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Episode 8 – Land of the Silver Birch: Pandemic as a form of Exile

Annahid Dashtgard narrates this intimate story of the pandemic as exile, and the land as a source of resilience and hope.


Episode 7 – Diversifying Organizations, Leading Inclusion: Tales from the Trenches

Organizations are the interface between society and the individual. In the midst of great societal upheaval around issues of race and equity, we’re taking you inside a couple of large organizations on both sides of the Canadian border to see what it takes to create inclusion from the inside-out, one individual, one team, one department at a time. Join us for this conversation with leading equity experts— Nicholas Davis, Director of Engagement and Inclusion, CBC (Canada), Tobie Mathew,...


Episode 6 – Challenging anti-Black Racism in Organizations

We’ve seen a lot about anti-black racism in policing and during this pandemic, but what about the everyday insidious ways anti-Black racism is perpetuated in our organizations and by many well-intentioned leaders? Join us for this frank conversation by two leading black educators and consultants on what anti-Black racism looks like and how to interrupt it.


Episode 5 – Storytelling as Resilience

Host Annahid Dashtgard reflects on the ability to make meaning in the face of hardship, a particularly necessary skill in this time of global pandemic. Reading an excerpt from her own life story — Breaking the Ocean, A Memoir of Race, Rebellion and Reconciliation – Dashtgard gives insight into the strength that always underlies the most difficult of situations, and offers prompts for listeners to find their own.


Episode 4 – For the Love of Unions

In a thriving democracy, unions are a necessary counterpoint to totalitarian power. Yet it seems that general literacy about the labour movement is on the decline— for eg. many of us would be hard pressed to name the current elected leader of our national labour congress while we can sing every word to the latest Gaga release! This episode is a love letter to unions: the why and the how, the good and the ugly, their challenges and their vision. With us is Dr. D’Arcy Martin, who has taught,...


Episode 3 – Super Kids: Tips for Teaching Empathy

We’re into fall again – that time of year where most of our young folks are in the first flush of a new school year. And even though schools today generally have a much better grip on preventing and dealing with bullying, harassment and other forms of exclusionary behaviour than a generation ago, we still have a lot further to go! How can we as parents and caregivers proactively teach our kids the opposite of these behaviours? Here are some tips on how to embed critical thinking, empathic...


Episode 2 – Healing America: The Psychological Case for Reparations

A visit to New Orleans: modern day tourist haven, historical slave port. Listen to this courageous convo with key American voices on how this past influences the present, and what debt remains in our collective hands. With Eddie Moore Jr, founder of the White Privilege Conference; John Cummings III, Owner of the Whitney Plantation (the only plantation documenting the history of slavery in America); and Bryan Nichols and Medria Connolly, Clinical Psychologist/Activist Scholars actively...


Episode 1 – The Heroes in Judy’s Head

Heroes in my Head is a heartwrenching and hopeful memoir about the resiliency required to facilitate wholeness, both in the world and in oneself. Overcoming childhood sexual abuse through discovery of multiple personalities, Judy describes how the heroes in her head allowed her to be a hero in the world. Judy’s book is a reminder that what we marginalize can sometimes be what saves us in the end.