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1: TAB - Season 2 Ep. 1 - I'm Going Home

We kick off season 2 with the full conversation with Ali Steele discussing his recent voyage to the motherland specifically Ghana. We delved into the sights and sounds experienced as well as the emotions of returning Home. Topics on vaccinations, cost, emotions of the experience and so much else. Check it out!


12: TAB - 12 - Artist Corner Extended - LeAnna Eden

In episode 12 Csincere had the opportunity to speak with LeAnna Eden. The intentions were to speak about the upcoming Bla-Alt Festival in Charlotte, NC at Camp North End on 10/20/18. What was unexpected is the candor and intimate look at how the trials and tribulation of this artist/promoter/curator built everything LeAnna Eden is doing now! Enjoy as this extended Artist Corner conversation will leave you emotional!


11: TAB Ep. 11 - Artist Corner Extended - Underground Edition

On Episode 11 we have the pleasure of having the mother of the underground, the principal curator of the underground, and the overall community guru Ms. Bunny stops by an extended Artist Corner where we discuss the very dope Artistic point of view Ms. Bunny and the Underground Mobile Studio. Check it out and support such a great person!


10: TAB Ep. 10 - African Hustle

On Episode 10 we explore the African Hustle! Is it engrained? Is it a byproduct of the conditions in Africa? Is it weaved into the traditional practices? We discuss the various African Hustles we encountered along the way and Dionne "Dupp" Galloway one half of the Iconic local brand/venue/influencers Dupp & Swat stops by the Artist Corner to give us the run down of all things Dupp & Swat!


9: TAB Ep. 9 -26 on you

In this Episode we celebrate with Liberia as they celebrated their Independence day as a Nation on July 26th! We discuss various topics relating to the celebration, a brief history on Liberia, Liberia's Jollof Rice dominance, and special guest Jonathan Cooper of Liberian decent/friend of the podcast sits and discusses his take on Liberia as well. We also have the very gifted vocalist Dexter Jordan in the building on the Artist Corner giving us the ins & outs of his life/career!


8: TAB Ep. 8 - 3rd World Truths

In this Episode we bring on Liqueur from the podcast Liqueur N Luxe to give us the woman's perspective that we desperately need. We discuss the 3rd World Mentality vs the 1st World Reality. Our own 3rd world truths! On This weeks Artist Corner Cinscere chops it up with Ali Steele and we get a snippet of his talents!


7: TAB Ep. 7 - Abyssinia United

In this Episode Si Fi & C welcome Steve a special guest and the trio discuss the recent peace accord between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The trio give a brief background on the shaky relationship of the 2 countries all the way through the present time as well as what could transpire from these new beginnings! On Undercover African Si Fi explores one of the most unique and Iconic singers of the ages and her ties to Nigeria!


6: TAB Ep. 6 - Controversy

In this Episode Si Fi & Cinscere address a sudden shift that happens within the The African Booty Scratchers production going forward. Also, they highlight certain aspects of relationships, African Pride, and a surprise guest crashes the end of the show to bring a fiery different view. Ali Steele jumps in for a swift take on a few issues while dropping by. Finally NiGE Hood stops by the Artist Corner and tells us about Jimi Hendrix as an influencer to his style outside of Hip Hop, a little...


5: TAB Ep. 5 - Unconventional Work

Episode 5 brings guest host Black Linen to discuss a topic that rings true to most Africans in America.... if you have an unconventional career or job African Parents Just Don't Understand! The group goes in depth on vocations that aren't the professions that African Traditional households push for and how those decisions lead to a bevy of various topics! Also, on the Artist Corner following the discussion we have Railz the Principle discussing up & coming events such as the Menu Series...


4: TAB Ep. 4 - Juneteenth

The African 3 discuss the origins of a celebration rooted in a dark history. Juneteenth brings a discussion of understanding and deliberating where the celebration stems from and how it affects so many. The group discusses how Africans see the celebration and the words start flying. Also, the 2nd installment of Undercover Africans explores the dance moves in This is America!


3: TAB Ep. 3 - Local Vibes Part 2

In Part 2 of Local Vibes the African 3 explore the different places and events that take place around the City of Charlotte and how it all hits them! Of course they discuss how the African Tint shines in the urban palace that is Charlotte, NC and how certain principles affect the outcome of the surrounding landscape!


TAB Ep 2 - Local Vibes Part 1

In Episode 2 The African Booty Scratchers introduce you to the local vibes in their hometown of Charlotte, NC! Guiding you through the journey of 3 Africans growing up in the up & coming city of Charlotte. These local vibes consist of the ins & outs of Charlotte beginning with everyones initial experiences up until present day. In Part 1 the African Tabs discuss the early beginnings of their acclimation & assimilation in to cultural norms in the American as apple pie city of Charlotte, NC....


TAB Ep. 1 - The Term

The Pilot Episode of The African Booty Scratchers brings a unique conversation between 3 perspectives growing up in traditional African homes while growing up in America. The discussions are wide and raw that dive into a full spectrum of experiences with an African tint. Coming to America crashes into the digital airlines to bring funny and introspective views from a multitude of African cultures in an American overtone!