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Episode 2 | Wily’s Winter Wonderland

On this month's episode I relive my fantasies as the Blue Bomber and a Super Saiyan, travel to hell and back as the Doomslayer and try my hardest to remain mediocre with all this twin stick shooting. If that isn't enough for ya, I offer up my top 10 games to play during the holiday season!! Reviews: Mega Man 11 (3:10)Dragon Ball FighterZ (17:14)DOOM (26:32)Blue Rider (38:54) Other Shenanigans: Top 10 Holiday Games (49:59)Community QA (1:09:42) noclip's DOOM Resurrected Check out more game...


Episode 1 – Backlog Bisque

This month on the Backlog Odyssey Podcast I talk about tackling introducing my son to new games, revisiting favorites, reminiscing on the Dreamcast and finally playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. And just for all of you backloggers out there a special recipe for Backlog Bisque. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy!! Intro and outro music by Zack DiPersio Website: Twitter: @BacklogOdyssey Email:


Episode 0 – Ramblings of a Backlogger

On the first ever episode of The Backlog Odyssey Podcast I introduce myself, delve into my gaming history and give a breakdown of what this podcast will be all about. Hopefully you enjoy and keep an eye out for Episode 1 where we'll really get into the meat of the potatoes!!