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Episode 53 | Check your Final Fantasy VII Remake expectations

This week we discuss the latest episode of Sony PlayStation's State of Play stream. We take a look at each game featured and break down why some people are setting themselves up for massive disappointment in the Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Episode 52 | What do we expect from the PS5 and NeXtbox?

What will be the most appealing elements of the next generation of gaming? This is just the start of a much longer conversation, but it is time to start talking about it. This week we also discuss if we're going to be stepping outside to wave wands for Harry Potter: Wizards United like we hit the streets for Pokemon Go.


Episode 51 | Thanos snap! More content or no crunch?

We're adding something to the show's formula this week, so we open up with an Outside The Arcade discussion (no spoilers) of Avengers: Endgame before stepping inside to talk about tabletop games, reviews, and another chapter in the game developer crunch saga.


Episode 50 | The Top 10 Games of all Time w/ Ryan of TKWC

What are the best games of all time? Ryan from The Kids Wear Crowns and host of Don't Call This A Podcast collaborated with us and orchestrated a discussion centered on the top 10 games that both of our communities votes on as the best video games of all time. With all your votes tallied, it's time to debate and put the list in order.


Episode 49 | What do we really know about game development?

This week, Katie dishes on her new and completed PC setup and how the first stream on it went down, Charles talks about why the Jedi: Fallen Order reveal underwhelmed him just a little bit, and the dopest gaming duo in podcasting discuss what the ideal game development work culture looks like from the outside.


Episode 48 | Google Stadia Part 2

The Google Stadia conversation continues with some input from the community and CSJR has some exciting news regarding the future of Coins 2 Continue along with a major change in employement. One aspect of the change is already public knowledge, but there's another that #Coins2 listeners will know before anyone else.


Episode 47 | Google Stadia Part 1

This week we discussed a ton of things going on around the industry, but we closed out the episode with a chat about Google Stadia. Listen close, because we need our community's help with the second and final part.


Episode 46 | Riding The Feels Train w/ Ryann Weller

Strap in for a bumpy ride on the feels train! This week's episode features game developer and streamer Ryann Weller, who climbed up from Q/A to develop games such as TellTale's The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderland, Call of Duty: World at War, and Call of Duty: Black Ops.


Episode 45 | PC & Home Console Gamers United

Pikachulita had a dominant front page performance on Twitch for Women's History Month, including achieving her fund goal for getting her first gaming PC. This week, we discuss her upcoming transition and Charles's love for console gaming, despite being a long-tenured PC gamer.


Episode 44 | Is Reactionary Game Development A Thing?

This week is quite a trip, so strap in! Katie is back from vacation just in time to discuss Overwatch's new champion: Baptiste! We also discuss Apex vs Fortnite vs Overwatch, the value of video games vs reviews, and a whole lote more. Hope you enjoy the show! Live tweet the using the hashtag #Coins2 and we'll shout you out on the next episode.


Episode 43 | Rockstar's Secret Agent w/ Black Oni

Katie was on vacation living her best life, so we're honored to have Black Oni as guest host on this episode of #Coins2. This week, we discuss Rockstar's long lost game Agent, the future of BioWare, how we process the transgressions of publishers/devs vs our consumerism, and more!


Episode 42 | Boot Scootin' Loot Shootin'

We've returned from our hiatus right in the thick of a battle between connected or looter shooters. Also, Respawn Entertainment has stepped into the battle royale arena with a surprise launch that may have turned Katie into a fan. Thank you all for supporting us and engaging with us on social media as you waited patiently for the return of the show! Use the hashtag #Coins2 on Twitter and Facebook so we read your live tweets and get your feedback on the show. Much love!


Episode 41 | Nintendo vs The World ft/ Bryan Wilson

We recorded this episode in a consecutive week, so the intro is technically accurate! Consider this episode part 2 of our Nintendo Direct conversation where we focused on Animal Crossing. This time on #Coins2, we discuss Nintendo's current place in gaming as a whole, the benefits and setbacks of the Switch, and a whole lot more. Enjoy.


Episode 40 | Tom Nook The Crook

This week we discuss Treyarch's take on the wildly popular battle royale mode with Blackout in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct stuffed with content recently as well, so we tackle the surprise announcement and the crook that is Tom Nook.


Episode 39 | Cyberpunk Spider-Man

Did you miss us? We're back and catching up on one of the biggest games out and one of the biggest on the way. Tune in to this half-hour episode of #Coins2 where we discuss some formatting changes, what we have been playing during our mild hiatus, and more. Much love!


Episode 38 | The Return Freestyle (Y U No Man's Sky?)

After a near two-month hiatus, the dopest gaming podcast has returned! No Man's Sky is the new hotness again, so we discuss how we feel about games with wack launches. We also share what we've been playing, life updates, and a future addition to the #Coins2 podcast family. Thank you all for your patience and we really hope you enjoy the show. Much love.


Episode 37 | Introducing Future Kids To Games

A new week and new episode is upon us. There are a lot of things that happened this week that we'll have to wait to address next week, but that doesn't mean we don't have a full show ahead. Katie and Charles discuss introducing their kids to games, talking about Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFVII remake hype, and a whole lot more. Head to if you want to read additional show notes and pocast time stamps. Use #Coins2 if you live tweet our show!


Episode 36 | Who Run It?

Any week and another fire episode of #Coins2. The community responded big this week and gave us quite a few questions to answer, one of which became the main topic for this episode. On Ep 36, Katie finally speaks on God of War, we mashup two of our favorite games, we break down the E3 leaks, and a whole lot more!


Episode 35 | Best Superhero Games Ever

What rhymes with episode 9? Showtime!!!...kinda. Today’s episode is all over the place. We start out discussing our favorite superhero games (Charles makes up a couple because...we don’t he drunk?) and tennis games that are releasing this month. Turns out, one of us has a past with the sport. Further in, there’s an honest conversation about the ever popular Battle Royale games, the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2, and more! We hope you enjoy this week’s episode. Sadly, while we’re...


Episode 34 | Reedus & The Fetus

E3 2018 is right around the corner, so, of course, we're getting the E3 inquiries. Charles and Katie break down the titles they're most excited to see this year and also give updates on the upcoming Coins Chronicles Podcast RPG. We missed a couple weeks, but this will be the beginning of a new streak!