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The Buzzed Kill Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to all things booze and blood! Crack a bottle and join us as we discuss all manner of horror movies, from new releases to old favorites and everything in between!

The Buzzed Kill Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to all things booze and blood! Crack a bottle and join us as we discuss all manner of horror movies, from new releases to old favorites and everything in between!
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The Buzzed Kill Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to all things booze and blood! Crack a bottle and join us as we discuss all manner of horror movies, from new releases to old favorites and everything in between!




EP 161 - Super Beeroes

Episode 161 - Super Beeroes If you could have one super power, what would it be? Most people have pretty typical answers. The power of flight, invisibility, and invincibility seem to top most people's list. Don't get us wrong. All three of those super powers seem like they would come in handy, and they would be a lot of fun, but we here at The Buzzed Kill Podcast all agree that the ability to control someone's thoughts would be the only super power for us. At this point, you probably have a...


EP 160 - From The Dreidel To The Grave

Episode 160 - From The Dreidel To The Grave Hang on to your yarmulkes, folks. The goys of The Buzzed Kill Podcast are going Old Testament this week, with two tales of mishegas. One involving a harmless looking tchotchke that harbors an ancient evil, and the other involving a bunch of gentile schmendriks who mess with the wrong village, and end up in a whole world of tsuris. So schlep your tuches over to your favorite chair, grab a He’Brew Messiah Brown Ale from Schmaltz Brewing, and listen...


EP 159 - Tele-Visions Of Terror

Episode 159 - Tele-Visions Of Terror BREAKING NEWS... We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a shocking bulletin from the paranormal investigation team at The Buzzed Kill Podcast. I'm being told that they are currently in the middle of one of the most profound paranormal occurrences to ever be caught on film. I've been assured that in the coming hours, we will be provided with irrefutable evidence of the existence of ghosts. It sounds like this is sure to be one of...


EP 158 - Fatal Attractions

Episode 158 - Fatal Attractions Everyone knows about the law of attraction. The belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into your life. Well, do you know the laws of ATTRACTIONS? As in, haunted attractions? It’s the belief that no matter how positive your thoughts are, the outcome is destined to be negative. You can have the biggest smile, the brightest attitude and the most positive outlook, but chances are, you aren’t going to leave that place...


EP 157 - You Haven't Seen WHAAAT??

Episode 157 - You Haven't Seen WHAAAT?? Admittedly, there are a lot of things that we have never done. We've never been skydiving. We've never slack lined across the Grand Canyon. We've never held a baby giraffe right after the moment of birth. Also, Mike has never known the soft touch of a woman. Aside from all of that, there are also a lot of horror movies that we are ashamed to admit that we have never seen. So this week we grabbed some FLOAD Dark American Sour Ale from Short's Brewing...


EP 156 - Home Sweet Hell

Episode 156 - Home Sweet Hell Everyone knows that renovating a house can be hell. The demolition causes a huge mess, you either have to deal with unreliable contractors, or learn to do it yourself, and on top of all of that, there is the expense. Then, of course there are the obstacles that hardly anyone thinks of before committing to a project.... the ghosts. You know how it is. You’re halfway through the remod your master bath and suddenly every time you look in a mirror, some dead guy is...


EP 155 - The Mile Die Club

EP 155 - The Mile Die Club Hey guys, Mike is back from his trip to Halloween Horror Nights in L.A. and he has plenty of stories to tell us. Stories about his journeys in California, his trip to Universal Studios to check out all of the awesome HHN mazes, and most importantly, how he finally joined the Mile High Club..... No just kidding. Mike? Naked? In an airplane bathroom? No Thanks. That's more likely to make you hurl than the fish option. This week we grabbed some Ballast Point Sculpin...


EP 154 - What A Buncha Clowns: Chapter 2

EP 154 - What A Buncha Clowns: Chapter 2 Beep Beep! It's nearing the end of September, and you know what that means. In just a couple short weeks, we are going to be able to break out scarves, yoga pants, ugg boots, boyfriend flannels, and pumpkin spiced everything. Believe us when we tell you that Mike in a pair of sassy yoga pants is an absolute dream. However, more importantly, the end of September means that our dude Stephen King just celebrated his birthday, and we all know that a good...


EP 153 - Charles In Charge: A Child's Play Retrospective Pt. 3

EP 153 - Charles In Charge Well, this is it, Jack. Chucky's back for one more round. Wait, make that three. Three more rounds, three more movies to close out our three-part retrospective. That brings Chucky to a grand total of eight films, and there seems to be no end in sight. We think it's fair to say that Chucky is one tough son of a gun. In fact, we've never seen a piece of plastic take this much of a beating and still keep coming back for more. Well, besides that thing your mom keeps...


EP 152 - An Ewok Mis-Adventure (GALAXY OF BEEROES Crossover)

Episode 152 - An Ewok Mis-Adventure (GALAXY OF BEEROES Crossover) A short time ago, in a galaxy that we are currently in, a podcast event the likes of which have never been seen took place. After several thousand minutes of correspondence the schedules of five dudes who host two separate podcasts on opposite ends of the greater southeastern suburbs of Detroit came into proper alignment, to form one single perfect celestial listening experience. A supernova of galaxy hops and friendship...


EP 151 - 3 Years In The Abyss

Episode 151 - 3 Years in the Abyss Did you know that if you starting walking 3.1 mph for 8 hours per day, you could walk around the entire world in about 3 years? How about this? Did you know that if you took a trip to Mars, it would only take about 6 months, but because the Earth and Mars are only that close every two years, you’d had to wait to make your 6 month return trip, making the trip a total of 3 years? Also, did you know that most college degrees in the UK can be obtained in about...


EP 150 - In Stitches: A Child’s Play Retrospective Pt. 2

Episode 150 - In Stitches: A Child’s Play Retrospective Pt. 2 You can’t keep a Good Guy down, or so they say. Chucky’s back, and he wants to play. I didn’t mean to make that rhyme, but I’ve come too far to change my mind. Tiff brings Chucky back to life. A doll, a kill, a chant, a wife. Soon thereafter on their way, to exhume the corpse of Charles Lee Ray. Quick pit stop at cheap motel. Dolls get busy, spawn from hell. Peaceful puppet runs away, to find parents in LA. Shock gives way to joy...


EP 149 - Strange By Design 3: Bigger. Better. Stranger. Thinger.

Episode 149 - Strange By Design 3: Bigger. Better. Stranger. Thinger. Remember the days when kids would put on their most radical threads, throw some mousse in their new do, hop into their dad’s Fiero, and cruise to the mall to hang with their friends? All day long, man, just scanning the place for cute babes, hittin’ up the food court for a Hot Dog on a Stick and an Orange Julius, fightin’ commies, checkin’ out the freshest duds at Miller’s Outpost, battling giant monsters from other...


EP 148 - Bad Luck Chuck - A Child's Play Retrospective Pt. 1

Episode 148 - Bad Luck Chuck - A Child's Play Retrospective Pt. 1 We all have that one friend. You know, that friend you'll have till the end. That one really good guy that never lets you down, even if he is a criminal who transfers his soul into a doll by conjuring Damballa. Unfortunately Chucky isn't that good guy. Well he is, but you know, a BAD good guy...are you still following? Good. This week (at long last) we started on our journey into all things Chucky, and in part one of our three...


EP 147 - The Price Is Right: Actor Spotlight on Vincent Price

Episode 147 - The Price Is Right: Actor Spotlight on Vincent Price The 60's gave us a lot of life altering things. Lava lamps, bell bottoms, and banana seat bicycles all literally changed the way we lived our lives. However for those who weren't into tie dye and the twist, the 60's also gave us some darker delights such as the Ouija boards. But most importantly, this was the decade that gifted horror fans a near perfect trifecta. Edgar Allen Poe, Roger Corman, and the man of the hour,...


EP 146 - Tuned To Drop D(ead)

Episode 146 - Tuned To Drop D(ead) As musicians ourselves, we know what it is like to strive for perfection. We’ve done the all-nighters with six sweaty dudes locked in a room, plugging away at the same song over and over until our fingers feel like they are going to fall off. Beer cans stacked to the ceiling and Taco Bell wrappers littering the floor. Ok, maybe we weren’t striving for perfection so much as we were getting drunk and eating junk food while playing music, but we still know...


EP 145: BAD BREW Piranha II: The Spawning

Episode 145: BAD BREW Piranha II: The Spawning Piranhas are any of several small South American freshwater fishes that eat other fish and sometimes plants, but occasionally also attack humans and other large animals that enter the water. Piranha 2: The Spawning is an American film, shot in Italy and Jamaica by a Canadian, with a cast of actors who look suspiciously like other actors, that tells the story of mutated Piranhas that can survive in the ocean, fly like birds, and breath out of...


EP 144 - A Hole Lot Of Trouble

Episode 144 - A Hole Lot Of Trouble Most adults see a hole in the ground and think to themselves “Hmm, there’s a hole in the ground.” Then they go back to thinking about whatever normal, boring people think about, like the incredible deal they got on a new Chambray shirt at Lands’ End, or how excited they are to discuss the 20% Saver’s Tax Credit on their Roth IRA, at their monthly couples game night with Glen and Susan Bedford. Lucky for people like us, we have retained that sense of...


EP 143 - Boar'd To Death

EP 143 - Boar'd To Death If you’re not a pig person, this episode is going to be extremely... boaring. Haha, sorry that was just our ham-fisted attempt at being funny. You won’t actually be boar’d, because the beauty of this show is that you can still go about your daily business while listening. You can listen while you’re bacon a cake. You can listen in the porking lot while you’re waiting for your kids to get out of school. Heck, if it’s nice snout-side, you can even listen while you moo...


EP 142 - Stay For The Pay

Episode 142 - Stay For The Pay How much would it take for you to stay in a haunted house for the night? $1000 and a six-pack of utility beer? What if the house had a very dark past, and the spirits inside were extremely restless? $10,000 and a case wine, perhaps? What if the house itself was literally alive, and could pretty much kill you whenever it was done playing sick tricks on your mind? $1,000,000 and a truck load of bourbon? Stop right there! You had us at "six-pack of utility beer"....