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Woman Who Overcame Abuse One of Our Guests on Straight Talk Along With Verna

Joining us on Straight Talk was Felicia Lee-Sexton, a former dope dealer and dope fiend. That’s not to depress you or impress you, that’s just who I USED to be.” That’s how Felicia introduces herself to perspective clients walking into her women’s only gym. ‘When I start by telling my truth, I begin to tear down the wall. I’m transparent and I encourage them to start breaking down the wall that’s keeping them stuck in life.” Felicia says she spends about an hour in her office talking to a...


Durham Politician and Women Who Overcame Abuse Two of Our Guests on Straight Tal

We are glad to have one of Durham's up and coming community leaders on the show this evening..... She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication from Rutgers University and is currently enrolled in North Carolina Central University’s Master of Public Administration program. We will try and not hold it against her that she attended a rival Big East school to my beloved Marquette... Since moving to Durham in 2007, DeDreana has worked with a number of community and non-profit...


Bi-Coastal Artist to Be Featured on Podcast along with Reggae Artist

California songstress Angie Maserati has released her new album titled "Love." The album is filled with enticing vocals with blended sounds of R&B, Reggae, and even Pop, so make sure you have your dancing shoes on! Much can be said about the inspiration for Angie Maserati’s newly released “Love” album. Back in 2007 the songstress embarked on her first trip to Italy and immediately fell in love with the people and the culture. “There was something about the language when spoken that thrilled...


REPLAY from 07/24/17: African Americans in The Spirit Industry

REPLAY from 07/24/17: Throughout history, African Americans have been making noise in various industries, and the alcohol industry is no different. We are hoping to have guests on the air today from both Harlem Brewing and Shoe Crazy Wine. Gwen Hurt had a very successful career and family working for a top company that eventually let her go because of downsizing and then she and one of her kids was in a car accident... From that experience, she refused to fall into depression but instead...


Replay from 08/20/18: From Hard Times To Success

Replay from 08/20/18: Joining us tonight will be Tonier Cain-Muldrow. Muldrow lived on the streets for 19 years experieincing all aspects of trauma and addiction, but now she has finally found what would be her truth, her journey, and her destiny.. We are pleased to have our guest on to discuss her life... Tonier Cain-Muldrow is a trauma survivor and internationally recognized trauma informed care expert. Tonier's work has focused on heightening awareness of the characteristics and effects...


3HarlemSistas Joins the Show Tonight

Women today are stepping into the world of entrepreneurship and making a success of small businesses overnight. 3HarlemSistas are no exception to the rule of making their business a successful one. These three women came up with the name 3HarlemSistas for their company because they are three childhood friends from Harlem that became sisters. Timeshia, April and Janice decided to merge their individual talents. The purpose of the merger is to offer the public-at-large a One-Stop Shop....


Jazz Prodigy To Be Featured on Show Along WIth General Discussion

There is no doubt that Ariel Popcock is a force to be reckoned with....This young piano player has already received international acclaim as an equally captivating jazz pianist, vocalist, and composer. Ariel's notable performances as a headline act include the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival, the Rochester International Jazz Festival, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, the 2014 Jazz Cruise, etc... Ariel's original compositions and...


Jazz Prodigy To Be Featured on Show Along with Other Guests.

There is no doubt that Ariel Popcock is a force to be reckoned with....This young piano player has already received international acclaim as an equally captivating jazz pianist, vocalist, and composer. Ariel's notable performances as a headline act include the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival, the Rochester International Jazz Festival, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, the 2014 Jazz Cruise, etc... Ariel's original compositions and...


Comedian, Improv Artist Featured on Show and General Conversation

Our guest today is Comedian, Improv Artist, and activist L.E. Zarling. Among the conversation was talk of politics, Yes I Am and Improv work, working with youth in Alabama, travelling the country and unusual shows. We also talked about LGBT Rights, Me Too and its impact on Comedy world, and much more.....We even talked about bad Christmas gifts and Parents. In general conversation, me and Dean talked about Bush and his legacy, Kuwait War, End of Cold War, Long Marriages, The case of the...


Innovative Musician and Entrepreneur To be Featured

Our guest today is Cliff ‘Camp Zeroo’ Clements. This entrepreneur and musician is having a definite positive impact on our society and is the epitome of what a successful positive African American man should be all about .... Cliff has successfully spent over 18 years in the musician business as a EDM DJ traveling the world performing with large audiences. He’s used that success to invest into businesses and make sure that his finances grew successfully in the business world as he gained...


Country Musician To Join Us On Show

We are looking forward to having this musician on our show...Yes, country musicians come from all kinds of places and this one calls Rhode Island home..... Grant Maloy Smith is a singer/songwriter of COUNTRY/ROOTS music - an artful blend of country, bluegrass, folk, and pop music. His new DUST BOWL - AMERICAN STORIES rode the Billboard charts for 17 weeks, including 11 weeks in the top 10 on the Americana/Folk Album Sales chart and #12 on the Country Album Sales Chart. The bible of American...


Native American Heritage Celebrated

In Celebration of Native American Heritage Month, we are glad to have Jana Mashonee, PJ Vegas, and Alyssa Hinton on the show.... Was hoping my Cousin would join in the conversation but maybe I will get her on next time.... Alyssa Hinton is a Amazing artist from North Carolina who is proud of her Native Heritage within her art, and she is also a amazing educator. Definitely gave some great insight into what Thanksgiving and Native Pride means to her. Jana Maria Mashonee, better known by her...


Tequila Jim Featured Along With Luxury Real Estate Market and Theology Thoughts

In the first hour, Me and Dean have a discussion about various issues including the current political landscape, the Black Girl Magic campaign that elected several African American Judges in Texas, The California Wildfires, Trump missing Veteran event because of Rain, and his attack on African American journalists as well as changes in the music scene here in Durham and events that were held at Hayti and/or events that I attended.... In the second hour, we were joined by a African American...


Tequila Jim Featured On Show Tonight

I have a natural ability to create, write, perform and express deeply felt human emotions & experiences through song. As throughout human history, literature, art, storytelling, and other forms of expression, this typically emerges from emotions such as love, pain, hope, heartache, joy, etc. You can judge for yourself. Besides composing these songs, I sing, play acoustics guitars, bass & harmonica. Here are my songs... Also joining us will be Church Da Poet who is a talented poet, actor, and...


Minnesota Hip Hop Artist, Detroit Resident and Others Reflects on World

Maria Isa is a singer, songwriter, actress, rapper, activist and international recording artist born in Minnesota to NuyoRican (Puerto Ricans from New York) parents. Raised on St. Paul’s West Side, Maria soaked in the melting pot of Latin American culture and channeled it into performing arts and activism at an very early age. Her first foray into performance was through the El Arco Iris Center for the Arts program in St. Paul where she quickly transformed from student to teacher as she...


Colorado Author to Join Us On Our Show Today

Robin Michele Carroll on our show...She started writing at the tender age of nine, and in Junior High she created a soap opera... She was told that the subject matter was too mature, and that she was no longer allowed to share it with her classmates. However, the school didn't want to squelch her talent, so they placed her in an English class with a teacher who helped Robin hone her skills. There, the seeds were planted, and Robin realized that she was born to be a storyteller. Two Faced is...


Long Time Poet and Activist to Be Featured

For a long time, Tim Jackson has been a friend of mine and one of this area's top poets. I am very pleased that we are able to get him as a guest on this weeks Podcast. Da Poet Tim Jackson stands before an assembly hungry for his words. Tim has done work in Radio and he is definitely a poet who is not afraid to speak his mind through is poetry...In many ways, his style reminds me of that of Gil Scott Heron. Jackson is known for his hard-hitting message of life as a black man who's been...


Worship Leader Talks About Her Life and Career

On Today's episode, we will be hearing from some great innovators and amazing people.......Among our guests will be Kandis Florian, the Music Director for Christ Central. I am looking forward to this great conversation with another friend... Kandis Florian, The Leader of Saints of Sparrow, that performs at Christ Central Church comes from a family of musicians and has performed as part of the famed Nashville musical scene for several years... But she knew she wanted to come back home to NC...


Poet Reflects On Life And New Book

Alice Sarti, a Poet who calls NC home, has used our poetry to discuss a lot of hard hittings issues like sexual abuse and being seen as a outsider by some. We are very pleased to have this talented woman on as our guest to talk about what Spoken Word means to her and about her recently released book. Sarti has always impressed me with her tremendous talent both as a poet and as a educator as well.. In addition to being a great poet, Sarti is also a Data geek and a writing and math...


Being Comfortable With Your Self and Positive Self Esteem

Throughout the United States, folks are often belittled because of their size, their scruffiness, or other aspects of their life. Our guest today, Margeaux House, believes in being comfortable with herself...She is obsessed with beauty, style, and wellness any size and she has also been known to throw a great party. She uses her website as a space to promote self love and acceptance while sharing some of her experiences.. In 2017, she decided to embark on a Mind, Body Spirit journey in an...