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25: Episode IX, two movies?!

Welcome to the Star Wars stuff Podcast! A Podcast all about Star Wars! This week we discuss the possibility of Episode IX being split into two movies as well as what Kylo Ren's outcome might be. We also discuss whether or not the hype for Episode IX will be the same as VII. Talk of the live action Star Wars budget as well as our hopes for it. We also discuss some of the emails we have received and have a cool story about a crew member from A New Hope! We hope you enjoy this weeks episode,...


24: Ep 24 - Episode IX Has Begun Production

Welcome to the Star Wars Podcast where we talk about all things STAR WARS! This week Episode IX went into production. So of course, we have our theories of what we will think will happen in IX and how the events of VIII will affect IX. We hope you enjoy our childhood like talk about what we want in another Star Wars movies. We hope you enjoy our episode. And Please look us up on Instagram at Starwarsstuff_podcast We post daily and try to get all the latest news up! Thank you so much for...


23: Episode 9 Cast Announced!!!

Welcome to the Star Wars stuff Podcast where we talk about anything and everything Star Wars! This week we discuss some scenes that were planned but not filmed for Rogue One, crazy stuff! And.... THE CAST OF EPISODE 9 WAS ANNOUNCED! We discuss our thoughts on Carrie Fisher being brought back as well as what we think the movie will be about and of course, the titles of what we think it will be. We also give our Producer Colin Wever a call and he discusses a little bit about his secret Star...


22: #CLONE WARS SAVED!! Tribute to the amazing Jon Schnepp

Welcome to the Star Wars stuff Podcast, where we talk all things Star Wars! This week at SDCC huge huge things were announced from Star Wars. It will be awesome to see Clone Wars completed. Also in discussion: The new books. And will Ahsoka be in Episode 9?! We also remember the late Jon Schnepp who was a huge figure in the podcasting and comic book communities and was very influential and integral in David Lozano's life. You can honor Jon Schnepp's memory by contributing to help pay for...


21: Ep 21 - Star Wars: The Void and our thoughts on Lando Returning!

Welcome to The Star Wars stuff Podcast!! Where we talk about everything Star Wars! This week David discusses his time at Disney and the cool experiences he had there. Also in our discussion is our excitement of Galaxy's Edge, opening next year!! Breaking news! Lando will return! We discuss this awesome news as well as predict what we think will happen in episode 9. We really hope you enjoy this weeks podcast, and we will be releasing every Monday from now. Sorry we have been all over the...


20: Ep 20 - Full Rogue One Commentary!

Welcome to the Star Wars stuff Podcast!! This week we do our commentary for Rogue One and we hope you enjoy it. Just a heads up, we did get distracted by the awesome movie, but we hope you still enjoy it! Also! Starting this Monday, we will be releasing EVERY MONDAY from now on! For those who have listened to us since the beginning, we are sorry for moving the days around, but from now on Monday's will be our release dates. We hope you enjoy our Podcast. Please like, share, and subscribe...


19: Star Wars Legends/ The negativity of Star Wars "fans"

Welcome to the Star Wars stuff Podcast. Where we talk all things Star Wars! This week Joseph and James go into a few current events that have taken place this past week. Joseph lists his top 6 things that he would love to see move from Star Wars Legend, to the new Canon. And finally, Joseph and James discuss the backlash and hatred that has come against some past Star Wars actors as well as George Lucas himself. We just want to say we are a non-hate Star Wars Podcast. We love all things...


18: Ep 18 - Top Ten Awesome Moments in STAR WARS!! (at least according to James)

Welcome to the Star Wars stuff Podcast! Thanks to everyone around the world who has been listening! Means a lot to us. Please don't forget to like up this Podcast, subscribe and also leave a comment for us. Let us know how we're doing and what you would like for us to discuss! And please share with all Star Wars fans! This week Joseph and James discuss James' Controversial top ten moments in Star Wars. This is of course his own list, not a definitive list for everyone. Just a fun talk...


17: Ep 17 - Is Lucasfilm stopping Star Wars movies?! Also a Darth Vader movie pitch!

Hello! This week we have a lot to talk about! Reports came out this week that Lucasfilm has stopped development on all Star Wars Stories. Also, Kathleen Kennedy has announced that she wants established directors for future projects. We discuss our top pick for directors and which movies they should do. Also our hopes for Star Wars celebration 2019 (which we will be going to. Hope to see you there) Also: We have a Darth Vader pitch for a Star Wars story! It's not too bad and want everyone...


16: Huge Rumors about Episode 9 and also the live action Star Wars Show!!

Welcome to the Star Wars Stuff Podcast! Thank you for listening! This week David, James and Joseph discuss huge potential Spoilers for episode 9! When you hear the alarm be warned! We also have some more information about the Live action Star Wars show coming to the Disney Streaming service directed by Jon Favreau! Also in discussion this week: How well do the Star Wars prequel effects hold up? What kind of Director was George Lucas? Our thoughts on The Galaxy's Edge opening. And many...


15: What's up with Star Wars Fans???

We add Joseph to The Star Wars stuff Podcast!! Welcome! This week on the Star Wars stuff Podcast we discuss what is happening with the fans. And whether or not The Last Jedi had to do with Solo's underperformance. We discuss all the hate that is flying around the internet with fans and the backlash against Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm. Also in discussion: Star Wars Celebration Chicago!! The Force Awakens, was it a remake? The Last Jedi, is it a masterpiece? George Lucas, what did he have...


12: Ep 12 - Commentary for Return of the Jedi

Hello everyone! Solo comes out this week! In preparation of it we have gone through the original trilogy and given our commentary of them. This week we end our commentaries with Return of the Jedi! Also at the beginning of this episode are our predictions of Solo and what we think may happen, and who will show up. Special guest Jaime from the SoTex Cinephiles, and Joseph (an awesome fan and friend) We hope you enjoy this weeks episode, we throw in some cool little trivia as well as our...


11: Ep 11 - Commentary for The Empire Strikes Back

This week in preparation of Solo, we do a commentary for the entire movie of The Empire Strikes Back. Sorry for the clicking, we had made a mistake in the recording, but hopefully our voices our loud enough to cover it up. Special Thanks to Joe and Jaime from the SoTex Cinephiles (sister Podcast channel available everywhere) and also to Joseph for helping us with this weeks commentary. We hope you enjoy it, and hope you enjoy the little fun facts we throw in. Thank you for listening and...