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A podcast network for friends in the Disney Community.






Disney at a Distance: Raiding Dad‘s Liquor Cabinet

The DisTwits are back once more with another podcast for your ear holes! This time, we talk about Muppets Haunted Mansion and all the famous peoples that were theres. Steve gives his review of "Trick R Treat", and we talk about the Genie+ premium pricing and something about Dad's liquor cabinet... which is a bar? I'm still unclear on this.


Disney at a Distance: Uncle Steve Goes to Horror Nights

Yeah, it's another Uncle Steve centric episode... he talks about his very first experience with Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights! Also there's something about Disney's new annual pass plans, but MOSTLY HORROR NIGHTS!


Disney at a Distance: Introducing Ka-CHOW! Lanes

The DisTwits do their best to find the silver lining to Genie+ and Lightning Lanes coming to Walt Disney World... yeah... I tried to put a positive spin this but dammit Disney...


Disney at a Distance: drinking around the small world

It's a world of laughter and a world of beers... we talk what drinks pair best with various rides around the Magic Kingdom, also moving to Florida, early (non spoiler) Jungle Cruise thoughts, and our opinions on masks being required once more indoors at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Beware, Uncle Steve goes on a rant...


Disney at a Distance: Speaking of Variants (2021-07-18)

SPOILERS! We take a dive into Loki season one in this fairly low key episode of Disney at a Distance! Also Steve learns what Pho is, and Loki learns the true meaning of loving himself! All this and more in less than an hour!


Disney at a Distance: We Low Key Love Loki (2021-06-20)

Shannon's offspring, Lee and Becca, join us to talk about the newest Disney+ series: Loki! Warning, thar be spoilers ahead! Matt tries hard to keep us on topic as we go off on tangents about musical theater, Luca, Cruella, and cucumbers.


Disney at a Distance: Boo on Boo Bash (2021-06-06)

What do we think of Disney's announced After Hours Halloween event? Well, let me tell you! We have some thoughts on it! Might be time to change our name to Howl-o-Scream at a Distance...


Disney at a Distance: Uncle Steve Goes on a Rant (2020-05-23)

Steve has some opinions after his most recent foray into the Most Magical Place on Earth. Also we talk some Mighty Ducks, Bad Batch, and the updated Mask policy at Walt Disney World.


Disney at a Distance: Things We've Never Done Before (2021-04-28)

The Distwits are back to talk about things they've never done before in Walt Disney World! Also, we talk about things reopening, and new COVID guidelines. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?


Disney at a Distance: The Great Disney Look Fauxrage of 2021 (2021-04-14)

SPOILER WARNING for the latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!!! We talk about the latest DisTwitter Fauxrage: The Disney Look! Oh the horror that you might see someone's tattoo! For shame! Also, Steve goes on yet another rant about the terrible t-shirts people wear, and we talk the latest couple of Falcon and Winter Soldier episodes!


Disney at a Distance: Falcon and the Buc-ee's Soldier (2021-03-29)

What are Beaver Nuggets? Why is James "Buc-ee" Beaver? Are you Team Sam or Team Buc-ee? Do you stan the Sam/Buc-ee ship? How does Cap yeet that shield so well? All these questions and more in this latest and grea-- well latest anyway, edition of Disney at a Distance!


Disney at a Distance: Raya and Namaari 4EVER! (2021-03-14)

The DIsTwits sit down with Franky to discuss Raya and the Last Dragon! Spoilers. Also something about theme parks, and college programs, and resorts... but mostly we geek out over dragons, subtext, and Awkwafina.


Disney at a Distance: Wait, What Happened to Matt??? (2021-03-07)

We battle more technical difficulties on this week's podcast, but that doesn't stop us from talking about some of our favorite Walt Disney World resorts, upcoming plans, and of course, the finale of WandaVision!


Disney at a Distance: Trip Planning in Undisclosed Locations (2020-02-28)

Alex meets up with strange people in strange locations? Oh wait, maybe that was just Steve! We talk planning for upcoming Disney World trips and share our latest thoughts and theories on WandaVision!


Disney at a Distance: WandaVision: Let's Try this Again! (2021-01-31)

Take two! After losing last's week's excellent discussion on WandaVision we try again, now with Episode 4 to ponder over. Our old friend and Marvel expert Wes joins us again to offer his insights as well! Just a warning, spoilers through episode four will ensue! We also talk about the upcoming Jungle Cruise refurb, Crystal Palace reopening, and Steve's parent's thoughts on Bay Lake Tower! So much to be said in such a short time!


Disney at a Distance: Don't Get Steve Started (2021-01-10)

New year, same podcast! We're back after our holiday hiatus, just try not to get Steve going about politics, please. There's some new Disney news, we talk Wandavision and what we did over the holidays!


Disney at a Distance: Coming Soon to a DisTwit Near You (12/13/2020)

ALL THE ANNOUNCEMENTS. We discuss all the Disney+ and movie announcements from the 2020 Disney Investors Meeting where they announced a TON of new shows coming to Disney+ and a bunch of movie news as well. So much to discuss, we had to get the help of Franky!


Disney at a Distance: It'sa me, Baby Yoda! (11/29/2020)

SPOILER WARNING: We discuss, with spoilers, the latest episodes of the Mandalorian. This discussion takes place in the second half of the episode with a warning prior to us getting into the discussion. The DisTwits are back with another discussion of the Baby Yoda Show! We loosen our belts after Thanksgiving talk a little about what we did over the holiday weekend, somehow start talking about the Grinch, before Steve once again decides to just take over the conversation by going on and on...


Disney at a Distance: The Second Harvest Food Drive! (11/22/2020)

We welcome Jeff Gordon (Twitter: @jeffgordonla) onto the podcast to talk about his food drive for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County!! Link: https://www.yourfooddrive.org/drive.php?Disneyfans4good


Disney at a Distance - I'll Take Dollywood for $1000, Alex (11/8/2020)

Alex takes a trip to Dollywood! I'm sure he had a great time right? We also struggle to find news to talk about, although we are pretty excited about a certain upcoming refurbishment in the Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square. We also pay homage to a different Alex, the quintessential quiz-master of our time.,