the entire episode is fighting about Owen's...