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CubbyVybz_Nipsey Hussle Edition [PLAYLIST]

Welcome back to The Cubby! Join The Cubby Cast as we dedicate and honor the cultural influencer and community activist - Ermias Joseph Asghedom aka Nipsey Hussle. As a motivator and role model, we celebrate his memory the only way we know how - To Talk About It! Listen in as we cruise through our favorite projects from Nipsey and offer our input to his legacy. Being that we are 5 professional men coming together to offer guidance and perspective - we listened to Nipsey! Offering keys to...


The Cubby_S2-E2.5_ Color Inside The Lines [RAW & UNCUT]

***RAW & UNCUT*** Welcome back to The Cubby! We are bringing it back! Another RAW & UNCUT episode of “The Cubby”! Join us in this stellar episode, as we discuss the perception of self in ones own respective community; the experience of colorism and the effects it has on the youth, a professional and while dating. How does this impact the cast’s personal community and consequently, the community at large. We all live in a world of SHADE, don't we? BONUS TRACK & COMMENTARY 😉 ***Explicit...


The Cubby_S2-E2_W.E.B Appalled; New Renaissance [LOST TAPES]

Welcome back to “The Cubby” Join us for Season 2, Episode 9.0! The Cubby Cast introduces one of our LOST TAPES to the fold. More importantly, we are letting you in on a little secret! The Originators, the Fat Boys before they broke up are in the studio, together for the first time. Unfiltered and ripped from the production shelf - we discuss whether or not “we” as a people are in another renaissance period. Let’s Talk About it! Sit in with the “Triumphant Trio” aka the “LO Boys” aka “the...


CubbyVybz_ Hustle [PLAYLIST]

Hustle Man! Hustle Man! Yeah that's me! This is the soundtrack to our hustle and what gets us through the day. No matter what the grind is, you must do it well or not at all. Whether you're at the gym or in the office, there's never a time to let up on your dreams and desires. Let this serve as a catalyst to the hustle within all of our listeners to seize the day and fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds of distance run. Let's get it.


The Cubby_S2-E1_Co-Friends [SEASON 2 PREMIERE]

Welcome back to “The Cubby” Season 2 of "The Cubby" has begun! After several weeks of group planning and head scratching, we made it to the season premiere of "The Cubby". Join us in this season opener, as we discuss the legitimacy, authenticity and interest in being Lovers, Co-workers, Manager, Employee, and Friends. Is it possible? Is it necessary? What can go wrong but more importantly, what can go right? Listen to our cast members go in-depth and talk about it! Luckily for us, your...


The Cubby_S1-Bonus_Thirst Trap [EXCLUSIVE]

Welcome back to The Cubby! Join us on this special limited edition BONUS TRACK of "The Cubby". Released due to a high demand and a riveting relationship, we take a deeper dive into the crucial elements of networking. Why is that necessary in our professional and/or personal lives today? Especially today, with everyone attempting to be someone. Yea...I said It. In this episode, we talk about it. We welcome our highly anticipated guest Adrienne Reed - Co-Founder of Brunch2Bomb (@brunch2bomb)...


The Cubby_S1-Bonus_YAS_Valentine's Day Massacre [EXCLUSIVE]

TODAY AND TODAY ONLY Welcome back to The Cubby. While Season 1 has ended and we look forward to Season 2. The Cubby cast couldn’t leave you without celebrating the 3rd best holiday of the year! Happy Valentine’s Day! As we celebrate, we want to acknowledge the elephant in the room! There are a lot of Y.A.S individuals roaming the streets, living in our offices, and occupying our hearts. Yea... I said it!!! Join The Cubby Cast and our special guest (@kingofqueens5) as we discuss the...


The Cubby_Season_FINALE_Director's Cut

You haven't left us! Thank you for tuning in to the first season of The Cubby. It has been a joy ride. Join us as we depart from Season 1 and prepare for Season 2, looking back at the beginning! We made it BABY!! Listen in on this quick Director's cut, thanking the people that made this possible and listening in on the origin of The Cubby and TLou. Why did we do this? Where are we going? How are we looking onward and where did the Great Bambino Go! Season 1 Finale Director's Cut Check...


The Cubby_S1-E7_The Beginning

Welcome back to The Cubby! Join our host "TLou Do What It Do" as he takes you back to The Beginning! Ideally, all he needs is One Mic, One Mic, One Mic! Standing center stage, he is revisiting his time without the cast members or Jared!!!! We taking it back to The Beginning for another episode of The Cubby. Sit in with our special guests (@_mbition & @11benet11) as they discuss the importance of changing your style of approach in all environments in order to cater to a certain demographic....


The Cubby_S1-E6_Normalville

Welcome back to “The Cubby” Join us as we discuss what is socially acceptable in today’s society. What have we learned from our past generations and what can we do without. This episode dives deep into what has changed and what needs to change for Generation Z. This is Steve Jobs fault! He made an app for life. What is it that is normal in Normalville? The 3rd Rule of The Cubby is to be yourself, but can you really? The Cubby Cast participants: @_greatbambino @jaydubdeuces Check out...


The Cubby_S1-E5.5_GRADE A BEEF!!! [UNCUT]

Welcome back to the Cubby! We're baaaaccckkkk!!! Join The Cubby Cast, once again, as we speak candidly on the RAW elements of What's BEEF!!! The Cubby Cast is going..... Back to Back! As we release Episode 5.5 - Grade A BEEF!!! [UNCUT] for a Limited Time Only!!! Listen in on our take of what's going on in our society today. From an R&B power house to the presidential reality television show happening today! Hide the kids, especially for this episode! Laugh and take part in this Rated R...


The Cubby_S1-E5_What's BEEF!

Welcome back to The Cubby! Join the Cubby Cast and our guest K.C. (imjustke_) as we discuss WHAT’s BEEF! in our community. How many of us have it? BEEF! Whether they are personal dilemmas, society pressures or the passive aggressiveness we find in the board room. Yea, I SAID IT!! Can you honestly say you are on a strict pescetarian diet in 2019? Hopefully. If not, get a bottle of A1 steak sauce and...bottoms up. Tune in to our previous episodes on all major platforms and write a review on...


The Cubby_S1-E4_Team Uno [Festivus Kwanzaa] B-Side

Welcome to the Cubby! Happy Holidays! Join your host, TLou Do What It Do on this Holiday B-side taping. Listen in and play the ultimate holiday game of all holiday games....UNO. Share an intimate moment as he entertains and explains house rules. We as a community sit down and discuss the importance of taking someone home for the holidays and taking yourself home right after the Christmas party. Yup, don't talk to Jane from HR...pass Go and don't collect $200, she may want something...


The Cubby_S1-Bonus_Code Read [EP]

Welcome to The Cubby! Join The Cubby Cast members on this quick drop, as we discuss the importance of reading between the lines. As a society, what does it take to successfully communicate with each other? Mainly with your partner, your coworker, and especially the deaf bartender that never looks you straight in the eye? Let's Talk about it! Whether we can employ these methods in the boardroom or in the text messages we receive on a daily basis, how does one genuinely read between the...


The Cubby_S1-E3.5_Single $ Sacrifice [UNCUT]

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! JUST RELEASED! Tune in and listen to an UNCUT & UNCENSORED episode of “The Cubby Ep. 3.0 - Gamora & Me.” Come behind the scenes and listen to your favorite Cubby Cast Members “offline”. It gets real. It’s unedited and it’s all RAW. Seriously, tell all these grown bosses to stop screaming at me! Take a listen to “The Cubby” and find out why we keep it real and sometimes kind. Tune in on Apple podcast and Spotify. Love is Love, Facts! Let’s talk about it. Link in Bio...


The Cubby_S1-E3_Gamora & Me

Episode 3.0 - “The Cubby”. NOV 30th. Subscribe. Like. Comment. On iTunes & Spotify. Join us as we discuss what it takes to be a “Thanos”! Why is it important to let Jesus take the wheel and who realistically and eventually makes the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. IDK. You, maybe. Who are you? A Shepard or a Lamb? Who are we? The @thecubbycast. Coming soon!! Would Quill have done it?


The Cubby_S1-E2_Cast Away

Welcome to the The Cubby! Join us as we discuss the journey and discovery of relocation. Where to next, and how do we navigate these new waters. Who are you? A Transplant. Who are we? The @thecubbycast. Subscribe. Like. Comment. Wilson! I’ll come back for you Wilson! The Cubby is here to be enjoyed and listened to. Learn what it takes to thrive and joke in the new age of short attention spans and bleached jumpsuits.


The Cubby_S1-E1_The Real Kind

Welcome to the The Cubby! The inaugural episode of a riveting urban podcast. Located in the suburbs of Southern California, showcased through the perspectives, livelihood, and experiences of a few NY, DC, MIA, Motown African American corporate men. The Cubby is here to be enjoyed and listened to. Learn what it takes to thrive and joke in the new age of short attention spans and bleached jumpsuits.