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Presented by Rahl Reviews, The 412 Podcast consists of three friends from the southwestern Pennsylvania area, who discuss the latest in entertainment, while also giving their input on Breaking News and what's going on in the world today. Make sure to tune in each week for their unbiased and unfiltered takes on the latest in sports, news, and everything entertainment!


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Presented by Rahl Reviews, The 412 Podcast consists of three friends from the southwestern Pennsylvania area, who discuss the latest in entertainment, while also giving their input on Breaking News and what's going on in the world today. Make sure to tune in each week for their unbiased and unfiltered takes on the latest in sports, news, and everything entertainment!






#41 - Dimes & Dahmer

Matt and Jeff start off the show by discussing some entertaining stories surrounding Bob's Furniture and Lowe's. A crazy story randomly leads to the guys' sharing their opinions on the Tua Tagovailoa injury and how it was handled by the Miami Dolphins. After two weeks of what looks like negligence on behalf of the Dolphins' organization, the NFLPA has been conducting a further investigation into the concussion situation and whether proper protocols were met. The first three weeks of the NFL season has been a disaster for Steelers fans, and a surprise for many others. The Bills were looking hot until the Butt Punt. The Raiders went from being a playoff favorite to the worst team in the NFL. The Broncos have a great defense, but struggle to put points on the board behind Russell Wilson. Justin Herbert is being forced to put the team on his back and now the Chargers may suffer all season long because of it. Danny Dimes has been a surprise this season, becoming a threat with both his arms and legs and leading the Giants to a 2-1 record going into Week 4. Jeff, Matt & Tanner discuss the biggest surprises from the season thus far, alongside who they believe are the biggest contenders from both the AFC and NFC. There's been a lot of different TV shows, movies, and video games that have recently released, or will be in the near future. The guys dive into some they've enjoyed over the past few weeks, which lead to a variety of crazy conversations from serial killers to NASA crashing a small spacecraft directly into an asteroid. How does Tanner like the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare II after playing the beta last week? What does he think about NBA 2K23 and its MyCareer mode? What's this new Smile movie everyone keeps talking about? What are Jeff & Tanner's impressions of the new Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story? Find out about this and much more on the 41st episode of The 412 Podcast!


#40 - Simulation Theory

The 40th episode begins with the guys talking about the interesting culture surrounding pickup games at local basketball courts before discussing the recent UFC 278 PPV event between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman. Over the years, not many fighters within the Welterweight division had given Leon Edwards a shot at the title, so why all of a sudden are they trying to bully their way into a fight they don't deserve? Matt & Tanner share some possible options for the new champion before getting into a funny story regarding Dana White, Tom Brady, Gronk, Jon Gruden & the Las Vegas Raiders. Outside of the UFC talk, the guys breakdown the QB situation in Pittsburgh, who they believe will win each division, and their fantasy locks for this upcoming NFL season. Tanner shares a dark horse pick out of the AFC, Matt believes there's one in the NFC, and Jeff shares his go-to pick each year in the first round of his fantasy leagues. The NFL's Top 100 was recently released, with players who just recently entered into the league making the top 50. Who are some notable names that were snubbed? Who didn't belong, even with a great season last year to back it up? Outside of the sports talk, Jeff, Matt & Tanner discuss weird coincidences, charity work, Tom Cruise's passion in the work place, the United States pumping out some of the worst movies the last couple years, the recent cancellation of internet personality, Andrew Tate, and the possibility of us living in a simulation. Find out about this and much more in the 40th episode of The 412 Podcast!


#39 - I Don’t Want No Stray Milk

The guys share what’s being going on in their lives the last couple weeks before diving into the latest from the MLB Trade Deadline. Matt shares a story of how two individuals were able to steal his wallet from him, amongst other important things, at a Planet Fitness. Because of this, he wasn’t able to see some of the notable moves that took place, like Juan Soto & Josh Bell to the Padres, Austin Riley signing a huge extension with the Braves, the Dodgers bringing in a struggling Joey Gallo, lack of moves in New York, or even a surprising move to get rid of an ace in Milwaukee. The guys move on to the NFL and discuss all the buzz surrounding teams and their camps. A variety of videos have gone viral of QBs and their respective wide receivers, some doing a little extra in order to salvage that viral bit. The guys dive into the camps of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angelas Rams, and Miami Dolphins. This leads to Matt asking about all the different legal issues surrounding the Dolphins organization over the last few years that have recently been brought to light. Tanner elaborates on the tampering done with both Tom Brady and Sean Payton, as well as the story involving Brian Flores and whether he was informed to tank games in the 2019 NFL season. After only losing a first round draft pick, and being hit with a $1.5 million fine, is that enough to deter this from happening again in the future? Alongside this, Matt, Jeff & Tanner discuss the legal situation regarding Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns, and the National Football League. Watson was given a 6-game suspension by a judge on Monday, but this was appealed by the NFL two days later. We now await to hear the next moves as the NFL is moving towards indefinitely suspending him from the league. What could this mean for the QB that appears to be locked in long term with the Browns franchise? Outside of sports, the team discusses Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan, China and Russia creating their own currency, Alex Jones going to trial for his Sandy Hook comments, best streaming services, upcoming Marvel and DC films, VR porn, AI intelligence, and a few wild stories of their own. Tune in for a roller coaster on this episode of The 412 Podcast!


#38 - It's A Vibe, Let's Catch One

From the grocery store to gas stations, to even hospitals, it's as if no one wants to work. Jeff, Matt & Tanner discuss the lack of training in the workplace nowadays to begin the show before moving on to talking about the MLB All Star Break. The guys break down the MLB Home Run Derby and which teams look the best going into the halfway point of the season. Are the Cardinals in a position to pass the Brewers for first place in the NL Central? Are the defending champs able to surpass Jeff's red hot New York Mets? With three teams capable of winning the AL Central, who does Tanner think will come out on top come October? Outside of the baseball talk, the guys dive into the recent stories surrounding the National Football League. Deshaun Watson may be looking at a suspension by the NFL, although there's a chance he may sue if so. Zach Wilson apparently cheated on his girlfriend with one of his mom's smoking hot friends. Ja'Marr Chase was snubbed from Madden's Top 10 WR list and Lamar Jackson missed out on ESPN's Top 10 QBs going into the 2022-23 season. The guys dig into these stories, as well as who they believe will come out of the AFC East and AFC North. Alongside the sports talk, Jeff, Matt & Tanner discuss their lives and what's been going on as of recently in the world. What are their top 3 favorite football movies of all time? Which celebrities did they have a crush on growing up? How is one of the guys holding up after taking edibles for the first time? Find out about this, and much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!


#37 - The Boys Are Back In Town

It's been a while, but the guys are back and funnier than ever! They start off by talking about how life has been since the last time they've completed a show, while sharing their vacations they've all went on over the last few months. Jeff shares a funny story about his Carnival Cruise, right as ongoing concerns rose regarding the cruise named 'Carnival Freedom' that was docked in May due to flames erupting from the smokestack. Tanner and Matt share their fears of the ocean, while Jeff tries to bring their minds at ease. The world has changed so much since the last the guys' spoke, so they continue by talking about inflation and how gas prices have exceeded $5/gallon as we approach the summer months. Inflation isn't the only issues in the world today, as we continue to see a new mass shooter on the news every week. This past week, a 21-year old by the name of Robert E. Crimo III went to the rooftop of a building and began firing upon individuals at an Independence Day parade in Highland Park, approximately 25 miles north of Chicago, killing 7 people and wounding almost 50. Tanner breaks down how everything happened, alongside the negligence of both the parents and law enforcement throughout the past few years. With many people demanding for new gun laws, this recent shooting only amplifies the need for gun reform, or at least further discussion. Outside of the negativity of the world, the guys discuss what's been going on in sports, but more specifically the UFC and its recent UFC 276 Pay Per View event. Tanner and Matt breakdown each of the fights from the card and give their insight into what happened and what's to come. Sean O'Malley's fight ended quickly due to an accidental eye poke, Max Holloway left the octagon with a loss & two badly damaged eyes, and the champion Isreal Adensanya put on yet another boring performance. Was the eye poke blown out of proportion? Could Pedro Munhoz of embellished the eye poke in an attempt to avoid a loss? Is this the last we'll see of Holloway competing for the belt? Is there a new champion in the Featherweight division that's here to stay? After Israel's Undertaker walkout was more talked about than his fight, what's next for the Middleweight Champion? Find out about this, and much more, on episode #37 of The 412 Podcast!


#36 - Fear Porn

The guys start off the podcast talking about the NFL Divisional Round and end the show with their betting predictions going into the Conference Round. This past weekend, the Bengals' rookie kicker Evan McPherson helped secure a win against the #1 seeded Titans, going on to say, "Well, looks like we're going to the AFC Championship" prior to his 52-yard game winning field goal. The Rams showed the world in three quarters what they're capable of, while also allowing Tom Brady to do what the world knows he's capable of - but this time coming up short. The Bills and Chiefs' game may have been one of the most interesting games all season, ending in overtime in a way that now has people questioning the NFL's overtime rules. The defense of the 49ers was able to hold a Packers offense that, up until this past weekend, looked unstoppable on offense. With the Packers' loss on Sunday night, many rushed to social media to poke jabs at the reigning MVP, who managed to not only lose again in the playoffs, but to a 49ers team that he's now winless against in the postseason. With recent comments made from Rodgers regarding how he owns the Chicago Bears, it was only fitting for the San Francisco fan base to express how they are the ones who own Aaron Rodgers. To pile on the blows, the social media trolls were quick to attack Rodgers after he went on Pat McAfee's show this week and stated that certain people have begun saying negative things simply because he's unvaccinated, making the loss that much more difficult. With Aaron Rodgers' future in question after expressing concern with the rebuilding process in Green Bay, the guys debate which team the back to back MVP will be playing for going into the 2022-23 NFL offseason. Alongside the sports talk, Jeff, Matt & Tanner banter on about a variety of entertainment-based stories going on around the world today. From Kanye West (Ye) telling the world he wants to kick Pete Davidson's ass to Bitcoin and Ethereum no longer being the crypto currencies of the future, the stories get more and more ridiculous. Find out about all this, amongst so much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!


#35 - They Need to Stop Playing With Viruses, Man

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING! The 412 Podcast start off 2022 with Matt asking Jeff and Tanner a question they didn't expect. With the new covid variant Deltacron being created because of a mishap in a lab, Tanner asks the question of why the hell are we handling viruses so carelessly, especially as we're now almost three years into a pandemic from arguably this same negligence? He's watched enough Resident Evil in his day to know that if you're going to play with that stuff, go underground and do it. With restrictions in the United States due to covid lessoning, countries like Canada are boarding up their walls and keeping their citizens away from the possibility of infection. The guys share how Canada's free health care could be the reasoning for the recent, harsh restrictions compared to other places in the world. President Biden has openly come out and expressed how he has influenced major social media platforms into censoring content that he, and the people in office, don't appreciate and believe to be true. This censoring on platforms like Twitter has resulted in a new social media platform called GETTR to climb its way up the charts, as it approached 4 million active users within 6 months. Content Creators are taking the world by storm and a new Netflix documentary series Hype House has people that much more interested in the new way to make money each month. Tanner shares his opinion on the new TV series, alongside some insight into a pretty dark side of the company not many people are talking about. Outside of all that, Jeff, Matt, and Tanner also discuss the 2021-22 NFL Playoffs and give their opinions on who could win each NFL Seasonal Award. Who will win NFL MVP? Will the Steelers find a way to defeat the Chiefs? Will Tom Brady be able to defeat a tough Philadelphia defense? Should we be expecting a shoot out between the Cardinals and Rams? Are the 49ers a dark horse in the NFC? Find out about this, and so much more, in the most vulgar episode of The 412 Podcast to date.


#34 - We Survived A Global Pandemic, We'll Survive Your Ego

Urban Meyer signed a 5-year contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars in January of 2021. Not even a year into the contract and he's been fired by the team. The guys dig into all of the issues surrounding the former NFL coach, who appeared to have something negative surrounding him every single week. A more successful coach in the media spotlight, though, is Deion Sanders out of Jackson State. We learned this past week that the team was able to secure the #2 recruit in the nation, Travis Hunter. With these coaches appearing to be polar opposites, Jeff introduces the question of who would you rather play for - Urban Meyer or Deion Sanders? With the new NIL deals in college sports, will we begin to see more players being influenced to attend schools like JSU, creating a more, even playing field throughout college sports? Jackson Mahomes went to social media this week to bash SoT Bar in Kansas City for not accommodating his large party. The bar came out with a social media post of their own, explaining the situation in more detail and completely torching Jackson in the process. The guys break down this story and give you some funny details surrounding the whole ordeal. Alongside the NFL talk, the guys discuss how Jake Paul is in the news again as he takes on Tyron Woodley for the second time. We expected to see Paul fight Tommy Fury, but due to injury he had to pull out. Paul reached out to Tyron Woodley and the two set up their rematch. Rumors went viral over the last year that the Paul brothers don't allow for their opponents to knock them out, so an interesting change in the Paul vs Woodley II was made. Paul has stated that $500,000 would be awarded to Tyron Woodley if he were to knock the YouTube star out at any point in their match, squashing the speculation that his fights are fake prior to their match on December 18, 2021. Find out about this, and much more, on the 34th episode of The 412 Podcast!


#33 - If You Don't Participate, We're Going To War

President Biden has recently come out and stated that he would not be sending government officials to the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games in protest of China's human rights violations. The guys dig into this, and share some recent abuse from the Chinese government towards the Uyghurs in Xinjiang and a recent tennis star, Peng Shuai, who came out against them. Alongside some political talk, the guys dive into the NBA, NFL, and the Travis Scott Astroworld tragedy. Scott was recently served a $10 Billion lawsuit for the 10 lives that were lost at the event. He recently broke his silence, but never took responsibility for what took place. The guys share their opinions on the situation and give suggestions for how to avoid these things from happening in the future. Chase Claypool has recently been scolded by the media and the Steelers fanbase for his behavior on the field. Matt shares a recent story of how Claypool came into his place of work and acted in a very similar fashion. With the Pittsburgh Steelers playoff chances at risk, is it time to move on from the potential star wide receiver? Find out about this, and much more, on this episode of The 412 Podcast!


#32 - Ghislaine Maxwell

The guys begin the show talking about personal pet peeves, which quickly turns to them discussing the different news agencies and their poor journalism throughout the last few months as a variety of high profile cases were put on display for the world to see. Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery were the two cases recently to gain a major spotlight throughout the country, and even the world. The guys give their input on these two cases, while picking apart the different narratives being spun up by the likes of ABC, Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC throughout the time they were going on. With the media picking and choosing what they want to showcase to the world, it's becoming more difficult to find out any information surrounding the trial going on in federal court involving Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxell, and many popular celebrities, political figures, and high profile people. Jeff, Matt, and Tanner share some recent information they've discovered about this case that the news agencies, for whatever reason, don't want you to know about. Alongside all this chaos, the guys finish off the show talking about the College Football Playoff and the 4-6 teams that have a chance at playing for a national championship. They also dive into the recent struggles of the Pittsburgh Steelers and their upcoming Week 13 matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.


#32 - Ghislaine Maxwell

The guys begin the show talking about personal pet peeves, which quickly turns to them discussing the different news agencies and their poor journalism throughout the last few months as a variety of high profile cases were put on display for the world to see. Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery were the two cases recently to gain a major spotlight throughout the country, and even the world. The guys give their input on these two cases, while picking apart the different narratives being spun...


#31 - John Wick to John Sick

The guys begin by discussing the off-field situations surrounding Aaron Rodgers, Henry Ruggs III, and Calvin Ridley. Rodgers was recently interviewed in August, where he stated that he was immunized, but never said whether or not he was vaccinated. After becoming COVID positive leading up to the Packers' game against the Chiefs, people have begun to wonder if the reigning NFL MVP lied, violating NFL protocols in the process. The Raiders star wide receiver, Henry Ruggs, was recently arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) as well as wreckless driving, with speeds of upwards of 156mph, resulting in the death of a 23-year-old woman and her dog. With the world against Ruggs for his poor decisions, the Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr, recently came out and said that he'd support Ruggs since it appears no one else will. With Ruggs having a bestfriend pass away from a drunk driver incident in the past, does Ruggs deserve the sympathy? What's going on with Calvin Ridley and his mental health, as he retired this past weekend leading up to the Falcons game against the Panthers. Did the game become too much for the promising WR, or was it something that we don't quite understand just yet? Outside of these three situations, the guys go on to talk about the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series over the Astros, Buster Posey retiring from Major League Baseball, EDM concerts, and some upcoming social media platforms that could surpass the likes of Facebook in the future. What makes someone like Freddie Freeman so deserving of a championship? Is Posey the greatest catcher of all time, or does Tanner think there's someone else we should consider? What are some of Jeff and Matt's crazy EDM stories they've experienced over the years? With Facebook recently changing their name to Meta, to avoid backlash from active lawsuits, what should we expect from the upcoming Metaverse? What are some other platforms to be on the look out for in the future? Find out about all this, and much more, on the newest episode of The 412 Podcast!


#30 - That Ain't A Hobby, That's a Lifestyle

The guys start off by discussing their favorite drinks to order from Starbucks before getting into the recent news surrounding Brian Laundrie and his parents. The FBI recently were able to speak with Christopher and Roberta Laundrie. The two of them have continued to evade questions, having only their lawyers answer them up until this week. The guys discuss how after only one day of speaking with the parents, the FBI agents were directed to search the Carlton Reserve. Once there, they soon found belongings and partial remains of Brian Laundrie. Were the parents involved? Did they recently accept a plea bargain and that's why they "finally" gave information about the whereabouts of their son? Why was the question of Brian's Laundrie's favorite hiking spot only asked now? Alongside this, the guys talk about how the national spotlight can impact ones behavior, the best moments of Game of Thrones, the recent walkout at Netflix, Dave Chapelle's recent special that angered so many people, and their predictions of not only Week 7 of the NFL, but the upcoming NBA season as well. What are some of the gang's favorite episodes, and characters, in Game of Thrones as they await the prequel, House of the Dragon, which will release in 2022? What has multiple employees at Netflix walking out in protest? Who are the MVP favorites through six weeks of NFL football? What are some of the best bets going into the 2021-22 NBA season that you should look out for? Find out about all of this, and so much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!


#29 - Urban Meyer: A Dark Liquor Guy

The guys start off by discussing the first 5 weeks of the NFL regular season: Mac Jones went on to play his heart out against one of the greatest quarterbacks. Tom Brady wins one of the most prestigious records in sports and no one seemed to care. The Saints took on the Giants and for whatever reason allowed Daniel Jones to be lights out. The Falcons showcased why they're easily the worst coached 4th quarter team of all time. The NFC West appears to be the best division in the National Football League, Justin Fields had a very manageable first start, Ben Roethlisberger can’t throw the ball to save his life, and Stephon Gilmore now plays for the already great defense in Carolina. Throughout all of this, though, the Jacksonville Jaguars not only lost their fourth-straight game on Thursday Night Football against Joe Burrow and the red hot Bengals, but they found out their head coach Urban Meyer is more than likely a dark liquor guy. Alongside this, the guys talk about the MLB Playoffs, the return of the NBA, NFTs, crypto currencies, what's good to watch on television these days, and ways to create passive income so you can begin enjoying your life. The guys are all over the place as they return from a few-week hiatus. What happened to the Yankees in the AL Wild Card against the Boston Red Sox? How about the Dodgers, who barely squeaked by the Cardinals in the NL Wild Card? Do they have much of a chance as they take on the Giants, who held the best record in the regular season this year? Why are NFTs something you should be cautious of as they continue to gain popularity? What are Jeff and Tanner's opinions on Squid Game, Alice in Borderland, The Guilty, as well as Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings? What happened this past week with Uber Eats that has Tanner cursing more in 5 minutes than he has since the show was created last November? Are you tired of your current job and looking for a way to create a passive income? Then be sure to tune in to this episode to have all these questions answered, and so much more!


#28 - For The Love Of God, Don't Drop A Baby

This episode of the podcast starts off with the gang talking about different urban legends, skin-walkers, and for whatever reason - serial killers. What are skin-walkers? What are some of the urban legends and stories surrounding these human-like creatures? Why aren't more people talking about active serial killers? With another movie about Ted Bundy coming out this month, has Hollywood gone too far with glorifying serial killers? Alongside this, the guys talk about Week 1 of the 2021-22 NFL regular season and also discuss how Jeff will begin birthing babies in nursing school starting this week. How will each of the rookie quarterbacks do going into their first game? What are each of the guys' top 5 teams out of the AFC and NFC? Who has the best chance of winning the MVP this year? How is Jeff preparing for the next stage of nursing school? Find out about this, and much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!


#27 - The Biden Booster

Matt and Tanner start off by congratulating Jeff on his final for nursing school, which eventually turns into banter about President Biden, the different COVID-19 delta variants, vaccines, and the issues going on in Afghanistan. Is there a chance that we'll be returning to some form of a lock down? Will the American people be forced to get a vaccine in the near future? With Jeff getting the second round of the vaccine this week, why will he not be considered "fully-vaccinated" in just a short period of time after? What's the booster he'll be needing in the future? What are Tanner's thoughts on what's taking place in the middle east? Was an error made by the United States by pulling the troops in May of this year and ultimately abandoning Afghanistan, as well as its people? Alongside this, the team discusses Weeks 1 and 2 of the NFL Preseason, OnlyFans no longer wanting to support sexual content on their platform, how ridiculous a 'Workers Tax' is, and they also debate about the best reality television shows. Will the Chicago Bears be starting QB Andy Dalton, or the promising rookie in Justin Fields? Does Matt think it's a good idea for Baker Mayfield to bet on himself this year before landing a major contract? Why does Tanner seem to think the Patriots are going to be a major threat this year in the AFC? Should we cancel Jack Morris after his comments made about Shohei Otani as he was broadcasting? Does OnlyFans have any chance of success if they no longer support nudity on their platform? Which one of the guys enjoy Floribama Shore, while the other thinks Below Deck is the best reality television show? Find out about all of this, and so much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!


#26 - There's Only So Many Flips Before You Flop

The guys get back together after a few weeks and discuss the recent trades and offseason signings in the NBA. They also discuss the 2021 Olympics and the buzz surrounding Simone Biles. What does the Russell Westbrook signing mean for the Lakers' chance at a championship? Will Kemba Walker help progress the Knicks further into the playoffs? Are the Miami Heat a dark horse going into this upcoming year? What happened to Simone, during the Olympics, regarding her mental health? Alongside this, the guys talk about the weather manipulation happening in Dubai, the Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fight, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley fight, as well as ways to better your life. Find out about this and so much more, on this episode of The 412 Podcast!


#25 - Rat Tails Are Always Wildcards

The guys discuss the chatter surrounding Devin Bush and Mark Madden’s recent behavior on Twitter, which prompts each of the guys to give their predictions on how the Steelers will do this upcoming season. Are there still issues within the Steelers locker room? Was Devin Bush hacked on social media, is he trolling, or has he gone bat shit crazy? What’s the reasoning for Mark Madden recent outbursts on Twitter regarding small media channels that cover sports in the local area? What will it take for the Steelers to return to the success they were showcasing throughout the first 11 games of last season? Alongside this, they also discuss their thoughts on the 2021 NBA Finals, who they consider to be the best in each sport, and break down UFC 264 before the fights this weekend. Will the Suns be able to maintain their success throughout this season and capture their first championship? Who do they think are the best sports athletes of all time? Will Conor McGregor be able to defeat Dustin Poirier in this trilogy fight? Find out about this, and much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!


#24 - Dead in Five Days

Season 3 is upon us and the guys discuss the NBA Playoffs, more specifically the Phoenix Suns, and also share their opinions on the actions of USA Olympian, Gwen Berry. With injuries impacting both the Bucks and Hawks, which team has the better chance of moving on? Do the Suns have the easiest path to winning the championship? Is Gwen Berry in the wrong for what she did this past weekend as she represented the United States? Alongside this, the guys also discuss the Deep State, problems regarding homelessness, how to survive in the wild, colonizing Mars, and the rich elite. What are some things going on in the world that appear as though there’s a Deep State behind the scenes? With homelessness taking over in almost every major city, what are some suggestions the guys’ have regarding how to fix the issue? How would Tanner, Matt, and Jeff build a fire if they were stranded in the middle of nowhere? What are the future plans for billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Robert Johnson? Find out about this, and much more, in the Season 3 premiere of The 412 Podcast!


#23 - You Hate to See It

As we go into June, the guys discuss the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as the issues surrounding Robert Morris University and their hockey programs. What's going on in Los Angeles as both the Lakers and Clippers struggle in each of their first round series? Are these Suns capable of winning it all? Are the Nets too good to lose? Who's to blame for the Pittsburgh Penguins' early exit? Who's most likely to win the Stanley Cup as we approach Round 2? Why would Robert Morris eliminate both the Mens and Women's Hockey programs? What is Chris Howard's reasoning for doing this and does he have some type of malicious agenda? With the lack of transparency between the school and its students, the guys try and breakdown everything surrounding the situation at Robert Morris. Alongside this, Matt asks the guys, "If you were to have sex with anyone in the world, and they died right afterwards, who would it be?" This leads to hilarious banter, as the guys attempt to select people for the "greater" good. But prepare, because Jeff's pick may surprise you. After this question, the guys dive into topics that many people are shying away from in the media today due to "Woke Culture" and the fear of being canceled. What are the guys opinions on transgender people in sports? Should biological males be allowed to play in female sports, or does that create an issue for biological females who are trying to compete? Should they create their own league? Why would anyone want to join Scientology? Why have people like Tom Cruise done so? With all of the controversies surrounding the Church of Scientology, what are some things the guys have heard regarding the darker aspects of the religion? Find out about all of this, and much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!