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The Extras explores the behind the scenes extras of your favorite TV shows, movies, and animation, whether on digital, dvd/blu-ray and 4K, or your favorite streaming site.


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The Extras explores the behind the scenes extras of your favorite TV shows, movies, and animation, whether on digital, dvd/blu-ray and 4K, or your favorite streaming site.








EXCLUSIVE: Warner Archive April Release Announcement

George Feltenstein of the Warner Archive announces the April 2023 Blu-ray releases. The Extras Facebook page The Extras Twitter Warner Archive & Warner Bros Catalog Group Otaku Media produces podcasts, behind-the-scenes extras, and media that connect creatives with their fans and businesses with their consumers. Contact us today to see how we can work together to achieve your goals.


The Importance of "Confessions of a Nazi Spy"

George Feltenstein and Jeff Briggs of Warner Bros join the podcast to discuss one of the most important films in the history of the studio. The political thriller "Confessions of a NAZI SPY," (1939) was the first feature film from a major studio to take on the fascism of Hitler and the Nazi Party. Based on real-life events, the film delves into a spy ring in New York that recruited Americans into the German American Bund. George and Jeff detail the courage of the brothers Warner to take on...


Warner Archive Release Highlights "Flamingo Road," "Neptune's Daughter," and "The Prince and the Showgirl"

George Feltenstein joins the podcast to discuss three new Warner Archive Blu-rays releasing on March 14th. First up is the drama FLAMINGO ROAD (1949), starring the Joan Crawford, Zachary Scott, Sydney Greenstreet. Crawford is an ex-carnival dancer who marries a local businessman to get revenge on a corrupt political boss. The Blu-ray includes a nice batch of extras, which George describes in detail. Next George reviews the 1949 Technicolor musical romantic comedy NEPTUNE’S DAUGHTER,...


Noir Western "Blood on the Moon" with author Alan K. Rode

Author Alan K. Rode joins the podcast to discuss his new book BLOOD ON THE MOON, a detailed look at the making of the 1948 western. Our discussion takes a deep dive into how this film is a prime example of a noir western, which was a movement in westerns toward realism after World War II. Alan provides background on star Robert Mitchum and why he was a perfect fit for this noir western style. We also discuss the great director Robert Wise, cinematographer Nicolas Musuraca and the other...


Warner Archive Release Highlights "Camille" & "I'll Cry Tomorrow" Blu-rays

George Feltenstein joins the podcast to discuss two new Warner Archive Blu-rays releasing on March 7th. First up is the romantic classic CAMILLE (1936), starring the great Greta Garbo, a young Robert Taylor and directed by George Cukor. This beloved story is based on the book by Alexandre Dumas and tells the story of a young courtesan in mid-19th century Paris and the younger man who falls madly in love with her. It is a story of romance and passion and ultimately tragedy. The Blu-ray...


"Little House on the Prairie" with Dean Butler

Actor, writer, and producer Dean Butler joins the podcast to discuss his years as Almanzo Wilder on the beloved classic TV series "Little House on the Prairie." We discuss the phenomenal popularity of the show and how he was cast and brought onto the show in the sixth season. Dean also discusses his relationship with star and executive producer Michael Landon and some of his memories on set. Then we discuss his co-star Melissa Gilbert, who was 8 years younger, and some of the awkwardness...


A Brief History of Hong Kong Cinema plus Blu-ray and 4K Reviews

Hong Kong Cinema expert Jeff Briggs joins the podcast to discuss recent Blu-ray and 4K releases. We start with discussing the surprising Oscar nominations for Michelle Yeoh and the cast of "Everything, Everywhere, All at Once." Then we briefly review Jeff's personal experiences with Hong Kong Cinema and the release history on Laserdisc, DVD, and Blu-ray in the US. Then we dive into a deep review of recent Arrow releases of the Shaw library on the terrific Shawscope Vol. 1 & Vol 2. Next, we...


The Italian Job (1969) with Matthew Field

Matthew Field, the world's leading authority on the cult classic 1969 film THE ITALIAN JOB, joins the podcast for a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the film. We start with a review of the cult status the film has achieved as one of the most popular films in the UK. Matthew then takes us into the development of the film with writer Troy Kennedy Martin, producer Michael Deeley, and Paramount Studios head Robert Evans. The production of the film has fascinating stories at every turn,...


Warner Archive January 2023 Release Highlights Part 2

In part 2 of our Warner Archive January release highlights, George Feltenstein reviews three films scheduled for Blu-ray release on January 24th. We start off with the 1954 road comedy "The Long, Long Trailer" starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and directed by Vincente Minelli. Next, we review "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (1939), starring Robert Donat who won a best-actor Oscar for his role as "Chippy," a beloved teacher at an all-boys English boarding school. This was the film debut of his costar...


2022 Year in Review Plus 4K & Blu-ray Reviews

Host Tim Millard takes a look back at 2022 and the terrific line-up of guests on the podcast. He also provides an update on some of the most popular episodes and thanks the international fans. Then he provides reviews of the 4K releases of films "Heat" (1995), "Saturday Night Fever" (1977), "Top Gun: Maverick" (2022), and the Korean Zombie horror film "Train to Busan" (2016). He also reviews some recent Blu-ray releases from Kino Lorber, including "Detective Story" (1951) starring Kirk...


Warner Archive Mailbag January 2023

George Feltenstein of Warner Bros answers questions from fans of the Warner Archive and Warner Bros catalog. Topics discussed include how long it takes for a planned restoration or remaster and Blu-ray release, whether there is any truth to the rumor of a potentially longer version of Batman Forever and Clint Eastwood films releasing on 4K, more musicals, silent movies, and Clark Gable in 2023, the relationship between Warner Archive and TCM, early sound era lost films, and more. George...


Warner Archive 2022 Year in Review and January 2023 Release Highlights Part 1

George Feltenstein takes a "look back" at some of the challenges and highlights of 2022 for the Warner Archive in this "Year in Review." Then we discuss the first two Blu-ray releases of January 2023. We start off with the 1928 MGM classic silent film "Our Dancing Daughters" starring Joan Crawford in a star-making role. The music and dancing in this film are a wonderful representation of the era of the flapper and the new restoration from the best elements available now means viewers can see...


Christmas Film Favorites of the 80s, 90s, & 2000s

Extras producers Emily Summers and Jason Hillhouse join the podcast for a fun-filled discussion about some of their favorite Christmas movies of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. The traditional favorites appear, but a few surprises make the list, like "Strange Brew" (1983) and "Gremlins" (1984). We also review the recent 4K releases of "A Christmas Story" (1983), "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1989), "Elf" (2003), and "Polar Express" (2004). And they talk about their experiences as...


Four Films of Roland Joffe with Daniel Griffith

Documentary filmmaker Daniel Griffith joins the podcast to discuss his extras on the IMPRINT Blu-ray release of "Directing Roland Joffe (1984-92)." These four films were released in less than a decade and represent an amazingly creative output in a short amount of time. The films are "The Killing Fields" (1984), "The Mission" (1986), "Fat Man and Little Boy" (1988), and "City of Joy" (1992). Daniel Griffith's 90-minute documentary titled "Prisoners of Our Own History" is an intimate...


Warner Archive December 2022 Release Highlights: "Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman" & "The Night of the Iguana"

Warner Bros George Feltenstein and horror and monster film historian Tom Weaver take us through the December 2022 Warner Archive Blu-ray releases. We start with the 1958 sci-fi horror film "Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman" starring Allison Hayes, Yvette Vickers, and William Hudson. Tom provides background on the film and the unfortunate tragic end to stars Hayes and Vickers. George details the 4K scan from the original camera negative to make a terrific new HD master. Then we discuss the John...


Talking with Actor Jim Beaver

Actor Jim Beaver joins the podcast to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the finale of the hit TV series Supernatural. We also discuss his work on the HBO series "Deadwood" and the current Prime Video series "The Boys" from creator Eric Kripke (also creator of Supernatural). And we finish up our discussion with Jim's work with GUILLERMO DEL TORO on the films "Crimson Peak" (2015) and "Nightmare Alley." (2020) Purchase: Supernatural: The Complete Series Blu-ray Nightmare Alley...


Talking Extras on Recent 4K Releases - "To Kill a Mockingbird," "Tropic Thunder," and "The Lost Boys"

Extras producers and friends of the podcast Alan Griswold and Constantine Nasr discuss their extras on some recent 4K releases. We start off the episode with filmmaker Constantine Nasr as he discusses his all-new documentary "To Kill a Mockingbird: All Points of View," which is a part of the "To Kill a Mockingbird" (1962) 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 4K release from Universal Studios. The film stars Gregory Peck who won an academy award for best actor for his portrayal of Atticus Finch....


Here's Looking at You, Casablanca!

Warner Bros George Feltenstein and author Alan K. Rode lead us in a nostalgic discussion of the legacy of "Casablanca." Our discussion begins with a personal look at the impact this film has had on each of our guests over the years. Then Alan K. Rode, author of "Michael Curtiz: A Life in Film" takes us on a review of the origins of the film, including the purchase of the unpublished play "Everybody Comes to Rick's" by producer Hal Wallis. The discussion continues with insights into the...


"Harry Potter" Revisited

20 years after their initial release, former Warner Bros Entertainment Senior Vice President of Creative Content Paul Hemstreet takes us through the initial development and production of the home entertainment extras for the first two Harry Potter films. When Warner Bros acquired the film rights to the Harry Potter franchise it marked the historic rise of one of the most profitable home entertainment film series. Paul Hemstreet was there at the beginning and was tasked with developing the...


"The Usual Suspects" with Cinematographer Tom Sigel

Cinematographer Tom Sigel joins the podcast to talk about filming the 1995 cult classic THE USUAL SUSPECTS. Tom takes us back through his first meetings with director Bryan Singer and their collaboration on the filming style. We also discuss the locations in San Pedro on the ship and at the old Harold Examiner Building for the interrogation scenes. Tom talks about his collaboration with art designer Howard Cummings and the importance of that relationship in a movie. We also discuss the...