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Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb! 6: Alyas Batman en Robin

Alyas Batman en Robin In 1989 Regal Entertainment, based in the Philippines, produced a musical comedy spoof of the Batman 66 series. At that time, Michael Keaton's Batman was about to hit the screens. DC Comics and Warner Bros. halted the release of the film for two years over copyright infringement. It should have been held back for the crime of being an awful film. ​John and Robert Long sit down in the Batcave to discuss this film that is much more an homage to Batman than some of...


Batman 1943: Episode 3 - "The Mark of the Zombies"

1943 - Episode Three "The Mark of the Zombies" We continue our look at the 1943 Batman serial with the third episode, "The Mark of the Zombies". In it, we see the process by which Dr. Daka converts humans into his living zombies and we watch as Batman foils another attempt at stealing the badly needed uranium. Plus, we wonder how Daka ever came to being the diabolical leader he's supposed to be; we discuss the colorful career of J. Carrol Naish (Daka); and we comment on how Alfred...


Monster Squad - "Queen Bee"

"Queen Bee" September 11, 1976 Monster Squad was a one season NBC Saturday morning live action show for kids in 1976. In it, Walt, who worked in his uncle's wax museum, discovered that he could bring the figures of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the Wolfman to life. Wanting to atone for the sins of their past, the trio, with Walt's crime computer set our on a mission to stop evil wherever they found it. ​And in our first episode review of this Stanley Ralph Ross-helmed...


Batman 66 Comic #9 - "Zelda's Great Escape"/"Showdown with Shame"

Batman 66 #9 "Zelda's Great Escape" & "Showdown with Shame" Published: March 19, 2014 Zelda the Great is free and back to her scheme of coming up with inescapable traps that she needs the unwilling help of Batman and Robin to solve. Plus, Shame and Batman have a showdown on top of a moving train. ​John and Dan talk about John's disappoint with Zelda returning to crime, the "poor deluded girl" lured into a life of crime and adventure, and how the Shame story could easily be a third...


Episode 88: Filmation 1968 Overview

We conclude our look at the Filmation 68 Batman series. In it, we discuss the voice work, the animation, and our favorite stories. In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension talk about the times the series aired on cable, how the show managed to take some of the better elements of the 66 series while also leaning on the comics, and how the series got better as it progressed. ​Comment on the episode here or write


Batman 1943 Serial: Chapter 2 - "The Bat's Cave"

1943 - Episode Two "The Bat's Cave" We pick up our look at the 1943 Batman serial with the second episode, "The Bat's Cave". In it, the Dynamic Duo bring a prisoner back to their secret base to interrogate and we see the grandfather clock entrance to the Bat's Cave. Plus, we learn that Bruce can be a little sadistic as he fires an unknown energy weapon near his butler, Alfred; we discuss the career and wig of Douglas Croft (Robin); and we comment on the duplicate cliffhanger so early...


Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb!: 5 - Rat Pfink A Boo Boo

So how does one approach a Batman spoof that wasn't intended to be one? John and Robert are sitting in the Batcave and watching the infamous Ray Dennis Steckler film, Rat Pfink A Boo Boo. In it, our hero's girlfriend is being menaced in the first 45 minutes of the film. Based on the setup, one would think that our hero would turn detective to try and stop it, but when she's kidnapped at the halfway point, he and the gardener in his girlfriend's building enter a closet and come out as the...


Batman 1943 Serial: Chapter 1 - "The Electric Brain"

1943 - Episode One "The Electrical Brain" It's the start of a new series of podcast reviews looking at the serials of the 1940s. The serials are often cited as the inspiration for the 1966 TV series. John and writer Jim Beard sit down in the "Bat's Cave" to discuss just how true this really is. In the first episode, they discuss the racism of the time, the fighting style of the Dynamic Duo, the career of Lewis Wilson (Batman), and how Robin looks more like a Brady than a Greyson....


Episode 87: "It Takes Two to Make a Team"/"Opera Buffa"

"It Takes Two to Make a Team" & "Opera Buffa" Aired January 1, 1969 Our final look at the Filmation Batman 68 series is a celebration of all that your hosts love about the series. It has a multi-villain story, Batgirl, Alfred, many nods to the Batman comics of the 50s, current pop culture references and so much more. In the first story, Riddler, Penguin and Joker team up to break up the team of the Terrific Trio by playing mind games with Robin. In the second story, the Joker thinks he...


Electra Woman & Dyna Girl 2: "Glitter Rock"

"Glitter Rock" ​Aired: September 25/October 2, 1976 Glitter Rock has a plan to take over the world with his hypnotizing music. But how can his music reach our to the entire world? John and Kevin Eldridge of The Flopcast are back in Electra-Base and talking about the "Electra-Chicks" and their latest adventure. ​ This time around, they take a look at Electra Woman star Deirdre Hall, they talk about the potential backstory that was hinted at in this episode, and John clearly sees more...


Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of A Bomb! - 4: The Wild World of Batwoman (1966)

The Wild World of Batwoman John and Robert Long take on a Batman inspired movie that clearly was trying to cash in on the Batman craze with a heroine that calls herself Batwoman, has an army of Batgirls who help her fight crime, and that's about it. Producer Jerry Warren exploited not only Batman, but the women in this movie about a mad scientist who wants to create a better world by having beautiful women mate with monsters he's created. (At least, that's what we got out of it.) ​ John...


Electra Woman and Dyna Girl - "The Sorcerer's Golden Trick"

"The Sorcerer's Golden Trick" ​Aired: September 11/18, 1976 As part of the Krofft Supershow, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl ran for 16 weeks in two part installments. The series clearly borrowed a great deal in terms of concepts from the Batman 66 television show. John and co-host Kevin Eldridge of The Flopcast take on these episodes, discussing them scene and scene and exploring what the "Voltage Vixens" have in common with the "Caped Crusaders". ​In the opening episode, The Sorcerer...


Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb - 3: Mexican Batwoman

When is a Batman movie not a Batman movie? When is a wrestling movie not a wrestling movie? When it's the Batwoman. This 1968 gem may not have the elements one expects in a Batman ripoff film, but it still has much more going for it than the previous outings. ​John and Robert Long are watching their Bat-Monitors and enjoying this movie with only a few reservations. ​Take a listen and let us know what you think by commenting here or writing us at Robert Long...


Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb! - 2: Filipino Batman 1966 - JAMES BATMAN

James Batman 1966 Our next look at those movies from around the world inspired by the 66 Batman TV series takes us to the Philippines. Mere months after the premiere of the television series, James Batman burst on to Filipino screens. In fact, the movie came out before the American theatrical one did. That in itself is impressive, but then there is the added wrinkle of Batman teaming up with James Bond.​ That's right, two of the "Three Bs of the 60s" as Adam West once stated are...


Episode 86: "The Jigsaw Jeopardy" & "Wrath of the Riddler"

"The Jigsaw Jeopardy" & "Wrath of the Riddler" Aired December 28, 1968 As you have heard before on the podcast, we're not entirely sure of the broadcast dates or order of episodes when it comes to Filmation Batman 68. We have been relying on Wikipedia for our schedule. Based on that, the penultimate episode features a double dose of The Riddler. In these two stories, he wants to blow up an art museum that refused to feature his artwork and then kidnaps Dick Grayson to stop the development...


Batman 66 Meets The Green Hornet Comic

Batman 66 Meets The Green Hornet Published: #1 June 4, 2014 #2 July 2, 2014 #3 August 6, 2014 #4 September 3. 2014 #5 October 1, 2014 #6 November 19, 2014 Collection: November 25, 2015 A fan favorite among the episodes of the 66 series is when Batman met The Green Hornet. Used as a means to promote the show, it didn't feature the strongest story or villain, but it was certainly cool to see two hero types having to work together unknowingly to fight the common enemy. And so it made...


From the Files of the Batcomputer #47: Jim Beard on Zlonk! Zok! Zowie! - The Subterranean Blue Grotto Guide to Batman '66

For years, fans of Gotham City 14 Miles have been clamoring for a sequel. Jim Beard comes into the Batcave to explain why it hasn't happened and what he is planning instead - a "sidequel". Jim is kicking off an anthology of review essays on each and every episode of the Batman '66 series as seen through the eyes of a myriad of authors, some who contributed to Gotham City 14 Miles. Jim explains the origins of the idea, what it will encompass, and how you can have a hand it making the three...


Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb! - 1: Turkish Batman - Betmen

It's the first in a series looking at other takes on Batman in other countries, influenced by the 66 series. We start with Betmen, a Turkish film that, on inspection, clearly should have been a spy film, perhaps even a James Bond one. John is joined by independent filmmaker and the 1966-1968 Television Batman Facebook group moderator, Robert Long to discuss this film which, despite its flaws, is actually better than one of the episodes of the 66 series (Gasp! Blasphemy!) The two discuss the...


Batman 66 Comic #8: "King Tut Barges In!" & "The Butler Did It!"

Batman 66 #8 "King Tut Barges In!" & "The Butler Did It!" Published: February 19, 2014 King Tut is back in Gotham, but he has done nothing wrong other than to steer a barge down Gotham Harbor. But Batman suspects the phony Pharaoh is up to something and he's proven correct as he pursues him through time to Ancient Egypt. Plus, Alfred's cousin Eggbert has served his time for his involvement with the Joker in the TV series and he realizes he would never have gotten in trouble if he had...


Batman 66 Comics #7: "The Fiend is False!" & "The Joker's Layoff Riot!"

Batman 66 #7 "The Fiend is False!" & "The Joker's Layoff Riot!" Published: January, 2014 False Face gets the return engagement many fans of the 66 series have always wanted and this is a story that could easily play out on the 66 seres with one exception (based on budget, that is). Plus, the Joker is the backup story in a tale that is a comedic take on our employment system. John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension get together in the Batcave to review DC Comics' seventh issue of the...