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Are School Taxes Supporting The Westside Project?

It's been awhile so we had to hit you with a megasode. Dated a few months back, this episode aged like fine wine... or beer. We start with 30 minutes of talk on infrastructure, race, and politics, then jump into beer, mo' politics, Offset & Cardi B and the rap game. #ATLSalute goes to: Dad's Garage's own Ed, Tom, and Rueben of the "You're Welcome, Hollywood" Podcast What's On TAP? (9:30) , CINNAMON COCOA COFFEE DRAFTY KILT ABV 7.2% - Monday Night Brewing Cinnamon is a versatile spice....


Into The New Nu with Fabian Williams

We were invited out to chop it up with The Occasional Superstar Fabian Williams, famous local muralist that has covered Atlanta with intergalactic versions of civil rights heroes. We actually went into New Nu, his studio which was so awesome, and Fabe drops tons on jewels on here while we talk politics, R.Kelly, the booming Atlanta art scene and its funding crisis, the Squishiepuss controversy, and his Rick James Experience event. So sit back, imagine your in the studio with us and you're...


Atlannah: Infinity Mirrors

Bustin' into 2019! The guys discuss the desire to see Infinity Mirrors at The High (40:30), Insurance Fraud Charges on a former gubernatorial candidate (31:02), and a very dark addition to "Guess The Race" (17:15). #ATLSalute goes to: Luis Martinez (51:01) What's On TAP? (9:30) Belgian Rose ABV 7% - Sweetwater Brewing Company a Woodlands project, a Belgian ale aged for three years with lactobacillus, pediococcus, brettanomyces bruxellensis, and brettanomyces claussenii in a blend of...


2nd Annual Christmas -n- Atlanta Episode

Celebrating Christmas as they usually do, the guys of TAP talk about the locally grown business of Elf on a Shelf, Christmas movies, Christmas events, and a heated conversation on if Will Ferrell is funny or not. #ATLSalute goes to: Will Ferrell What's On TAP? REDNECK CHRISTMAS STOUT - JEKYLL BREWING This beer is their homage to those early holiday mornings. An Imperial Stout brewed with coffee, chocolate and peppermint, makes this is the perfect beer for the holidays…especially with...


Black Friday Bonus Episode

Need a break from family (and possibly food)? Have a seat at the table with TAP and here some positive vibes in this ridiculous bonus episode. #ATLSalute goes to: Kalena Bee aka @kalenagrams Thanksgiving DJ Mix by DJ DonYeezy What's On TAP? TAP Takeover with Wild Leap Brew Co. from LaGrange, GA ALPHA ABSTRACTION VOL. 3 - DOUBLE IPA The third edition of the Alpha Abstraction series, Volume 3 is a juicy, double dry-hopped IPA with Mosaic hops. ABV: 8.0% IBU: 35 ROLLIN’ DEEP -...


TucKKKer, Ga

The guys of TAP talk about possible KKK recruitment in Tucker, Superbowl LIII with Jermaine Dupri, and a $52 Million campus expansion for Morehouse School of Medicine. #ATLSalute goes to: @kimskitchen16 What's On TAP? Major Horton's Export Stout by Jekyll Brewing 8% ABV Export Stout that presents a full, dark roasted malt nose and balanced bitterness. Charging ahead with notes of coffee and chocolate, this well rounded stout brings some warmth to the season and gives a nod to the...


Tree Häus ATL

In this very special episode the guys sip some tea and chat it up with the amazing Ash from Tree Häus ATL. #ATLSalute goes to: phyllis.iller What's On TAP? Raspberry Johnny Cashmere by Variant Brewing Company 8% ABV Variant’s Cashmere New England IPA refermented with passionfruit, guava & raspberry. DJ Mix by DJ DonYeezy shout out to Orpheus, cfluxsing, atlantainfluenceseverything, ocassionalsuperstar, joeking, & goldigold45


The Atlanta Gulch Project

The guys are BACK with a great episode on the Atlanta Gulch Project, Atlanta United in the playoffs, Atlanta Hawks oh so icy player, and a massive drug bust. #ATLSalute goes to: ATL TV Head What's On TAP? Berry Allen by Variant Brewing Company 7% ABV New England IPA brewed with Simcoe and Belma hops. Intense hop aroma and flavor of sweet berries – strawberry, raspberry, blueberry. Norcross St. IPA by Variant Brewing Company 7.5% ABV IPA brewed with Columbus, Centennial and Simcoe hops....


GA Film Festivals with Caroline King

The guys of TAP welcome Caroline King of the Bitch Beer Podcast to talk beer and the many Georgia Film Festivals she is directing! What's on TAP?: Golden Goal by New Realm Brewing #ATLSalute goes to: Jenn Price


Millennials For Abrams

In a very important episode, the guys of TAP sit down with the founder of "Millennials For Abrams" Brit Eames and chop it up about local politics and how it doesn't mix well with beer. What's On TAP? Kahuna Matata by Atlanta Brewing Company & Atalanta by Orpheus Brewing #ATLSalute goes to: Constance Folsom


Gus's Fried Chicken Kickback

FORGIVE THE LIPSMACKIN' SOUNDS because there's another Fried Chicken Kickback in the books with the boys of TAP. This time, they throw down on Gus's Fried Chicken while choppin' it up about ATL Cluckfest, donuts, college football, and so much more. What's On TAP? Pineapple Habenero Hop Dang Diggity & Country Smoked Porter by Jekyll Brewing #ATLSalute goes to: Justin for not getting his ass whooped at DragonCon.


Welcome To Atlanta (TAP Remix)

What's on TAP?: Coffee Cooter Brown by Jekyll Brewing In this episode we pregame and warm up for our Atlanta Falcons and this Colin Kaepernick Nike DEAL! #ATLSalute (again) goes to Fabian "Ocassional Superstar" Williams


The Varsity

To celebrate Varsity turning 90, the guys of TAP dive into its history as well as the history of #FAFATL. What's on TAP?: Jude by Reformation #ATLSALUTE goes to: Ken TwoFour, Evereman, CATlanta, Squishiepuss, and the countless other Artists that have used #FAFATL to spread dope decor throughout the city!


Walter's Army

In this episode the guys do a history dive on the iconic Walter Strauss, oldschool fashion, demographics in the military, and James Gunn. What's on TAP?: A Tucker Brewing Takeover (Southern Heaven Hefeweizen, TKR Pilsner, & Georgia Red Lager) #ATLSalute goes to: Mama Lorraine & the many Women of the US Military


That Guy From Queer Eye

After 10 minutes of dickin' around, the guys of TAP do a deep dive on a massive marijuana bust, shooting guns, and Skyler Jay's fight for equal healthcare for the transgender community. What's on TAP? Pale Ale by Eventide #ATLSalute goes to: 4orTheLocals Special shoutout to: Buckhead Quickshot, Coco, & Lil' Duval


The Piedmont Park Expanse

In this episode the guys of TAP talk about the Piedmont Park expansion and affordable housing on the beltline. What's On TAP? "Red Headed Haley" by Eventide #ATLSalute goes to: DeAndre Bembry of the Atlanta Hawks


Sportsball: Diary of A Mad Black Atlanta Fan

In this sports filled episode, the guys of TAP talk about Atlanta Hawks and their Draft Pick Tre Young, Myron's Golden State Gripes, Atlanta Falcons and the restructoring of Julio Jones' contract, the new "National Anthem" policy in the NFL, Atlanta United fandom and the growing popularity of soccer... or futbol... in the country. What's on TAP? "The A" by Eventide #ATLSalute goes to: Austin Gaggero and the Gaggero Family


Book of Brandon: A Junkfood Episode feat. Brandon Dee

The guys of TAP sit down with comedian/actor Brandon Dee George and talk the Atlanta comedy scene, sports, music (Drake album), religion, fatherhood, and manogamy. What’s on TAP? "Kolsch" by Eventide Brewing #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Tyler (Trapkevious Widener) aka @TylerChronicles


Underground Atlanta Gentrification

The guys of TAP discuss efforts to give back to the community, the Underground Atlanta "Revival", food and culture, a crooked lunch lady, and an entrepreneur selling "high" end snacks. The FINAL Ticket Giveaway to "The Black Nerd" by Dad's Garage! What’s on TAP? "Don't Call It Hotlanta" by Monday Night Brewing "Over and Over and Over" by Orpheus Brewing #ATLSalute this episode goes to: Sarah Puett of Atlanta Best Bites


Push God: A Junkfood Episode

In this junk food episode we discuss the no holds barred falls count anywhere match that's happening right now with Drake and Pusha T. We also talk about Childish Gambino, Nas & Kelis, and somehow Justin Timberlake keeps poppin' up. What’s on TAP? "Southernality IPA" by Slow Pour Brewing #ATLSalute this episode goes to: BProcksIT