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The Basement Diaries is a podcast hosted by Wesley Tilford as he examines his guests' lives. He's basically an extremely unqualified therapist. New episodes every Tuesday!

The Basement Diaries is a podcast hosted by Wesley Tilford as he examines his guests' lives. He's basically an extremely unqualified therapist. New episodes every Tuesday!


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The Basement Diaries is a podcast hosted by Wesley Tilford as he examines his guests' lives. He's basically an extremely unqualified therapist. New episodes every Tuesday!






Chris Cvikota

Fellow Libra Chris Cvikota comes down to The Basement to talk about his time as a freelancer before he settled into his job at Northwestern, growing up with two parents who are accountants, and putting out both metaphorical and literal fires at his job. Wesley and Chris also discuss the possibility of recording a podcast at a bar. Make sure to leave those reviews after you listen!


Rian Jairell

Jeff award winning actor Rian Jairell comes into the basement upon Bethany Hart's recommendation. Wesley and Rian talk about his trajectory through acting school, his gap year in Chicago, why he made the transition to grad school, and his personal audition philosophy. Rian also gives some very sound advice for young actors who are just getting started in their careers. Wesley introduces us to his and Clare's new additions to the family. Please rate and review on Apple Podcasts to show your...


James McCollum

James is the first guest of the New Year in the basement! Although we actually aren't in the basement, we're in a 3rd floor apartment, but it's the idea of a basement. Yeah, we'll go with that. James comes on to talk about his podcast network, The Simpsons, lumber in Muskegon, and the entire history of the home entertainment business. Check out all of James's work at Make sure to leave those reviews on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. It really helps to grow our audience! -...


The Bandit Diaries

In the last episode of The Basement Diaries of 2019, Wesley pays tribute to his cat Bandit, who passed away last November. He goes down memory lane and remembers the good times with Banderson Cooper. Wes also talks about being back home in Springfield for the Holidays!


Casey Ellis & Jessica Ellis

Casey and Jessica Ellis come down to the basement! The first married couple to ever be on the podcast! We talk about how they came into each others lives, how Jessica made it through school to become a pharmacist, and how Casey had a life changing experience while being an intern on Jimmy Kimmel Live! They also discuss their podcast "Daylight Savings Time" which can be found on Anchor or wherever you listen to podcasts. They have a live recording at The Annoyance Theater on January 19th,...


Bethany Hart

Bethany comes to the “basement” and exposes a secret... The Basement Diaries isn’t in a basement!!! It’s technically a BSMT unit apt, okay? Or a Garden Unit if you will... Bethany also talks about her time during grad school, growing up in a religious family, and her on-going struggle with Chron’s disease. Make sure to rate and review on Apple Podcasts and subscribe at


Clip Show

Everyone's got to do a clip show right? Wes brings us down memory lane as he highlights some of his favorite moments from conversations from Collection 1 of the diary. Some guests include Dario Carrion, Lizzie Turner, Robert Hunter Bry, Spencer Brady, Sarah Ford, Steve Tilford, Ben Baran, Josh Pennington, and more. Become a Patron to get early access to episodes and to be featured on the show at


Mitch Fischer

Mitch comes into the basement this week! Mitch talks about his career transition, getting bullied by an 11 year old, and how we are now in the adolescence of the technological age. Mitch and Wes also discuss their experience creating the web series "Concessions" together while they were in school. Make sure to subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts -


Arif Yampolsky

Arif comes back to the basement to pay tribute to the late Koko the gorilla and The Art Theater in Champaign, IL. Arif also talks about his struggles in school, his thoughts on Joker, and how he uses his creative energy outside of his day job. This is the first week that we're doing episodes on Friday, so get used to it! Leave us a review and subscribe on Apple Podcasts -


Faith Servant

Faith Servant comes on the podcast to talk to Wesley about growing up in Birmingham, how she got into acting, and touches on her professional experiences post-graduation. Faith also talks about a moment right after the 2016 election that she remembers vividly. This episode came out late, but we'll be back on track for a Tuesday release next week! Make sure to rate and subscribe on Apple Podcasts -


El Camino Review FT. Dario Carrion

Wesley and Dario talk about El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie! We will be talking about the entire movie, so SPOILERS! DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED IT! UNDERSTAND? Make sure to leave reviews and subscribe! -


Joselito Leyva

Joselito comes on the podcast to talk about growing up in Chicago and bouncing around different neighborhoods as a child, his dreams of being an artist for a living and how he plans to make those dreams come true, and the two talk about how they need to collaborate on future projects together. Check out Hit it & Crit it, a D&D podcast that Joselito is featured on! You can find it where you listen to this show, or go to to check out his show and many others! Next week Wes and...


My Journey Through Madness (Birthday Reflections)

Welcome to another week in the basement! Wesley just turned 27 and he reflects on his personal growth up until this point in his life. He also talks about the surprise that Clare had in store for him on his special day. He then addresses a mixed review of the podcast left on Apple Podcasts. He also debates negative and positive thinking with himself and tries to come to an understanding on how to balance the two in a healthy way. Stay tuned to hear a clip from next week's episode with...


Dario Carrion Returns!

Welcome back to the basement! It's been too long and to ease you back in we have a returning guest... Dario Carrion. We do our best baby impressions and talk about caffeine and mental health. Make sure to rate and subscribe so more people can find out about this show!


Checking in with Wes

Wes checks in and talks about why there wasn't an episode posted on Friday! He also talks through the surprise party he helped throw for Clare! Subscribe and review!


Checking in with Wes #11

Wes is just checking in this week! He talks about an annoying moment with his boss and a lot more! Enjoy!


Checking in with Wes #10

Dario and Wes talk about their Caffeine habits and how they plan to reduce their in-take!


Checking in with Wes #9

Wes talks about one of his favorite TV shows! You're the Worst was a Romantic Comedy-Drama that aired on FXX from 2014-2019!


Checking in with Wes #8

Due to technical difficulties Wes just checks in this week!


Checking in with Wes #7

Wes tells us about The Golden State Killer! And his upcoming trip to the Lake!