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The Conversation Corner Podcast aims to provide a mobile masterclass experience that highlights inspiring stories, thought-provoking ideas, and helpful life-changing tips from people around the world.

The Conversation Corner Podcast aims to provide a mobile masterclass experience that highlights inspiring stories, thought-provoking ideas, and helpful life-changing tips from people around the world.


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The Conversation Corner Podcast aims to provide a mobile masterclass experience that highlights inspiring stories, thought-provoking ideas, and helpful life-changing tips from people around the world.






Alacia Reynolds: Faith, Focus, and Purpose

This singer/songwriter is the CEO and Founder of Teameadit, Inc - A non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage teenage girls to achieve excellence in academic and civic endeavors. On this episode, Alacia Reynolds sat down with us and shared her story of faith, focus and purpose. We really enjoyed this interview and know that you will, too!


Aaron Musgrove: Your gifts will make room for you

Today, we have photographer, graphic designer and music producer Aaron Musgrove in the guest chair. He sits down and talks to us about faith, mentorship, persistence and using your gifts to create the life you've always dreamed of. We go deep in this conversation!


Sydney Anderson: Work hard.....but be smart about it

Sydney Anderson is the CEO of Legacy Sports Management. On this episode, we talk about the importance of mentorship, working both hard and smart, and the key ingredients of success and happiness. You'll want to take notes!


Alma Young: Where you start shouldn't be where you finish

Alma Young is currently the Director of C.A.M.P. at Valdosta State University. Her life story is powerfully inspirational and challenges the idea that we have no control over what life gives us. Alma sat down with us to talk about fear, overcoming adversity, and taking control over your own future in the midst of chaos.


Mona Dixon: From A Cardboard House to the White House

Mona Dixon is an author, keynote speaker, U.S. Presidential CNCS Appointee, and an Essence Magazine's Power List member alongside Oprah and Michelle Obama. Mona has shared the stage with "A" list actors and athletes from around the country inspiring the likes of LeBron James and Denzel Washington with her story. Join the conversation as Mona shares how she went from being homeless to becoming America's top teen empowerment leader.


Coach Dewayne Vickers: Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

Coach Dewayne Vickers sits down with the Conversation Corner and talks about coaching and empowering youth, being obedient to God, and the power of "why me?" moments.


Dr. Shakeer Abdullah: Family, Mentorship, and Education

Dr. Shakeer Abdullah is the VP of Student Affairs at Clayton State University and the Principal Consultant of Practical Diversity Associates. With over 20 years of diverse experience in higher education, topics of discussion for today's episode include celebrating education, the importance of two parent households and mentorship, self-education, and committing to "know thyself" to name a few.


Justin Massey: Let's Talk Financial Planning

Financial Planner Justin Massey joins the Conversation Corner Podcast to discuss the importance of good financial planning, how he entered the financial industry, sports, and family.


CE3 Performance Academy: A Conversation About Race, Education, and Embracing Who You Are

The team at CE3 Performance Academy joins the Conversation Corner to discuss a plethora of topics including education, racism in America, and embracing who you are.


Alex Tolbert: Finding Beauty in Your Own Skin

Health, fitness, and beauty coach Alex Tolbert joins us to talk about her personal journey and how women can begin to embrace and love their own skin.


Adam Setser: Intention in the tension

Financial advisor, blogger, podcaster and minister Adam Setser sits with us and discusses the beauty of desperation, the 4 P's of marriage, stewardship and how to experience "Intention in the Tension". Check out his podcast "The Up and Comers Show" and his blog at


Damian Grey: Community over competition

Damian Grey, Founder & Creative Director of Filmstory, sits with us to talk about his Jamaican roots, growing up in the south after moving from Brooklyn, NY and his journey to becoming an entrepreneur who believes in "community over competition". Damian gives the goods as he talks about living intentionally, the importance of finding a mentor and focusing on creating value in the world instead of chasing profits. Tune in!


Eric Dodson: Stop making excuses and just do it

Successful sports star, actor, cinematographer, coach, director of Ollie and Panda Films and old classmate Eric Dodson sat down with us during this interview to talk about a plethora of empowering topics from failure, juggling many different passions at the same time, reengineering your perspective, patience, his support system and much much more in this refreshing conversation. This talk is definitely one for the books!


Jerome Riley: Entreprenuership, millennials and marriage

Join us as we sit down with deacon, entrepreneur Mr. Jerome Riley. Mr. Riley owns Riley Church Pews, Tell the Story Photography and Elite Gaming & Entertainment. He openly discusses his journey to success and how his spiritual connection helps him focus on the things that matter most. Other topics of discussion include the mentor that made the biggest impact on his life, today's millennials and marriage. Take a listen!


Mike & LaShaunda Jordan: "Start tomorrow like today never existed"

Mike and LaShaunda Jordan have experienced more adversity together than most face in a lifetime. From homelessness to suicide to battling cancer, the Jordan's have seen and conquered it all. Tune in to hear their remarkable rags to riches journey as we talk about their unbelievable ride to success!


Dr. Eddie Connor: Beating Cancer, failing forward and self-education

Dr. Eddie Connor, a Detroit native, is a cancer survivor, bestselling author, TV host, international speaker, and college professor. He sat down with us to discuss how he beat cancer at the age of 17, his nonprofit mentoring program, and dressing for success. In addition, we talked about two of books. One of which was recently released on March 8th. Dr. Connor shares some inspirational insight in this week's episode!