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Podcast covering the good and bad of Pro Wrestling, Rock and Metal and Horror and more presented by Branden "The Boss Black and Dave "Lunchbox" Ussery.

Podcast covering the good and bad of Pro Wrestling, Rock and Metal and Horror and more presented by Branden "The Boss Black and Dave "Lunchbox" Ussery.
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Podcast covering the good and bad of Pro Wrestling, Rock and Metal and Horror and more presented by Branden "The Boss Black and Dave "Lunchbox" Ussery.






Episode 43: Toxic Trent Interview, Boss talks his new baby, Benjamin Blaze, AEW All Out Results, Working Bands Prey 4 Reign and William Wallace

On Episode 43 of Talking Shop With The Boss And The Box, We interview Pro Wrestler Toxic Trent and talk about his growth in pro wrestling, as well as a blossoming fued with Shiloh Greaves. We also do our results (and consequences) for All Elite Wrestling All Out pay per view. We also feature new music by Prey 4 Reign and feature a track from Modesto's William Wallace! Also as an added bonus, I talk about in detail the birth of my first born son and how that process was and how uncomfortable...


Episode 42: Winter Reign Interview, AEW All Out Winner Picks, Rapper X1L3 and more

On Episode 42 we tackle our picks for winners on the AEW ALL OUT Pay Per View next weekend, (consequence tbd next week). We talk about Blacklist Pro Wrestling and LunchBox commentating. Also feature Rapper X1L3 and his track for “Working Bands of the Week” and we feature a full length interview with 2 members of Sacramento Alternative Metal band Winter Reign, Check it Out! #aew, #allout, #starrcast, #X1L3, #Interview, #payperview, #blacklistprowrestling, #WinterReign,...


Episode 41: Ignorant Shiloh Greaves Interview, WWE Summerslam Results Show, NJPW G1 Climax and King of The Ring

Episode 41: We welcome Pro Wrestler Shiloh Greaves on as he tells us all about the Arizona Iced Tea incident, how it went viral and the his state of pro wrestling as we know it, training with WWE Legend Gangrel, plus a bit of backstory into who “Ignorant” Shiloh Greaves is. Also, WWE’s SummerSlam Results show and where loser has to go on Facebook and Instagram and recite THE Braveheart speech in full make up. Plus, coverage of NJPW’s G1 Climax Tournament finals and the announcement of WWE’s...



On episode 40: We give our review and analysis to Slipknots “We Are Not Your Kind” Record that just came out. We also pick our winners for WWE Summerslam! Also, HUGE NEWS Episode 40 is our WORKING BANDS OF THE WEEK CELEBRATION EPISODE! With features from Nothing But Losers (New Song!), Hellheart, BrokeNote Undertone, Wurm Flesh, Gurschach, Haunted By Day, Niviane, Small Town Cinema, Toy Called God, Bavmorda and ultra-instinct special feature of ARNOCORPS! Also, coverage from NJPWs G1...


Episode 39: Listener Questions!! Rh1nos, Whitewolf, NJPW G1 Climax Tournament update

On Episode 39 of Talking Shop with the Boss and the Box, we take listener questions! That’s right LunchBox and Boss answer whatever ridiculous questions you had and read and answer them on the air. Also, more NJPW G1 Climax tournament updates, and our Working Bands of the Week feature, featuring none other than Merceds Whitewolf and the South Bay Areas Rh1nos! #takingquestions, #NJPW, #G1Climax, #tournaments, #jonmoxley, #LetsgoLunchBox, #LetsgoBoss, #workingbandsoftheweek, #whitewolf,...


Episode 38: WWE Raw Reunion, NJPW G1 Climax rundowns, Boss leaves his metal club, Unprovoked, Friends With Pills and more

On episode 38, we go over we there was no episode 36. We cover the WWE Raw Reunion show, the NJPW G1 supercard so far, Rudger Hower RIP and why Boss left his metal club he belonged to, and also featuring Working Bands of the Week with Friends with Pills, Unprovoked and Octtobraa. #WWE, #G1Climax, #friendswithpills, #unprovoked, #octtobraa, #njpw, #heavymetal, #clubs, #workingbandsoftheweek, #bandfeatures, #deathmetal, #funk, #punk, #underground, #RudgerHower #RIP


Episode 37: Wrestling! Lots of Wrestling! Prey For Reign, Childs Play Review, Suburban Paranoia single reveal

Yowie Wowie! In Episode 37 of Talking Shop with The Boss and the Box, we cover a lot of ground. We go over match results from the AEW Fight For The Fallen PPV, the results to WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV, we also go over NJPW’s G1 results and brackets thus far. We talk about Bray Wyatt’s return to television, predictions for The New Day breaking up and more. Also, better late then never we have the Childs Play reimagining, spoiler free movie review, plus Working Bands of the Week, Prey 4 Reign...


Episode 35: Loserfest! WWE Stomping Ground Results, Broken Trojan, Gurschach, Suburban Paranoia Interviews

On Episode 35, we cover the results of WWE Battleground and all its glory, we also talk about our Loserfest experience and what the hell we have been up to the last week or so. Included we have live interviews with Broken Trojan, LunchBox asks Suburban Paranoia the oh so hard questions and Boss interviews Gurschach and Thall Martinez and Old Man Dan (Daniel Arruda) while on tour at a local Pho restaurant in Portland, Oregon. #wwe, #stompinggrounds, #resultsshow #prettygood, #kevinowens,...


Episode 34: WWE Super Showdown Results, NJPW Dominion Results, Suburban Paranoia, The Strikingly Originals and LOSERFEST

On this episode of Talking Shop with the Boss and the Box we go over the results of both WWE Super Showdown and NJPW Dominion and we talk about what happened, what could have been and more. Also, The Strikingly Originals and Suburban Paranoia are featured on this weeks Working Bands of The Week, while Paul Bearer and The Undertaker stop by to help promo for LOSERFEST.


Episode 33: Nxt Takeover XXV, Terri Runnels is stupid, Godzilla Spoilers, Hard Fail, Scoundrel and LOSERFEST

On episode 33 of Talking Shop With The Boss and The Box, We check in with each other on “What the hell have we been up to?” weigh in on the WWE’s Attitude Era’s “Terri Runnels” and how she brought a loaded gun to an airport, (Doh!). We rundown NXT Takeover XXV and it’s results. We talk about the impact that the former Dean Ambrose now Jon Moxley is making in the pro wrestling world now. We also have a spoiler filled review of Godzilla: King of the Monsters by Boss. Plus, our “Working Band of...


Episode 32: MITB Consequences, AEW Double or Nothing Results, Lumenwood, Samora and many special guests!

Lunchbox receives his consequences for losing the WWE Money in the Bank picks, We cover post show of AEW’s Double or Nothing Pay Per View where we both tied in our picks, so NEXT week we both have consequences we have to follow. Also Stone Cold Steve Austin stops by to interview LunchBox and announce his new show. Plus, Dusty Rhodes raises from the dead to talk back to Stone Cold. We touch on Kiss lip syncing performances and get hit up our ever so popular Working Bands of the Week segment...


Episode 31: We're Back! Fuck Skype!

Ladies and Gentleman, We are back after a 2 or 3 week break due to faulty video streaming services. But Episode 31 is now up! We cover: #WWE 's #moneyinthebank Pay Per View, as we reveal who won between our picks to win and what the consequences for the loser will be. Also we pick our winners for #AEW 's Double or Nothing and in celebration of the death of #Machoman #RandySavage we do a random subject promo off to remember our most favorite wrestler ever. Last but not least, "Working Band...


Episode 30.2: Childs Play Trailer review, WWE Superstar Shake Up, Mid October, Eye of Balor and more!

In this episode, we bitch about how we recorded a full episode and it never saved so we had to start from scratch. We also review the new Child's Play movie trailer and give our take on the moderisation of the character and the plot. We rundown the WWE Superstar Shake up and give opinions on the highs and lows. Also we feature a couple bad ass bands this week for our Working Bands of the Week segments featuring Mid October and Eye Of Balor! As always find and join our Talking Shop With The...


Episode 29: WWE WrestleMania Party time! We record our reactions and talk shit during WM35!

We are joined by our lovely significant others, Tubby and Manic (Fuck Craig) as we watch snippets and react in real time to WrestleMania 35.


Episode 28: Wrestlemania, NXT Takeover New York, ROH/NJPW G1 SUpercard Rundown, Big News on Childs Play Remake, Octtobraa, Monster God and more!

WWE WrestleMania 2019 is here this coming Sunday and we give the match match rundowns as well predictions. We also rundown NXT TakeOver New York and ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard match card rundown and predictions. But we dont stop there, we give horror news for the Child's Play remake and feature our working bands of the week, which are the mighty Octtobraa and Monster God which make up easily our longest episode ever. #wwe, #wrestlemania, #ringofhonor, #njpw, #monstergod, #octtobraa #childsplay,...


Episode 2627: We get Lucky at Luckyfest,Slipknot and Ill Nino members go sue crazy, Machine Head is back with a "Burn My Eyes" tour, Interviews and featured bands with Dismembered Carnage and Ununoctium, plus "The Dirt" movie review

Episode 26/27: Boss and LunchBox get Lucky at Luckyfest, Slipknot and Ill Nino members go sue crazy, Machine Head is back with a "Burn My Eyes" tour, Interviews and featured bands with Dismembered Carnage and Ununoctium, plus "The Dirt" movie review and more! Check out all our sarcastic comments and spirited discussions regarding the news mentioned above.


Episode 25: Branden's MUSINK Festival experience, WWE Fastlane, Rapper Manic and His Name is Robert Paulson and more

On episode 25, we drill Boss (not literally) about his experience at Travis Barker's Musink Festival in Costa Mesa, Ca this past weekend. His experience seeing Limp Bizkit, Ho99o9, Hatbreed and more, as well as his new dope ass horror tattoo. Also, LunchBox and Boss dish about WWE Fastlane and the Monday Night Raw after. Working bands of the week review and feature Modesto Rapper Manic and Bay Area Metal band that we aren't supposed to talk about... His Name Is Robert Paulson.


Episode 24: Trouble in Misfits Paradise, NJPW Honor Rising, LuckyFest Modesto and more

Episode 24 of Talking Shop with the Boss and The Box Goes over the latest legal battle in music where Jerry Only of The Misfits is threatening to sue Michael Graves of Ex-Misfits fame for wanting to perform American Psycho and Famous Monster’s albums in their entirety during an upcoming tour of South America. We also discuss NJPWs Honor Rising crossover event and if we think if wrestling promotions and their combined powers and streaming efforts could eventually become the wooden steak to...


Episode 23: LunchBox's Best Day Ever, Gwar is no longer Beefy, Fighting With My Family was floppy, and Diversity of One and Wurm Flesh

Ever want to hear a man recount the scariest moment of his life in a hilarious fashion?! We got it! Wanna hear why Fighting with my family is an epic failure of a bio pic when compared to Bohemian rhapsody?! We do it! Wanna hear about How being in Gwar currently must really suck, so you go home to drive a bus? Covered. Wanna hear about some sweet ass bands and good people like Diversity of One Wurm Flesh and Arachnid Cabinets ?! Well then come listen to Talking Shop With The Boss And The...


Episode 22: WWE Elimination Chamber overview, Doyle of The Misfits said WHAT?!, ICP's New Record "Fearless Fred Fury" Review, Working Band of the Week's Phaneron and Hellheart

Episode 22: WWE Elimination Chamber overview, Doyle of The Misfits said WHAT?!, ICP's New Record "Fearless Fred Fury" Review, Working Band of the Week's Phaneron and HellHeart. LunchBox and Boss talk about their upcoming children, and prepping for Boss's birthday hang out!