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The Black Case Diaries is a movie discussion-based podcast hosted by three friends in Central Ohio. Marci, Adam, and Robin are movie and TV enthusiasts, using this podcast to distract themselves from the crushing weight of early adulthood.

The Black Case Diaries is a movie discussion-based podcast hosted by three friends in Central Ohio. Marci, Adam, and Robin are movie and TV enthusiasts, using this podcast to distract themselves from the crushing weight of early adulthood.


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The Black Case Diaries is a movie discussion-based podcast hosted by three friends in Central Ohio. Marci, Adam, and Robin are movie and TV enthusiasts, using this podcast to distract themselves from the crushing weight of early adulthood.




The Muppet Christmas Case

Happy Holidays, Cassettes! We're starting off season 5 with an episode on one of our all-time favorite Christmas movies: The Muppet Christmas Carol! This faithful adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic story is fun and heart-warming. After the death of Jim Henson in 1990, the future of The Muppets went into question. But, Henson's 28-year-old son Brian stepped up (with the help of the Muppet cast and crew) and made this masterpiece. Join us as we talk about the making of this beautiful...


The (Brief) Case of Our Favorite Christmas Movies

Hello, Cassettes! We have been taking a break from our regularly scheduled educational programming, and today we're bringing you a bonus episode! Come join us for a short episode where we hang out and talk about our favorite Christmas programming. We hope this is enough to tide you over until our season 5 premiere this Thursday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @blackcasediariespodcast Twitter: @blackcasediary


The Case of Psych!

Happy Thursday, Cassettes! Well, our season four finale has arrived, and now that we're at the end, we decided to Psych you out! This week we discussed the history of the hit USA TV show Psych, its influence, and why we love Shawn and Gus. Thank you so much for tuning in this season, we will see you again soon! Check out our website for more info! Twitter: @blackcasediary Instagram: @blackcasediariespodcast


A Brief Case Around the Campfire Part 2

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! In honor of this the spookiest of all days, here is a special bonus episode, recorded around a campfire. This episode is a follow-up to our original "Brief Case Around the Campfire" that we released in the spring of 2019. We decided to gather (safely) again to tell spooky stories and release it on Halloween. So, have a spectacularly spooky Halloween!


The Case That's Extra-Terrestrial

Welcome back to the BOO Case Diaries! This week we're wrapping up spooky month with an episode on one of the most beloved "creature" movies of all time: ET! Come join us as we discuss this classic that embodies the magic and wonder of childhood (with a little Halloween mixed in)! Thanks for Listening, and Happy Halloween! Check out show notes and sources (with some extras!) on our website:


The Case That Returns to Oz

In the summer of 1985, Walt Disney studios released a sequel to one of Hollywood’s most iconic films. Except--it wasn’t really a sequel. There were some characters with the same names, and it was based on the same source material, but the setting and tone were completely different. The director of this new movie, Walter Murch, called it “dark” and “bleak,” and audiences would agree. Disney itself didn’t know how to market the movie, with a dreaded PG rating that was sure to keep parents from...


Casper the Friendly Case

Hello and welcome back to the BOO Case Diaries! This week we're continuing the month of Halloween by tackling the ghostly mid-90s classic, Casper! Come join us as we take a look at the history of everyone's favorite friendly ghost, and the making of his full-length feature film! As always, check out our website for show notes and sources! Thank you so much for listening! Twitter: @blackcasediary Instagram:...


The Night-Case Before Christmas

Welcome back to the BOO Case Diaries! It's the second Thursday in October and we are diving deep into the Halloween season with the history of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas! Released on October 13th, 1993, this film gleefully celebrates everything strange and wonderful about Halloween. Brought to life by a powerhouse team, led by Tim Burton, Henry Selick, and Danny Elfman, the story follows Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloweentown, as he faces issues with burnout...


A Literary Case Submitted for Your Approval

Hello, Cassettes! This week, we are wrapping up our SNICK-tember and heading right into the spookiest month of the year with a special episode on the iconic show, Are You Afraid of the Dark?! Many episodes of the show took inspiration from classic literature. So, join us this week as we look at three tales and the stories that they came from! You We're also joined by artist Brett Wilson @Brettwilsonart and writer JD Gravatte @JDG122288 as they talk about their Unofficial Guide to Are You...


The Case of Kenan and Kel

In August of 1996, Nickelodeon viewers met Kenan Rockmore and Kel Kimble, two best friends with a knack for trouble. This week we asked our dear friend, Jaren Lewis to join us as we take a look at the history of the hilarious SNICK-com, Kenan and Kel! Kenan and Kel had it all: an iconic theme song, quotable catch-phrases, and two lead actors with impeccable comedic chemistry. So, everybody out there go run and tell your homeboys and homegirls, it's time for Keenan and Kel! Check out our...


The (Brief) Case of What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

It's the last day of summer, which means it's time to revisit the classic episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete: What We Did on Our Summer Vacation. Join us for a (brief) discussion on this beautiful episode about the magic of summer and its bittersweet end. Farewell, Summer!


This Case Explains it All

Welcome to week two of SNICK-tember! In the spring of 1991, even before SNICK existed, Nickelodeon premiered its first live-action show with a female lead. It starred (a fairly unknown) Melissa Joan Hart, and became a massive cable success, paving the way for many shows like it to follow. Clarissa Explains it All followed the lives of the Darling family, told from the perspective of young teenager, Clarissa. Tackling subjects like crushes, grades, and annoying siblings, the series struck a...


The Ka-Case of KaBlaM!

Welcome to SNICK-tember! Each week will feature an episode on a SNICK TV show. The first one on our list? Ka-BlaM! Ka-BlaM! was billed as “A New Kind of Cartoon Show,” that featured a mixture of different shorts in a variety of mediums. It played as a video comic book, with the animated hosts Henry and June guiding you through the pages. Ka-BlaM was unlike any Nicktoon before it, a strange--yet hilarious--show that perfectly harnessed the magic of 90's Nickelodeon. Today we’re covering the...


The Second Case of Second Chances

Way back, in the ancient time of 2018, we started our podcast. Back then we were a different show. We did less research, almost no scripting, and we also had only one microphone. This was how we recorded our second episode: The Case of Second Chances. If you never listened to it, the three of us each brought a film that we believed deserved a second chance. This could mean two things: a movie we saw once and hated, but enjoyed the second time--OR a movie that was unpopular with critics and...


The Manic Pixie Dream Case

Welcome back to The Black Case Diaries! Every once in a while, we take some time to learn about a movie concept. For the first time on our show, we focused on a problematic film trope: The Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Come join us as we discuss this term's origin, specific examples, the affect that the term has has on pop culture, and possible real-world consequences. You will find all our show notes and sources at our website: Thanks for listening! Twitter:...


The Case is Not Yet Rated

This week, we dove deep into the black case to bring you an episode about the history of film censorship and the current MPAA rating system! We all know the ratings well: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, Unrated, or not-yet-rated. But, where do these ratings come from, and how did they come to be? What do these ratings really mean in terms of what is or isn’t appropriate for specific audiences? Censorship is a big part of film history and the movie-making process. Although the Motion Picture...


The Muppet Case

Hello and thank you for joining us once again at The Black Case Diaries! Today, we’re taking a look at one of Jim Henson's most well-known and beloved creations: The Muppet Show. The Muppet show aired from 1976 to 1981, five seasons of perfect insanity and uninhibited joy. It followed Kermit, a hapless producer and host of a weekly variety show, and the rest of the Muppets as they put together a live performance with a special guest. The show followed back-stage hi jinks, and even included...


The Case of June Foray

Welcome back to another episode of The Black Case Diaries! This week we're talking about the career of one of the most prolific voice talents of all time: June Foray! From Rocky the Flying Squirrel to Talky Tina, June entertained millions over the course of her 85-year career. We couldn't possibly talk about everything June voiced, but we touched on some of the highlights! Please visit for show notes, sources, and clips. Twitter:...


The Screwball Case of ZAZ Parodies with Moxie

What makes a screwball comedy? Well, to get technical, screwball comedies began as a sub-genre of romantic comedy in the 1930’s. The term has become a little more broad over time, and movies that we consider to be screwball comedies today might not focus specifically on a love story, but have elements that still turn the classic romance on its head. Come join us as we discuss some famous comedy parodies (specifically of the Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker variety.) This episode we have a...


The Case of Space Jam

In the 1990's, there was no bigger star than Michael Jordan. He was everywhere and on everything. He was a hero, a God among men, “the greatest basketball player of all time.” Mix that with the iconic image of Bugs Bunny, a killer soundtrack, and state-of-the-art special effects, and you have the highest grossing basketball movie of all time: Space Jam! Join us as we talk about the making of this 90s classic! Twitter: @blackcasediary Instagram: @blackcasediariespodcast