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Death Brought Me Back To Life

Alua Arthur is a woman with incredible energy. As a death doula supporting people through end-of-life planning, Alua emphasizes the importance of a circle of support. Her fierce love of life stems from her respect, acceptance, and reverence towards death. Alua aims to change the way we view death and the dying process. Tune in to learn how death can teach us how to live more meaningful lives. Check out the detailed show notes and ways to connect with Alua here.


Failing Up The System

Paula Creed-Smith’s childhood was anything but easy. Even though the extreme hardships of abuse, neglect, and bouncing home to home in the foster care system, she learned to overcome. Paula discovered, firsthand, a gap in the system and subsequently used this knowledge to advocate for children aging out of the foster care system. Tune in to hear how Paula pulled through and now lives a joyous life. Detailed Show Notes Here. Donate for Heather's Birthday Fundraiser here.


Still Brave

Tom Mitchell is a man of astounding commitment. After losing his teenage daughter, Shalya, to Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he has dedicated his life to supporting other children and families fighting the daily battle of pediatric cancer through his non-profit Stillbrave. Tom’s story teaches us what it truly means to be brave and that beauty can be found even in the worst of situations. Detailed Show Notes Here. Host Heather Vickery and her daughter, Tessa, are donating their birthday's to The...


Gratitude Special

Being grateful is more than simply saying "thank you" and being polite. Expression of gratitude is the beginning of all good things - - Generosity, courteousness, and showing concern and appreciation for others. Deeply feeling and expressing gratitude is an effective way to positively influence behavior and attitude within ourselves and others. This special gratitude episode features many of our listeners, loved ones and guests. We guarantee that listening to this will brighten your day,...


Beautifully Broken

Elizabeth Clamon is no stranger to intense, life-changing challenges. After enduring an abusive childhood, extreme illness, and life-threatening injuries leading to 12 agonizing years of bedridden pain, Elizabeth discovered a strength within herself to make a change. With her background in Naturopathic medicine, she implemented a plan for healing that carried her from utter despair to a life bursting with joy. Detailed Show Notes Here.


Stop Profiling My Son!

Kisa Marx is a mother fighting against racism and harassment. After her son experienced extreme harassment at the hands of school administrators and police officers, Kisa realized something must be done. Tune in to this episode as Kisa teaches us how we can use our voices and privilege to make a difference and why vigilance matters especially when it comes to our kids. Detailed Show Notes Here.


The Inner Dominatrix

Dana Pharant’s business is one-of-a-kind. She pushes women out of their comfort zone, challenges their preconceived notions, and encourages them to fully embrace their inner dominatrix. As a survivor of sexual abuse, Dana discovered the healing comfort in taking control. In this episode of The Brave Files, we learn there is real power in embracing all of yourself – no matter what others say. Detailed Show Notes Here.


Quitting the Cult

Janet Bernstein completely rebuilt her life in her 40’s. After 20 years of marriage, she cut deep ties to her religious organization, husband, friends, and family. Freeing herself meant losing it all. This episode of The Brave Files discusses what it’s like to live in and leave a cult-like religious group. Tune in as Janet recalls her story of bravery and tells us how she turned her story into a life she loves. Detailed show notes here.


Season Three Introduction

Welcome to season three of The Brave Files Podcast! Success Coach and Host, Heather Vickery shares some thoughts on past seasons and what's coming in this new season. Learn more about the show here.


Hurricane Michael: Inside the Devastation

After experiencing the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael, the people of the Florida Panhandle need our help. Along with Crowdsource Rescue, Anne Hinze travels door to door providing resources – food, water, shelter, gas – to those stranded due to the destruction. Anne implores us all to help in any way we can and to direct monetary donations to local relief organizations. Detailed Show Notes and IMPORTANT LINKS.


Stand Your Ground

Alyssa Hogan is a domestic abuse survivor. After standing trial for her husband’s murder, she was acquitted based on “Stand Your Ground.” Alyssa’s experienced a newfound awakening that transformed her life. Through personal healing and growth, Alyssa now empowers women to experience total transformation throughout their personal and professional lives. Detailed Show Notes Here.


Trust Your Gut, Mama

Jazzmin Jackson’s story is one of patience, wisdom, courage, and dedication. After her young son’s adverse reaction to a routine vaccination, she was called to take on the role of medical advocate for her child. The path eventually led to effective alternative medication that fit her child’s needs. Standing in the face of fear, Jazzmin’s story teaches us to never back down and to fight for what we know is right. Detailed Show Notes Here.


The Meanest Woman Alive

Linda Smith is a champion for the success of all women. She is truly a voice for the voiceless. As one of the top five female litigators in the United States, Linda has used her experience to empower women to take their rightful place in the world of business leadership. Linda proudly owns the title “The Meanest Woman Alive” and her story teaches us that true grit is the key to success. Detailed Show Notes Here.


Unleash Your Inner B*d*ss

Donnie Boivin’s life has had its fair share of twists and turns. After 40 years of “living someone else’s life”, Donnie took a leap of faith and ventured into the unknown world of business ownership. Now, as the host of Donnie’s Success Champions Podcast, he inspires listeners and empowers guests through telling their stories and voicing their individual truths. In this episode of The Brave Files, Donnie shares how he motivates others to enjoy the freedom of their success and to unleash...


Seeing Signs

“Art brings people together. That is entirely the point.” - Erin Stephens-North For Erin Stephens-North, art transcends physical creations. Art is a bridge to understanding. As someone who deals with the hallucinations, manic episodes and depression that often accompany Schizoaffective Disorder, Erin uses art to ground herself and to share her unique perspective with others. In this episode of The Brave Files, Erin shares some of the experiences she has encountered while living with mental...


Made by a Black Woman

After starting a business, Shelly Bell missed community and connection. As a minority founder, she was also frustrated with the lack of access to capital for women of color. Despite her fears, she decided to solve both problems by creating Black Girl Ventures and hosting pitch competitions with a crowdfunding twist. Shelly is changing the way black and brown women get funding and launch businesses. Detailed Show Notes Here.


The Struggle Keeps Me Honest

David Jensen was raised to be polite and respectful. But mental health issues taught him the importance of using his voice. This week on The Brave Files, David tells the story of how he found that voice through art and design. Today, David shares his lessons and art through Practice Daily, where he creates iconic designs with simple slogans to inspire personal growth. Tune in to learn more about the meaning behind David’s mission, why he embraces failure, and how he gets himself out of bed...


Living Intentionally on Purpose

At a young age, Sarah Rose Humes learned the hard way how to survive in the harsh conditions of poverty. Today, she is channeling those life experiences to help others overcome their own challenges and fears through her coaching business and her writing. In this week’s episode of The Brave Files, find out more about Sarah’s inspiring story, and learn why one of her proudest moments in life was petting an animal at the zoo. Detailed show notes here.


What Happens If I’m A Girl?

Positive. Unexpected. Invigorating. After raising three boys, Jen Grosshandler thought she was ready for anything. But when her fourth child came out as transgender, she and her husband quickly realized they had a lot to learn. In this week’s episode of The Brave Files, Heather talks to Jen about her personal journey as a mother and advocate, and the search that led The GenderCool Project, a positive storytelling platform that spotlights trans young people in their own words. Detailed...


The Ingredients of Bravery

What happens when a crucial part of your identity slowly starts to slip away? In this episode of The Brave Files, Heather interviews Emily Ann Peterson, author of “Bare Naked Bravery,” about the medical condition that changed her career as a musician, her four favorite ways to build bravery, and the power of storytelling and creative expression. Detailed Show Notes Here.