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I read, watch, and listen for me and will only discuss what I find interesting.

I read, watch, and listen for me and will only discuss what I find interesting.


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I read, watch, and listen for me and will only discuss what I find interesting.






TNFro is Reading...WTF COVID Shenanary, Eating, Listening, Writing-Black Girl Down, and Shaking It Like A Polaroid Picture...

COVID Shenanigans...No the Vaccine will not make your testicles swell, but an STD will... Reading the Sunday NYTimes... Listening to the Podcast Even The Rich... Watching and Reflecting on the Life of Michael K. Williams... Black Girl Down...Story of Survival ripped from headlines...RIP Gabby Petito Use promo code: tnfro to get a percentage off your order at Dalesangelsinc.blog Shop Use Promocode: tnfrogotjokes at shipabagofdicks.com


TNFro is Reading...Trying not to be stupid, chair dancing, getting my coin, and surviving

COVIK Sucks. Get your read on. Navigate to Chattabooks for the latest best reads. Navigate to my Instagram Page @tnfroisreading and leave comments and like my Food posts...just Yum!!! If comments not trolley, will not block you and may read on the Podcast. Best Merch including my newest Nah Gurrll Tee is available for purchase on my Blogs Website. Use my promo code: TNFRO for a percentage off your order.


TNFro Is Reading...And Fussing about COVID, Afghanistan, Aretha, Cuomo, and August Heat

Fussing about COVID shenanigans and Tomfoolery, Chaos in Afghanistan, Movie, Respect Biopic about the Late Great Aretha Franklin when everybody disrespected her she became great, Andrew Cuomo's and the descent into Sociopathy, and musing about the August Heat and other things. Navigate to my online bookstore Chattabooks, to purchase the latest beach read or read on your porch book. And also check out my TNFro Brand Merchandise on my Dalesangelsinc online store and use my coupon...


TNFro Is Reading...Fussing, Eating, Editing my Sci-Fi Book Listeners, and Playing with my dog, Ethel Mertz Baxter

Podcast of Complaints, Dragging Hilton and All My Sons Moving And Storage, Some people who think they are Allies Are Well-Intentioned folks that haven't said dumb-ish yet, but wait then you do...and Introducing my new fur baby...ETHEL MERTZ HOUDINI BAXTER!!! Ethel Mertz, Gangsta Chihuahua Yorkie Mix Moving Sucks, but I am finally at home. Traveling for medical care...Nertz to that. The world really was kind of wildin' in 1971. I have had the pleasure of eating at a great New Greek...


TNFro is Reading...And Podcasting, Chair Dancing, Over-Eating, and Writing Her Sci-Fi Novel

I need to chair dancing...All Music is Credited and available for immediate streaming on iTunes. Talking is from my hotel room in the QC...Hampton Inn Phillips Place Charlotte kind of...sucks a**, but my free dinner was good though. My truck was a target... the window was broken out and major face-crack...that is why I'm fussing in the QC. Am I coming back to QC for medical care? Nah Gurrlll. Fast and Furious 9 Amazing Movie...Music moves the storyline Major Props to Zaila...


TNFro Is...A Gregarious Recluse, Reflecting on Freedom, THOT Girl Summer(Meghan's not mine), Everyday Excellence, Cooking, COVIK Chronicles, Redefining Sci-Fi by refining Listeners

Full Notes on Dale's Angels Inc Blog Check out New Merchandise with #TNFro Logo at the Blog Shop Promo code: TNFro


TNFro Is...Listening to Music, Admiring Everyday Excellence, Prince Harry and Cousin Meghan Welcome Lillibet Diana, Eating Great Food, Reading from Listeners

#TNFro aka Felicia Baxter is...Listening to Music, Watched Cruella, Black Girls Rock every day, Lilibet Diana in the House of Sussex, Cooking, Eating great food, and Reading from The Listeners. All Music credited and available for streaming on 1 Podcast Playlist on iTunes. Full Podcast Notes and Vids on Dalesangels Inc Blog Started a New Local and National Food Blog, TNFro Foodie Paradise. Check it out and let me know what you think.


TNFro Is Eating...Err Reading...Black and Brown Excellence, I'm Blackie-tee Black, Reading From Listeners...

Full Notes on Dales Angels Inc Blog All Music Available on iTunes 1 Podcast Playlist credited and for Immediate Streaming


TNFro Is Reading...Classic Music Sunday, Celebrating Black Excellence, Reading from Listeners and Listening to Beyonce'

TNFro Is Reading...Listening to Beethoven and Schubert, Celebrating Black Excellence and Local B.O.B., Japanese Fried Chicken and Fresh Pesto, More Listeners, Chairbopping to Beyonce' Detailed Notes on Dalesangelsinc Blog All Music Available for Streaming and Credited on 1 Podcast Playlist on iTunes.


TNFro Is Reading...Listening and Chair Bopping to Strauss to Drake, R.I.Power Curtis Fuller, COVIK Chronicles, My Narrative, Reading from Listeners

Researching the composers Edvard Grieg and Richard Strauss Jazz Great Curtis Fuller past recently Debunking COVIK-conspiracies...vaccinated people do not shed the live virus. Continuing to steer my own narrative in TN


TNFro Is Reading...Black and Brown Excellence, TN Eats and Music, Reading from my Sci-Fi Novel Listeners, General Fussing about TN--State of Hate and GOP Doubling Down on Stupid

All Music credited and available to Stream on iTunes, 1 Podcast Playlist The National Teacher of the Year Huliana Urtebey from Las Vegas was honored today. Davin and Gwendolyn Clemmons, mother and son dynamic duo awarded GLAAD honor for work in HIV education and services in Memphis. NFL Draft Pick Najee Harris throws Draft party at homeless shelter he was a resident of as a child. Seemed like the GOP was sipping on that TN Whiskey all week...smh. End this episode reading from my...


TNFro Is Reading...Chair Dancing To Snoop Dogg, TN Dumb -Ish Like Whoa! and We Bout It, Rest In Powers, Bruce Beach, Oscar Shenanigans, Well Duh COVID, Listeners Read

We Do Some Dumb -Ish Most of it Like Whoa! Remembering Black Rob-Bad Boy 4L, But we do get some things right...COVID Umm GURRL!! Many Duh! Moments... Black Excellence in Music, Food, and Print Rosetta Perry, Editor TN Tribune **All Music Credited and Available for Chair Bopping on the 1 Podcast Playlist on iTunes.***


TNFro Is Reading...Stupid Stuff and Cool Stuff in TN, Remembering Prince, George Floyd Trial Reflections, Black Excellence, Listeners Read, Weird But True

**All the musical clips played in this Podcast credited and available to bop to on 1 Podcast Playlist on iTunes.** Earth Day Celebrations Black Excellence...Bet on Black Women https://1billion4blackgirls.org/openletter/ Did ya'll know there was a 5th little girl who survived the Alabama Church bombing in the 60s?? “The 5th Little Girl: Soul Survivor of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing (The Sarah Collins Rudolph Story) is available for purchase! We get some stuff wrong but...


TNFro Is Reading...Rest In Power, What Do Prince Philip, DMX, Lizzo, Donna, EWF,Whitney Have In Common? Nerds Buying Nerd -Ish, NASA, Still Writing Nerdy Stuff-Listeners 2.0

**Full Podcast Notes** I discuss many remembrances this week and find happiness in the music adding King's Speech...I suspect Prince Phillip said that out of line -Ish about Cousin Duchess Meghan's babies...I'm just sayin'. And some truly ratched DMX raps, NASA News and Photos, Lego Shuttle Purchases, more from Listeners My Online Sci-Fi WIP... Read Yourself Happy, Buy A Book!!


TNFro Is Reading...Homegirl Holy Hour, The Kid from Nazareth, Easter and other Boujee Symbols

** Full Podcast Notes on Dalesangelsinc Blog** Reflecting on The Kid from Nazareth in my Homegirl Holy Hour and traditional symbols of Easter. How is your walk? Read for understanding...All Books Available for pre-order or purchase on Chattabooks


TNFro Is Reading...Actually talking about 90s Classic Black Romance Movies and Seat Dancing, Final Thoughts on Duchess Cousin Meghan Spilling the T, April Book Releases

**Full Notes Posted on Dalesangelsinc Blog** The 90s were many things positive and negative, but the expression of our culture through the movies was rich and jammed packed with some of the best music in R and B. All Music Featured is available in 1 Podcast PlayList Book Corner and Chattabook Additions.. All Available for pre-order or purchase on Chattabooks MARCH 27TH FINAL THOUGHTS…NAIVETE OF DUCHESS COUSIN MEGHAN, WHEN YOUR FAMILY IS A FIRM AND THE FIRM IS THE FAMILY, AND OTHER MISSED...


Over 40 and Un-Apologetically Nerdy...3000 Downloads, Mourning, Chair Dancing to Madonna and NASA News, CQ-1, LEGO Shuttle, ST-Corner with Voyager and DS9 Docs, and More of The Listeners...

**Full Podcast Notes on Dalesangelsinc Blog** Reflecting on my blessings to be over 3000 downloads worldwide in 2 years!! Mourning the tragic loss of life in the mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder... The Beauty of the Universe celebrated... Lego's Shuttle is dropping April 1st! The new ST Documentary Name was released yesterday and the DS 9 documentary, what we left behind rocks! I also read the Next Chapter of The Listeners...Trust, No Regrets Most of the books can be obtained...


Over 40 and Unapologetically Nerdy...Aliens Exist. What do Hubble, GREGOR and CERN Supercollider have in Common? ST Corner, The Listeners Reading...

**Full podcast notes on Dalesangelsinc Blog** No this is not some ode to ET, I can't continue the narrative that we can continue to be so arrogant to think we are alone, because we are not. Trappist-E Proof, there are too many galaxies with the potential to support life or a version of life. The Hubble and GREGOR telescopes keep bringing images back to us and CERN Supercollider may bring us the means to get there. Did ya'll know we have an abandoned Supercollider in TX?? I also...


Cousin Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's Detractors...Piers Morgan Scorned and Off Air and the Markle Clan...Code Stroke ? Mr. Markle the Rest of them need to go sit down somewhere...

My Reaction to Oprah Interview of Duchess Cousin Meghan Relevance and Missed Opportunities The British monarchy cannot make itself relevant. They had a chance to get it right but they chose to make a completely tone deaf mistake, over and over again. They clearly were wrong footed in their handling of Princess Diana. They really waged an unequal war of emotional bombings until, this youthful couple ran all the way back to America. It was reminiscent of the abdication of King Edward...