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Episode 113: "Chocolate City's Best" with Kapri Robinson

Kapri Robinson is a DC-based bartender, Santa Teresa 1796 Rum ambassador, and creator of Chocolate City's Best. The almost-year-old organization's mission is to enhance the careers of people of color in the food and beverage industry through competitions, educational classes, art, panels, and workshops. Geronimo talks with Kapri about achievements of CCB in its first year and the embrace of cocktail culture within the Black community. #NecessaryListening Listen to Robert Jay's "Can't Believe...


Episode 112: "Purposeful MVEMNT" with Anwaa Kong

Anwaa Kong is a Jamaican-born entrepreneur who has made many pivots within his lifestyle marketing career. He currently works with Martell Cognac and recently launched a social lifestyle app called MVEMNT. Geronimo has watched Anwaa wear several entrepreneurial hats throughout the years - nightlife photographer, media publisher, radio station owner, and more in-between. The guys talk about why the ability to pivot and reinvent ourselves while working in lifestyle is so necessary, and lessons...


Episode 111: "Blvck Broadway" with Akil Wilson

Akil Wilson is a proud Uptown DC native and has made the U Street Corridor his stomping grounds for many years. He’s the founder and 1/2 of The Blvck Broadway Show, DC’s #1 podcast highlighting music, politics, and culture now recording at Eaton House also in Washington, DC. Akil recently opened his own barbershop, aptly naming it "neat." - Always lowercase with a period at the end. The guys talk about being culture creators who walk the fine line that separates Old DC and New DC, and how...


Episode 110: “Redefine the Culture, Renovate the Soul” with Polo Silk and E. Buckles

A lot happening on this episode, including a major announcement at the end of the show. Robert dropped a new record, now available on SoundCloud ( We also got the past, present, and future of New Orleans all in one episode. Polo Silk (aka The Ghetto Olan Mills aka Gordon Parks of the Streets) has photographed the people of New Orleans' Black neighborhoods and beyond for three decades, which led to his recent partnership with...


Episode 109: “Music is the Answer - Summer Vacation” with M.A.Q. of Supreme Beings

It's officially summer which means it's time for another music episode where we talk with music artists and industry professionals about their careers, and have no holds barred conversations about what's happening across the music industry. Geronimo talks with New Orleans based artist manager, entrepreneur, and podcaster M.A.Q. (Massive Amounts of Quality) about the beginnings of bounce and its current moment in popular music (7:49), a need for change in NOLA radio (19:00), NOLA rappers you...


Episode 108 - "Northernmost Caribbean City?" with NOLA Caribbean Experience

This week's episode is all about Caribbean Carnival vibes, not on the islands south of the U.S. though, but actually right here in the Big Easy. New Orleans is known for many things. Being the northernmost Caribbean city, however, isn't widespread knowledge. Since Geronimo is a half-blooded Trinidadian and looks for any opportunity to be in the mix, we decided to bring in Joel Hitchcock Tilton + Trini Cindy - the minds behind the four-day long celebration known as NOLA Caribbean Experience....


Episode 107 - "Culinary Chemist" with Chef Charly Pierre

This week's guest is Chef Charly Pierre, co-owner of Fritai (pronounced "Free-tie") inside of New Orleans' St. Roch Market. We talk with him about working in restaurant kitchens to owning one (13:21), the desire for Haitian culture and history in 2019 (23:34), winning Chopped (1:03:02), the future of Fritai (1:13:00), the Culture of Communication (1:27:50), and Random Aside (1:39:23) #NecessaryListening Send all comments and questions: Email - Phone - (202) 780-6181...


Episode 106 - "Who Made The Potato Salad?" with Geronimo Knows + Robert Jay

Something we're good at doing on The All the Fly Kids Show is pivoting on the fly. Our guest needed to reschedule due to a family emergency and as the universe would have it, we got a last minute invite to a Memorial Day cookout. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to capture the energy of the day and a Black function. Shout out to friend of the show and photographer extraordinaire, Dr. Devonte Williford, for plugging us into the festivities. #NecessaryListening Show notes: 5:45 -...


Episode 105 - "Mercury in Gatorade?" with Gypsi Lewis

Our favorite well-balanced holistic thug, Gypsi Lewis aka "Gypsi Hussle", is back to give us all a primer on a few things because the #GoogleWitch epidemic is becoming out of hand #NecessaryListening: 3:39: What Mercury, along with the other planets, being in retrograde means and why we should care 13:25: Natal Charts? Aren’t those the pre- and post-partum doctor’s notes? 26:23 - Zodiac signs - Useful tools of the universe, not your daily zodiac reading and Gypsi needs an assistant 32:56 -...


Episode 104: "Pop Style" with Shawn Forbes of Regarding Fresh

Regarding Fresh, or re:fresh for short, is a premier lifestyle boutique located in the French Quarter, selling mid-range and high-end men’s and women’s apparel and the first store of its kind in New Orleans. The boutique's owner, Shawn Forbes, is our guest this week and gives us a dope episode full of fashion and life knowledge we all can use. #NecessaryListening Comments + Questions: Email - info[at]alltheflykids[dot]com Phone (202) 780-6181 Show Notes: 7:21 - Making his way from Brooklyn...


Episode 103: "Creative Control" with Geronimo Knows + Robert Jay

We talk about creative control this episode and kick off the show with our first listener topic submission, revolutionizing the music industry for independent artists to get the money back into their hands through vertical integration (8:23), Facebook is banning every damn body and we’ve all gone soft (37:15), The $60k/yr entrepreneur vs the $500k/yr employee Twitter conversation >>>> The $200 date Twitter conversation (53:05), and financially leveling up the Black community + a quick...


Episode 102: "The Return to Indifference" with Geronimo Knows + Robert Jay

Is it a wrap for Instagram influencers? Culture and lifestyle vertical, Quartzy, recently published an article entitled “Instagram Influencers Are Out, Slackers Are In” ( to answer this question. We break down this article and get into the details of being an Instagram influencer and answer the question of whether it’s even possible to be a modern-day slacker. We also talk about Jay Z’s Nipsey Hussle inspired freestyle he performed at his B-Sides show in NYC on Friday,...


Episode 101: "Black To Business" with Geronimo Knows + Robert Jay

Since Nipsey Hussle's passing, there have been even more conversations being had among Blacks about opening businesses, community investment, putting each other on, and showing all facets of culture throughout the diaspora. This episode is a refresher, not so much a primer, on all of this work being done. We also [successfully] went live on Instagram this week and will be keeping it up for future episodes. Peace to [at]amariteal and [at]tactusjack for rapping with us on the livestream!...


Episode 100: "Music Is the Answer - Spring Cleaning" with DJ RQ Away

Episode 100 is FINALLY here and it's a music episode. It's been a minute since we've done one of these, so why not do a milestone episode speaking on the greatest of equalizers, right? Our guest this week is DJ RQ Away. The New Orleans based selector is 13 years in the game and is best known for his weekly party, The Tipping Point, every Friday at Dragon's Den and Lagniappe at Tipitina's. He's also founder of Away Team - a network of open-minded, art conscious individuals connected by music,...


Episode 99: "Men of Honor" with Derin Lindsey of Black New Orleans

One more 'til we hit another milestone! Derin Lindsey is a graphic/web designer, event producer, and public speaker based in New Orleans. He’s the founder of Black New Orleans - an organization highlighting and celebrating Black businesses, events, artists, restaurants, and professionals in the city. If you’ve seen Geronimo around New Orleans lately or follow him on Instagram, you’ve seen him sporting a NOLA Black Men lapel pin. We talk to Derin about his NOLA Black Men campaign celebrating...


Episode 98: "Who Do You Think You Are?" with Geronimo Knows + Robert Jay

Pardon our tardiness family. It's been quite a week for both of us. The good news is, Geronimo FINALLY found a great place to live and you'll be hearing episodes with just us once a month. Thank some highly valued listener feedback for this decision. This week's episode is not about Us (we'll have our thoughts on the movie on next week's episode) but is all about insecurity and entitlement. We get a little honest with y'all and talk about YesJulz, her Capers who are posing as pacifists, and...


Episode 97: "Radio to the Video to Arsenio" with DC Paul

Peace family! Our guest this week is New Orleans' own DC Paul aka "The Millennial Arsenio." We switched up the order of the show and kicked things off with Random Aside and got a great backstory in the midst on how DC became the actor, comedian, event, and radio host we know today. In true Random Aside fashion, we hear about his love for sweaters, why Black Thighs Matter (, and what happens when you do 'shrooms in Amsterdam. Ya know, the usual laughing and learning...


Episode 96: "Everybody Eats" with Ashtin R. Berry

Hospitality is a fabric weaved into all our lives - for better or worse. You've probably eaten at a restaurant with waitstaff, with many of us having worked at a bar or restaurant in some capacity. There's plenty good and not-so-good to be experienced as a bar/restaurant employee or patron. We decided to bring in someone who is working to make these experiences better for Black folks, people of color, women, LGBTQ people in particular. This week's guest is writer, consultant, and hospitality...


Episode 95: "Mardi Gras at Midnight" Live from New Orleans

Mardi Gras just passed on Tuesday and it truly is "an experience" you should have at least once. This was Geronimo's first and Robert's second Mardi Gras and the guys thought it would be dope to hear from native New Orleanians, long-time residents, and people just in town for the festivities. You're going to get the good, bad, and ugly of what Mardi Gras means to folks and their most memorable stories. If you haven't been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, you'll be ready to book a flight after...


Episode 94 - "Two Can Win" with Geronimo Knows and Robert Jay

No guest this week but that doesn't mean the conversation was a no-go. Geronimo and Robert cover a bunch of topics important to the culture: - Dame Dash's Apology, No Homo - Jussie Smollett Allegedly Playing Himself - It's About Time, R. Kelly - Hyper-Masculinity is on Shaky Ground - Lessons Before Blessings in NOLA - "Rose Gold" + "Thru the City" with Robert Jay - Coming Out Ain't Just for LGBTQ Folks Geronimo may start doing stand up after this episode...or maybe not. We had plenty of...