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107 - The Joy of Lying (In Board Games)

Lying - a terrible, hurtful, nasty thing to do, or a great way to have fun with your friends? Brian and Aaron take you through their favourite lying, bluffing, social deduction games. Want to help support our content? Now you can make a donation here:


106 - The Joy of Co-op Board Games

In this week's podcast The Twits look at co-operative board games. What are they? What makes them great? And what are some of the best examples we know of? Want to help support our content? Now you can make a donation here:


43 - How To Get Yourself (or Your Friends) Into Malifaux

Malifaux is a brilliant tabletop skirmish game - but it can be intimidating to new players. Let us guide you through how to play, what crews and masters are easy to start with, and how to get good! Useful links: Wyrd Forum: GMort's Crew Box Soulstones: A Wyrd Place: Pull My Finger Wiki:...


42 - RPG Basics: Creating Compelling Player Characters

The first in our series covering the basics of tabletop role playing games - we start with the players, and offer up our tips on how to create compelling player characters. We take you through how to consider rules, background, and personality, and fuse the three together to create a fun and interesting character to keep you and your gaming group entertained around the role playing table! Mutant Genlab...


41 - Mutant Year Zero Genlab Alpha Mega Review

This week sees us take a full, in-depth look at Mutant Year Zero: Genlab Alpha, the post-apocalyptic tabletop role playing game (RPG) from Modiphius and Free League/Fria Ligan. We're proud to have our gaming group's DM, and the group's newest member, join us to give their opinions too. YouTube: Facebook: Twitter:


40 - Deck Building - From Dominion to Mystic Vale

This week we take a look at the modern board game phenomenon that is the deck building game. We look more closely at Rio Grande's Dominion and Arctic Scavengers, TMG's Cthulhu Realms, and AEG's card crafting game Mystic Vale. Please remember to like, share and subscribe if you've drawn enough resource cards for this turn. Check out our website-in-progress: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:...


39 - Fan-Flicking-Tastic - Ice Cool, Cube Quest, Terror In Meeple City

This week's podcast looks at all the fun you can have with skill-based flicking games, as well as puns on the word "flicking". We check out Brain Games' Ice Cool, Gamewright's Cube Quest, and Repos Production's Terror In Meeple City (formerly known as Rampage). Disclaimer: A review copy of Ice Cool was kindly provided by Brain Games at the UK Games Expo. Check out our website-in-progress: Twitter: YouTube:...


38 - Ripples Of Fate Master Review - Monthly Malifaux 08/16

This month we take a proper look at the seven new masters in Malifaux's upcoming Ripples of Fate supplement - the Guild's Nellie Cochrane, the Ten Thunders' Asami Tanaka, the Resurrectionists' Reva, the Outcasts' Parker Barrows, the Gremlins' Zipp, the Arcanists' Sandeep Desai, and the Neverborn's Titania. We also fill you in on the latest developments in our ongoing Shifting Loyalties campaign. Which master are you most looking forward to? Contents: Intro: 00:00 Nellie: 08:17 Asami: 16:20...


37 - Is Pokemon Go Actually Any Good?

This week we discuss the gaming phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, one of the most popular mobile games ever - but is it actually any good? Let us know what you think in the comments! Twitter: YouTube: Facebook:


36 - Why We Don't Games Workshop No More

In this episode we ask: WTF is going on with Games Workshop? We were all huge Games Workshop fans (one of us even managed a GW store) but none of us are active any more - we ask whether it's us or GW that has changed, why, and what could bring us back to the fold. Tweet things at us: Facebook us: Tube our You:


35 - Brexit: The Board Game

We take a long, hard look at the news in this week's podcast and wonder: what would Brexit be like if it was a board game? Let us know what you think in the comments! Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:


34 - Haunted Houses (Resident Evil 7, Anatomy, Gone Home)

In this week's podcast we take a trip through three of video games' latest haunted houses - Capcom's Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour, Kitty Horrorshow's Anatomy, and Fullbright Co.'s Gone Home. Spoilers abound, so use the contents to avoid them if needs be! 8:00 – Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour by Capcom 9-15:45 – Resi Spoilers 21:45 – Anatomy by Kitty Horrorshow 28:25-37:55 – Anatomy Spoilers 39:00 – Indie vs AAA 45:30 – Gone Home by Fullbright Co. 48:00 – 1:08:30 – Gone Home Spoilers...


33 - Monthly Malifaux - Ripples of Fate, Shifting Loyalties Log 4 (June 2016)

Join us for our monthly Malifaux podcast rundown for June 2016! This month we're looking at the upcoming Masters for Ripples of Fate, and continue with explaining our choice of Masters in our ongoing Shifting Loyalties campaign. Twitter: YouTube: Facebook:


32 - Dice Masters 2016 UK Nationals Round Up (Critical Twits Podcast)

We went to the UK games Expo, we saw a lot of dice, but did we conquer? Find out here as Friend of Podcast Joe Lewin relives his UK Dice Masters Nationals 2016 experience, and interviews the charming Dice Masters blogger True Mister Six and Dice Masters champion Ben Said Scott. True Mister Six's Dice Master's Blog, Brit Roller Six: Joe's Guest Blog Post:...


31 - Interviews: Guild Ball, Geeknson, Syrinscape, Sleeper, Escape the Nightmare, The Networks

00:00 - Expo Discussion 5:39 - Guild Ball Season 2 29:37 - Geeknson 52:03 - Syrinscape 1:10:39 - Sleeper: Orphans of the Cold War 1:28:38 - Escape The Nightmare 1:42: 55 - The Networks Rejoice, the second coming is here! The second coming of our UK Games Expo coverage podcast that is. We have interviews with, and discussion of, Guild Ball's Season 2, Geeknson gaming tables and accessories, Syrinscape RPG soundscapes, Sleeper's dark tabletop RPG stylings, Escape The Nightmare's uniquely...


30 - UK Games Expo: Lantern, Oligarchy and Arcane Blaster Casters

CONTENTS: Expo Discussion 00:00 Lantern: Lost In the Dark: 13:56 Oligarchy CCG: 37:39 Arcane Blaster Casters: 1:17:22 This week we discuss our experience of the 2016 UK Games Expo and bring forth a mighty collection of interviews and recommendations. We talk about how we found the Expo and highlight some upcoming game releases. These include our game of the show, No Loading Required's, Lantern: Lost in the Dark., which you can find at 13:56. An exciting new CCG by Entropic Games,...


29 - John Robertson In Conversation

The Critical Twits caught up with comedian John Robertson, creator of the Dark Room, at the 2016 UK Games Expo for an interview. We talk games, underpants, tattoos, and life in general with this incredibly funny man. Find John Robertson here: Find us on Twitter here: Find the end of the rainbow and defeat the angry leprechaun to win a pot of gold! Your mileage may vary.


Ep 28: Dice Masters Tournament Training

Friend of Podcast, Joe, takes us through some of the tactics and teams needed for hardcore competitive Dice Masters, in preparation for the UK National Championships at the UK Games Expo. You can find our first Dice Masters podcast, an introduction to the game, here:


Ep 27: UK Games Expo Preview

A preview of the UK Games Expo held at the NEC in Birmingham where we discuss the games and events we are most looking forward to, alongside revelations about our anti-social attitudes. We'll be tweeting live on the day through @Critical_Twits , please message us if you would like to meet up and play games on the day or just talk at us. If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a like, subscribe, or check out our YouTube gaming channel at


Ep 26: Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Pt 3 (Variant Rules, Through The Breach, Making Boards)

We're back with the third round of our Malifaux: Shifting Loyalties campaign log, and this week we're looking at the variant rules, the boards we've built, and linking our campaign to our brand-new Through The Breach tabletop role playing game campaign. Enjoy! Twitter: YouTube: