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SobieCast #13 July Movie Preview

Welcome to a new SobieCast for Comicnoobs! In this episode Sobie brings back the BFG Drew himself to talk all of the movies coming out in July. They start by talking about Drew's performance in the "BFG" (1:45), then talk about how "The Purge: Election Year" might be before its time (8:30), then go into the movie of the July 4th weekend "The Legend of Tarzan" (11:45), they talk about the awesome voice-cast in "The Secret Life of Pets" (16:55), then Sobie has a crisis and ponders a break up...


Kevin Reviews Rebirth #3 & #4

Reviewing the DC Rebirth comics released on 6/15/16 and 6/22/16! Comics Reviewed: Action Comics #958 Superman #1 Detective Comics #935 Batman #1 Titans Rebirth One-Shot Aquaman #1 The Flash #1 Green Arrow #1 Wonder Woman #1 Green Lanterns #1


Game of Rants: Season Finale Recap

**This podcast contains content that is intended for a mature audience. Listener Discretion Advised.** Welcome to the season finale of Game of Rants for Comicnoobs! In this episode Sobie chats with Caitlin Macatee and Comicnoobs producer Steve about the "Winds of Winter." They jump into a recap about the Battle of the Bastards (4:30), Jon Snow as the new King of the North and how Sansa will play the game moving forward (13:30), they talk about Frey Pie's and Arya's grocery list (25:30),...


Episode 41 - Assault on CreepyTown

Welcome to our first episode of our two-part coverage of the 2016 Marvel Crossover Event: Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill! This week, we cover a couple of special release comics in which Maria Hill and SHIELD come up with a new innovation in super-villain incarceration! They take inspiration from the creepiest of places: Leave it to Beaver, Night Vale Radio, Angels in the Outfield, and The Matrix. Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and more heroes come together to...


Steely-Eyed Wordsmith #4 - On First Drafts

David and his apparently unkillable clone discuss first drafts and the "rules" that go with them. Also discussed are writer's block, confusion, and ways to relax when you aren't a clone.


Game of Rants: Space Station Schlong

Welcome to the newest edition of Game of Rants! In this episode Sobie and Caitlin Macatee talk about how Tyrion got his groove back, shipping Yara/Dany to the end of time, Rickon Stark being a terrible Wide Receiver, Sobie has an interesting theory/prediction about Sansa/Littlefinger, how Sansa is a different kind of monster, the shows chance to #MakeDorneGreatAgain, and where Dany ends up in the finale! They also rant about Vietnamese Coffee, Sobie Nightmares, and discover a new book...


Episode 40 - X-Men Omega Ultimate Finale Edition

Welcome to the 40th Episode of ComicNoobs! This week, we FINALLY wrap up our coverage of the iconic X-Men mega-event, the AGE OF APOCALYPSE! All of the books we've been covering for the last six weeks culminate in this episode as the X-Men attack Apocalypse's stronghold for a final confrontation! There's time-travel, nuclear war, shoot-outs, fist-fights, and a whole lot more! Don't miss it! We also decide to go a bit lighter and cover the brand new DC Rebirth Green Arrow book, in which...


Steely-Eyed Wordsmith #3 - On Writing Tools

Welcome to another episode of Steely-Eyed Wordsmith! This week David (@dococcupant) and his clone talk about writing tools with input from the twitter audience!


Kevin Reviews Rebirth #2

Kevin gives his quick, spoiler-free review of last week's DC Rebirth comics. Featuring: Aquaman Rebirth One-Shot Wonder Woman Rebirth One-Shot The Flash Rebirth One-Shot Detective Comics #934 Action Comics #957


SobieCast #10 Game of Rants: Game of Blue Balls

*This SobieCast contains mature content. Listener Discretion Advised.* Welcome to SobieCast #10 Game of Rants: Game of Blue Balls! In this edition Sobie and professional funny woman Caitlin Macatee talk about the latest episode of Game of Thrones, more specifically how much of a let down it was. Sobie and Caitlin start by talking about how underwhelming the payoff to the Arya storyline was (4:25), The Hound getting revenge on Lemoncloak aka The Earl of Lemongrab (10:50), how Cersei...


Episode 39 - Rogue-Rage

Welcome to the penultimate episode covering the 90s mega-event: The Age of Apocalypse. This week we cover the final issue of each of the tie-in books we've been reading. First in Generation Next, the team is able to rescue Illyana, but they have to face off with Sugar Man and all his cronies before they can escape. In Astonishing X-Men, Blink goes up against Holocaust to get revenge for Sabretooth while Rogue, Morph and Sunfire fight off the army of infinites. In Amazing X-Men, the team...


Steely Eyed Wordsmith #2 - On Reading & Tropes

David Webb and his clone are back for another episode of Steely Eyed Wordsmith! This week, the doppelgangers talk reading, tax complications, tropes and more!


BonusCast #21 - HOME and Writing Indie Comics w/ Todd Black

Welcome back to another BonusCast for ComicNoobs! This episode, writer of multiple indie comic books Todd Black joins Kevin to talk about writing, comics, writing comics, power rangers and more! We also talk about Todd's comics: GUARDIANS and HOME, which according to Kevin are both DEFINITELY worth a read! Give us a listen and then check out Todd's comics! Check out Todd's Site: Buy HOME: Buy GUARDIANS:...


SobieCast #9 Game of Rants: Lannister's Better Have Mah Money

*This SobieCast contains mature content. Listener Discretion is Advised.* Hey everybody and welcome to another edition of Game of Rants aka SobieCast #9 for Comicnoobs! This week Sobie and Caitlin talk about Caitlin's Bedtime stories (2:35)and the return of The Hound who has been hanging out with some hippies (7:30), they also get excited that the Arya story is moving forward even if the last scene was really bizarre (16:15), how The North DOES in fact Remember in regards to the Starks...


Kevin Reviews Rebirth #1

Kevin decided to buy all the DC Rebirth One-Shots... Now he talks about them! Check it out! Issues Covered: DC Rebirth Special Green Arrow Rebirth One-Shot Batman Rebirth One-Shot Superman Rebirth One-Shot Green Lantern Rebirth One-Shot


Episode 38 - Taking One for the Team

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! We continue our coverage of the Age of Apocalypse with the third issue of our tie-in books! Things heat up in Generation Next as the team sees the conditions of the human slaves in the Seattle Core, and a few of the mutants meet the disgusting Sugar Man. In Astonishing X-Men, the X-Men invade Holocaust's cloning facility to save Sabretooth and take down Holocaust. Finally, in Amazing X-Men, we get the biggest showdown so far as Magneto fights...


Steely Eyed Wordsmith #1 - On Titles

Check out the introduction episode of STEELY EYED WORDSMITHS! This is an awesome podcast by friend of the show David Webb aka @DocOccupant, fiction writer extraordinaire! This week, Dave and his clone discuss starting a podcast and coming up with titles for stories and podcasts!


SobieCast #8 - June Movie Preview

Welcome to the extended directors cut of the 8th SobieCast for Comicnoobs! Sobie brings Drew back to the cast to get everybody ready for all the movies coming out for June! Sobie and Drew chat about Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (4:15), Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (14:15), Me Before You (20:35), The Conjuring 2 (27:15), Now You See Me 2 (31:45), Warcraft (34:10), Finding Dory (42:50), Central Intelligence (49:00), Swiss Army Man (54:10), The Shallows (58:00), Free State of Jones...