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Biggest Comeback Of 2019

On this episode the squad chops it up on all the things we've missed. Including, What we've been watching on Netflix , the gov shutdown, Superbowl, SoulJa Boy and all things music.


O Block Island Bang! Bang!

New music album reviews. Will new rappers learn from tekashi? Primitive civilizations in 2018 and the idiots who think they can make contact. All the controversy surrounding Dwight Howard. Sodomy at Damascus is a tradition? WTF lol. And much more Tune in!


New Box Ft. Nedessy

On this episode of TheBakeSession we talk about our Thanksgiving plans, Tekashi getting arrested, RIP Kim Porter and much more. But most importantly we have a special Guest for yall. Artist @Nedessy! We chop it up about her beginnings into making music, her inspirations, and the business of the music Industry. Look out for her new project coming soon!


101 Struggles Ft. Simba(@rippanties_)

This week we have special guest "The Lesbian Keith Sweat" @rippanties_ come through and chop it up with the cast. From where our nicknames came from. What the hell is Adulting? 40 outed Drake? The Gay Struggle & Much More. Tune in, Lots of laughs and some real nigga shit.


The 100 Ft. @Aunzc1 & @Audioheeem

Yep, We Officially hit that Magic Number. 100 Episodes recorded of the Goddamn Bake Session. We celebrate it right, recap of some of our favorite moments. Special guests, Hip Hop artist Aunz & Music Producer AudioHeem were in the building, to preview some music and also chop it up with the cast on their music/influences. We touch on some trending topics as always SO TUNE IN. It's a good one!


So...You Quit Quit?

On Season Tree Episode 2 the crew chops it up about. Katt Williams Hating on Tiffany Haddish. Our old AIM/AOL Usersnames and chatroom stories including catfishes. GGG vs. Canelo. MayWeather Fighing again? Vonte Davis Quit and much more!!! Enjoy


Welcome Back Episode

TheBakeSession is back after a hiatus. We catch up on all the things we missed since our last episode. Including, some of the celebrity passings. All the beefs going on between Em, MGK, and G Easy. Hip Hop music album drops. Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad. Drake & Meek squashing the beef, Stunna's of the week, and MUCH much more.


Too Young Too Talented

This episode we gave our condolences, RIP XXXTentacion. "Everything is Love" Jay & Bey. The Census Bureau and much more. Intro and Outro by @thejet_i "What you know about it"


Happy Father's Day W/ Mr. Magic

Happy Fathers Day to all the real men out there. But this episode is also about what you gotta deal with as a man and father when things aren't as perfect as you'd like between you and your babymoms etc. We also touch on Kanye and Nas Album, Tekashi 69 and finally The Guantlet is Back!!! Shout out to @thejet_i for winning again with his new submission "What you know about it" featured on the intro and outro!!! Tune IN!! Check out and their apparel. Use coupon code...


Nudes & Emoji's

Nudes & Emoji's by TheBakeSession


Can We Grill In Peace?

On this episode we touch on ppl calling the police on black people living life? NBA Playoffs. Do men eat the box with their eyes open or closed? Looking up at your woman or nah? Tune in to find out what we think and MUCH MORE!!! Intro & Outro by Pia Renee. To be featured on our podcast make sure to email song submissions to


The Gauntlet Ft. Roy

On this episode the cast is joined a friend of the show, Roy. We touch on College athletes being paid. Spotify and other services removing R Kelly & XXXtentacion etc. from curated lists. Lebron the GOAT? And more. We play our music submission, Bracket contest, that is now called "The Gauntlet". Shout out to Pia Renee for winning this week! She is featured on the intro and outro. Song name "Terrified". Make sure you check her out!!!


IT ALL FALLS DOWWWNN! w/ Dymond Simone

Dymond Simone joins us this week to chop it up about Kanye, R kelly, Our Make N!ggas Great Again T Shirts and much more Tune in. There's much to discuss! Intro/Outro Music by @thejet_i "Buss It"


Make N!ggas Great Again ft BreezeDavinci & ThrowbackBoobie

Super Litty episode today for ya'll. We are joined by @breezedavinci & our Honorary Cohost @throwbackboobie. We touched on the Kanye Trump cosign , Bill Cosby being found guilty and possibly going to jail, Meek Mill getting free, and Drake vs J Cole. Finally Make sure you listen through for Knockblocks Pit. Featuring Our specials Guests Breez & Throwbackboobie Lyrics & Bars Inbound. Intro/Outro Music by @thejet_i "Buss It"


The Future is Fxcking Female Ft The Cultural Critics Podcast

On this Episode we are joined by the beautiful ladies of The Cultural Critics Podcast. Make sure you follow them on social, subscribe to their podcast on iTunes, Spreaker, Podcast Addict, and anywhere with an RSS feed! We talk sex, relationships, hip hop and much more!!! Intro & Outro Music by @thejet_i Winner of our bracket music competion. Tune in to hear what music he beat to win the matchup!


Who Started Trap?

We picked the $25 egift card winner live on Instagram during the show. Shout out to @justanotherdirtyhippie lol. Nicki Vs Cardi. Cardi's Album early Review. Who Started Trap? "Your out of your cotton picking mind" & Much more content. Tune IN!!!


Call Me Big Trice

Weekend recap on how we played,"Point her out and you go pick her up" Consequence of b*tching out is buying a round of shots. On this episode we also did our Lil Wayne song bracket. Find out which song won out of 32. Cardi B's Album projections. Our Stunna's of the Week. More details about fabolous come out and much more content for ya head top. TUNE IN!!! Check out and their apparel. Use coupon code "BakeSession" at checkout for 10% off your order. We appreciate the...


The Blacked Out Drunk Episode Ft. SportsStateOfMindd Podcast

SnipesKaybee Joins us this episode from the SpordsStateOfMind Podcast to chop it up with the crew. Make sure to follow and subscribe to his podcast for all you sports related topics. We touch on our hall of fame black out drunk moments. One being as recent as this past weekend. Also how some parts of the Muslim world won't allow you to stay in a hotel with a woman unless you are married. Fabolous beat Emily B? And much more. Tune in for laughs! Check out and their apparel....


Sneaker Culture ft. ChinoDolla

Weekend Recap and things we are doing to get out of our comfort zones. How guys rationalize dealing with a woman based on how attractive she is. Chino chops it up to us about sneaker culture from back then to now. Tune in!!! Check out and their apparel. Use coupon code "BakeSession" at checkout for 10% off your order. We appreciate the support! Where to find us:…d1181222175?mt=2 @thebakesession...


I'm Not Black I'm OJ.....

Health, wealh, and happiness topics. Our early predictions of the song of the summer/hottest artist of the summer. What the hell is wrong with Juelz Santana? We answer "Who is the most recognizable hip hop artist alive right now" OJ Simpson Confession and MUCH MORE. Don't Miss it!!! Check out and their apparel. Use coupon code "BakeSession" at checkout for 10% off your order. We appreciate the support! Where to find us:…d1181222175?mt=2...