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A fun podcast, featuring friends Krystelle and Stacey, two Texans passionately discussing and debating their thoughts on the best and worst of tv and movies of all genres.

A fun podcast, featuring friends Krystelle and Stacey, two Texans passionately discussing and debating their thoughts on the best and worst of tv and movies of all genres.


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A fun podcast, featuring friends Krystelle and Stacey, two Texans passionately discussing and debating their thoughts on the best and worst of tv and movies of all genres.




In This Schitt Together

We're back for Season 2! We spend some time discussing what we've been up to since Season 1 and discuss how COVID-19 has affected our lives. More time on our hands equals more shows to cover: Season 24 of The Bachelor, Listen to Your Heart, Schitt's Creek, Little Fires Everywhere, and of course,Tiger King. We've also got all you cool cats and kittens covered with some binge-worthy recommendations while you're stuck at home!


Bachelor in Paradise, Season 6 Finale - Roundtable Discussion

The gang's all here! Friends of the show, Jerry O, Alisha Soto-Lewis, and Stephanie Stivers join us to laugh, cry, recap, and over-analyze the "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 6 finale in all its glory!, @tvmapodcast


Stupid Beach

The ladies provide an explanation on their inconsistent episodes and get real with tons of reality TV talk, including all the hot gossip currently surrounding some of their favorite "reality" shows. Shows discussed this week: The Hills, Love Island, and Bachelor in Paradise. P.S. Come back to this Texas podcast, Utah! It's just not the same since you went away.,, @tvma_podcast


And the journey to find love comes to an end

Are you ready for part 2? Krystelle and Stacey welcome back their friends, Alisha Soto-Lewis and Stephanie Stivers to discuss part 2 of the season 15 finale of Hannah B's journey to finding love.


Snoozefest - Roundtable Discussion of The Bachelorette, Season 15 Finale, Part 1

The gang's all here! Krystelle and Stacey welcome their Bachelorette-loving friends, Alisha Soto-Lewis, Stephanie Stivers, Jerry O, and Dori S, for an in-depth analysis of Part 1 of the Season 15 finale of Hannah B's season.,,,


Dear Sweet Baby Jesus

On this very special drunk episode of TV-MA, the ladies cover their most recent attempts to stay young. They also discuss: The Conjuring & Annabelle movies, American Horror Story, The Hills, Big Little Lies, and The Bachelorette., @tvma_podcast,


Just a bunch of baloney with special guest, Alisha!

In this episode the ladies are joined by a special friend of the podcast, Alisha. They discuss the finale of Texicanas, The Hills, Letterkenny, Grand Hotel, and of course, The Bachelorette along with a whole bunch of other nonsense.


You Complete Me, Kyle Chandler

Stacey loses her $#&! when she meets one of her favorite actors of all time, Kyle Chandler, on her family vacation. Then she gets back to "reality", and the ladies discuss their love of Bachelorette contestant, Mike, along with their opinions on: Murder Mystery, Jane the Virgin, Texicanas, Black Mirror, and The Bachelorette., @tvma_podcast,


Blood, sweat, tears, and a side of CRAZY

Too much to talk about too little time. This week we talk about... wait for it... TV! The conversation starts with aliens as Stacey shares her thoughts on the show Colony. We then move to some good wine as we discuss Wine Country. Krystelle will then let you in on her new addiction, TEXICANAS!. And of course we end the night with Bachelorette talk. All aboard... The crazy train is about to take off. AKA Luke P is about to run off the rails.


Always Be Confused

As the world mourns the end of Game of Thrones, our GOT expert, Chris, joins us to recap the Season 8 finale. We also cover other shows: The Challenge, Dead to Me, and the Bachelorette., @tvma_podcast,


Goin' At It Behind A Vending Machine

This week, the ladies cover a lot of ground. Krystelle learns a new valuable life skill and Stacey describes her trip to see the My Favorite Murder live show. They also discuss the following shows and movies: The Bachelorette Reunion Special; Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile; Gentleman Jack; Game of Thrones - Season 8, Episode 4.


Law Stuff, and Stuff

This week, Krystelle and Stacey are joined by "expert" Game of Thrones watcher, Chris. Spoiler Alert! We talk A LOT about Episode 3 of the final season of Game of Thrones. We also find some time to squeeze in recaps and reviews of The Fix and The Highwaymen., @tvma_podcast,


Promo Code: TV Experts

Actress and friend of the show, Alisha Soto-Lewis, joins the podcast again, and we "expertly" evaluate so many shows that your head will spin (in a good way, of course): Double Shot at Love, The Challenge, Bless this Mess, Big Little Lies, and Game of Thrones., @tvma_podcast,


Earn It, A-aron Greyjoy

This week, Krystelle and Stacey talk about the only show that really matters...Game of Thrones...but they might have some trouble remembering some of the details. Then, they move on to discuss The Beautiful Lie and Killing Eve. @tvma_podcast


Episode 15 - A Podcast About Nothing

This week, Stacey tells about a big exciting purchase, and she and Krystelle reveal some of their quirky phobias. Shows and movies that are discussed this week include: Shazam!, Quicksand, Superstore, and The Challenge.


Episode 14 - Stacey Strips Down

Krystelle and Stacey tell all about their adventures in Chicago, including an altercation on an airplane. They also discuss some TV shows: Grey's Anatomy, The Good Place, and Jane the Virgin.


Episode 13 - Krystelle's Got A Gun

Krystelle and Stacey get back to their Texas roots with some good old fashioned gun talk. They then discuss their views on their most recently watched TV shows and movies: Us, The Upside, A Million Little Things, Shrill, and The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.


Episode 12 - Turned On By "Magic Mic"

The ladies introduce you to "Magic Mic" and discuss some of their favorite podcasts: Someone Knows Something and To Live and Die in LA...and some amazingly disturbing television and movies: The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Murder Mountain, The Case Against Adnan Syed, The Night Of, and What Dreams May Come.


Special Episode: Bachelor Roundtable

Lovers of Bachelor Nation unite, and join us for our very first Bachelor season finale roundtable discussion! Actress, Alisha Soto-Lewis, and fellow Bachelor addict, Amanda, take part in a very intense evaluation of Bachelor, Colton Underwood's, final choices., @tvma_podcast,


Episode 10 - A Shitty Situation

The ladies attempt to sound emotionally stable while telling of their messy weekend adventures, and as usual, they talk TV: Limitless, The Kindess Diaries, Good Girls, and Leaving Neverland. @tvma_podcast,,