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The Bob Culture Podcast is hosted by local NJ drummer, artist, and nerd, Bobman discussing what’s new in the world of Pop Culture, Sports, WWE, and the Local Music Scene along with special guests.

The Bob Culture Podcast is hosted by local NJ drummer, artist, and nerd, Bobman discussing what’s new in the world of Pop Culture, Sports, WWE, and the Local Music Scene along with special guests.
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The Bob Culture Podcast is hosted by local NJ drummer, artist, and nerd, Bobman discussing what’s new in the world of Pop Culture, Sports, WWE, and the Local Music Scene along with special guests.






Former Nets P.A. Announcer and P.R. VP Gary Sussman

"When I became a member of the team in the P.R. department, it definitely took on another level for me. I knew these guys and I wanted them to succeed. I was all in. When you actually work with the guys every day and you know the team, the coaches, and the front office, it becomes a little more personal." - Gary Sussman Did YOU SEE GARY!.... was on the Bob Culture Podcast?! I am absolutely honored to be talking with the man behind the infamous "Did you See VC?" , "Mikey Likes it!", and...


All Elite Wrestling Breakdown

"There are more things in the works that they couldn't announce today, but Cody told us after the rally they are very close to announcing more. He kind of alluded to that being a television deal. The big thing that everyone is talking about today is the signing of Chris Jericho. Cody said they could have announced other things but he wanted fans to remember that big moment where the veteran - one of the biggest names in the business, gave the proverbial rub to this young upstart promotion. "...


The Mighty Tree Toppers

"Music is what brings everybody together, no matter what happens in the world. If music is playing, it changes everything. That's why we're doing this, and that's why I'm involved. I want to bring joy to somebody, and that will bring me joy. When I heard they were doing this, I said I want to be part of it and jumped in. It's not about record deals or or trying to please bar owners. It's about bringing joy to someone else. And that brings joy into our hearts." - Eddie Testa 'Tis the...


WWE TLC Predictions

"I feel like Asuka's just there to eat a pin. And it kills me to say that. Unfortunately, I feel like Lynch is going to drop the belt. Now I think the benefits of this are that they're going to give her that Stone Cold-esque run that everyone's been clamoring for online. I think she wins the Royal Rumble and she gets to the main event for the title. (Wrestlemania) I can't see Becky Lynch not being in that main event. She's white hot right now." - Chris Demarco Tables, Ladders, and Chairs,...


Episode 58 - Brian Morelli & Jimmy Franklin of The Great Rock & Roll Time Machine

"Being a big Springstein fan myself, I knew Steven Van Zandt did a lot of production for famous Christmas songs with the likes of Darlene Love, The E Street Band, etc. I showed Jimmy Darlene Love's 'All Alone on Christmas' and I'm like, that's Clarence! The sound is so thick. That was my model. I was like, this is what we need to re-create. All the strings, the sax. This is what this needs to be to emulate a Jersey Shore sounding tune for this time of year." - Brian Morelli This week on...


2018 WWE Survivor Series Predictions Showdown!

"Plus you're talking about some of the most beloved and strongest women from the main card roster. They're on Smackdown. You have the powerhouses. Asuka, Powerhouse. Naomi, Powerhouse. Nikki Cross, if she shows up - Powerhouse. These are women who can carry a women's division just on their own merit. When you put all of that together, I think Team Smackdown (Women's) is unstoppable here." - Shannon from The Married Marks Podcast It's time for the first Annual Survivor Series...


Evolution Predictions Panel

"This is one of the matches that I'm flying across the country for. I adore Kairi Sane. Baszler is one of the best heels that they've had in the company in eons. I don't care what gender we're talking about. That woman is so good at just being a straight up b!tch. She comes out and I'm like YAS QUEEN I am here for you. I'm real excited about this one and I could see a belt change here." - Shannon of Married Marks Podcast Our first ever all Female Predictions Panel episode is here to...


Episode 55 - End of an Era

"End of an Era never needed to die. We went through of all these phases. We fell into a lot of these little worlds. It was very telling of our lives at the time. We were all in. I think we got to a point over the years where our tastes changed, and our musical ideology was changing. We started to see the music of EOAE change. And I think it was changing so much that it strayed away from the core from what EOAE was created to be. As far as writing new music and releasing new music, End of an...


Talking Biomechanics of Drumming with Dr. Nadia Azar

"The total number of calories a drummer burns is very individual. It depends on your body mass, intensity of playing, your age, metabolism, all kinds of things. But in general, especially at the level of a professional drummer, drumming is an intensive activity. The professional drummers are right up there with professional athletes. I'm not the only person to show this. Research studies have shown that drummers are expending energy at the rates of professional athletes. In particular, heart...


Episode 53 - Hell in a Cell Predictions

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and will include the ritual sacrifice of Jeff Hardy's body and possibly soul. This is the match that they put out there where we're all anticipating a moment that gets played in video packages for years to come. This is a great match for both of these guys. Jeff's 42 years old now and he hasn't jumped off of everything in the world yet, and he's still looking for more." - Matthew Widdis The BCP wrestling panel is back and we're...


Episode 52 - Boardwalk Beatdown w/ James Ellsworth, Summer Rae, KC Navarro, & Serpentico

"I've started this hashtag: #RehireEllsworth and people seem to be behind it. And hopefully you'll see me back on Smackdown Live real soon. Well, maybe 205 Live. They got the Cruiserweight Title. You never know. I love those guys and how hard they work and I'm a big fan believe it or not. I'd go in there and I'd be different obviously. It'd be broken right in half. I think a lot of people would love seeing me there and a lot of people would be like why is he there? It'd get a big reaction...


Episode 51 - Pro Wrestler Joe Gacy

"I like to think that being a champion for a company means that you're the face of that company. Realistically, you holding the heavyweight or world championship for a company means that the company has faith in you. Having a title for any company is a big deal. The first time I won the CZW Heavyweight Championship, it was kind of surreal. I was a big CZW fan before I started training there. In a nutshell, me having it was accomplishing one of my dreams I set out to do." - Joe Gacy on being...


Episode 50 - WWE Summerslam Predictions 2018

"The Roman Reigns This is my yard promo is the closest thing you will ever see to a Roman Reigns heel promo. He is going to be the same middle of the road, baby-face that he's been for years. Don't be surprised if Brock Lesnar retains the title. As much as we want to see Roman show up in a suit and cut a heel promo, it's not gonna happen because he sells merchandise. Vince McMahon just got five billion dollars of TV rights, and he would love for Brock Lesnar to go into the Octagon with the...


Episode 49 - 2018 Fantasy Football Preview

"The Running Back position is back! You have these guys who are stud running backs who are once again getting their yards and getting their Touchdowns. It's fantasy football like it was seven years ago. Let's just thank the fantasy football gods that the Running Back position is back!" - Tim Urig It's Fantasy Football time!! After a miserable 2017 season, I am again joined by NYJ PA Spotter Trevor Marden and future first ballot BCP Hall of Famer, Tim Urig for some much needed help. Tune...


Episode 48 - Pro Wrestler Frankie Pickard

"My goal is to keep the new generation of kids away from doing bad stuff on the streets. They come in and see me perform and doing what I want to do. If they're having fun watching wrestling, enjoying themselves, and staying off the streets, then I'm doing a good job. That's what I want. To keep the kids from doing bad things." -Frankie Pickard Pro wrestler Frankie Pickard calls into the show to talk about how wrestling saved him from depression and a troubled childhood. The former CZW...


Episode 47 - Michael Dworkis Talks Working for the WWE

"While I was finishing college, to be able to go right into WWE and stay there after I graduated, that was living the dream. That checked off the biggest box on the bucket list. I did this on my first try." - Michael Dworkis In the latest installment of The Bob-Cast, I chat with former WWE employee, Michael Dworkis. Michael talks about working for the "E", interviewing John Cena, getting ribbed by Kevin Nash, being saved by Shawn Michaels, and even shaking the hand of the boss, Vincent...


Episode 46 - Ropetree

"If you come to see us live, it's gonna be a good show. I'm gonna sell you my f'in soul the best I possibly can. These guys are gonna push it as hard as they can. This album is the closest to that. - Billy Harrison Mielnik One of my all time favorite local bands, Ropetree joins me at Canyon Music to talk about their new album, "The Saints of Asbury on Their Stone Pony." My longtime pals share stories from the scene and give us all the info concerning the big CD Release Show at The Saint...


Episode 45 - WWE Money in the Bank 2018 Predictions

"Part of the problem was that that belt did need Brock Lesnar. It doesn't have that Harley Race, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan lineage. It needed a shot of legitimacy. That's what Lesnar gave it. But it lasted too long. And everything has suffered as a result. There is no upper card on Raw right now because nobody's getting near that title." - Matt Widdis It's time to make our WWE Money in the Bank predictions for 2018 with the BCP wrestling panel. I'm joined by the human Wrestling...


Episode 44 - Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son

"You have to make your own luck. You have to go out and make your own opportunities. No one's gonna come knocking at the door with a record deal. The shit that happens in the movies, it doesn't happen like that. You have to go out there and play. I love it, and I'm trying to do more of it." - Bobby Mahoney How many Bobs does it take to record a Podcast? We found out as I'm joined by the up and coming local rocker, Bobby Mahoney of Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son. I met Bobby a few...


Episode 43 - Deadpool 2

"If you look at that school, it's a great juxtaposition to Professor X's school. Here you have a school where kids are tortured, not taught to believe themselves or trust in their abilities. They turn into super villains. And then you have the X-Men Academy where they turn into superheroes. I thought it was a great way to pit Deadpool in between both of those situations." - Jeffrey Masella I'm joined by good friend and Deadpool Cosplayer, Jeff Masella to talk about one of our favorite...