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Being a person of color in the city- SMSL019

A wonderful group of women, from varying backgrounds, sit down with Jessica to discuss what it is like being a person of color in Los Angeles and how they plan to talk to their children about race in the US. Please join Raniyah Copeland, Maria Alex Cobian Alvarado, Shima Razavi Gacek, and Elizabeth Ito talk honestly about their worries regarding divisive speech that now litters the news and political rhetoric. The second part of this series will include Kyler's discussion with folks in...


What is America Thinking? Pre-election wrap up -SMSL018

Kyler and Jessica sit and discuss Trump's rallying cries, political ads, coverage, and late breaking news could affect the election. They will be back after all the results are in to rehash takeaways and surprises from the "most" important election of our time.


Tariffs Recap: The Trade War with China -SMSL017

Jessica and Kyler recap his interview with Jim Ehrlich and discuss the impending 200 billion dollar tariff Trump adds on Chinese goods. They wonder if there will be any winners when the war comes to a close. Kyler also throws in some new observations from his fellow farmers after a trip to Washington, DC. where he joined them to lobby for changes to the new Farm Bill.


Tariffs- What the Ag industry is saying. SMSL016

Kyler shares a thoughtful discussion with Jim Ehrlich, Executive Director, of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee about the new tariffs being imposed on our trade partners by the Trump administration. They speak at length about the purpose of tariffs and how the tricks of trade have rippling effects throughout the world. Mr. Ehrlich does a wonderful job of breaking down a topic that can be only described as confusing to the average American.


Mental Illness- Recap Discussion SMSL015

Jessica and Kyler welcome a special guest to recap their interviews regarding mental health. Their mother, Beth Brown, had a long career in the mental health field and offered a valued take on the topic. Beth helped establish a rehab facility in Saint Louis, MO for adults with severe mental illness named Independence Center. The conversation is a nice overview of an issue that doesn't get a lot of money or discussion although mental illness does touch most American families today.


Mental Illness- Country SMSL014

Kyler interviews Clay Hamilton, a local machinist, whose family owns a farm in southern Colorado. Clay's father, a farmer, took his own life after suffering from depression for many years. Unfortunately, statistics are showing that this is a common story in rural America. Kyler and Clay hit on a few reasons why suicide rates are highest amongst farmers than any other occupation.


Mental Illness- City SMSL013

Jessica starts off the series on Mental Illness with an interview with, Lauren Turner, a psychiatric social worker for the Department of Mental Health in Los Angeles County. The two discuss services available for youth suffering from severe mental health issues and what obstacles they encounter coming out of a system that provides more assistance for kids than young adults. They also speak on how an urban environment can directly affect one's mental health. The interview was conducted on...


So you live in the city-SMSL012

The interviewer becomes the interviewee. Kyler askes Jessica what life is like in a big metropolitan area, especially one as spread out as Los Angeles. They discuss a variety of topics; from raising kids to safety and diversity. Jessica follows up with Kyler about a couple of things regarding technology and WiFi. Next month, we'll be back talking about a current topic.


So you live in the country-SMSL011

Jessica and Kyler turn on each other... well to interview. This month we try something different. Kyler's busy schedule has opened an opportunity for the siblings to interview each other about their respective lifestyles. In part one, Jessica asks Kyler what is like to live in the country? Where do you buy clothes? How do your kids trick-r-treat? What are the benefits and challenges of living in a small community? Next time the tables will turn and Jessica will speak on living in a large...


Gun rights Pt 3- SMSL010

Kyler and Jessica are back to wrap up what they've learned from their conversations on gun rights and gun control. They seem to agree that the problem is of course once again bigger than the weapons themselves. The Parkland, Florida students have successfully made the issue something our representatives must answer to. So now the questions is - what happens next? Will we see this issue taken up by those running in November?


Gun rights (and schools) Pt 2- SMSL009

Saturday, March 24th is the March for our Lives. We have been overwhelmed and impressed by the students of Parkland who refuse accept complacency rather than action in the fight for gun control measures. For part two in our Gun Rights series, we sat down with educators Tom Tichy, Milcah Hawk and Steve Lange, to hear their thoughts on mass school shootings, teachers with guns and efforts to keep their students and themselves safe. Everyone agreed the most important thing we can do is vote.


Gun rights Pt 1- SMSL008

As promised we started talking to folks in our area about guns. Do they have guns in their home? Do they feel safe on the street in their towns? Do they trust that law enforcement can protect them and their property? We've once again split this topic into parts. Our first episode explores two perspectives we may be more familiar with, the rural hunter and someone who experienced an act of random violence in the big city. Both John and Chris give heartfelt and thorough explanations as to...


Where do you get your NEWS?- SMSL007

Jessica and Kyler ask a small group of people about where they get their news. Our hosts assumed that your age might determine where you find out about current events. So they decided to ask the same questions to three age groups: those in their 20's, 30-40's, and 50 and above. Take a listen to see how Twitter, fake news, and a free press all shape the group's thinking of the media.


The #MeToo Movement Pt3- SMSL006

Part 3, of our #MeToo series, is a discussion between our hosts about what they have gathered from talking to women about the movement. Kyler states that his interview gave him an understanding of the issue that he could never have understood before. They agree that their conversations instilled that this problem is a cultural reckoning that has seeped into greater issues of power, morality and gender roles. Listen in as they break down what their guests agreed upon and how they saw the...


The #MeToo Movement Pt2- SMSL005

Kyler interviews Wendi Seger, a local restaurateur and business consultant in the small town of Alamosa, Colorado. Wendi shares how personal experiences led her to join the many women exclaiming #metoo on facebook. The reaction she received on social media and in the local beauty shop surprised her a little. This moment of national discussion has made her want to grow the conversation in her community and hopefully that starts now by speaking on the pod.


The #MeToo Movement Pt 1- SMSL004

The siblings try to unpack the #metoo movement that has gripped the nation for the last four months. Each sat down with some local women to listen to what they thought about the moment and how the energy behind it has informed their thoughts on sexual harassment. In Part 1, Jessica asks her book club, which is comprised of four professional women from a variety of fields (tech, sales and education), to share their experiences with harassment and if the movement has struck a cord. Please...



After their pilot podcast, Jessica and Kyler are back to debate what ended up being in the 2017 Tax Bill. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was actually finalized in conference, passed through Congress, and signed by the President. The siblings talk about what surprises were put in and left out. The two also tease their next episode topic and what ticklish feelings it cause cause.


Taxes and Death- SMSL002

For their pilot podcast Jessica and Kyler seek to find out what people think about the tax bill the Republicans are pushing through Congress. The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that taxes are super confusing and no one really knows what is in the bill. Jessica speaks with Kara Krasnoff, a California tax preparer, on the proposed changes to the tax code. Kara describes these changes as drastic. Then Kyler sits down with Grant Mattive, whose family operates a potato packing...


Introduction- SMSL001

A brother and sister find themselves living in two different bubbles - one in rural conservative Colorado and the other in liberal urban Los Angeles. Join these two as they talk about current issues that pop up in the news with their local friends and neighbors. Together they try to find common ground among these groups who might have more in common than they think.