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The Cutting Edge Garage Podcast is about people who have achieved success in the Automotive Industry. Interviewing automotive celebrities, racing legends, business leaders and owners, technicians, shop owners, and everyone in between, we started this podcast to show people what the automotive industry has to offer.

The Cutting Edge Garage Podcast is about people who have achieved success in the Automotive Industry. Interviewing automotive celebrities, racing legends, business leaders and owners, technicians, shop owners, and everyone in between, we started this podcast to show people what the automotive industry has to offer.


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The Cutting Edge Garage Podcast is about people who have achieved success in the Automotive Industry. Interviewing automotive celebrities, racing legends, business leaders and owners, technicians, shop owners, and everyone in between, we started this podcast to show people what the automotive industry has to offer.






Episode 20 | Bogis Lateiner - Bogis Garage - All Girl Garage

Since her first vehicle, a Volkswagen bug, Bogi Lateiner has been smitten with the automotive industry. She studied at UTI before becoming a BMW Master Tech and eventually opening her own shop. As we all know, the automotive industry is predominately male, especially in the technician sector. Because of this, through her personal experiences, empowering women in the business has become her passion. Through her passion, she has been able to become a master tech, owns a shop, owns a training...


Episode 19 | Steve Hill - Lifted Life

In today’s episode, we are talking to the main man from the show Lifted Life TV. Steve Hill is the owner of the shop, Five-R Trucks, where they understand your passion for making your beloved trucks perform at their best! In the show, Steve, along with his family and crew, make someone’s 4x4 customization dreams into a reality, every week. The Hill family has become internationally known for its award-winning builds, from show trucks to work trucks. What started this journey and how did they...


Episode 18 | Ben Hobson Racing

What does it mean to be a professional drifter? On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Ben Hobson about just that. He has been drifting for 6 years and received his Formula Drift Pro2 License in September of this year by placing 1st in the lone star drift shootout. His drift car is a Nissan Silvia S15 with a 6.8L supercharged LS engine, also known as THE JOKER! What is drifting, how do you get into it and how do become a professional? Let’s find out! WELCOME to the Cutting Edge Garage...


Episode 17 | Sara Price

The racing industry has been a predominantly male business and hobby since day one. This makes us wonder, what is it like being a woman in a male-dominated extreme sport? In today’s episode, we have Sara Price, a Professional Off-road Racing Champion, stuntwoman, and businesswoman. Since the age of 8, when she got her first dirt bike, she was hooked. And since 2006 she has competed in a ton of races and come away with many metals. Not only has she been successful in the racing industry,...


Episode 16 | Lame AF - Kasey Hull

Kasey Hull is an automotive photographer and blogger as well as a director for the NBC News network. Since his first NASCAR race as a child, he has loved cars and his photography hobby started off with recording RC cars. He discovered the show Cars and Coffee during college and that’s when his car photography gig really started. He continued attending car shows for photography reasons and eventually realized that there was one missing. He decided to create his own clothing brand, LAME AF,...


Episode 15 | Drivin' & Vibin'

Full-time RV-ing… selling all your belongings to live in a small camper traveling around the country with no “home-base” to land. Could you do it? On today’s podcast we have Olivia and Kyle, or as a lot of people know them, Drivin’ and Vibin’, and they did exactly that, 5 years ago. And guess what else? They’ve made it into a successful business with a Youtube Channel and Blog! These two took the chance of having a life-changing experience traveling the country full-time and shared their...


Episode 14 | Eric Saunders Racing

Eric Saunders was a successful up and coming motocross racer, but in 2010, he suffered a crash that he wasn’t able to get up from. He was paralyzed and lost the use of both of his legs. Fortunately, racing is simply the competition between people to determine which one is the fastest and he made his way back into the racing world through sprint cars, despite his condition. Because of his condition though, he has become an advocate for innovation in the medical industry regarding paralysis...


Episode 13 | Kris Martin Racing

As we have mentioned before, success in the automotive industry is abundant and defined in many ways. In saying that, success does not always come easy. Today's guest Kris Martin Is a professional race car driver, social media influencer, and motivational speaker. He was also born profoundly deaf. Today he receives partial hearing through a hearing implant he received at eight years old. He has grown up with racing in his blood and has received many medals. and trophies along with the title...


Episode 12 | SP Nextech™ Student Program

Maybe you are following in the footsteps of your parents; perhaps you’ve been inspired by an automotive show on television; you may be continuing your training after high school automotive shop class, or maybe it is just in your blood. Whatever path led you here SP Tools’ respects your decision to join one of the most valuable professions in the world! We understand the challenges you face with being a student tech. The amount of knowledge needed to achieve the level of success you deserve...


Episode 11 | Irish Saunders, Hoosier Racing Tires

Hoosier Tires is the world’s largest race tire manufacturer. Today’s guest, Irish Saunders, is the Asphalt Oval Business Unit Manager for Hoosier Tire. With a racing background, a passion for MX, and two sons following in his racing footsteps, how did Irish get to where he is today, and what is it like to be a Business Unit Manager for a massive tire manufacturer? Let’s find out! Welcome to the Cutting Edge Garage Podcast! To learn more visit - Listen to the...


Episode 10 | Mike Friesth - Great Neck Saw

Success in the automotive industry is abundant and defined in many ways. Today, with our guest, Mike Friesth, the current director of Automotive Tool and Equipment at Great Neck Saw, we want to know how he was able to gain such success in completely different sectors of the automotive industry and the struggles he had to face transitioning between them. Prior to starting in this industry, he was a civil engineer designing concrete formwork around the US with a want to designing buildings....


Episode 9 | Chuck Olson - AirPro Diagnostics

Some people find success in an already, well-defined industry, some people create their success in something different than anything else. Today’s guest, Chuck Olsen, is a co-Inventor of the Remote Vehicle Programming System and Method and has developed several methods for remote diagnostics, calibration, and programming. Chuck has 40 years’ experience in the automotive industry ranging from apprentice technician to operations management and many positions in between. He maintains ASE Master...


Episode 8 | Sarah Edwards

Today’s guest, Sarah Edwards laid eyes on the Queen of Diamonds jet dragster at the age of 12 and immediately knew that is what she wanted to do. Sarah was not raised at a racetrack like most others who participate in the sport, but she knew she wanted to drive the quarter-mile at over 300 miles per hour. And from 2016 to 2018, she did just that in the Hanna Motorsports jet dragster, Queen of Diamonds. What does it take for someone to accomplish such a huge dream? Especially one with a jet...


Episode 7 | CEO Of Diesel Laptops - Tyler Robertson

Diesel Laptops – 150 employees, Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the world, over 50,000 clients worldwide. All achieved in 5 years. Today’s guest, Tyler Robertson is the CEO and Founder of Diesel Laptops. He started this company in his garage in 2015 thinking it would be a nice way to stay home with his kids and make some money while doing it. Fast forward 5 years and he has achieved much more than he ever thought possible. Diesel Laptops provides specialized diesel diagnostic equipment...


Episode 6 | The Rustbelt Mechanic

Kyle Thoreen, also known as Rustbelt Mechanic on YouTube, is a successful technician at a dealership in Ohio. He has also managed to make a name for himself on YouTube with how-to, product review, and vehicle build videos. While he is successful in the automotive technician world, he has gained a completely different type of success in the automotive industry with his videos that are not only entertaining but informative. How does one gain simultaneous success in two completely different...


Episode 5 | Tanner Foust

Today’s guest, Tanner Foust, is one of the few that have done it. He is a professional racer, stunt driver, TV Host, a pilot for fun, and former ski town bus driver… among other things. He was won many national and global championships, gold medals, and broken multiple world records. Tanner spent many childhood years in Scotland where he discovered rallying and the rest is history from there. He turned a hobby he loved into a fast-paced, amazing career and we want to know how he’s done it...


Episode 4 | Alexander McCulloch - Shop Style Design

While we already know that the automotive world is dynamic and vast, there are pieces to the puzzle that lies outside of the automotive industry but help to push it forward indefinitely. Today’s guest, Alexander McCulloch, is the co-founder of Shop Style Design. Shop Style helps businesses understand the world of eCommerce and helps to streamline their digital presence to better perform online through Shopify. Alexander grew up wanting to be Batman but settled into studying history for two...


Episode 3 | Tom Burden, Inventor of Grypmat

The automotive industry is full of needs. But what does it take to find a solution to fill these needs? Today’s guest, Tom Burden, has our answer. Tom’s parents said they wouldn’t pay for college, so he said he would join the military to call their bluff. Turns out, they were not bluffing and he eventually became an F-16 weapons mechanic for the US Air Force. Throughout his life, he has always dreamed of being an inventor and throughout his career as an aircraft mechanic, he saw a need that...


Episode 2 | CEO of SP Tools Tom Tucker

The automotive industry is forever evolving and full of needs. Today’s guest, Tom Tucker, CEO of SP Tools, was able to see an obvious gap in the tool market that no one else could. The more people who said the market didn’t need another tool brand, the more he realized it did. He says, “The greatest success for any business is all about timing. The right product or service at exactly the time the customer needs it.” Tom started his career in the work world as a Civil Engineer, so how did he...


Episode 1 | David Ankin Toymakerz

Success in the automotive industry is abundant and defined in many ways. That’s what we are here to explore on the Cutting Edge Garage Podcast. Now, have you ever looked at a picture of a crazy cool vehicle and thought to yourself, “Wow, if only I could have that”? Yep, us too, and so has David Ankin. The only difference between us is that he turns his dream vehicles into reality. Today’s guest, David Ankin has been a restaurant owner, promotions director, new product director, a...