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Episode 101: The Road to Better Concurrency

The party doesn't stop at 100! We're keeping the train moving right along with another fresh episode In this week's episode, we bring in former Sprocketeer and backend server engineer, Matt Bolt to talk about a series of blog posts that he recently posted. In The Road to Better Concurrency, Matt discusses some pitfalls of multithreaded code and the current APIs that have been built in object-oriented languages to address them. Thanks for joining us this week and we hope you enjoy the show!...


Episode 100: 100th Episode Retrospective

We finally did it! After 4 very short years, we managed to reach 100 episodes of The Debug Log. In this episode, we are joined by a very special person, none other than our lost co-host Eduardo Castillo Fernandez! Together, the 5 of us discuss some of our favorite experiences we've had producing this how over the past 100 episodes. Thanks for tuning in this week and we hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to send any emails with questions you may have. Contact us at:


Episode 99: The Darkside of Development: Company Closures II

What is better than three episodes about the dark underbelly of software development? FOUR episodes about the dark underbelly of software development!! That’s right depressed ladies and gents. It’s that time YET AGAIN! Put grandma and grandpappy to bed, grab a box of tissues, a tub of ice cream, a random picture of Obinna, and any other items needed to lift your spirits, and sit back and enjoy part four of The Darkside of Development. In this episode, Obinna sits down with former co-workers...


Episode 98: The Darkside of Development: Company Closures I

What is better than two episodes about the dark underbelly of software development? Three episodes about the dark underbelly of software development! That’s right ladies and gents. It’s that time AGAIN! Put the dogs in their kennels, grab a keg of your favorite brew, and sit back and enjoy part three of The Darkside of Development. In this episode, Ryan and Obinna discuss company closures, specifically, the closure of the famed 'Sprockets' with guests Dan Moran and Nick Covington. We each...


Episode 97: It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature

As a game dev, you probably deal with bugs and glitches on a day-to-day basis. Today we are talking about the best kind of bugs, bugs that end up being happy accidents. The history of game development is full of stories of legendary glitches that became profound features, not only for the game being developed but for the industry at large. On today’s episode, we discuss some of our favorite examples of bugs becoming features. As usual, we sprinkle in a little advice on how you can make...


Episode 96: Holiday Special 2018

Welcome to our 4th annual Holiday Special where we discuss some of the biggest games and stories of the past year. Thank you for sticking with us for another year, stayed tuned for more episodes and content in the months to come. Happy Holidays everybody, be safe, and have a happy 2019! Thanks for tuning in this week and we hope you enjoy the show! Contact us at:


Episode 95: Unite 2018 Wrap Up

Unite 2018 Los Angeles! In this episode we discuss the many happenings at the annual Unity convention Unite. There was a lot to see at this years conference. Some of the highlights include the Entity Component System, nested prefabs, the Visual Effects Tool, FPS sample, Mega City, and many more. It was an fun time and inspiring to be around so many creative ideas. We would definitely recommend the experience! Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoy the show! Please share any of your...


Episode 94: Rapid-Fire Roundup

This week we are back with another "Rapid-Fire Roundup" episode. Catching up on a lot of the stories of the past few months, we tackle everything from Microsoft's interesting new Game Pass offerings to updates on the eternal Unity vs Unreal war. All that and more on this episode of The Debug Log. Thanks for tuning in this week and we hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to send any stories you want to hear us cover in the next "Rapid-Fire Roundup", to:


Episode 93: Evolution of Game Networking

Another walk down gamedev memory lane with Ryan and the gang! This week on the show we discuss the evolution of networking in games. We cover the growth of the play spaces for multiplayer games such as university networks to linked computers and on to the Internet. We also talk about the networking models to bring these games to life, such as peer to peer and client/server. Check out The Debug Lounge and feel free to suggest an episode topic that you'd like to hear more about. Thanks for...


Episode 92: Optimizing Your Game for Performance

Double the flavor, double the fun! We've got a pair of Sprocketeers, in Dan Moran and Lisa Hicks, joining us today to talk about methodologies, tools, and techniques used to help optimize games for performance. We take a fairly high-level view of optimization techniques, which makes the discussions in this episode easily applicable to wherever you are in your game development journey. This episode is a product of a Debug Lounge (our Facebook group) thread about episode suggestions. So, a...


Episode 91: Is Your Game Worth It?

We all know making games is hard, but what do you when a project lingers on forever unfinished? Are you working on your grand masterpiece? Will you look back one day and feel proud that every doubt you had, every project delay, every catastrophe was all part of the journey that eventually led to your success? Or, are you trapped in a fool's errand, destined to end up in the scrap pile of game industry history? Spoiler alert, only you can determine that. There are countless examples of...


Episode 90: World Building with Geoffrey Nahashon

It’s Interview Time! (to be read in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers voice) In this week’s episode we sit down with industry vet, Geoffrey Nahashon to talk about his experience as a Lead Artist and his approach to building game worlds. He offers up a lot of solid advice and is a wealth of knowledge as it relates to creating the mood and atmosphere for your game. He also speaks on the struggles and growth he’s had as an artist and explains the mentality he has had to adopt for industry success...


Episode 89: Unity 2018 Beta

Oh. My. God. Becky. First. It's Zack's Birthday. Second. Unity 2018 Beta is out and ready for all you eager developers out there to get your hands on it! In this week's episode Obinna and Ryan cozy-up and discuss Unity Technologies' latest beta release of Unity 2018, which is jam-packed with new features and fixes. So, if you've been curious to see what Unity has been working on for the past year, this is the episode for you! Thanks again for tuning in this week and we hope you enjoy the...


Episode 88: The Next Big Thing

"Patience is a virtue. " So, that quote has nothing to do with this topic, but it seems like a cool thing to start the episode summary with! That said, in this week's episode Zack, Ryan, Andrew (Happy Birthday), and Obinna sit down to discuss "The Next Big Thing." Specifically, they talk/argue about what makes a game, genre, and even a platform the next big thing. The gents outline their criteria for "the next big thing" and then try to measure that against some of the top games in the...


Episode 87: Game Dev Tricks

Happy New Year! It's time to kick off 2018 with a feast of an episode. We start with a very fun conversation about all the interesting tricks game devs employ to improve the player experience of their games. We have to admit some of the tricks seem to be just clever ways to hide technical issues, but, the vast majority are really creative user experience hacks that will change the way you think about some of your favorite games. We round out the episode with our wrap-up of 2017 in the game...


Episode 86: Rapid-Fire Roundup

OMG, we're back again! Brothers, sisters, everybody read! It's time for another edition of "Rapid-Fire Roundup". This week we discuss the intense fallout caused by the inclusion of things like Loot Boxes in newer PC and console titles, Ryan airs his many grievances in spectacular fashion, EA shakeups, and the announcement of the Microsoft game streaming service. All that and more on this episode of The Debug Log. Thanks for tuning in this week and we hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to...


Episode 85: The Downsides of Developer Transparency

There has always been an air of mystery surrounding the game development process. In the past, this was mainly due to the archaic processes involved and the massive amounts of specialized knowledge required to dip a toe into that world. Fast-forward to now, what has changed? Well, the tools are a whole lot better, the entire process has become much more open to people of all talents, and the basic concepts of game development are pretty much common knowledge, even to the casual gamer. But,...


Episode 84: Game Design Breakdown - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS

It seems like every year, one game comes along and dominates the conversation, whether for its excellent execution, superb gameplay, or its originality of ideas. For awhile we thought that game for 2017 would be the triumphant return of the Zelda franchise in Breath of the Wild, but a well-known modder, going by the name Playerunknown, had a different idea. Building off his experience building a very popular Arma 2 mod named DayZ: Battle Royale, Playerunknown aka Brendan Greene, teamed up...


Episode 83: Marketing Your Game on a Low Budget

Making a good game is not enough to make a profit from it. That is why we decided to talk about Marketing in this episode. With such overcrowded market and players with smaller attention spans, it is extremely important to know how to market your game. Of course, we are not marketers, but with our combine experience, we hope to give you some tips that could help you make your game successful. We will be discussing some of the basic things that you can do to promote your game without having...


Episode 82: Let's Talk Security: Data Storage

In this week’s episode we discuss game data security, but specifically try to target how developers should think about and approach security as it relates to their game’s data. This episode is one of a possible* three-part series about security within game development. The Debug Log crew, sans Andrew, also try to spice up the episode with a mini-game, “Assess That Risk!” where we tackle a few game data scenarios and how to address the security risks associated with those game and data...