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Inspirational stories from our rainbow culture

Inspirational stories from our rainbow culture


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Inspirational stories from our rainbow culture




A River‘s Stain: Antoine B. Craigwell in Conversation

Today, our guest is the irrepressible Antonie B. Craigwell, the founder, president, and CEO of Originally from Guyana, Antoine trained as a journalist and graduated from the City University of New York. He has facilitated numerous workshops and discussions on HIV and depression in Black gay men, among his many accomplishments. Black Gay Blog caught up with the New York native to learn about his South American heritage and what motivates his work with depressed black gay men.


Meet Alva Wilson (Milliner & Visual Artist)

Today's guest on The Black Gay Blog Podcast is Alva Wilson, a milliner and visual artist based in Luton, England but originally a Hackney boy from the East End of London. Alva makes beautiful hats for men, women and children and has a riveting story to tell like all our guests. So, sit back, relax, and join us.


Doug Spearman - Filmmaker: A Table for One

Doug Spearman is best known for his acting role in the ground-breaking LOGO series Noah's Arc, forty years in the entertainment business and two feature films, Hot Guys with Guns and From Zero to I Love You. Finally, we met the man behind the smile.


Introducing Chloe O. Davis author of The Queens' English

The Queens' English is a comprehensive guide to modern gay slang, queer theory terms, and playful colloquialisms that define and celebrate LGBTQIA+ culture. Author Chloe O. Davis speaks passionately about her drive to provide an in-depth modern look at queer language and identities, from terms influenced by celebrated lesbian poet Sappho and New York's underground queer ball culture in the 1980s to today's celebration of RuPaul's Drag Race. The Queens' English: The LGBTQIA+ Dictionary of...


An Interview with Actor Cyril Nri - It's Alright To Be Me

When I meet Cyril Nri for our interview over Zoom, it’s a week after burying his mother. He’s surprisingly jovial, considering. I think of how I was weeks after burying my old dear when it was hard for me to crack a smile. It’s the actor in him, I told myself. The show must go on. But I'll let you decide.


Meet Cheikh Traore: Human Rights/LGBT Advocate in Lagos

Black Gay Blog caught up with human rights activist Cheikh Traore to find out how he’s been settling in Lagos, Nigeria, after a life in London, Paris, New York. "One way to deal with homophobia is to get involved in gay rights," said Traore. "That helps."


The Collector Patric McCoy » Living in an Art Installation

I first met Patric McCoy in The Market Tavern pub in Vauxhall on the day a Bosnia war protester set himself on fire outside the House of Commons. It was Patric’s photographs of this horrific event that were syndicated around the world on that Wednesday, 28 April 1993. A case of right place, right time. He beamed at me from the bar as I walked up to him and said, you must be an American. “Guilty,” he replied, laughing, and asked me how I knew. Because we Black Brits don’t smile at strangers,...


Legacies of "The DL Chronicles" - Deondray + Quincy Gossfield

You cannot help but warm to Deondray and Quincy Gossfield. They are easy on the eye, easy to smile, and easy to talk to. There’s a relaxed familiarity between the filmmakers who brought the world “The DL Chronicles” that instantly puts you at ease. They share the same surname, so perhaps they were related. I wasn’t making any assumptions when I met them for a virtual chat. Among other things, I wanted to find out how they got started making films.


Jiggy Mann: A Life After Porn

What do you do when your friend turns to a life of porn? Do you sneak online and check him out, or do you clutch your Bible, stomp your feet and pray that God almighty will show him the errors of his way? We caught up with Conrad Mitchell, AKA "Jiggy Mann" in the gay adult entertainment industry.


Addiction, Incarceration and a Black Gay Man's Search for Identity

The night my body gave up the ghost and left me covered in shit didn’t afford me pause to go and clean up, take a shower and prepare for the next caper. Jewel was closing soon, and I needed more crack. Now, more than ever as the shame of having defecated on myself began to emerge in my fragile conscious, I knew I had to pull this one off and quickly. The dinosaur's prayer came readily to mind: Lord a little more time. It was good an invocation as any. Could I do it? Would the smell give me...


Introducing Curtis Holder, Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2020

Curtis Holder cannot recall a time when he did not sketch. His earliest memory is of drawing a house that looked nothing like the other houses drawn by his infant school classmates. “Why are their skies one shade of blue? That’s not how I see grass. I don’t care if they want to draw a house that way. I see it differently.” Forty-seven years later, Curtis Holder is the 2020 Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year award-winner, while working part-time as a primary school teacher in London. He...


Black, Queer, Pastor, Activist and Leader: Meet Reverend Darrell Goodwin

In a historic first, Black, openly gay activist Reverend Darrell Goodwin is elected to a senior leadership role in the United Church of Christ. Meet a man whose story emphatically demonstrates how much authenticity and determination can deliver, both personally and for the people we love and are lucky enough to be loved by in return. [read more]