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The Basement Diaries is a podcast hosted by Wesley Tilford as he examines his guests' lives. He's basically an extremely unqualified therapist. New episodes every Tuesday!

The Basement Diaries is a podcast hosted by Wesley Tilford as he examines his guests' lives. He's basically an extremely unqualified therapist. New episodes every Tuesday!
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The Basement Diaries is a podcast hosted by Wesley Tilford as he examines his guests' lives. He's basically an extremely unqualified therapist. New episodes every Tuesday!






Page 16 - Christopher Cedillo

Christopher is in the basement today to share his wisdom! We talk about the struggle with his Catholic faith, his journey of coming out, and how he aspired to be a prison warden in his 20's. Christopher and Wesley worked at Target for a bit as well and talk about their time there. If you're a fan of the podcast and want to show your support for the show, make sure to head on over to Apple Podcasts ( and Stitcher...


Checking in with Wes # 2 - Feline Behavior

Wes is back, and this week he's talking about Feline Behavior with Clare Winter. The two have a cat together, so they know a thing or two! They talk about introducing a cat into a new environment and the difference in behavior between domestic and feral cats. Wes also updates us on the patreon page he's working on. Make sure to subscribe for more updates!


Page 15 - Robert Hunter Bry

Robert Hunter Bry is in the basement today! Robert and Wes talk about artificial intelligence, the importance of working out, and Robert touches on his experience as an actor in Chicago... Plus much, much more. Wes also has an announcement in the intro, so don't go skipping it! Thanks so much for listening and make sure to leave those 5-star reviews on both iTunes and Stitcher! Thanks so much for listening!


Page 14 - Darío Carrión

Welcome back to the basement after our week off. Today Darío joins us to talk about demonic entities, coming to America from Ecuador at the age of 9, and his journey to becoming an actor while also discussing his future in the industry. Darío also has a complicated past in the basement, which he and Wes touch on as well. You can also check out Darío on the very first episode of Checking in with Wes which can be found on - Make sure to subscribe to both podcasts and...


Checking in with Wes #1 - Scandinavian Folklore

Darío joins Wes in talking about Scandinavian folklore and its influences on modern horror films in the very first episode of Checking in with Wes. Make sure to leave a review on iTunes and Stitcher and stay tuned for the next episode on April 19th, and listen to The Basement Diaries this coming Tuesday!


Page 13.5 - Half Birthday Special

Welcome to this half page of the diary to celebrate Wes's half birthday! There's no guest in the basement this week, but Wes is still determined to make content for all the basement dwellers out there! He talks about seeing Us on opening weekend and what he thought of the film, he discusses a realization he had about his career while taking a writing class, and he also debuts his baby cry for the first time on the podcast. I promise you it is NOT a sound effect as this recording is...


Page 13 - Josh Pennington

Josh brings a ray of sunshine in the basement to start off the spring! Josh and Wes talk about consent in the theater, Josh's journey of coming out, and why you shouldn't work a job that makes you miserable. There will be no page of the diary next week as Wes prepares for Checking in with Wes, which premieres on April 5th. Make sure to subscribe to The Basement Diaries and leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher to let us know how we're doing! Thanks for listening!


Page 12 - Ben Baran of Busy Bodies

The Basement's first musical guest! Wes is joined by Ben Baran of Busy Bodies, a local band in Chicago. Ben tells Wes about the formation of the band and their plans for the future. Make sure to stay tuned for Ben playing a couple songs after the interview. Darío Carrión joins me in the intro this week with some beat boxing and helps me introduce Ben and the Busy Bodies. Lots to enjoy in this page of the diary. Make sure to follow and subscribe at - The Busy Bodies...


Page 11 - Nick Gray

Join us in the basement today with Nick Gray! Nick and Wes walk down memory lane in this one. The two discuss movies, hanging out at "the shop", and Wes talks about how he befriended Nick right out of the womb. We have a special guest in the intro as well, so a lot to love in this page of the diary. No Checking in with Wes today, but starting on April 5th you can listen to it every other Friday. Make sure to check out our website and subscribe at


Introducing Checking in with Wes

Checking in with Wes is a new podcast premiering on April 5th, 2019. It is a spin-off of Wes's other podcast, The Basement Diaries, and can be found on the same feed. Every other Friday Wes will examine a topic and find out as much information about it as he can. Whether that means extensive research at the library or picking the brains of people much smarter than him, he'll find a way to educate himself. Episodes will be posted bi-weekly starting on April 5th.


Page 10 - Ryan Satterfeal

Wesley talks with Ryan Satterfeal in the basement today! Ryan discusses the reason he changed his stage name, how he transitioned from living in a small town to the city, and he tells us about the new pilot he's in called "The Five Year Plan." You can donate to their GoFundMe by searching "The Five Year Plan (Pilot)" on Stay tuned for the end of the interview for another segment of Checkin' in with Wes! Wes updates you on his experience canvasing last week and also gives an...


Page 9 - Spencer Brady & Sarah Ford

What is this, a cross over episode?! Spencer and Sarah come into the basement! They talk about the difficulty of navigating life after college, what keeps them motivated, and the three exchange stories of insect and rodent infestations that either brought them together (Spencer and Sarah), or traumatized them (Wesley). Sarah and Spencer also have a podcast called "Out of College Actor, What's your backup?" It's a podcast where they talk to other actors about the difficulty of navigating the...


LIVE FROM THE BASEMENT - Special Announcement!

Wes gives some exciting news about The Basement Diaries and Checkin' in with Wes! LIVE!


Page 8 - Colette Marie

Colette Marie is in the Basement today! She talks about how she chose her major in college, the steps she took to get involved in community organizing in Chicago, and how she leans into tension during conversations. Stay tuned for "Checkin' in with Wes" after the interview. Wes catches you up on some new developments in his life and tells us how much his cat is annoyed by his presence. Music by the brilliant Tommy Howie.


Page 7 - Valentines Day Special

Wes desperately tries to find a gift for Clare in time for Valentines Day. Can he do it? All hands on deck on this very special episode of The Basement Diaries. Music by the one and only Thomas James Howie!


Page 6 - Jake Parker Nelson

Jake Parker Nelson makes his way to the basement during the polar vortex. He talks about growing up in a small town in Kansas and what drew him to performing in High School. He reminisces about being a mascot at KU and explains the difference between a fraternity and a frat to a skeptical Wesley. Towards the end of the interview Jake talks candidly about a mistake he made in his past and how he’s chosen to move on from said mistake and what he’s learned about himself in the process. Stay...


Page 5 - Mac Westcott

Mac is in the basement this week to talk acting! He explains why understudying is such an interesting job and discusses "The Mousetrap", a show he's a part of at The Metropolis Performing Arts Center in Arlington Heights, IL that opens on January 31st! Stay tuned until after the interview, because there's a new segment! It's called "Checkin' in with Wes." Wes gives you an update on his life and recaps the "Alderwho" event that he went to last week. Theme Song by Purple Planet Music.


Page 4 - Lizzie Turner

Lizzie is welcomed into the basement this week! The family dinner rules are thrown off the table as Lizzie and Wesley talk politics and how you can get involved in your local elections! They also discuss Lizzie's childhood, her relationship with religion, and Wesley's fabulous pajama pants. Theme by Purple Planet Music. If you are in the 49th ward in Chicago and want to find out more about the local elections on February 26th, there's an informational meeting on January 25th from 6-8pm at...


Page 3 - Arif Yampolsky

Arif Yampolsky is in the basement this week! Arif and Wesley go down memory lane in this page of the diary, talking about their time acting together in Worcester, MA. They also debate the price of rugs and what it really means to be an honest person. Theme by Purple Planet Music.


Page 2 - Clare Winter

Clare walks into the basement in her pj's (she lives here after all) to discuss her non-traditional path in the educational system and how it led to her job as a fashion stylist at Trunk Club in Chicago. The two of them touch on the unique way they met, and Wesley points out Clare's BDE. Theme Song by Purple Planet Music.