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Candid conversations with 3 sistas regarding all things cultural, spiritual, & socio-political. Join the conversation and get ready to speak on it, sis!

Candid conversations with 3 sistas regarding all things cultural, spiritual, & socio-political. Join the conversation and get ready to speak on it, sis!




Candid conversations with 3 sistas regarding all things cultural, spiritual, & socio-political. Join the conversation and get ready to speak on it, sis!




Sidenote Session: Calling a Timeout

In this sidenote session, we discuss the obligation to perform and whether we, as spectators, should have so much of a say in a performer's decision. We specifically look at Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka, and the backlash they received for withdrawing from major athletic events. They both cited mental health issues as the reason. Should we applaud them for prioritizing their mental health or is there more of an importance on sticking to your commitments? Have a listen and let us know your...


S3: E1 The Privilege of Being Pretty

We're back with our first episode of season 3! In this episode we're sharing our thoughts on Oh!Stephco 's viral video "I don't have pretty privilege. And that sucks", what pretty privilege means to us, if (ever) we've benefitted from it, and whether it's something we need to rethink as a society. Join us on first discussion of the season! Make sure to follow us on instagram @speakonitsispodcast and share your thoughts on this episode! Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and Spotify!


Sidenote Session: How Many Carats Sis?

In this sidenote session we're talking about a post we recently saw on social media. Homegirl said if your man cannot afford a 3 carat engagement ring or better (which apparently costs approx. $3500...girl where?!), he cannot afford your marriage or you as a wife. Is she speaking facts? Hear our thoughts in this latest sidenote! Don't forget to Like and Subscribe! Follow us on Instagram: @speakonitsispodcast


S2E7: #RelationshipGoals...Do you have them?

In this episode we're discussing the concept of #relationshipgoals. Do you have them...ahem Ciara and Russel Wilson anyone?! We take a look at celebrity couples and why they are termed "relationship goals", and also discuss what criteria is used to choose these couples. We also consider both the importance and potential harm in having "relationship goals". What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on Instagram @speakonitsispodcast. Like, Follow and Subscribe wherever you're listening...


Sidenote Session: Stimulus Checks: Dave Ramsey Said What?!

Popular financial guru, Dave Ramsey, was recently the face of social media criticism for comments he made about the much anticipated stimulus checks in America. Many said he was "poor-shaming" and attacking those less fortunate. Check out today's sidenote session to hear our thoughts! Do you agree or disagree with Dave? Follow us! Instagram: @speakonitsispodcast Like & Subscribe on: iTunes, Spotify, Pandora & more!


Sidenote Session: Creepin' on 30

Now that we can officially say we're creepin' on 30, we decided to have a quick sidenote about how we're feeling and what that milestone even means! Join our conversation on expectations vs reality in this latest sidenote. Can you relate? And if you've crossed the threshold already...what's all the hype about!? Let us know your thoughts! Instagram: @speakonitsispodcast Like & Subscribe on: iTunes, Spotify, Pandora & more!


S2E6: Girlfriends: There Through Thick and Thin?

My girlfriendssss! In this episode, we're showing love to the different friendships we've cultivated and how those dynamics have changed from childhood to adulthood. Do you have a person or group of friends you couldn't imagine life without? Are friendships in adulthood needed? We discuss it all and more! Let us know your thoughts @speakonitsispodcast on instagram. Don't forget to follow, subscribe and like!


Sidenote Session: Dark & Lovely, Not Dark & Average

We've been seeing a lot of social media posts regarding the black community's love for dark skinned black girls. We love to see it! But now we're not questioning whether we love dark skinned girls, we're questioning which ones and why. In this sidenote, we look at if we're perpetuating the same ideas of beauty that have been imposed on us from time. Like a social media post asks, "Do we love all dark skinned girls, or just the ones that look like Ryan Destiny?" Listen now and let us know...


S2E5: Colourism in Our Community: Have we Overcome?

In this episode we're discussing colourism in our community and how far we've come. Have we healed from its effects or are we still perpetuating the same harmful beliefs? We also look at how we can continue to do away with colourism and embrace our blackness in every shade. Have you ever experienced colourism? As mentioned in the beginning of the episode: All Blk Market is an online platform that showcases a variety of Black Owned businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives. They work closely...


Sidenote Session: First date - who pays!?

On this sidenote session, we discuss the question of who should be paying on a first date - is it lame to go halfsies? If we are all about equality between the sexes, does that mean we should be okay with the date demanding to only pay for his portion? Let's talk about it! Be sure to follow us on instagram @speakonitsispodcast


S2E4: Is Gucci Still Cancelled? Asking For A Friend...

In this episode we’re looking at cancel culture and the power it holds. Do you think it’s a good thing? We also discuss how cancel culture started. Have you ever cancelled someone or been cancelled yourself? Let us know sis! Follow us on: Instagram: @speakonitsispodcast Spotify iTunes Don’t miss a new episode when it drops!


Sidenote Session: Taboo or Not Taboo?

On today's sidenote session, we're taking a look at taboo topics we disagree with! We also discuss how they became taboo and why it's important to open up the conversation again. What do you think? Don't forget to follow us @speakonitsispodcast! Subscribe on iTunes & Spotify so you don't miss when a new episode drops!


S2E3: Positive Mind, Positive Life: Do You Believe in The Law of Attraction?

In this episode, we're talking all about the law of attraction and manifestation. Do you believe in manifesting the life you want through positive thinking? Or is it all just a bunch of hoopla that you pay no mind? We also consider how our faith may or may not align with manifestation and the law of attraction. Tune in now and let's get into it! Don’t forget to subscribe on Spotify and iTunes! Follow us @speakonitsispodcast to join the conversation!


Sidenote Session: "Cuties" The Movie

In this sidenote session, we're talking about the movie "Cuties" which received a lot of criticism for its content and the way Netflix promoted the film. Cuties is a French coming-of-age film meant to showcase today's internet culture and the hyper-sexualization of young girls. Do you think the message was lost due to excessive inappropriateness or is discomfort needed to bring awareness to this issue? Hear our thoughts in this session and let us know what you think as well! Don't forget to...


S2E2: Is Monogamy Going Out of Style?

In today’s episode, we’re discussing the trend we’ve noticed when it comes to conventional relationships — polygamy and polyamory are picking up steam! We take a look at whether monogamy is still realistic in today’s society and why we may or may not choose to step outside the box! Share your thoughts with us @speakonitsispodcast! Don’t forget to subscribe on Spotify and iTunes!


Sidenote Session: Christian Cooper & Black Forgiveness

In this mini-episode, we discuss the Central Park bird-watcher Christian Cooper's decision not to help the in prosecution of Amy Cooper. The incident shocked the world back in May and Amy Cooper is still dealing with the fallout of her racist actions. We are seeing a trend though; Black people seem to always be the ones doing the forgiveness in these situations. Let's talk about it, sis! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe on Spotify and iTunes Follow us on IG @speakonitsispodcast


S2E1: Oh Canada: Racism and Defunding the Police

In the premiere episode of season 2, we’re discussing the racial tensions that have been reignited following the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, George Floyd and countless others in America & Canada. One of the main calls to action has been to defund the police. Are you for it? We take a look at what defunding the police really means, whether it’s possible, and other ways change can be enacted. Don’t forget to subscribe on Spotify and iTunes! Follow us...


Episode 10: Are you mediocre, sis?

In this episode, we're looking at hustle culture and the pressure to glo' all the way up during covid-19. Are you mediocre, sis? Is it okay to be mediocre? We also take a look at why there is so much pressure to forgo contentment in order to make it to the top. Are you happy with where you're at in life right now and what are you basing this on? Let's dive in and chat! Follow us on instagram @speakonitsispodcast Don't forget to like and subscribe on both Spotify & iTunes!


Episode 9: Sis, Are We Adulting Right?

In this episode, we are talking all things adulting and the challenges we have---life doing a complete 360, family expectations, and braving through the challenges of staying in your own lane. In our sidenote session, we're taking a look at a post recently seen on the Shaderoom where a man wanted to know if his girlfriend was acting entitled for asking to move in with him after 6 months! Was he wrong to deny her request? Don't forget to follow us on instagram @speakonitsispodcast. We always...


Episode 8: Sis, how do you feel about intimacy?

In this episode we discuss the concept of intimacy and what it looks like with a partner, family, friends, yourself, and God. We also take a look at different ways of developing intimacy and why it's challenging for some relationships more than others. In our side note session, we take a look at "toxic positivity" related to covid-19 & Christianity. Join the conversation and follow us on Instagram: @speakonitsispodcast