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#34 – Sure, They’re Criminals, But At Least They’re Naked

Who doesn't love a good sex cult? If you're wondering where the right to bear arms meets the right to bare butts, this is the episode for you! This week, the guys peek under the robes to discover the hidden world of Rajneeshpuram, the Oregon cult of the 70s and 80s. This episode is insane, so be prepared for everything from free love to terrorist bombings. After this wild, wild ride is over, you may not want to run out and out and join the Rajneeshees, but we guarantee you'll never look at a...


#33 – We’re Having Your Uncle For Dinner

Human. It's what's for dinner. This week, the guys head out on the trail with the Donner Party, the famously doomed pioneer wagon train of 1846. Join this migrant caravan as they break axles, get dysentery, and invent the original frozen dinner. Feel free to join the party! You'll probably be able to snag some digits; just avoid the salsa.


#32 – Suck My…Blood (The Halloween Episode!)

Vampires are dicks. Even when you think they're dead, there they go, escaping the grave at night to slowly suck the life from their relatives. That's a dick move, vampires. This week, on a very special Halloween episode, the guys sink their teeth into the Vampire Panic of 19th-century New England. Along the way, you can learn a lot about tuberculosis, one-stop shopping, and why you never hear the phrase, "running around like a vampire with its head cut off."


#31 – Wyatt Twerp (with Special Guest Suzanne Brockmann!)

OK, OK. All your heroes are a lie. History is told by those who live the longest, and this week, most of the people in our story don't live long enough to tell the tale. That's OK, though, because Jason T. Gaffney is on the case, ably assisted by best-selling author Suzanne Brockmann, who also just happens to be Jason's mom! This story gets dicey, but you'll be OK. Corral your feelings and check your weapons at the city limits!


#30 – I Like Beer!

Take me out to the ball game! Throw hot dogs at my head! Knife me and kiss me and scream at me. I won't care, cuz the beer's almost free! Yes, it's Ten Cent Beer Night in Cleveland, Where thousands of fans broke the law; Its a nightmare for normal folks, But a dream for Kavanaugh!


#29 – Do You Hear The People Sign?

There are millions of Deaf Americans. Tone deaf Americans, unfortunately, outnumber them massively. This week, the guys learn all about the 1988 Deaf President Now! movement within Gallaudet University, a school for the deaf in Washington, DC. It's an inspiring story of peaceful protest, unity, and corndogs, a story which will leave you filled with the spirit of Les Mis, complete with barricades! Draw near and listen, and maybe turn the volume down in solidarity.


#28 – The End of the World…With Dance Breaks!

The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming! But first, a word from Colgate Toothpaste! This week, the guys scan the airwaves for the truth behind Orson Wells' infamous "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast of 1938, which caused a nationwide panic, launched the career of a Hollywood legend, and led to the first recorded case of a lawsuit being settled with a pair of shoes. Stay off the streets for this one, and don't forget to tune in next week!


#27 – Why Isn’t Bill Pullman My Daddy?

What is it with aliens and butts? This week, the guys take a probing (!) look at the supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Along the weird and winding way, they encounter Joseph Stalin, Josef Mengele, a bunch of mixed alien parts, and tiny Russian children plummeting from the sky. No one wants to feel alone, but if these are our interstellar neighbors, I'll take loneliness!


#26 – Torture Me Elmo

Toys are dangerous. We all know that Legos present a choking hazard and an Easy Bake Oven will burn your child to death, but did you know that Beanie Baby ownership can lead to a serious heroine habit? This week, the guys play around with the most tragic fad toys in history, from the Pet Rock to the Tomagotchi. Pitch a tent and stay up all night for this one!


#25 – Severed, Severed Ear

Nee means nee, Vinny. Sure, you know about the ear thing, but Vincent Van Gogh, who personified the starving, tortured artist of the 19th Century, also left an unparalleled artistic legacy, complete with haystacks, starry nights and armless Flemish peasant women. This week, the guys wander around in his brilliant, yet troubled mind, only to come back with a Belgian miner and the worst case of tinnitus you've ever half-heard.


#24 – We’re MacFucked

Theater people are superstitious. Usually, those superstitions are completely fabricated. But the "Scottish Play" thing is real, you guys. It's so real. This week, the guys tread the boards in search of the origin of the supposed curse, touching on some of the most unhinged moments of theater history. In the process, they will answer the question of how an actors' rivalry led to the worst incident of civilian death due to militia action in America's history. Watch out for flying swords and...


#23 – Wow Wowie Wow Wow

In 1969, the Woodstock Music Festival was the epitome of peace, love, and harmony. This is not that story. Join the guys as they dive into the disease pool of the Powder Ridge Rock Festival of 1970, Connecticut's answer to Woodstock. Have a refreshing drink of hepatitis, grab some poison ivy and meet us down at the Freak-Out Place!


#22 – Who Needs Turtles, Anyway?

Some records will never be broken. Some simply shouldn't. This week, both are true! Welcome to Balloonfest, wherein Cleveland fails, once again, to shake the moniker The Mistake By The Lake. This event has everything: good intentions gone horribly awry, people with no friends, beauty, and a healthy dash of death and destruction. This is a dicey one, but as long as you're not a fisherman or an Arabian horse, you should be fine.


#21 – Orchidelerium, Or, How To Keep Your Penis

Flower Power is real, and it kills. That's the lesson the guys learn this week as they uproot the history of the Orchid Craze in Europe, before people realized that seeds were a thing. Who knew that flower hunting was so dangerous? Everyone, it turns out, except the one guy who survived it. Keep all your appendages securely inside the dolphin for this one!


#20 – Enter Bliss, With Consent

It's our 20th episode! This week, the guys discover the toxic truth behind another Superfund disaster! Join Kevin and Jason as they learn how an idyllic Missouri getaway town became a GET AWAY! town overnight, and how the present day isn't the first time the EPA has been the villain.


#19 – Disco Inferno…Literally

This week, the guys look into a disaster at a baseball stadium. Wait, didn't we do that last week? Yes! Turns out, baseball stadia are dangerous places. In our first listener-suggested topic (thanks to Twitter follower Maureen!), Kevin and Jason discover that not only is Disco dead, but... It was murdered.


#18 – Naked People Are More Aerodynamic (with Special Guests, Vic In A Box!)

On this Very Special Episode, the guys are joined by our brother podcast, Vic In A Box! Vic and Steve, both Philadelphia natives, join Kevin and Jason to share the brotherly love! Together, we delve into the worst disaster in baseball history, not including that time Michael Jordan tried to play. Along the way we learn a lot about sports, streetcars, sound effects, and why Philadelphians are so literal. Many thanks to Vic and Steve for dropping in and sharing the fun! Check out all their...


#17 – Nice Sass

This week, the guys uncover the inspiring story of Billy Haines, the biggest movie star you've never heard of. In 1930s Hollywood, the draconian Production Code led to the blacklisting of many of America's greatest talents, including the top-grossing star of 1930, Billy Haines. What dark secret led to Billy's erasure? Here's a hint: if he'd just married Joan Crawford, none of this would have happened. Grab your hand-painted wallpaper stencil and settle in for a rollercoaster of emotion!


#16 – Jesus, Mary and John Lennon

In honor of Independence Day, this week the guys look into a time in history where Americans heard a celebrity say something they didn't agree with, and simply respected that person's right to free speech and freedom of expression. Ha! Just kidding! John Lennon said something about Jesus, so America lost its damn mind! Pop a cold one, light some sparklers and sing as much of "America the Beautiful" as you can remember.


#15 – Zooooooooool

Boo! Sorry we scared you! Go cry to Patrick Swayze about it. This week, the guys learn about the creepy history of the Greenbriar Ghost of West Virginia, who sought (and achieved) revenge on her killer. Warning: you might not want to be alone for this one. Go dig up a friend and listen together!