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Talk Nerdy to Me is a podcast about comics and all things pop culture related.

Talk Nerdy to Me is a podcast about comics and all things pop culture related.
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Talk Nerdy to Me is a podcast about comics and all things pop culture related.








June and July Comic Book update

A lot of comic book related events happened in June and the first half of July. There was planned weddings that didn't happen and unplanned ones that did. Marvel decided to relaunch (Fresh Start) a lot of their comics. Some of those new comics have had their release date pushed back. It's just been a mess from the big two publishers. There is a rumor about the Mortal Kombat movie series being rebooted. The early word is they aren't gonna use a lot of their video game characters. We think...

Expendables 4 discussion

We all love our action movie heroes. One guy facing down all the bad guys against all odds is the plot to most of those stories. These action movies have catapulted the careers of actors like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, and many others. Back in 2010 they thought "What if we put all the popular action movie heroes in the same movie?" and thus was born The Expendables. The plot followed the same formula as every other action movie. The difference was in the cast....

Marvel Comics return of Wolverine

Marvel killed Wolverine back in 2014 in their "Death of Wolverine" series. He was supposedly sitting encased in Adamantium this whole time. We learn that Kitty Pryde phased through the metal and pulled Logan's body out. The X-men decided it would be best to remove him and bury him in an undisclosed location so nefarious people wouldn't be able to abscond with his body and study how to replicate his powers. Now, in 2018 the world discovers Logan is not in that Adamantium due to a botched...

Spider-man into the Spider-verse

Ultimate Spider-man was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sarah Pichelli. Miles Morales first appeared in Ultimate Fallout #4 following the death of Peter Parker. Miles is from the Ultimate Marvel continuity, which was separate from the mainstream Marvel Universe. Marvel ended the Ultimate Universe in 2015 and Miles Morales is one of the characters that made the transition to the mainstream Marvel continuity. Miles was bitten by a spider genetically engineered by Norman...

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

The first Jurassic Park movie was a huge blockbuster. It managed to capture people's fascination with dinosaurs and paired that with realistic looking special effects. I remember watching the movie and thinking "How did they train those dinosaurs so well" rather than thinking it was CGI. It is now 25 years and 5 movies later. Jurassic Park has now turned into Jurassic World. Same concept...same results. Just like Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm character says "if The Pirates of the Caribbean...

Marvel Cosmic Ghost Rider series

Marvel introduced a new character in Thanos #16, the Cosmic Ghost Rider. It is revealed later in that issue that the Cosmic Ghost Rider is none other than... Frank Castle (Punisher). If that isn't twisted enough for you, the story of how he became the right hand of Thanos is very warped. Thanos came to Earth and is in the midst of easily defeating all the heroes. During this battle, Frank thinks “I would give anything to punish that purple sonofabitch.” The old saying "Be careful what you...

Is MCU teasing a Mr Sinister appearance?

The Marvel movies have been teasing Mr Sinister quite a bit. At the end of X-men Apocalypse we see the vial labeled "Weapon x" being placed into a briefcase with the name "Essex Corp" stamped on it. In Deadpool 2 the name of the orphanage where Russel lived was The Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation. The fact that Mr Sinister was responsible for the birth of Cable is another strong hint. Could they be preparing us for the next big bad villain for the X-men? Mr Sinister was created by...

DC Comics Batwoman on CW Arrowverse

When you think about the Batman Family, members like Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood immediately pop into your head. One member that typically gets no love is Batwoman. Well, that is about to change. Batwoman will be making her TV debut during the fall Arrowverse crossover. This is big as the Arrowverse will be officially recognizing the city of Gotham. It also marks the first time Batwoman has appeared on TV. Batwoman (Kathy Kane) was created by writer Edmond Hamilton and artist...

Luke Cage Season 2 on Netflix

The Marvel comic book series on Netflix have been a huge hit. Marvel used a bunch of street level heroes that all reside in the same vicinity. There is bound to be some cross-over of characters when they are all super-powered and living in the same neighborhood. Marvel used their tried-and-true method of introducing individual characters and then putting them together in a group. We got Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist before they pushed out the group series of Defenders....

DC Comics Legion of Doom returns

If you watched Challenge of the Superfriends cartoon growing up, you know their biggest enemy was the Legion of Doom. The Legion of Doom was the villains answer to the group of Superheroes at the Hall of Justice. The Legion even had a cool headquarters (Hall of Doom) that was shaped like Dart Vader's helmet. I spent many Saturday mornings in front of the TV watching the Superfriends thwart the Legions attempts at villianry. The good folks at DC Comics are gonna give us the Legion of Doom...

Deadpool 2 Movie Review

If you liked the first Deadpool movie, you will love the sequel. Deadpool 2 was much more Deadpool being like his character in the comic books. There is a lot of silly humor and fourth wall breaking. We both highly recommend you watching Deadpool 2. You don't have to take our word for it. We asked other movie-goers their thoughts on the movie and there was no negative feedback. We even got input from Deadpool himself. What do you think about Deadpool 2? Let us know in the comments below....

Fantastic Four returning to Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics decided to cancel the Fantastic Four back in 2015. As a result of the Secret Wars story-line Marvel's first family is torn asunder. A phenomena known as incursions caused the Multiverse to come to an end. Reed and Sue Richards are thought to be dead by most inhabitants of the Marvel Universe. Survivors believe they sacrificed themselves to stop the final cataclysmic incursion of another world into Earth-616. Most of the heroes returned home to the remade Marvel Universe....

Deadpool 2 movie discussion

The first Deadpool movie was a big success. They were able to convince Twentieth Century Fox to let them run with an R rating. This allowed them to stay true to the character of Deadpool. What they got in return was a great comic book movie. Deadpool 2 is addressing on issue that Wade Wilson broke the fourth wall with in the first movie, more comic book characters. Deadpool 2 has the beginnings of X-Force. We will be introduced to Cable, Domino, Zeitgeist, Bedlam, and Shatterstar. We will...

Marvel Comics Hunt for Wolverine

Everyone knows nobody stays dead in comic books...except for Uncle Ben. Marvel ran Wolverine through the wringer recently. First he started losing his mutant healing powers, then he discovered they were making more Weapon X type mutants, lastly he died stopping the Weapon X program and ended up being encased in Adamantium. Kinda ironic to be killed by the very metal that is infused to your skeleton. But wait... several years later we find out Logan was not killed by being encased in...

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review

Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War is the movie MCU has been building up to ever since the first Iron Man movie. They pulled in so many characters and each one received their fair share of screen time. They did all this while staying true to each character's persona. Marvel didn't skimp out on extra characters like they did in Civil War. They brought in nearly all their heavy hitters for this epic battle against Thanos. The CGI was very good and did not distract from the movie. Watching Thanos...

Brian Michael Bendis exclusive to DC Comics

Brian Michael Bendis has been synonymous with Marvel for a couple of decades. He is one of the main architects of the Ultimate Universe in Marvel. His work on Daredevil and Avengers are still regarded as some of the best for those titles. Then in 2017 it was announced he would be exclusive to DC Comics. DC Comics offered Bendis any character in their stables to mold into his own. Most people believed he would take the helm on Batman, but to everyone's surprise he chose Superman. This all...

Marvel Cloak and Dagger to air on ABC

Marvel is working their winning formula again. They are making the big blockbuster movies starring their most popular power-house characters. For their TV/Netflix series they are using their lesser known characters. This time they have chosen Cloak & Dagger to be on ABC Freeform (formerly ABC Family). Cloak & Dagger is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and shares continuity with the films and other television series of the franchise. You should see and hear references to other...

Ready Player One movie review

Ernest Cline's Ready Player One is huge trip down Nostalgia Avenue. There are so many 1980's and 1990's references thrown in there that something should touch your childhood memories. I was skeptical of them being able to cram all of the references as well as character stories into a two and a half hour movie. If you've read the book (like me) you will notice right from the beginning that the movie does not follow the outline from the book. That didn't prevent me from enjoying the movie. The...

Rampage the movie discussion

If you spent any time in the arcade during the late 1980's you surely know about the Rampage game by Midway Games. For the younger crowd, an arcade is a building where they used to have a whole bunch of arcade games you could play for a quarter. This was before the proliferation of console games. A quick look back at video game based movies over the years will show that they typically aren't blockbusters. That's a real shame since a lot of video games actually have interesting back stories...

Marvel Comics Fresh Start Initiative

Marvel Comics is back at it again. The Fresh Start Initiative will have them relaunching with a series of new #1 titles. If this sounds familiar to you, that is because they have done it several times in the recent past. Marvel has relaunched its lineup five times since 2012: NOW!, All-New NOW!, All-New, All-Different, NOW! 2.0, and Legacy. We can only hope they realize they are doing more long term harm, than they are reaping on short term profits. There have been hints of Fantastic Four...