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Fifty-eighth Episode - Japan Trip, Chicken Violence, Favorite Crimes, and Booing Encouragement

Reggie comes back with tales of his trip to the Playstation motherland and he brought SNACKS. Moving along, we discuss the return of the Popeyes sandwich, local increases in hate crime, changes in the neighborhood, and why it should be okay to boo people in everyday life.


Fifty-seventh Episode - Sexual Fluidity, The Word, Hong Kong, and Scary Stories

We're giving you food recipes, fellatio encouragement, political takes, and movie opinions this time. Last but not least, gather around, throw out the candy corn, and join us for this year's original scary stories!


Fifty-sixth Episode - Dos Amigos, Tekashi Snitch9, Funny Funds, and Space Madness

In this episode we mourn the loss of a local Chicago restaurant before wondering which direction Logan Square is headed in. Afterwards, we bring up net positives, the importance of properly handling funds when organizing events, and what could happen if you smash your mom's friends.


Fifty-fifth Episode - Viper Striking, Chappelle Wildin', NFL Tomfoolery, and Spider-Man Mooching

In this episode Delancey sets some boundaries for any shared virtual reality gaming experiences, then the guys discuss the newest Dave Chappelle special, Jay Z's NFL business deals, and what they think is going to happen to Sony, Spider-man, and the Marvel Universe. Intro/Outro: LET A NIGGA SMASH - https://soundcloud.com/bootymunch


Fifty-fourth Episode - Twitch Titties, LGBTQ History, Unpaid Athletes, and Popeyes Sandwich Review

We're back! After a brief hiatus we've met up to discuss Twitch porn punishments, the NCAA's gatekeeping tactics, pedo mystery murder, and we give our opinions on the new Popeyes sandwich. Intro/Outro: Folks Nem Grave - Monster Mike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpHePt0zfVw


Fifty-third Episode - Name Origins, Alien Antics, Wepa Gator, and Cocaine Cruises

We're back! In this episode, we discuss where our names come from before speaking on Area 51 raid reasons, Reggie's halfhearted skepticism of the paranormal, jibarito loving alligators and pondering how producers recruit participants for bukakke scenes. Swing by the site and check out the merch! We've got something planned for you guys, details coming soon.


Fifty-second Episode - Queer Rap, Bathwater, Ice Cream, and Bible Talk

We're back with another one! In this episode Reggie and Delancey discuss Lil Nas X's Carmex usage, the scooter infiltration in Chicago, some quick movie takes and their misguided interpretations of certain bible stories. Keep an eye on the website and the available merch because there will be new products added to the store soon!


Fifty-first Episode - Following O.J., When They See Us, Butt Spreadery, and Crunch Time

In this episode we're joined by our long time friend, day one advocate, and the creator of the @whatwasbreakfast Instagram account, Alan. We make it through a slew of technical difficulties all while discussing the Central Park Five, whether it's really O.J. behind that Twitter account, public butthole nudes, and then we give ASMR a go. Intro/Outro: Dickey Ride - Southern Playas


Fiftieth Episode - Momocon, Twitter Stories, Abortion Bans, and The Torture Game

Ahaha. In this new episode we take a little longer covering what we've been up to over the last two weeks. Reggie mostly speaking on venturing into photography and Delancey recounting his adventures in Atlanta at Momocon. Once that's done, the guys discuss representation in today's children's shows, Twitter stories going awry, abortion politics, and Delancey almost vomits again. Intro/Outro: Make Me Say It Again Girl - https://soundcloud.com/theisleybrothers


Forty-ninth Episode - Smegma, Coffee Cups, Lyrical Miracles, and #ReggiesAge

Ah shit, here we go again. We're coming back with our Avengers: Endgame review and how we feel about the way Game of Thrones is wrapping up thus far. We go on to issue you guys a challenge, discuss new music by Logic, using way too many napkins, when it's appropriate to use the term "POC", and how your actions have consequences. Intro/Outro: Take A Pic - https://soundcloud.com/anarkist-beatz


Forty-eighth Episode - Auntie Cakes, Notre Dame Flames, Us, and Succ and Sips

We're back with another one! We discuss Game of Thrones for a bit (from 11:12 to 16:40 if you don't want to risk it. Once that's done we finally give our Us review right before judging people for how they use their money and touching on racism in the gaming community.


Forty-seventh Episode - Nut Checks, Daniel Tweaking, Xblacks, and Robbery Advocation

We're back and this episode Delancey asks Reggie for advice on entering his 30's, Daniel Caesar choice of words are dissected, and we discuss when it's okay to rob someone. Intro/Outro: Dog It - Digable Planets


Forty-sixth Episode - Michael Jackson, Oscar Bait, Higher Scamming, and The Bleeding Call

In this episode Delancey and Reggie discuss the Michael Jackson documentary, the things they currently dislike about the gaming industry, other things they dislike in general, and Reggie shares his first EMT story. Swing by the site and check out the merch! Sleeveless hoodies cometh soon.


Forty-fifth Episode - Twitch Streaming, Gay Tupac, Grammy B, and Crunchy Moms

In this episode we discuss us both venturing into streaming, Jussie Smollett's situation, how we don't like Steve Harvey and why nobody should like Steve Harvey, and we give undercover inside information from a super exclusive Crunchy Mom Facebook account. Intro/Outro: Everybody Eats When They Come To My House - Cab Calloway https://soundcloud.com/cab-calloway-official/everybody-eats-when-they-4 Twitch Accounts https://www.twitch.tv/dullantsy https://www.twitch.tv/zootsuitzombae


Forty-fourth Episode - ICE, Tay Keith Neeson, Imbibing Juices, and Hated Harold's Locations

We're back with another one! In this episode we discuss ICE's tactics, Liam Neeson wildin', that Teanna Trump scene, and what we've been up to while it's been colder than polar bear coochie outside. Intro/Outro: Undisputed - https://soundcloud.com/anarkist-beatz


Forty-third Episode - That Cheesy Mac, Hunter x Hunter 'Fits, Discussing R. Kelly, and Wizard Shit

Here we go again. In this one we give a Bird Box review before going over new old shows we've recently started, then we speak on R. Kelly and how we all as a unit should start beating people's asses. Intro/Outro: 3Peat - https://soundcloud.com/anarkist-beatz


Forty-second Episode - Liz's Story, The Spider-Verse, R&B Kings, and The Psych Call

We have another guest on this one, and she tells us her story of how she became an entrepreneur. The real kind, not one of the ones that asks you to build a team of friends so they can build a team of friends so you can make money off teams of friends. Afterwards, Delancey and Reggie speak on the new Spider-Man movie, their top R&B negro picks, and Delancey tells his second EMT story. Intro/Outro: Oregon Spirit - Rolf Anton Krueger...


Forty-first Episode - Racketeering, Sentilenese Shots, The Hospice Call, and NFL Shenanigans

In this episode we speak on rackets, how sad of a person you'd have to be to call the IRS on someone, and Delancey tells his first EMT story.


Fortieth Episode - Red Dead, Finger Muffs, Dr. Bronner's, and Scary Stories

In this episode we speak on cowboy shit, bombs, finger muffing, and we hit you with this year's Halloween stories. ALSO, we're doing a giveaway. Share an episode and put the #SpitSessions tag in the caption for a chance to win an 8oz bottle of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile soap and have a minty gooch. Winners must be in the US and have an actual delivery address. Get those PO Boxes out of here. Episode edited by: Brian Tepps


Thirty-ninth Episode - Mac, Malaysian Symbiotes, Midler Maltreatment, and Michael Myers Bussin'

We're back with another one and we've got Kwazi with us! In this episode we do a lengthy Venom review (that ends at 33:29), Delancey shares a story that involves naked sword wielding, the Jason Van Dyke trial, and why you deserve all the bad things that happen to you if you drink La Croix. Intro/Outro: Dang! - Mac MIller feat. Anderson Paak https://soundcloud.com/larryfisherman/dang-feat-anderson-paak Edited by: Brian Tepps