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EXP Podcast #516: Direct from the Battle Royale

Behold the modern battlefield: a dusty techno-future teeming with mercenaries and killer robots. And then, from the heavens falls a mighty obelisk. As it slots perfectly into place, the plateau you've been standing on evaporates. The remnants rain down mercilessly on your opponents and you think to yourself: "Maybe I should go make some Mario levels instead." This week we do a check in Apex Legends, Tetris 99, and some highlights from the latest Nintendo Direct.


EXP Podcast #515: Re-Re-Remix

Time is a flat circle and in this timeline, we're playing Resident Evil 2... again. As of today, we'll also be playing Final Fantasy 9 again, which is great because it gives us a JRPG to play while we wait for Final Fantasy 7 - the game that came out before FF9 but whose remake will come out first and may or may not be a significant departure from what the game actually was ORIGINALLY! Phew... But will Final Fantasy be around in 100 years? You tell us! Show notes: - Runtime: 34 min 14...


EXP Podcast #514: Cool Dudes and Cool Suits

Sometimes, you just accidentally stumble backwards into a podcast theme. What do Anthem, Travis Touchdown, and apologetic Nintendo execs all have in common? They're cool dudes in cool suits of course! Listen in for some impressions on Anthem, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and some Metroid Prime 4 news.


EXP Podcast #513: Gris Debrief

This week on the EXP Podcast, we debrief the artfully crafted Gris, one of our top contenders for prettiest game of 2018. The first game from Nomada Studios, Gris brings a ton of inspiration from Journey, drawing not just themes, but almost entire sequences - so you can imagine why Scott and I would be so interested in this game. Check out the podcast then try out the game and let us know what you think! - Runtime: 36 min 52 sec - Music from the Gris soundtrack


EXP Podcast #512: Red Dead Redemption 2 Debrief

We've finally reached the end of the long, dusty trail partners. But what did we find at the end of our journey? A dead end? Redemption? A nice pre-fabricated house? This week, we do a full debrief on Red Dead Redemption 2. We cover everything from the UI to spoiler-filled character arcs, so saddle up!


EXP Podcast #511: The Year Ahead 2019

2019 is here and the future is bright! Well, at least for games. This week on the EXP Podcast, we look at some of our most anticipated games of 2019 - from underground platformers to weird space indies, there are many, many, games to look forward to this coming year. What are you most excited to play? - Runtime: 38 min 27 sec - Music by Brad Sucks


EXP Podcast #510: 2018 Leftovers

2018 is over but before it's out of site we're going to take a quick look in the rear view mirror. As always, there were some great games that didn't make it into our GOTY-cast. This week, we give them their due and ponder another important question: should we call this show "The Leftoveys" or have I truly snapped?


EXP Podcast #509: 2018 Games of the Year

The best games of 2018 are here! This week on the EXP Podcast, we kick-off 2019 with a discussion of our top 3 games from 2018. Some of these choices are predictable and some might surprise you. There have been a ton of great games this year, so honing down our favorites took some serious work. Let us know your top games of 2018! Also, be sure to toon in next week when we discuss some of the leftover games that didn't make the list but are worth thinking about (and playing) in...


EXP Podcast #508: The 2018 Gamey Awards

It's late December and you know what that means: it's Gamey season! There are many contenders, but only a select few will contend for the illustrious title of being the Gamey-est game of 2018. But don't worry, there are plenty of other categories to go around. Husbandos, gear grinders, roommates and more are all up for grabs!


EXP Podcast #507: The Game Awards 2018 Debrief

Geoff Keighley hosted his annual Game Awards show again this year, which is half awards show and half massive promotional event. Not only has the show gotten more lavish since its inception, but more publishers are using the platform to make huge announcements. Today on the EXP Podcast, we go over some of the more exciting game trailers and updates from the show. Journey with us to the far reaches of space to the depths of Hades. Show Notes: - Music by Brad Sucks


EXP Podcast #506: Playing Our Cards Right

There's never been a better time for people that love cards but lack table space. With the release of Artifact, Valve is wading into the collectible card game market and retrofitting some of the traditional economic models onto their own marketplace. This week we do a survey of the landscape and weigh the pros and cons of converting our retirement funds into rare foil cards.


EXP Podcast #505: All Out on Fallout

Fallout 76 released a couple weeks ago and fans are, well, not happy with it. News came out today that Bethesda can't even bag the game right. Today on the EXP Podcast, we discuss some of the failures of the latest Fallout and how the game could be victim to its own franchise history. Show Notes: - Runtime: 33m 19s - Music by Brad Sucks


EXP Podcast #504: Thanksgiving Gaming Analogies

It's Thanksgiving time here in the states, so we're doing a bit of a theme episode this week. Food, football, and feuding with the family: Thanksgiving carries with it many unique traditions. But what is the gaming equivalent to arguing about the gold standard with that one weird uncle you see once a year? This week, we kick off the holiday season with some of our favorite (and least favorite) seasonal rituals.


EXP Podcast #503: Game Time

If there's one thing that takes longer than downloading Red Dead Redemption 2, it's playing it. With all this time spent playing Red Dead, it's hard not to notice how the game marks its own passage of time. The sun rises and sets, animals rot, and townsfolk walk around town on some personal errand. How does the passage of time make a game feel more real? And how do some games convey the passage of time better than others? All of this and more in this week's episode! Show Notes: Music by...


EXP Podcast #502: Smashing Blizzard

Between the recent news from Blizzcon and the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct, it seems like everyone is itching for a fight. Blizzard has been doing some damage control after dunking on its own fans while Nintendo is pre-apologizing for the existence of DLC. And of course, Professor Layton is still nowhere to be seen. This week, we recap a few of the big news announcements and welcome our new mobile-only, pro-wrestling Pokemon overlords.


EXP Podcast #501: Red Dead Redemption 2 First Impressions

We pack our saddlebags and head out West this week to finally talk about Red Dead Redemption 2. This is a long game, so while the full debrief has to wait, today we'll share our first impressions, give some tips on hogtying insolent strangers, and accidentally kick a dog. Since you're undoubtedly playing the game yourself, let us know your early thoughts by shooting us an email! Show Notes: - Runtime: 41m - Music from the Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Soundtrack


EXP Podcast #500: Ten Years of Trends

We've been at this old podcasting game for nigh on a decade now. We've seen a lot of comings and goings over the years, so this week we do a little retrospective on some of the standout trends that have changed the medium over the past ten years. Somewhere, our Farmville plots are overgrown and our Xbox 360 HD DVD drives are gathering dust, but our progress bars and eSports careers are growing by the day.


EXP Podcast #499: Spiders, Messengers, and Breaches

This week on the EXP Podcast, we swing back into some games we've been playing. From the tall buildings of New York to the deep breaches of space-time, we take you on a journey of some recent hits and hidden gems. On our list today: Spider-Man, The Messenger, Into the Breach and the oddly named The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories. Show Notes: - Runtime: 38m 57s - Music by Brad Sucks


EXP Podcast #498: Streaming Gets Serious

Brace your routers: another generation of streaming game services is careening across the web and towards your wallet. This week, we talk about Project xCloud, along with efforts from Google, Ubisoft, and others to make a push for delivering games on demand. Will this be the beginning of the end for the single-game purchase or are our intertubes too clogged up to meet our demands? Listen in for a chance to hear what two people who are in no way networking experts think.


EXP Podcast #497: The Sony Classic

Just look at the Sony Classic, a miniaturized version of the iconic PlayStation that's so small it has to be legally marked as a choking hazard. Which is perfect, because if there's one thing Sony wants us to shove down our throats, it's their back-catalogue of amazing games. This week on the EXP Podcast, we discuss the games we think deserve a place on this system. Oh, and we also come up with a concept for the mini that would have been WAY better than this thing.