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The Bob Culture Podcast is hosted by local NJ drummer, artist, and nerd, Bobman discussing what’s new in the world of Pop Culture, Sports, WWE, and the Local Music Scene along with special guests.

The Bob Culture Podcast is hosted by local NJ drummer, artist, and nerd, Bobman discussing what’s new in the world of Pop Culture, Sports, WWE, and the Local Music Scene along with special guests.
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The Bob Culture Podcast is hosted by local NJ drummer, artist, and nerd, Bobman discussing what’s new in the world of Pop Culture, Sports, WWE, and the Local Music Scene along with special guests.






The WWE 2k Million Dollar World Champion, Stephan Benson

"If he beats me I will shake that man's hand, but the virtual squared circle - that is MY spot. That is MY ring. I don't care if it's No Mercy. He will never, EVER beat me in a WWE game." - Stephan Benson on a rematch with AJ Styles With the release of the latest installment of WWE 2K Games upon us, we talk with the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE 2k Million Dollar Champion of the World, Mr. Stephan T. Benson. Stephan chats about his very real journey to the top at TakeOver Brooklyn...


Serpentico Returns

"My Philosophy is actually pretty simple. I got into wrestling, and I want to leave it better than I found it. That's all I want to do. No matter where I go, what I do, who I teach or what I do for the rest of my life - once I leave wrestling, I want to leave a positive impact. Whether it be through matches, through my students, through the stories I'm trying to tell, the social media posts, I want to show people that it's okay to be hated, not do good, or mess up. Just get up the next day...


WWE Cruiserweight Classic Competitor Anthony Bennett Interview

"It started with Gerald Brisco actually coming to the Monster Factory. He was just scouting talent. Thankfully I had a collegiate amateur wrestling background. He was like I know you're coach-able, I know you listen. I know they're doing this Cruiserweight thing, it's just a matter of when. Just stay focused. Keep doing what you're doing. And then in September 2015, he messaged me and said, get ready and you should be getting an email soon. I felt like the 14-15 years on the wrestling mats...


The REP Interview

" I just want to work people who want it. Regardless of what that means to you. If you want to put a on a good show or if you want to f'n fight. Whatever you want to display, your art - let's go! Let's put it on for these people. It's really that simple. If we got to go through some tables and boards - sigh - alright F' it, lets' do it. Let's have some sense and let's have some fun.......And then go straight to that pay window!" - David Mccall of The REP Live from Adios Amigo at The...


The Boogeyman Interview

With Halloween just around the corner, I caught up with one of the greatest WWE persona's of all time, The Boogeyman at NJ Horror Con in Atlantic City, NJ. In this rare interview, Boogey talks about fans, sharing the ring with legends, worms, and even provides a few words of wisdom while creeping me out! Find the full interview transcribed at: Photo Courtesy of NJ Horror Con Follow The Boogeyman at @realboogey Support the BCP on Patreon!...


Hell in a Cell 2019 Picks

With only three matches officially announced for this Sunday's Hell in a Cell Event, the Queen of NE and The Pop Break's Bill Bodkin join me for some early predictions. Additionally, the panel and I discuss the possible ramifications of the big Smackdown Debut on Fox and more. Lots of laughs and tunage from It Lives, It Breathes! Tune in! Support the BCP on Patreon! Thank you Mike and Michelle from Sledgepad LLC, JayCrow, and Shannon Krus for...


Wrestling Week and The Wednesday Night Wars

"Moving to Fox, they want the mainstream appeal of Brock Lesnar. My dad knows who Brock Lesnar is, and my dad hasn't watched wrestling since I was a kid. I think Fox is like, we love the Pancake Power, but let's bring in Brock Lesnar." - Eric Collier Both wrestling premiere week and the start of the, "Wednesday Night Wars" are officially upon us. The Anti-Smark, Matthew Widdis and the debuting Eric Collier help me run down our new weekly wrestling schedule along with discussing what each...


9 Year Old Indy Booker Kid Carter & Dad, Chad Minnes

At only 9 years old, Kid Carter is already booking one of the most epic Indy Wrestling shows to date. Kid Carter joins the show, along with his father and local Indy Promoting Legend Chad Minnes (Stand Alone Wrestling/ Pro Wrestling After Dark) to talk Kid Carter's Birthday Bonanza scheduled for November 23rd at H20 Wrestling Center in NJ. Carter even lets us in on an exclusive match announcement along with some other VIP perks available for the show. Chad also returns to the show to...


WWE Clash of Champions Picks

"It's when the tag team titles become props in the main title picture. Even when they first won the belts, Braun was looking at the Universal Title as if to say that the tag titles don't mean anything. You don't want any of your titles to be devalued. But unfortunately that's what normally happens in a storyline like this. The Tag Team Titles take a back seat." - Kriss Nunez Clash of Champions is back and you can be sure that the boys at The Bob Culture Podcast got you covered. The...


Fantasy Football Picks 2019

"If you have your choice of Wide Receivers, I don't think Odell Beckham Jr. is your guy. Is he a top receiver in the league? Absolutely. But there's too many options for Baker Mayfield in Cleveland. And they're still going to double cover him. And that's going to leave Jarvis Landry wide open." - Trevor Marden Fantasy Football season is finally upon us so our annual panel has assembled to talk draft strategy, trades, no Luck, local teams, and more. Join #Champmissioner Tim Urig and...


BCP 100th Episode for Connor's Cure!!

Our Live #BCP100 Episode for Connor's Cure was a complete success featuring live music, giveaways, interviews and more!! The stellar event is dedicated to fighting Pediatric Cancer and we'll be raising funds through Aug. 7th at Tune in for Live Performances from Vextion, Eddie Soles, and Charles Laurita & The Mischief !! Also featuring Summerslam Predictions, Fantasy Football Picks, and an interview with WrestlingInc's Founder/Managing Editor, Mr. Raj...


Stranger Things 3 Review

"All I know is, DO NOT under any Joyce, because she is having some very bad luck with men." - Tim Urig On the latest Episode of the BCP we're talking all things Stranger Things Season 3. We chat about the phenomenal character development, the soundtrack, and speculate on a ton of fan theories!! We even share a few unique theories of our own! Tune in for a full panel discussion with Kate Ortiz, Michael Vacchiano, Tim Urig and Kriss Nunez. Thank you Mike and Michelle...


Extreme Rules Picks

"Basically it's steaks versus pancakes versus soy patties..." - Michael Vacchiano on The Smackdown Tag Team Title Match Extreme Rules is this Sunday on The WWE Network, so I've assembled our Dream Team of BCP panelists including The Queen of NE, Kriss Nunez, The Pop Break's Bill Bodkin, and the returning Michael Vacchiano!! We cover all angles for every match and then some. Tune in for LOTS of opinions, fantasy booking, and great tunage from It Lives, It Breathes! Follow The Queen...


AEW Fyter Fest Predictions

"I've worked with MJF before in a couple different promotions, and he is the real deal. This guy is going to be a major star in pro wrestling, and he is just scratching the surface right now." - Jon Alba The 2nd Official AEW Pay-per-View, Fyter Fest is LIVE this weekend on Bleacher Report Live!! (FOR FREE!!) In anticipation of the big event, I make my predictions along with Award Winning Sports Reporter, Living The Gimmick's Jon Alba, and The Pop Break's American Antismark, Mr. Matthew...


Stomping Grounds Picks with Nick Hausman

"They're trying to make something of this Kofi title run, which I think is very admirable and the right thing to do. Especially with the recent trip to Ghana and everything. Kofi deserves a very compelling main event story line. I think the current iteration of Bray and Kofi Kingston would mesh so well. Again, I'd be absolutely distraught if it doesn't play out where the Fiend attacks Kofi at the end." - Nick Hausman With WWE's newest PPV Stomping Grounds right around the corner, I had...


The Ones You Forgot

"All the songs were essentially based around fear and things I had literally found myself being too afraid to say to people. Whether it be someone I had a falling out with, or someone that I really care about, or even admitting things to myself. So that whole record developed out of personal experiences." - Jenna Bruno on the Album, Too Afraid to Say Just weeks before their debut at Vans Warped Tour, local Jersey Rockers The Ones You Forgot call in to chat about the road to Warped Tour....


Game of Thrones Series Finale Review

"I will say she was honoring the wishes of her best friend. Her dying words were, 'Dracarys.' And to me that says, 'Ok. I got you girl. I'll burn it down." - Kate Ortiz The Lords & Ladies of House Ortiz, Cruz, and Masella gather to discuss the final season of HBO's Game of Thrones. We discuss everything in Season 8 from the flashes of brilliance to some frustrating character arcs. Keep it here for some passionate rants, rewrites, and our honest thoughts on GOT's place among the greatest...


AEW Double or Nothing Predictions

"Some People watch wrestling for a long time. And then they finally see something they've never seen before. Then they are a fan all over again. And this could be that for a lot of people" - Matt Widdis on Double or Nothing With AEW's debut event this weekend, I've assembled The BCP panel including the likes of The American Anti-Smark, Matthew Widdis & The Pop Break Editor in Chief, Bill Bodkin to talk all things Double or Nothing. The boys have got you covered as we talk about some of...

Summer Rae Interview

"I went to my tryout in WWE, and I think within like six weeks, it was really fast for me, I was like down there, moved to Tampa, and the rest was history. I thought six weeks was like a long time, but everyone was like, 'oh no, I waited years.' I was like, 'Oh, ok. Great.' " - Summer Rae With Summer just around the corner, I thought it'd be appropriate to throw it back to one of my favorite interviews! Last Summer we had the Chance to talk with former WWE Superstar and Total Divas Star,...


Money In The Bank Predictions feat. The Queen of NE

"I love Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe is one of my favorite people right now and has been for a long time He's hot on the mic. He's super personal. He goes for the jugular. He's got that mind game, pyscho behavor that I AM HERE FOR!" - The Queen of NE It's good to be the Queen! One of the hottest up and comers in the world of podcasting joins the show to share her picks for the Money in the Bank PPV! The Queen of the podcasting realm talks shenanigans, cash-ins, and even creates the...