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Join Godswill Ugwa & Joshua Acuay as they run the gamut of topics to chew the fat on: anime, music, video games, fighting, politics, current events, and much more.

Join Godswill Ugwa & Joshua Acuay as they run the gamut of topics to chew the fat on: anime, music, video games, fighting, politics, current events, and much more.
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Join Godswill Ugwa & Joshua Acuay as they run the gamut of topics to chew the fat on: anime, music, video games, fighting, politics, current events, and much more.






Episode 20: All Grown Up w/ Bardock Obama & Daquan Wiltshire

We did a lot of big things this episode: we made it to 20 episodes, we had two guests on at the same time, and we had the biggest guests so far on our podcast at the same time. It's an explicit and hilarious episode with two huge social media comedians, Bardock Obama aka MrGiveYourGirlBack aka SavinTheBees & Daquan Wiltshire. You definitely will want to stick around for it all! welcome (1), livin in new york (4), internet starts (6), Bardock bein tall (7), Daquan personality (9), SPICY shit...


Episode 19: Making The Funny Pages w/ Michael Salcedo (Explosm)

We bring back our old friend Michael Salcedo who is now a director in Explosm (Cyanide & Happiness)! We shoot the shit about comedy, Cyanide & Happiness, anime, Dragon Ball, and much more. Welcome Mike (1), What C&H is (2), Bigfoot Justice (8), Shin Chan (13), living in other countries (15), having kids (18), Rugrats/siblings (19), Santa (23), Video Games (28), Sekiro/Dark Souls (32), hanging out w/ Smash (35), cons (39), raunchy songs (42), explicitness of games and content (45), horror-...


Episode 18: Friendship Is Magic

The two bring on their friend and artist, Skye! As the creator of the logo and other art pieces of That's Dope, she explains how she met Godswill and eventually Josh, her growth in art to where she has now won awards, and much much more. Follow Skye on Instagram @hihiskyeskye Skye our friend (1), Skyrim and anime (4), how we met Skye (7), personality and no personality (9), Skye's accolades (17), The Sims (19), Kingdom Hearts and Goofy Movies (21), adolescense (24), personality pt 2 (28),...


Episode 17: Girl Power!

After watching Captain Marvel, the boys are feeling the girl power! Listen to the duo talk about Captain Marvel, Me Too, kids, relationships, as well as anime and games in episode 17. Episode brought to you be DreamHack Dallas (May 31- June 2): Spoiler-filled talk about Captain Marvel at 1:14 - 1:29 Music by KarpaBeats Weather Changing (1), Kids (3), Big Brothers Big Sisters (9), KH 3 (16), Goddaughter Bday (20), Settling down (23), True relationships (26),...


Episode 16: Anime You Should Be Watching Winter 2019

The duo do a quick episode highlighting a few shows you should definitely check out and give updates to their lives on a late-night chat. Check out The Promised Neverland, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Rascal Dreams of Bunny Girl Senpai and more! Somehow we start to explain the Kingdom Hearts lore also. And all this right before our bedtime... The Promised Neverland (7), Shield Hero (14), Goblin Slayer & Controversy (23), Rascal (28), Smash Tournament (35), Go-Karting (44), Jump Force (51),...


Episode 15: Smashology w/ Karna

We bring in one of the top players of Super Smash Bros., Karna, to talk to us about how to git gud in the newest game. We go in-depth with becoming one of the best and losing. We chat about what goes on in his mind while playing. We even discuss some vacation ideas and business ventures. Not only do we get tips on how to play better in the game, we get tips on how to be better in life. Even if you're not a heavy player in video games, there's a lot to glean from this episode! Karna...


Episode 14: Multi-Faceted Movers w/ Lee The Myth

Musician and manga creator Lee The Myth joins the podcast to highlight his upcoming creations in music and manga as well as to discuss how he rose to where he is, inspirations to his brand, and plans for the future. Join this banger of a podcast episode! Persona (3), Lee's Childhood (5), Musical Influence (9:30), Raw Invitation (13), Black acceptance (18), Hair (20), Use of the N word (23), Being multi-faceted (34), Types of foods (38), Surviving in the past (42), Who we are as...


Episode 13: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Boruto (1), anime queue (6), Kids on the Slope (8), anime favorites (10), Golden Kamuy (15), Sping anime (27), tattoo (29), online personas,/friends (35),, Smash (40), practice (46), social media (57), Christmas/homeless


Episode 12: We Are The Champions

Josh's fight (3), Switch (12), Stan Lee (23), Golden Kamuy (26), Yu Yu Hakusho (31), Broly (34)), being a nerd (37), gatekeeping & cosplaying (42), Castlevania (45), anime music (48), nerd lingo (50), Gundam (53), Gundam Versus (1:02), Why Gundam (1:05), Boruto (1:18)


Episode 11: What It Means To Be Real with Kimmie D

YouTuber and Instagram dear, Kimmie D, joins the duo to talk about living a real life. We talk about what it means to have fun in life, her success on social media, battles with depression, friends and lovers made in the content creation realm, and more! Towards the end, we really get into it with anime and video games as we tend to. Being yourself (4), Watching anime/Naruto (6), ASMR (8), Slime (11), Kimmie's Channel (15), Meeting Caleb and RDC (22), dating (27), depression (30), Content...


Episode 10: Back to the Weeb Roots – Fall 2018 Anime

We're back to talking about nerd content with a heavy focus on anime coming out this season! Josh and Godswill talk about new anime like Goblin Slayer and JOJO's to classics like Hunter x Hunter. Also check out our thoughts on the anime games Jump Force and My Hero One's Justice. Topics: Goblin Slayer (1 min), Banana Fish (18), JOJOs Pt 5 (26), anime/Toonami (35), HxH (42), Jump Force (1:09), MHA One's Justice (1:19), Boruto (1:27), Fairy Tail (1:29), SAO (1:38) Music by KarpaBeats – Keep It...


Episode 9: The Art of Speaking

JV's background, commentating, living with JV/our history with him, married life, getting into relationships, wedding reception story, problem hieracrchy, celebritiy craziness, mental illness/special needs (55), Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, why comedy (1:15), cancel culture (1:18), Civil Rights (1:35), How to speak on these hard issues?, X-Men and Conflict with the world (2:03) Music by KarpaBeats – Keep It Real Special Guest: Justin Varghese.


Episode 8: Super Lupe Fans

Godswill & Josh redo their episode 8 because Godswill forgot to turn on the mics! They run the gamut in what's happening in hip-hop in September 2018 with a focus on Lil Wayne with Tha Carter V, Kanye West with Yandhi, Logic with YSIV, and Lupe Fiasco with Drogas Wave. Music by KarpaBeats – Keep It Real


Episode 7: Back to the Bidness

Right off the heels of Thailand, Godswill tells us how his vacation was. Then it's back to the bidness with what's dope in the world: new updates in the game Jump Force, how Harry Potter influenced Godswill recently, and much more. Music by KarpaBeats – Keep It Real


Episode 6: What Black Guys Like

San Diego Comic-Con traumatized Godswill, so the duo talk about the happy times of childhood, what black guys like, and the good 'ol topics of nerd ish. They explore their childhoods and how Toonami and TV was and how that's juxtaposed to TV for kids now. After that they talk about volunteering with kids and how kids are growing up today. Music by KarpaBeats – Keep It Real


Episode 5: Why Anime? with CalebCity

All of our guests are special, but we have a very special one today: the YouTube comedian known as CalebCity! We go through anime, how he got started, comic books, YouTube & content creation, the old TV channel G4TV, black people within nerd culture, and much more. This is a funny episode with tons of debates that will make you think a bit. Music by KarpaBeats – Keep It Real Big One Piece spoilers at 30:00-31:00 Special Guest: CalebCity.


Episode 4: Getting Lewd with BishoujoMom

We get our first female guest, the lewd cosplayer BishoujoMom (! She explains what lewd photography is, Patreon, and more. Also we go through LGBT issues, sexuality, MeToo, nerd culture, and way more Music by KarpaBeats Special Guest: Bishoujo Mom.


Episode 3: Cosplaying with KevBotCosplay

Godswill & Josh get their first guest, cosplay guru KevBotCosplay! Right off the heels of the the summer cosplay circuit and winning awards for his cosplay, KevBot describes how he got into cosplay and what fuels him to keep going. Also included, the guys talk about crossplay (cosplaying as the opposite gender), nerd culture, anime, and more. Music by KarpaBeats Cosplay photo from Ngo photography (@ngophotosplease on instagram)


Episode 2: xxxtentacion & Life with Anime

Godswill & Josh join up together for a heavy second episode of That's Dope! Starting with the recent murder of hip-hop artist xxxtentacion, the two talk about life & death and his impact. Then they get to much happier topics such as anime! Megalo Box, Fallout, and more will lighten the mood. This is a S.P.E.C.I.A.L episode! Music by KarpaBeats


Episode 1: Reboot V4

Godswill & Josh finally put out the first That's Dope Podcast episode after so many reboots! Join the duo as they talk about games, fighting, anime, music, and whatever else comes to mind. Music by KarpaBeats