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Ep.86 Kick Kulture ft Raswell from fcfs214

Question of the Week: Can a corporation be good or evil? In The Feed: New Nike Ad New Police Shooting in Southside Flats Talk That Talk: Shoe Culture and how we have took it to the next level. How to get paid from it? Rating our favorites to worst? Music: Hurt Feelings Self Care Guest: Roswell -fcfs214 Follow us @talkingreasy For business inquiries, hit us at For a 30-day free trial and a free audiobook, visit We are proud members of The...


Ep.85 Childish ft Hear Ye Podcast

Question of the Week: Who has more power in relationships? Men or Women In The Feed: Hear Ye bio Ms Franklin Death Talk That Talk: Does child support help or hurt the community? Music: Mrs. Jackson by Outkast Baby Mama by 3 6 Mafia Guest: Hear Ye Podcast: @hearyepodcast Follow us @talkingreasy For business inquiries, hit us at For a 30-day free trial and a free audiobook, visit We are proud members of The Audio Fam Network. Like, comment,...


Ep.84 War of Words ft Sin

Question of the week: Should everyone have the right say anything? In The Feed: Sin bio Talk That Talk: YouTubers are losing their pages due to hate speech,and keeping it to real. Should companies have the ultimate say in how creatives get their message out. Music Corey Lee Tunk from Triple Digital Guest: Sin:@sinspokenword His auido cd and poetry is available at deep vellum books in dallas and streaming on all platforms Follow us @talkingreasy For business inquiries, hit us at...


Bonus: Talking 30 feat. Talkin' Greasy Dec. 11

Kim and Darnell make a guest appearance on Talking Thirty. We discussed sex, gender roles, what we won't accept in a relationship now that we're older, and more.


Ep. 60 Half a year in hip-hop, Part 2 feat. Smooth Vega and Raw Elementz

You know why we're here. It's our second half of the year's hip-hop recap. Who's career will be over next year? Will Cardi B be more than a one hit wonder? Where in tf did mumble rap come from? All of this and more on this week's episode! Follow us: Smooth Vega - @smoothvega Raw Elementz - @rawelementz Music: Lil Uzi Vert - 20 minutes Orijanus - Bonita Wize - Grape Fanta Belvi - Love Love Big KRIT - Mixed Messages Got something to say about anything in this episode? Leave us a voice message...


Ep. 59 Starving Artists

It's one thing to be a creative and produce dope shit. It's another ball game to figure out how to make a living out of what you love. Darnell chopped it up with an author, a poet, a hip-hop artist and an observer of the arts to figure out how to get to the finish line. Music: Mk feat. Anderson. Paak - Kintaro Orijanus - Bonita GoldLink - Hands on Your Knees Raw Elementz - NBA Street Vol. 2 Follow everyone! Raw Elementz - @rawelementz Cicely Rue - @cicelyrue Becky - @beckythepoet Ben -...


Bonus- Double the Standards, Double the Fun (feat. Black.Married .Fly)

Darnell from Talkin Greasy podcast stopped in as our special guest. He, Candace Denea, and Treb talked about Jennifer Hudson cheating on David Otunga and gave their thoughts. They discussed the perception that women are more forgiving than guys, gender roles in relationships and a bunch of other issues. Black Married fly Social Media Instagram:blackmarriedfly Youtube:BYNK Radio


Ep. 58 The man behind the Wild'n Out Tour feat. Rip Micheals

Sound all the air horns! Kim got a chance to interview the executive producer of the Wild'n Out Tour and long time cast member, Rip Micheals. They discuss how the tour came about, how he got started in comedy, and whether we can soundly call Wild'n Out the Def Comedy Jam for millennials. If you are in the DFW area and you haven't gotten your ticket, visit to cop one. Doors open at 7. It's going to be at Verizon Theatre . Listen to find out about all of his dope upcoming projects!...


Ep.57 Enough ft Brie Esby & Ben

This week on Talkin' Greasy we have a hard conversation about male and female toxic nature's in realtionships. Also we talk how rape culture is effecting our society,and how we can do better. Brie Esby and Ben add alot to the conversation. Guest Social Media Facebook: Benjamin Kinney Twitter: B3njaminofbarca Instagram: B3njaminofbarca Facebook: Brie Esby Twitter: Brie Esby Instagram: brieesby Book: Love Quest No. 29: Poems of Love, Lust, and Heartache...


Bonus from Outer Thoughts Podcast: Skeet and Retreat

This is episode by Audible .Get Your 30 day free trail and free audio book download at This episode is also brought to you by Tekeen .Visit to find out where you can purchase these premium wine cocktails near you. We talk about the Lion King's 2019 lineup, the Twitter employee that did the right thing, Rick Perry wanting to 'shed a light' on sexual assault, and Papa Johns shooting themselves in the foot. Follow Talkin' Greasy on Facebook, Twitter, and...


Ep.56 Let It Go Ft Brittany B ,Karen , and Deronimo

This week we talk about when its time to leave a relationship.Darnell opens up about his dark past with women he was dating. THis will be a raw but real conversation. This is episode is sponsored by Audible. Get your 30-day free trial and free audio book download at This episode is also brought to you by Tekeen. Visit to find out where you can purchase these premium wine cocktails near you. Follow us on facebook, insta, and twitter @talkingreasy! Like,...


Ep. 55 To be Black and Millennial feat. Millennial Lov3

This is episode is sponsored by Audible. Get your 30-day free trial and free audio book download at This episode is also brought to you by Tekeen. Visit to find out where you can purchase these premium wine cocktails near you. From food to relationships, from careers to religion, millennials are all about doing things our own way. But, what does it mean to be a black millennial? As the great 52 Savage once said -- "PRESSURE." But, we're so lit, no one ever...


Ep. 54 We all we got feat. Kevin Davis and Krystal King

Did Martin Luther King Jr. really make a difference? Is there racism in city zoning and the approval of business applications? Do we really give a fuck about Eminem's BET Cypher? All of this and more in this episode of Talkin' Greasy. For a free audiobook download and a free 30 day trial, visit To try a Texas born premium wine cocktail, visit Follow Kevin @kevindphoto on insta Follow Krystal @lashesxcharm on insta Follow the show @talkingreasy everywhere...


Ep. 53 1-800-GirlSix feat. Rikki Blu and Curtis Mayz

Did you flip to the back of Vibe magazine to get your rocks off when you were younger? Did you Houston cuff your big ass jeans? How important is Spike Lee's Malcolm X to you? In this episode, we discuss the cultural mainstays that formed Dallas-based hip-hop artists, Rikki Blu and Curtis Mayz. This episode is sponsored by Audible. To get your free audio book and a 30-day free trial, go to This episode is also brought to you by Tekeen. To learn more about this...


Ep. 52 Talkin' Greasy Live!

On Sept. 23, 2017, Darnell and Kim celebrated their 1 year anniversary as the Talkin' Greasy podcast with a live show at Spinster Records. This is the live show! Shout out to DJ KMOR for the vibes and the host, Deronimo of Talking 30. We are ALSO COSIGN award-nominated. Vote for us for best podcast here: Let us know what you thought of our first live show by leaving us a voice message at 469-454-8231. Are you Team Kim or Team Darnell and why? This episode...


Ep. 51 Blackness is offensive

It's offensive to root for black people when you're black. It's offensive to protest the unjust killing of black people ... when you're black. It's offensive to voice your opinion about the president when you're a member of the media ... and you're black. And, don't even think about creating an inclusive brand. That might put the pressure on other brands to ... you know ... act like they recognize another color other than peach. If you don't know what any of this is in reference to, press...


BONUS: Sit With Us Podcast feat. Kim of Talkin' Greasy

Sit With Us Podcast hosts Tia and Kim invite Kim from Talkin' Greasy to the show to recap Insecure Season 2. The ladies discuss the fallout from Hurricane Irma and more. Listen to Sit With Us Podcast on soundcloud and apple podcast app. Follow them on twitter, insta, and facebook @sitwithuspod. Visit their website: Listen to us on apple podcast app, soundcloud, stitcher, and google play. Follow us on facebook, twitter, and insta @talkingreasy Visit our site:...


Ep. 50 Salon Talk

As a follow up to our all guys episode, Kim gets a few lady friends together and ... well ... talks greasy about sex, women's roles vs. men's roles, sugar babies, and more. Follow Ren @renlucci on twitter Follow sit with us podcast on twitter, instagram and facebook @sitwithuspod Follow us @talkingreasy on twitter, facebook, and insta Listen to Sit With Us podcast and Talkin' Greasy anywhere great podcasts are found (google play, stitcher, soundcloud, and apple podcast app) This is episode...


Ep. 49 Half a year in hip-hop part 1

Hip-hop heads, this one's for you. We teamed up with one of our favorite Dallas podcasts, "Don't Take it Personal," one of the best hip-hop artists in the city, Mga-Czar, and one of the dopest local producers, Lone Starr Muzik, to bring you the year in hip-hop culture as we've experienced. No bullshit; just passion about the culture. If you're not already subscribed, find Don't Take it Personal anywhere you listen to your podcasts including soundcloud and the apple podcast app. You can take...


Ep. 48 Lip Service

For the first time, we have an entire episode about sex. We brought in five guests - The Educated Ratchets, Tia from Sit With Us podcast, Nana from The Problematic Safe Place, and AJ! Who's most likely to be insecure during sex? Why does 2 Girls, 1 Cup exist? Who's our favorite porn stars? All of this and more on this episode of Talkin' Greasy. Music: G-Unit - Get to Know You DJ Telly Tellz- Fuck It Up Challenge Uncle Luke - Scarred Follow everyone: The Educated Ratchets - @theeduratchets...