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A podcast network for friends in the Disney Community.


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A podcast network for friends in the Disney Community.






Disney at a Distance: Dang it, Matt (2020-10-11)

We FINALLY get to our Disneyland bucket lists! For reals this time. Also, we cast Hamilton with Muppets, and help Steve make his Thanksgiving plans!


Disney at a Distance: Taking our Walkmans on a Road Trip to Disneyland (10/04/2020)

We take a trip back in time to talk about the joys of recording songs off the radio to play on our walkmans on long road trips. But like most road trips it seems like it takes forever to get where we're going. Also we talk park layoffs and what we can do to help! Disney Tourist Blog Food drive: https://www.feedhopenow.org/site/TR/VirtualFoodDrive/General?team_id=2591&pg=team&fr_id=1230


Disney at a Distance: Don't Punch the Scare Actors (09/20/2020)

Because of this podcast, my house now smells like bacon! So while we discuss the merits of vegetarian Bacon and await word from Christina and Matt over whether The Boy approves, we take some time to go to that other place (#WhatsAUniversal) where they had a Horror Nights-lite event over the weekend. We also talk about the potential return of Fastpasses, and the "too speeecy" episodes of Muppets Now!


Disney at a Distance: A Broadway Tangent (09/13/2020)

We get a little sidetracked on our way to talking about our Disneyland bucket lists, as we take a hard left turn and head to New York City for the glitz and glamour of Broadway in this latest episode of Disney at a Distance!


Disney at a Distance: Our Disney World Bucket List (8/24/2020)

The crew is back as we sit down to talk about those things we haven't done at the most Magical Place in the World. Wait you mean there are still things we haven't done? We focus on the Walt Disney World Resort in the first of our series on our Disney Parks Bucket lists!


Disney at a Distance S2E15: How to Use Your Kids as Sharkbait

Alex gets back from a vacation in Florida's armpit with a report on how to use your kids as sharkbait. Wait, is that right? Close enough... We also delve into the political when Dr. Uncle Steve keeps getting sidetracked and we talk about various closures and project delays at Disney and #whatsauniversal.


Disney at a Distance S2E14: Actor's Equity v Disney World

We talk about a variety of things including closure announcements at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, and the hot topic of the Actor's Equity Union's dispute with Walt Disney World!


Disney at a Distance S2E13: More Stories with Uncle Steve

We get a history lesson (sort of) from the Distwits in the wake of their watching of Hamilton and Steve talks about Disney World's grand reopening even as the pandemic continues to rage through Florida!


Drunken Distwits Ep 1 - Hamilton

We've revived our old Drunken Distwits series, now as a podcast. We've moved away from the round table approach, to more of a commentary track. This Podcast is intended to be consumed while watching the film it refers to. If watched alone, you'll find a lot of long pauses and gaps and comments that don't really make sense. We really hope you enjoy this approach as we watch the biggest Musical of the generation, Hamilton, now on Disney Plus, and hopefully we'll be back soon with another...


Disney at a Distance S2E12: Imma Need a Beignet On My Way Out.

We talk Splash Mountain news, Steve talks about his new best friends, and our need for beignets in the Magic Kingdom!


Disney at a Distance S2E11: A Tangent about Coffee and Food

We bring on special guests Kevin and Franky to talk about their experiences for Pride month, but get a little distracted when Kevin brings up Coffee and we start discussing the resorts at Walt Disney World reopening.


Disney at a Distance S2E10: Black Lives Matter

We bring Victoria and Jordyn onto the podcast to talk about their experiences in their communities and what it means to be a black woman in America today and the Black Lives Matter movement. A very important, not to be missed episode.


Disney at a Distance S2E9: Orca Poop Finds A Way

Stuff is reopening, we have opinions, oh so many opinions! Also something about Orca Poop. Welcome to the mind of the Distwit.


Disney at a Distance S2E8: Reopening Shanghai

The Distwits finally have some news to discuss as Shanghai prepares to reopen with social distancing measures in place! What do we think of the rules and is this a peek at things to come for the parks in the US? Also Disney Springs is preparing to reopen in Florida! Plenty to unpack on this episode of Disney at a Distance!


Disney at a Distance S2E7: Splash Mountain Pickup Lines

The Distwits head out to the Disney resorts to discuss some of their favorite rooms and restaurants. We also fantasy cast a live action Hercules. Join us for another fun filled hour!


Disney at a Distance S2E6: The Longest Friendship Boat RIde Ever

We've been on this Friendship Boat for a week heading to Disney's Hollywood Studios to Play Favorites, but we picked up a new passenger, Former Executive Producer Josh! Josh joins us for a tour de force of a few of our favorite things in Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom! Join us for a few laughs!


Disney at a Distance S2E5: Scoping Out Ebay for Fanny Packs

The Distwits play Favorites in this newest episode as we talk about a few of our favorite attractions in Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. Also we talk about #WhatsAUniversal and what protocols we might be expecting when things finally reopen! And then there's something about fanny packs and no one seems to like the cauliflower tacos from Pecos Bill's except Steve...


Magic Ghastly Power Hour Ep. 26: Disease, I'm Sorry w/ Brockford Lee

Hey hey, everyone! We don't know about you, but we're going a bit stir crazy with all of this quarantinin' going on. This week we have on one of our good friends, Brockford Lee from The Brockford Files on Youtube. Brock joins us as we just need get together and have some laughs and briefly forget about the current climate of things during the Covid-19 pandemic. So that's just what we do! There are tons of things we talk about and tons of dumbs jokes we laugh too hard at. But it felt great to...


Disney at a Distance S2E4: Matt's Interior Decorating Challenge 2020!

The DisTwits are back for another week in quarantine! We talk about Matt's decorating ideas, the challenges facing graduating seniors in 2020, and general longing to go back to Disney World... Also featuring the triumphant return of "Topics from a Hat" Will your topic be chosen? If you have an idea for a topic, send us a tweet @disneydistance!!!


Disney at a Distance S2E3: Revenge of the Furries

The parks are still closed and we clearly have too much time on our hands! Get ready for a whirlwind of a discussion as we cover everything from masks, wrestling, furries, super cool lightsabers, custom droids and more! Seriously let's hope this ends sooner than later, because I'm running out of things to talk about!